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Plastic Water Containers For Camping

What Is The Best Camping Water Container

5 liter collapsible portable travel plastic water jug container

These water containers are my favorites because they are the best-selling camping water container, perfect for any adventure. They are a great deal and they are made with high-quality materials. They come with a lid that has an opening for an IV bag. The IV bags are great because you can just hang them to let them drip into your bottle and not have to open the lid every hour or so. This way, it wont be so hard to keep track of your water supply.

This is a summary of the top 15 best Camping Water Containers that will be reviewed in depth. Lets have a look!

Best Overall: Arrow Home Products Slimline Beverage Container

Flexible, easy to use, functional, long-lasting. It comes with screw-on lids, which make sealing water supply quick and easy. You will also love the ability to carry it with you as it is very compact and lightweight. The price is also affordable for you!

Best Multi-purpose: Hydrapak Seeker Collapsible Storage

Easy to clean, compact, wide mouth, excellent product. The Hydrapak Seeker Collapsible Storage is a versatile model especially for you who have a family. It can hold up to 10 cups of water and you can use it as a water bottle, collapsible storage for your everyday items, and even as a pot or cooking bowl. The most amazing thing is that this product is made with BPA-free polypropylene material.

Most Durable: Reliance Aqua-Tainer Water Container

Best for The Money: API Kirk Stackable Water Containers

Best Sturdy: WaterBrick 1833-0001 Water Container

Should I Bring A Camping Water Container If There Is Drinking Water At A Campsite


You certainly should. Even if your campground has drinking water, a water container allows you to more easily store water at your campsite. This cuts down on the number of trips you need to take to get to the water spigot and reduces your need for disposable water bottles, which arent as good for the environment.

Moose Bag Collapsible Water Container Freezable Portable Water Carrier Hydration Pack Ice Bladder

This is a portable and lightweight moose bag water container that can be used in multiple ways. You can hang it on the branch of a tree or place it on a table.

The best part about this container is that the spigot is attached to a small tube which makes it convenient to use. Ice cubes can also be stored inside the bag and dispensed through a small valve.


  • Portable and easy to carry.
  • Moose bag is better than other plastic containers.
  • It can be folded to save space when not in use.
  • Top opening to store ice inside the bags.


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Type Of Camping Water Container

Inline Camping Water Container

This type fits the water entry point of the motorhome. It Camping Water Containers all the water supply, which enters the RV into a freshwater tank. The benefit of this Camping Water Container is to clean out chemicals, sediment, harmful bacteria.

In other words, it helps your water supply taste better. Additionally, it will get rid of unwanted odor coming from hook-ups and water supply lines.

Compact Canister

The canister Camping Water Container should be used for the water hose outside. Also, you can use it directly inside the water system of your RV. Another advantage of this type is that you can customize to attach it to faucets.

Reverse Osmosis

When the water filtration units purify the water entering the vehicle, it is the process of reverse osmosis. But it cannot remove the minerals. It is not harmful as the minerals are necessary to your body.


This is the most common water container and it is often called jerrycan. It is made of plastic and it can be used to carry the water supply for camping. You have to make sure that you never touch the plastic elements of a water container or else it may get contaminated by nasty odors.

Aluminum Water Tank

It is also known as an aluminum storage tank and this type of water container is a great choice when you are going on an overnight trip. This type of water container can keep your camping environment clean at all times because they come with secure lids and handles.

Who Needs A Water Storage Container


If youve ever watched any story on TV or read one on the internet about an approaching hurricane youve heard the tales of local stores running out of water . This indicates something fundamental about a lot of us: we have a tendency to let things slide until the last minute , and then its often too late. When it comes to water, however, there is no middle ground. We need it to live, period .

Whether youre faced with the imminent arrival of a colossal hurricane or live in an area prone to twisters, floods, blizzards or more the smart approach is to always have a supply of potable water on hand in case things take a turn for the worse. You dont want to be that person who arrives at the store only to find empty shelves staring back at you. So who needs a water storage container? Anyone who prefers being prepared to scrambling around at the last minute trying to piece together a survival strategy.

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Waterstoragecube Collapsible Water Container Best Value

The WaterStorageCube is a unique water container that we were quite impressed with. Its quite inexpensive but very useful. Whats special about this container is that when its empty, it collapses completely flat, making it much easier to store and transport. When youre loading all your gear back into the car after your trip, this container will fold flat and wont take up any space.

When the container is full, its easy to pour from thanks to the built-in pouring spigot. Turn the lever and water will pour out, no need to lift and tilt the container. We also found this to be very useful for washing hands while camping. However, theres no vent, so the water flow continues to slow until it barely works. Youll need to release pressure by removing and replacing the cap.

With safety in mind, this container is devoid of harmful chemicals like BPA, PVC, and DEHP. That means its safe to hold your water, even in the heat. No chemicals will leach into your water from this container. Altogether, the safety, convenience, and inexpensive solution that the WaterStorageCube provides add up to the best water container for camping for the money.

Since it is a mil-spec piece of kit, the LCI water can is one of the more expensive options weve tested. But for us, its worth it to have such a high level of durability that you know you can rely on. We never worry about what might happen to these cans because they can handle just about anything.

Ispring T32m 4 Gallon Water Storage Tank

This 3.2 gallon water storage container from iSpring is just the right size to fit neatly under the sink. This is the Cadillac of water storage containers in that its pressurized and the water stays fresh via the process of reverse osmosis.

It may seem a bit precious for an emergency water storage unit but it gets the job done. At least to a limited degree. If you live alone and just want to be sure youre never caught short in the event of an earthquake, flood or other disaster having one of these around is a good idea. It has the added benefit of being very affordably priced.

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Moose Bag Collapsible Water Container And Ice Bag

Specs:Capacity: 2 gallons Materials: BPA-free plasticConstruction: Collapsible/dry bagPreferred usage: Ice water/camping with a cooler

If a large cooler system is an integral part of your typical camping setup, the Moose Bag Collapsible Water Container is a great choice.

Thats because Moose Bag uses a unique ice-to-water system for their camping water container, which relies on melting ice throughout the day to create seriously cold water for your campsite. Each Moose Bag holds about a 20-pound bag of ice, which melts down to roughly two gallons of drinking water over time.

We love that you can fill up a Moose Bag with ice, throw it in your cooler , and not have to worry about that nasty cooler soup pooling up around your food stuff as the ice melts. You can also use the Moose Bag as a standalone system with or without ice, but youll probably want to use the handy roll-top dry bag design to hang it from a nearby tree branch or stand to get the best results.

Ultimately this is a fairly niche product that will be incredibly convenient for some campers but less than ideal for others. The flexible bladder design is well made and well-sealed, but just isnt going to have the kind of abrasion or puncture resistance that a rigid container provides. If youre the kind of camper that never leaves the house without their trusty ice chest though, the Moose Bag is a great way to get double duty out of your ice.


Spigots And Leak Points

Water Storage On The Campsite Feat The Proquip Plastic 22L Jerry Can and Accessories

Some camping containers come with spigots and others do not. Either way, youll want a proper seal. Anything with a rubber gasket seal is going to be less prone to leaks than a standard plastic cap. Youll want to make sure that theres a rubber gasket seal on every opening of the container.

Also pay attention to where the spigot is located. Spigots on the side of the container are great for pouring but they can also leave a mess in your trunk if not properly closed.

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Best Sturdy: Waterbrick 1833

Key features

  • Useful for a long time


  • May be leak

WaterBrick 1833-0001 Water Container is another option that you should not ignore. Camping Water Containers from WaterBrick are also highly appreciated products on the market. The first advantage of this model is that it is suitable for many conditions. You can use it on your RV, boat, motorhomes, or even camping.

Thanks to a special hose, the WaterBrick 1833-0001 Water Container can be connected easily. The slim design makes its reputation. Thanks to that, it fits well with the entertainment facilities.

In particular, WaterBrick also creates fast filling designs and high flow rates. WaterBrick 1833-0001 Water Container has an outstanding ability to reduce odors and bacteria in water.

Top 15 Best Camping Water Container Reviews 2021

When you go camping with your RV, the most important thing is to access to freshwater. You may think about stock many bottle water in your vehicle. However, it is still inconvenient when you go with your family. Does it make sure that everyone has enough water to use?

Camping isnt always a laid-back, low-key activity. Sometimes youll find yourself in the wild, miles from anywhere, with not enough water to make it out alive. To ensure your survival and get back home in one piece, you should pack the following items:

  • Distilled or clean rain water
  • Waterproof matches
  • First aid kit
  • Map of your destinationAt the very least, you should have a water container that holds at least one liter of water. If youre planning on staying out for a short period of time, a metal container that holds this amount would suffice. But if youre going to be gone for a longer period of time, like one or two days, you should use an airtight water container that can hold more than one liter. It doesnt have to be rigid or anything. This way, its easier to take with you when moving from place to place.

That is why you should have the best Camping Water Container, which comes in handy. It can keep the water supply fresh without any harmful chemicals and bacteria. This article will give you some information about several Camping Water Container models and useful buying guides. Lets get started!

  • My Top Picks
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    Can You Store Water In Any Old Plastic Bottle

    The tendency is to think plastic is plastic. But its not. PVC plastics can leach toxins into water over time. Not good. Polystyrene is sometimes used by take out joints to hold drinks but it too can leach toxins into whatever beverage its holding. Its also an environmental nightmare. If youre looking for a safe type of plastic into which you can place potable water for the long term you should be looking for High Density Polyethylene or HDPE. Its the safest type of plastic to store water in.

    Polypropylene will also work. Thats the stuff that margarine tubs are made of. Less desirable but still useful is low-density polyethylene . This stuff is okay in a pinch but isnt typically recommended for water storage since there are other, better options available. Also, remember that while it may be tempting to store water in old soda bottles, plastic has the ability to absorb flavors. So your water could wind up tasting line Mountain Dew or Coke.

    Legacy Premium 160 Gallon Stackable Water Tank

    11/18L Plastic Water Bucket Water Container Camping ...

    This 160 gallon water storage container from Legacy premium can actually be stacked on top of another of the same containers to provide a couple of months worth of emergency water supplies for the whole family. Theyre fashioned from UV-resistant high density polyethylene so theyll prevent your water from being contaminated and hold it safely for years on end.

    They come with a 330 gallon water treatment kit, connector valves and spigots. And, perhaps unique to this type of storage container, theyre rated to -40 Fahrenheit. With a couple of these as the centerpiece of your emergency water strategy youre good for the long-haul.

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    Coleman 2000014870 Water Carrier

    Affordable and simple, the Coleman Water Carrier is a cheap way for you to transport your water to and from your campsite. But its got a quality that matches its low price, which is why it didnt rank higher on our list.

    We like the large capacity of this container that allows you to carry five gallons at a time. Theres also a hole on the back that you can hang the container from. To that end, a hook and rope are included so you can hang it from a nearby tree since it wont stand on its own. We like this concept and appreciate the hook and rope were included. However, the hole isnt strong enough to support this container when its full of water, so it doesnt quite work as intended.

    Like many similar products we tested, the Coleman water carrier collapses when empty so it takes up less space for transportation or storage. But unlike competitors, this one pours extremely slow. It took about a minute to pour a single eight-ounce glass of water from this container. The container is decent, but were not patient enough to wait that long every time we need a drink!

    • Hook and hole for hanging
    • Collapses for easy storage or transportation when empty
    • Doesnt stand on its own

    Best Portable: Lifeunion 5/10 Litres Collapsible Water Container

    Key features

    • Highly portable and carried plenty of water
    • Sustainable and robust design than it looks
    • Packs small and not leak when dropped
    • Easily foldable to save space
    • Great water sacks for backpacking
    • Budget-friendly price with 2 sizes


    • Short life expectancy

    If you are looking at more conventional mobility options, the Lifeunion 5/10 Litres Collapsible Water Container is the right choice. For todays camping water storage products, there are tons of models to choose from.

    Besides larger models, manufacturers are also aiming for smaller models with 5 and 7 gallons. Lifeunion 5/10 Litres Collapsible Water Container is an icon of this design.

    It is closer to the bottle size. This is convenient for those who want to bring some drinking water. It is also suitable for those who do not want to transport heavy objects.

    For those who have a clean water supply but still need to carry some drinking water with them, the Lifeunion 5/10 Litres Collapsible Water Container comes in handy. You can easily fold it when not in use. So it is easy to carry thanks to its high portability.

    Although there are two versions of 5 and 10 liters, the prices of these two models are not too far apart. They are both very cheap and high value. Besides, the Lifeunion 5/10 Litres Collapsible Water Container does not contain BPA, so it is one of the food-grade water tanks that received approval.

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    Is One Large Water Barrel Enough

    Thinking that having one big barrel of water is a good strategy is like thinking that if you have a million bucks in the bank youre set for any eventuality. What if the power goes out for days due to a hurricane and youre isolated with no access to that cash?

    It wont do you much good then. You need to have a smaller amount of cash stashed in the house, just in case . Same thing with water. Its nice to have a big barrel of emergency water but what good is it if you have to evacuate? The key is not putting all your eggs in one basket. If you have a large water storage container then make sure you also have numerous smaller ones available that you can fill from the large tank and take with you if you have to move.

    Freegrace Collapsible Water Carrier

    Water Storage For You Camp and How to Sanitize The Water Storage Containers

    The Freegrace Collapsible Bucket is a great water container for camping that offers great value for money. Its sturdy, compact, and perfect for doing dishes, wash clothes, or to keep your drinks cold!

    The Freegrace Collapsible Container is a practical way to carry water while camping or at any outdoor events. It comes in different sizes with carrying capacities of 10/16/23 liters.

    The Freegrace is lightweight and easy to fold when youre not using it. It can further support its own weight and stay upright even if you set it down on an uneven surface.

    This Collapsible bucket is made from Premium 500D Tarpaulin. Its double-stitched and its sealed from all sides to ensure it doesnt leak.

    While this is NOT for human drinking water, your dog can safely drink out of it. Its also perfect to use for dish washing or laundry. You can also fill it up with ice to keep your drinks cold.

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