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Camping Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

How Water Filters And Purifiers Work

Portable, Rechargeable Reverse Osmosis Water Filter for Camping!

Every filter and many purifiers include an internal element or cartridge, a component that has microscopic pores that catch debris, protozoa and bacteria. Over time, strained matter gums up an elements pores, requiring it to be cleaned and eventually replaced.

Most purifiers use chemicals to kill viruses, which are too small for most filter elements. Another purification method relies instead on ultraviolet light to treat the pathogens.

Many filters and purifiers also include activated carbon in their elements because its effective at removing unpleasant tastes from things like leaf tannins. Activated carbon also reduces contaminants like pesticides and other industrial chemicals.

Can I Use An Rv Filter In My Home

You might want to make use of your RV water filter during your trips away and everyday life at home. You can use most RV filters in your home, though it depends on the permanence of installation.

For example, an RV inline water filter that connects onto a garden hose can be used anywhere. Its quick and easy to attach the filter to your hose, and you can use it for a number of purposes aside from drinking.

Countertop RV filters are another good choice if youre looking for flexibility. They can be used to filter city water as well as camp site water, and some can even filter fresh water from rivers or lakes. You can simply carry this type of filter from your home to your RV when you take trips away.

The only filters youll struggle to use in multiple locations are those that require installing at your water line, like under-sink filters. You usually need to cut into your supply line to connect this type of filter, so it wouldnt be viable to use it in your home and your RV.

Best Rv Water Filter Systems Of 2022

Clearsource Premium RV Exterior Water Filter System

Process:Testing/ Certifications:Flow Rate:Annual Cost:

Waterdrop Compact RO Interior System

Process:Testing/ Certifications:Filter Capacity:

Clear2o DIRTGUARD Exterior Sediment Prefilter


You dont need a water filter system for your RV, but if youve clicked on this guide, youll know just how beneficial it can be. Without a water filter, your pipes, plumbing and water-based appliances are far more likely to experience rusting, sediment corrosion, and even microbiological contamination.

If youre looking for the best RV water filter, we can help. WaterFilterGuru provides guides, reviews and advice to an audience of more than 1.5 million yearly visitors. Having a combined experience of 70 years in this industry, our team know which brands and products are the most consistently favored by customers like you.

In this RV water filters guide, weve compiled a list of the most promising RV water filters of 2022, based on customer reviews, product specifications, and my communication with manufacturers. You can rest assured that the products on this list are the best of the best in terms of performance, longevity, ease of use, and more.

  • Which 4 interior and 4 exterior RV water filters are worth your money today
  • Things you shouldnt ignore when looking for an RV water filter
  • How RV water filters work, and their advantages
  • Answers to your frequently asked questions

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Portable Ro Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

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Should I Use A Prefilter


A prefilter isnt strictly necessary. In fact, many people prefer to skip the pre purifier altogether.

But if you do decide to add one, make sure it has a high-quality rating.

Some people do like to use prefilters because they can actually be pretty helpful.

After all, theyll reduce the amount of sediment that gets into your purifier.

This means that your primary filter will last a lot longer than usual.

Plus, they make the purifier run smoother. A prefilter is especially beneficial if youre going to use the purifier in areas where theres a lot of debris.

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How Can I Increase The Filter Lifespan Of My Rv Filter

Most RV filters have a lifespan that cant be extended through your own actions. Theyre only designed to last for so many gallons of water before youll need to buy a filter replacement. However, some filters, like sediment filters, may have aflushing feature that lets you get rid of any clogs and blockages, increasing filter lifespan by extending its usability.

Camco Tastepure Rv Water Filter

The Camco TastePURE RV Filter is a granular activated carbon inline RV water filter that greatly reduces chlorine, sediment, and bad taste and odor. The filter is low-lead certified by NSF/ANSI and is made in the USA.

Contaminants Removed:Process:Testing/ Certifications:Filter Capacity:

This long-lasting water filter requires changing every three months, and is versatile when it comes to installation it can be connected to any standard water or gardening hose for RVs, campers, boats, gardening use, and more.

As well as a GAC filter, the Camco TastePure features a 20-micron sediment filter, which can remove large debris of sand and dirt. Theres also a premium KDF media, which protects against bacteria growth when the filter is in storage and not in use.

To protect the hose from kinking and reduce strain on connections, the Camco TastePure comes with a flexible hose protector.

At just under $50, the Camco TastePure is slightly more expensive than its close competitors, especially considering that its nothing more than an inline filter that can be connected to a hose. However, its still a good value for money.

What I Like

  • Multiple filtration media in one
  • Low-lead certified

What I Dont Like

  • Some customers complained about leaking connections
  • Doesnt reduce heavy metals or hardness

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Best Portable Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Reviews

There are a number of countertop reverse omosis in the market but not all of them are useful as portable ROs. One common problem is that you need some form of pressure for these things to work but this is not something doable when you are not in your home. Hopefully, the reviews below will let you have a better idea on what will make a good buy.

How Does A Countertop Ro Water Filter Work

WOW Reverse Osmosis Water Filter for RV and Marine

Countertop reverse osmosis water filtration systems are either fed through a faucet connection or they have a feed water tank that requires manual refilling. Once in the system, the water goes through several filtration stages the specific setup varies from model to model before its ready for dispensing. Heres what a typical reverse osmosis process looks like:

  • The first filter stage is usually a sediment pre-filter. It protects the rest of the system from clogging.
  • Next comes an activated carbon filter, either granular or block. The carbon adsorbs chlorine, bad taste and odor, VOCs as well as other chemicals, and discoloration.
  • At the heart of the countertop water filter is the reverse osmosis membrane which rejects 98-99% of all total dissolved solids. It does the bulk of the contaminant removal.
  • A second coconut shell GAC stage filters residual tastes.
  • Some water filtration systems make use of remineralization. It releases calcium and magnesium and possibly other minerals into the water which improves overall water quality.
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    The Role Of A Prefilter

    Different factors can murk up your water in different ways, such as glacial sediment, silty water, leaf debris and mud stirred up by a rainstorm.Natural particles, though not a health concern, impact how easy water is to treat, how much field maintenance is required and the lifespan of filter elements.

    One way to deal with these issues is to use a prefilter. A prefilter is an accessory that simply removes large particles from your water to improve the treatment process.

    Many pump-style products come with a prefliter, or you may need to purchase one separately. Here are some reasons to consider using one:

    • It helps maintain a pump filters flow rate, lessen cleaning chores and extend its element life.
    • It improves the effectiveness of chemical treatments.
    • Its absolutely essential prior to using a UV purifier on nonclear water.

    Which Is The Best Portable Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

    If you choose to have a reverse osmosis drinking water filter system, you might have preferred it over under sink systems due to portability.

    Big space consumption wont be a problem when choosing portable countertop reverse osmosis systems.

    Moreover, the new systems are compatible with your faucets and are very easy to install.

    You do not have to call for a plumber, and you can do it by yourself.

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    Whats In Your Source Water

    Not all RV filters can remove the same impurities. Its important to consider where youll be traveling in your RV, and what water sources youll have access to.

    If youre stopping at local campsites, research into the areas groundwater. Depending on where youre traveling, the local soils may contain higher quantities of natural elements that could affect the taste or quality of your water. Finding an RV water filter that can remove these problem contaminants will ensure that you have access to the cleanest, tastiest water on your travels.

    Most campsite water contains high sediment levels, so you should also consider buying a sediment filter to use alongside an inline water filter. This will protect your RVs plumbing and extend the lifespan of the filters you use to remove smaller particles from your water.

    Finally, if you plan to travel off-grid, finding an RV water filtration system that can kill the likes of bacteria, viruses and protozoa from your water is essential. UV water purifiers and reverse osmosis filters are the best for this job.

    Analysis And Test Results

    APEC Water Systems Ultimate Premium Quality Permeate Pumped Under

    With a focus on backcountry water filters, we chose a wide variety of options that you’ll encounter on the market. While it might be difficult to assess different categories of water treatment products , the metrics used to evaluate each filter offer helpful insight into which products excel in one area or another. Using this information, we hope to help you find exactly what you are looking for.

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    Best Portable Reverse Osmosis Water Filters Reviewed

    Below youll find the 10 best portable reverse osmosis water filters rated and reviewed.

    Youll find a product description, features and ratings for each one.

    Abundant Flow Countertop Water filters are ideal for apartments, cabins, and even travelers which means you can even take them during vacations.

    The water undergoes 4 stages of purification which ensures the effectiveness of the filtration process.

    It can purify up to 75 gallons of pure water per day which is enough for daily consumption.

    Its membrane lasts for 2-4 years which means it does not have to be replaced always.

    It is one of the systems which have a long life for a filter membrane.

    The system utilizes quick connect fittings to make replacing filters quick and simple.

    This countertop water filter system only weighs 3 pounds which makes it easy to bring anywhere.

    Relatively cheaper compared to other reverse osmosis water filtration systems.

    This reverse osmosis water filter system is a value for money.

    Pros & Benefits:

    HBrewO Reverse Osmosis has a 4 Stage purification system using a series of filters and membranes.

    This is the only Reverse Osmosis System intended for home brewing.

    No other Reverse Osmosis Filter System is optimized for Homebrewing for beer.

    Beer brews from tap water often produce unpleasant and inconsistent tastes.

    Beer Brewing requires that the water has no contaminant.

    There must be uniformity in the water quality to produce a uniform and consistent taste.

    Pros & Benefits:

    Pros & Benefits:

    Portable Water Purifiers: Which One Is Right For You

    When choosing a water purifier, there are several factors you need to think about. First, youll want to decide whether you want a portable or fixed purifier.

    Portable purifiers come with a reservoir. A reservoir allows you to store purified water until you need it. Fixed purifiers, on the other hand, are permanently installed.

    Next, youll want to choose between a sediment purifier and a carbon block purifier.

    Sediment purifiers trap particles such as dirt and rust. Carbon blocks remove bad tastes and odors.

    Finally, youll want to determine which type of purifier is right for you. There are three basic types of purifiers that are best for outdoor

    and portable purification systems: activated charcoal, ion exchange resin, and reverse osmosis. Each one offers different benefits.

    Activated Charcoal Purifiers

    Activated charcoal purifiers are great for removing chlorine and heavy metals. They also help eliminate odor.

    However, they arent very effective at purifying out bacteria. This means that they wont necessarily protect against illness.

    Ion Exchange Resin purifiers

    Resin purifiers are good for removing chlorine and heavy metal contaminants.

    They also help eliminate bad tastes and odors, but not all of them are effective at removing bacteria.

    Reverse Osmosis purifiers

    This is the most effective type of purifier. Its also the most expensive. Reverse osmosis removes everything from chlorine to lead. It even helps eliminate bacteria.

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    Water Pressure & Wastewater

    Reverse osmosis water filters without a built-in pressure pump rely entirely on the water pressure in your homes pipes to force water through their different filter stages. This has the benefit that no extra power supply is needed.

    What might come in handy on a camping trip can be an issue if the water pressure in your home is too low. Because low water pressure not only results in a slow flow rate, it also increases the amount of wastewater going down the drain.

    To be more precise, the filtered to drain water ratio declines: Under normal conditions and without applying a pump, reverse osmosis systems waste 2 to 4 gallons of water for every gallon that you can drink or use otherwise. In cases of extremely low pressure, this ratio can increase to 1:6 or even 1:8.

    Most RO systems tend to perform best at around 65 psi. Anything less than 35 psi is considered insufficient.

    How To Choose The Best Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

    Best RV Water Filter System – Reverse Osmosis – Full Time RV Living

    When it comes to Portable Reverse Osmosis System, you have a lot to choose from.

    Your choice may depend upon the price, weight, compatibility, and design of the various water systems.

    There is a water system that exists for different types of consumers.

    Have a look at our list above, there are a lot of products to choose from!

    Let us know which one is your favorite in the comments below.

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    Best Backpacking Water Filters Of 2022


    MSRP: $39

    PROS: Lightweight, affordable, effective, compact, versatile

    CONS: Squeezing can get annoying, squeeze bags wear down over time

    BOTTOM LINE: The Sawyer Squeeze is the filter we take on almost all of our backpacking trips because its ultralight, compact, and doesnt leave a weird taste like chemical treatments. It can be used in a variety of different ways, but we we typically pair the Squeeze with a Smartwater Bottle because it makes for an ultralight and decently durable water filter system. Our biggest qualm with the Squeeze is that the bags that come with it tend to wear down over time, so we recommend traveling with a replacement squeeze bag.Sawyer also makes this filter in the slight smaller Micro and the smaller and more affordable Mini versions, which are also popular. Check out our full review of the Squeeze here and the Micro here.


    MSRP: $40

    PROS: Affordable, ultralight, great flow rate, compact

    CONS: Soft bottle durability, microfilter wont last as long as others


    MSRP: $120

    WEIGHT: 11.5 oz.

    PROS: Very convenient, good for pairs & groups, quick, can filter a large amount of water at once

    CONS: Heavy, expensive


    MSRP: $55

    PROS: Good value, lightweight, good for shallow sources, pre-filter attached

    CONS: Hand pumping can get annoying

    What Is An Rv Water Filter

    An RV water filter is exactly how it sounds: a water filter that can be used to filter water in your RV.

    These filters may be specifically designed for treating the water youre likely to come across as an RV-er, such as questionable campsite water or even raw, untreated water in some cases. They may also be filters that are designed more broadly for travel, or filters that have specific features that make them more appealing for RV owners, such as compact size or portability.

    There are two types of RV water filter available on todays market: exterior systems and interior systems.

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