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Can I Rent Camping Gear

Should You Rent Camping/backpacking Gear For A Trip

ð?ï¸? Can You Rent Camping Gear in New Zealand?

By Christy Woodrow, Last Modified: March 16, 2022

It was not too long ago that we headed up to Yellowstone National Park for a camping trip. As we were taking inventory, we realized that flying to our destination was going to limit what camping equipment we could bring. This forced us to only take what was absolutely necessary.

A couple of days before we left on our trip to Yellowstone, we found a company called Mountain Side Gear Rental who rents camping and backpacking gear to be shipped to your destination.

It was too late to book it for our Yellowstone trip, but I was completely intrigued by the concept. In fact, during our Yellowstone trip I began to realize how inadequate much our camping equipment is considering we spent every night shivering in our tent on the hard ground.

Our next trip was to Havasu Falls, a place that contains gorgeous blue waterfalls and rivers that run through a less-traveled part of the Grand Canyon. This was the perfect opportunity to rent backpacking and adventure gear since most of our gear is on the heavier side.

We opted for the complete backpacking kit for two people so that we could try out a wide variety of backpacking products and have everything that we needed. They also offer car camping kits as well.

The kit came with everything that you see below:

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Obvious Choices For Camp Equipment Rental

There are certain pieces of equipment that make much more sense to rent than others do. For example, small or cheap gear is usually easy enough to just buy yourself without causing a lot of storage or financial issues. Things like sleeping bags and utensils are also pretty personal, and some may not like the idea of sharing those. But larger or more expensive items are good candidates to rent instead of buy. Here are some clear choices when it comes to renting camping gear.

Where Should You Rent Camping Gears From

Renting camping equipment may seem like a difficult task, but its not. There are several places you can rent from, each offering different packages and rates.

Where can you rent camping gear from? Renting from outfitters through local outlets and online sites are two of the best options. You can also rent from state parks and local universities. Below are some places you can rent camping gears from.

1. Local Stores

This is the easiest and safest way to rent camping gear. Local outdoor shops have a great collection of products you can choose from.

The sellers are experienced and can help you find exactly which gears you need. They can also help you to understand the mechanisms of using each equipment.

Moreover, you can physically check and inspect every item before you rent it. This guarantees that the quality wont let you down since you have the chance to see them before choosing.

2. Online

Since going to a physical store may not be possible for some, the question arises, Can you rent camping gear from online? The answer is that you definitely can rent camping products from online.

There are outdoor shops or outfitters where you can rent gear from online, and theyll deliver it to you. Different shops offer different packages, and you can also rent pieces of equipment individually.

Xscape Pod and Gear To Go Outfitters are shops where you can get the essential items such as tents, sleeping bags, camping shows separately.

3. State Parks

4. University

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Is It Better To Rent Or Buy Camping Gear

It really depends on your camping style and how often you go camping.

If youre a casual camper and only go a few times a year, its probably cheaper to buy your gear.

However, if youre an avid camper who camps all the time, the renting gear may be more cost-effective in the long run.

Another thing to consider is how often youll use the gear.

If you only camp once or twice a year, your gear will probably sit in storage for most of the year.

This can lead to depreciation and/or damage to your gear.

Renting gear allows you to use high-quality equipment without having to worry about storage or damage.

Overall, its up to the individual camper to decide whether its better to rent or buy camping gear.

Thule Cargo Box Rentals

You can rent this tent for $75/night!

Spending quality time with family and friends can be unforgettable experience. But what happens if you would like to go camping or mountain biking and dont have a way to get your sport rentals to your favourite destination? Then consider renting our Thule bike carrier and cargo box. Rent a Thule Roof Box »

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About Rei Seattle Flagship

REI Seattle provides outdoor enthusiasts in the Seattle, Washington, area with top-brand gear and clothing for camping, climbing, cycling, fitness, hiking, paddling, skiing, snowboarding and more. Were a complete Seattle-area bike shop, offering a full range of professional bike shop services to help keep you biking the streets and trails year-round. Our ski & snowboard shop services will get your gear tuned up for the slopes. Looking to try a new activity before you buy? We offer a wide selection of outdoor rental equipment. Come let our staff of friendly experts help you get ready for your next adventure.

What To Know Before You Book

  • There are limited availabilities from November to January 2023, add some gear and check dates before deciding to book.

  • There are no refunds within 7 days of your pickup date, a 50% fee for cancellations between 7-14 days, and a 10% cancellation fee for all cancellations outside of 14 days.

  • There are no refunds if you do not secure a camping permit or if you do not like your campsite. Please make sure to do your due diligence before you book.

  • Most people book around 10-14 days prior so there is a good chance the gear will still be available, please reach out if it is not.

  • Please do not wait until the last minute to try and book camping gear. I do not accept bookings that are within 24 hours of your pick-up date.

  • Rental gear is split into two categories: Car camping or Backpacking Gear. If you are backpacking or plan to fly to another island with the gear, choose items in the backpacking category.

  • At this time we are only offering contactless pick-up and drop-off at our free location. Our location is 12-18 minutes from the airport and typically takes 45-60 mins to get to after your plane lands, depending on your rental car wait. Orders are made available on the morning of pick-up by 8 am, you can pick up your items at our contactless container any time during daylight hours. Please reach out if you need your items outside of these parameters.

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    Where To Rent Or Borrow Outdoor Gear

    One of the best things about hiking is that it doesn’t take a lot of money or specialized gear. Some sturdy shoes and a backpack with the Ten Essentials are often all that you will need for a day in the woods. Many of these basics can be found at thrift stores or borrowed from a friend.

    Other equipment, like backpacking packs, stoves, snowshoes, tents or sleeping bags may require more of an investment. If you’re not in a position to buy new gear or not sure you want to commit to a new sport just yet, consider renting what you need. Below are some resources for renting and borrowing gear in Washington state.

    Cost Of Gear Rental In Puerto Natales

    Turning a RENTED MINIVAN into a Cozy NO-BUILD CAMPER VAN! | Miranda in the Wild

    Equipment rental in Puerto Natales was way more affordable than I expected it to be. Most shops had pricing tiers available for every type of product so you could choose something more or less technical, depending on your needs. Based on my hike in 2017, heres what you can expect your average daily rental cost of gear to be.

    Image: Courtesy Gearhouse

    A tent, a sleeping bag, and a camping stove can easily run close to a thousand dollars at a retail store. So how does a wannabe camper get outdoors without shelling out half a months rent? Seattles new Gearhouse has one solution, a monthly membership that comes with unlimited rentalsand even the friends to join the camping trip.

    You should never miss an invitation to go on a trip because you dont have the gear, says Gearhouse founder Evan Maynard. When viewing his own closet full of equipment, he realized that most of his expensive tools were mostly gathering dust. He envisioned a kind of clubhouse with shared stuff, an infinite gear closet, but also a space to plan trips and learn outdoor skills. Gearhouse launched in September 2021 with $20 per month social memberships and another $20$60 per month for gear closet access.

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    Hope Customers Try Before Buying

    Autumn and winter business is rolling in, accompanied by an unimaginable workload.

    Cola said: “I tried to wash until I was tired and looked at a mountain… After the camp equipment was taken back and piled up together, it was as if we were looking at a mountain. The scene was so terrifying. Have you ever thought about giving up renting and only selling camps?) The establishment of a company has its own philosophy and hopes to promote environmental protection. They advocate that customers try first before buying, and choose the camping supplies that are suitable for them to reduce waste.

    Coke founded Shanwen two years ago with like-minded friends, mainly renting out camping supplies.

    There are some very cheap camping equipment in the market and on the Internet. You can buy a camp for a few hundred yuan. Why pay the same price to rent a camp?

    Cola said that the camping equipment provided by Shanwen is of higher quality and the materials used are better. Some are well-known brands, some are local brands with intentional design, and the target tenants are a group of campers who agree with their environmental protection values.

    He said: “It is the first time for beginners to play. If they find that the quality of camping equipment is not ideal, they may lose interest. So our concept is to rent out high-quality products, so that they will find camping fun and continue to explore in the future.”

    Mountain Ask has tops from local mountain brands for sale.

    Enjoy Your Camping Adventure

    With the right camping gear, an outdoor adventure is much more fun. You are well equipped for little money.

    On this website everyone has the opportunity to rent out their private camping equipment to other private individuals. This website enables all camping friends to rent cheap camping equipment for an individual period of time.

    Do you only need the camping equipment for a weekend? Why buy expensive gear and not rent cheaply here for a few days?

    On the other hand, this website enables private people who have unused camping gear in their garage or basement to earn money with unused camping equipment and help other people with fair rental prices.

    A win-win situation for both sides!

    Browse Camping Equipment By Category

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    Difficult To Clean Tent Wet Sand

    “It is the most difficult to wash the camp. There are too many details. The details of each camp are different. It takes 10 to 15 minutes to wash a normal clean camp.” Cola said: “The most troublesome is that many friends like to camp on the beach, the most difficult Handling is wet sand. Wet sand will stick to the camp, and it will take a lot of time and effort to clean it up. Soak it on the first day, and you may use a high-pressure water gun on the second day. You know that wet sand may not wash away, you may have to Use a brush. The most exaggerated one has tried to wash for two or three days.” At first, they went to the camp with all their hands, but then they slowly explored and used different tools to assist, such as vacuum cleaners.

    On the day of the visit, a small number of tents and camp pads were drying.

    Before each camp, Coke recommends that the tenant do a little cleaning before returning to the camp. Most of the camp equipment is returned in good condition, but there are always nightmarish exceptions.

    It is not uncommon for the whole camp to get wet, and the mixed garbage can be regarded as a pediatrician. The most frightening thing is that there are insects.

    Mountain Side Gear Rental

    A very cozy tent.

    While they rent just about everything for all adventures , we like this online rental company for their variety of backpacks. Womens, kids, ultralight, large capacity and bike packs are categories you can choose from, along with a good selection of brands. Youll also find rental options for trekking poles, snowshoes, backpack cooking supplies and tons of cool gear.Rent your hiking gear:

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    Big Agnes Emerald Sl2

    The Big Agnes SL2 is great once you get the hang of the setup. It held up well through a couple of Grand Canyon thunderstorms with some pretty big wind gusts! It even comes equipped with two doors one for each backpacker. Although, we rarely used both doors since we like to make things harder on ourselves.

    Where Can You Rent Camping Gear

    Camping is a great way to get outdoors and spend time with friends and family.

    However, if youre not prepared, camping can also be uncomfortable and difficult.

    One way to make sure you have everything you need without having to purchase all of the necessary gear is to rent camping gear.

    There are a few different places where you can rent camping gear, but the best place to start is your local outdoor store.

    Your local outdoor store will likely have a variety of camping gear that you can rent, including tents, sleeping bags, camp stoves, and more.

    This is a great option if you only plan on camping a few times a year or if youre not sure if camping is for you.

    Rental prices vary depending on the store but expect to pay around $10-$20 per day for most items.

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    How To Save Money And Rent Camping Gear Across The Us

    No matter what your recreational plans are, these companies offer ways to rent camping gear that will fit even the most basic needs. Many of these companies will ship their gear nationally, if youre looking to rent a specific item from any of these outfitters.

    A note from the author: as research was conducted for the purposes of this article, I discovered that many colleges have an outdoor gear rental system. Some rent gear only to college students, others to community members and visitors. If youre able to go this route, rental prices are super affordable. Availability is limited and there might be a catch if youre not a student, but prices are incredibly low. It might be worth it to do a quick search of the area colleges to see what you can find.

    Should You Just Buy A Cheap Tent

    REI Co-op Gear Guide: Best Camping Lanterns

    This option needs to be discussed because, in the end, its what so many people decide to do. You can get a four-person tent at Walmart for $35. Is it going to last forever? No. But we always say that anything that gets people into the outdoors is a good thing. Either youll get hooked on camping or you wont. If you do, you can invest in a better tent down the road. If youre careful with your cheap tent you can probably get a few years out of it, and thats better than not camping at all!

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    Can You Rent Camping Gear

    We may receive commissions when you buy through links on our site.

    Are you a casual camper who doesnt want to fill up their space with camping gears? Or perhaps youre a new camper who doesnt know which gears are better.

    If youre in a situation where you camp once or twice a year, youre probably wondering can you rent camping gear or not. Most outfitters, through physical stores and online sites, will let you rent premium quality camping gear.

    Renting camping products is more efficient than outright buying new equipment, especially if youre a first-timer or dont camp that much.

    Weve collected everything you need to know about renting camp gear. Lets read ahead to find out!

    High Quality Professionally Sourced Equipment

    We have a 100% on time delivery record!

    All equipment will arrive at you door before your rental period, after youre done simply leave it at your door or reception in the supplied return packaging and well pick it all up.

    We pride ourselves on providing quality, affordable camping gear for hire so you can enjoy the outdoors. Whether you want to rent camping gear in a full package or you are only interested in camping tent rentals we deliver it all directly to your door. Overnight Adventures is the best place to find a camping tent for hire.

    Note: Remote locations, Western Australia, Tasmania, and Northern Territory may attract a regional area surcharge. If your delivery will attract a regional area surcharge we will contact you prior to your order being processed. If you have any queries please feel free to contact us.

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