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White Water Rafting And Camping

Gates Of Lodore On The Green River Northwestern Utah

GoPro: White Water Rafting & Camping VLOG | Ocoee River, TN

The Green River is the longest river system in the Southwest, providing the majority of water in the Colorado River. Lodore Canyon is a stunning four-day rafting trip on the Green River through towering red rock and sandstone walls. Within Dinosaur National Monument, this a wonderful option for families with fun technical class III rapids. There are side hikes to waterfalls, scenic overlooks and still time to relax in camp on nice sandy beaches. Trips meet in Vernal, Utah, an easy three hour drive from the Salt Lake City airport.

The Middle Fork Of The Salmon River Central Idaho

The Middle Fork is one of the most classic whitewater trips in North America. Flowing south to north for 100 miles through the Franch Church River of No Return Wilderness, the terrain changes between high alpine forest, grassy desert and finally into Impassable Canyon which provides for dramatic camping and rafting. Besides its many hot springs, side creeks and technical, rocky rapids, this river attracts fly fishers from all over the world. The cold, clear water makes it a pristine habitat for many diverse fish species steelhead, cutthroat trout and also salmon. This river is best for the more adventurous in June and becomes a family trip in July and August. Trips meet and end in Stanley, Idaho.

Middle Fork American River Rafting

The Two-day Middle Fork American wilderness trip is a delightful combination of exciting intermediate and some advanced rafting along with plenty of time to relax and truly enjoy this remote and beautiful river canyon. Youll meet us in Auburn the morning of the trip for the short 45 minute drive to put-in just below Oxbow Reservoir just outside Foresthill, Ca.

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What If You Are Pregnant Or Have Diet/medical Restrictions

Let your Colorado white water rafting company know if you have food allergies, are vegetarian or vegan, or pregnant.

One member of our group was 4 months pregnant and needed a few dietary requirements which the crew took good care of, she told us. Check with your Colorado white water rafting company up to which point pregnant women are allowed to make this trip.

Kennebec River Overnight Rafting Trips

White Water Raft Full Day


Our Kennebec River overnight trip is our #1 overnight rafting adventure in Maine! Your Registered Maine Guide provides all whitewater rafting and overnight camping equipment. We set up your own private Maine overnight camp at our wilderness island overnight site. Enjoy swimming, paddling around the river and searching for wildlife near our island overnight camping site. We can customize this trip for groups over 12 Family, friends, summer camps, and scout troops!

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Periyar National Park Kerala

Periyar National Park

Periyar is known for its herds of wild elephants. On a boat safari, they can sometimes be observed by the side of the lake. Guided nature walks, border hikes, bamboo rafting tours, and night jungle patrols are just a few of the additional activities available in and around the park, making it a perfect New Years spot for safari-loving adventurers.

Best Overnight Rafting Trips In The Us

Written by Ben Sack, 08.12.2019

There is nothing quite like the serenity, beauty, and excitement that comes from spending multiple days and nights along pristine rivers. Overnight group rafting trips are a great option for those who want to experience the thrill of whitewater and the peace and fun of camping without the need to prepare everything yourself.

Weve put together a list of our five favorite overnight rafting trips found within the continental United States. Some are over one week while others are just one night and two days away from civilization. Each of these trips allows you to experience some of the greatest natural parks found in the US while having tasty food prepared by fun and caring raft guides along the way.

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What If You Get Sick Or Injured

There is no phone reception.

However the Colorado white water rafting crew has a satellite telephone in case of emergencies. And that includes serious stuff like heart attacks or fractured bones. No blisters or a sore throat.

On the third day on one of our hikes Luc fell backwards and broke 3 ribs. The crew provided him with pain medication and they would ask several times a day how he was feeling. Just to make sure that there was no internal bleeding.

Sleeping on a field bed and go rafting with 3 broken ribs is not a very comfortable thing to do. However Luc decided for himself that he was still mobile enough to continue our Colorado white water rafting.

White Water Specialist Since 1993

Multi-Day Overnight White Water Rafting Trips

Paradise of fresh water, Lake Saint Jean offers, in harmony with nature, a variety of activities which are the lifesource of H2O Expedition & Adventure. Water, source of life, inspiration and sensations, bathes the landscapes of our adventure-oriented visitors since 1993. We offer two activities rafting and canyoning for beginners and experts. All of these activities are accompanied and supported by experienced guides, specialists in outdoor activities, who will make you live this aquatic adventure to the fullest.

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Why Overnight Rafting Trips With Southeastern Expeditions Are The Best Value In The Southeast

Only with an overnight rafting trip can you really experience all of the facets of a southern river. From the moment you set out youll be adjusting to your paddle, raft, guide and the pristine surroundings of an older world, which is filled with wonder and adventure.

Now, when you go out for a day, its not long before the rapids swallow it. Your adrenaline takes over and you wont be able to think about anything but getting over the crest of the biggest white water drop youve ever seen.

That makes for an awesome experience. But it goes fast, and we all know theres more to nature than gritting teeth.

Talk to our guides. Youll hear how theyre thrilled with their day jobs. They spend all of their time on this river that is by turns thrilling and harmonious. Their presence of mind comes not just with experience, but through all of the time theyve spent communing with a deeper feeling, which our lovely Chattooga only brings to visitors in moments of contemplation and camaraderie. When you come for a day-trip, youll have a fantastic time. But when you come for an overnight, youll know what our guides do:

That the river is a portal into another world youll never want to leave.

Middle Fork Of The Salmon River

IDAHO: The Middle Fork of the Salmon River in Idaho is one of the foremost whitewater river rafting trips in the U.S. The Middle Fork trip is 100 miles of Wild and Scenic, free-flowing river magic, smack in the middle of the largest wilderness area in the contiguous United States. It has natural hot springs, blue ribbon trout fishing, and too many rapids to count! The Middle Fork of the Salmon is unspoiled, remote, and roadless, a sure bet if you want to get away from it all. This Idaho adventure sells out fast so you must plan ahead. Choose a trip in late June, July, and August for the best whitewater, or a trip in September for steelhead trout fishing. Guests meet for this trip in the town of Stanley, Idaho.

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Day Main Salmon River

IDAHO: The Main Salmon River is The River of No Return! Despite the ominous name, this premier whitewater rafting trip is a great choice for the active family or adventure seeker. The Main Salmon River trip offers great whitewater in late June, July, and August. Sleep out on big, sandy, beach campsites and visit historic homesteads that once belonged to the likes of Polly Bemis and Buckskin Bill. Camping, hiking, wildlife viewing, paddle rafts, and stand-up paddleboards just add to the experience. Meet for this trip in Salmon, Idaho.

Have You Heard Of Cataract Canyon

Ohiopyle is gearing up for white water rafting!

Rivaling the Grand Canyon in whitewater and complimented by the stunning beauty of Canyonlands National Park, you might also consider our 4-Day Cataract Canyon Expedition. Just up-river from Grand Canyon, you’ll raft 100 miles on the Colorado River through the heart of Canyonlands National Park, experience some of the largest whitewater rapids in North America, and enjoy a Scenic Air Tour return over Canyonlands National Park. Top that off with all the adventure possibilities in Moab, Utah, and Cataract Canyon is a not-to-be-missed river journey.

Be sure to select the month and year for 2023 departures

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What About The Best Months And Weather For Colorado White Water Rafting

We booked our Colorado white water rafting trip for the month May.

We did since it is still doable in terms of temperature. The climate in June might get too hot for Luc. However we still had our fair share of rain. We were told to bring rain gear so we were dressed for the occasion. Weather is something you cant book.

The sunny dry moments were plentiful though.

We never had to go eat in our own tents for shelter.

We Are Adventurers And We Are Ready For Your Next Adventure

We are open for our World Class Rafting Adventures as of May 1, 2021

We are excited to be able to offer our adventurers the opportunity to get outside and enjoy the day out on the river. Of course, as we take your security seriously we have implemented a series of Best Practices in relation to the current Covid-19 Crisis. Here are a few things that you can expect by choosing Esprit as your outfitter.

We take your safety and the safety of our staff very seriously.

Your trip wth us will be super fun while respecting and exceeding Covid-19 Best Practices set out by Esprit, our industry and our Provincial and National Governments.

All staff are tested daily for fever and other C19 Symptoms.

Nobody should come rafting if they feel symptomatic. All guest will be issued a credit if they feel symptomatic the day of their trip with us.

All guests will be provided with a Covid Kit which includes mask , hand sanitizer, souvenir pen and complimentary photos of their trip.

We have reduced our daily capacity and guest/guide ratio to respect social distancing in our rafts and transport..

We have made our group discount more attractive and encourage groups to book by raft rather than individually .

We clean and disinfect all our equipment using Vircon an antiviral/antibacterial disinfectant used in hospitals.

Our trip Leaders are all certified in Covid-19 Contact Tracing by John Hopkins University.

Looking forward to your adventure with us!

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Best Places To Go White Water Rafting In California

White water rafting is a scenic and breathtaking warm-weather sport in California. When the sunshine melts the snow on the mountains, it raises water levels, speeds up the current, and creates a thrilling activity for all ages.

But, if youre searching for white water rafting near me on your smartphone, the options might be overwhelming or confusing. Heres a closer look at some of the best white water rafting rivers throughout California so you can get your thrill on from just about any corner of the state.

Best Places To Go White Water Rafting in CaliforniaBefore you choose a place to go white water rafting, its important to understand a few critical points: Just about anyone can go since there are rivers for every level of experience. Different rivers will have varying classes of rapids, from Class I to Class V . You can choose from a variety of trips, ranging from half and full-day trips to multi-day adventures. The rapids will be fastest in the spring, but some rivers have whitewater rafting year-round. Always pick a certified outfitter with a lot of experience.Whether youre looking for a scenic float or some draw-dropping rapids to get your adrenaline pumping, theres a whitewater rafting adventure waiting for you on one of these California rivers and best of all some of the best places to go white water rafting in California are only a short drive away.

The Selway River Western Montana/northern Idaho

Ohiopyle Camping and White Water Rafting, PA

Last but not least, rafting the Selway River is another staff favorite at Rivers and Oceans. This is one of the most pristine whitewater experiences and trips in North America. With incredibly diverse and lush scenery in the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness, class IV+ rapids and world-class fishing, this river speaks for itself. Only one groups launches per day making this the ultimate wilderness adventure.

The river is typically run in five-days including a layover day to give guests a day to explore the wilderness. Hiking to a fire lookout tower, fly fishing up Moose Creek or hanging out in camp for the day gives everyone an option to make the trip unique. Trips meet in Missoula, Montana making this river one of the easiest to access.

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What About The Daily Routine

Our day started when the sun would start to rise, around 6am.

The Colorado white water rafting crew would set up breakfast. 30 minutes before breakfast one of them would yell out coffee!. You had to decide whether you wanted to sleep some more, go bathe when there was very little people around, get up and start to dissemble your tent and bed.

Or just get coffee and do the rest later.

We were usually on our way around 7:30am when the sun was up. We would be on the raft for a couple of hours, perhaps stop along the way for a hike to a beautiful place, a special rock formation or a waterfall. Stop for lunch around 11:30am for an hour or so. Be on our way again on the river to enjoy the beautiful panorama as we float by.

Around 5pm the crew would look for a good spot to set up camp. Time for the guests to reassemble tents and beds. Take a bath, lay down for a moment, read, talk, take pictures, do what you like. Dinner would be ready around 6-6:30pm. And by the time the sun was gone at 8pm, pretty much everyone was in bed resting or sleeping.

Overnight Whitewater Rafting Faqs

  • All equipment provided. State of the art self-bailing rafts and inflatable kayaks, type V lifejackets, paddles, helmets, all safety equipment, transportation, tents, ground pads, 4 meals, Registered Maine Guide on every Inflatable Kayak and whitewater rafting trip, and photo slideshow of the days adventure .
  • Minimum Age 8 years or older.
  • No experience necessary.

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Bryson City North Carolina

White water rapids alternate with stretches of flat water on the Nantahala River outside of Bryson City, a picturesque home base for exploring Great Smoky Mountains National Park. A daily, scheduled dam release powers the Nantahala Rivers Class II and Class II rapids, sending cool water down a watercourse thats fringed with lush, North Carolina forest.

Welcome Toriver Rafting In Rishikesh

White Water Rafting in Scotland, Aviemore, Cairngorms, up ...

Rush back to the thrills of adventure with the Great Outdoor Experience, River Fun, and Adventure Activities in natures bounty. Out of a plethora of activities, River Rafting in Rishikesh is something that will pump your adrenaline to a high level and make your Holiday or Weekend even more exciting and memorable. It is a perfect destination to spend some quality time with your friends and family. Starting from 16 kilometers of River Rafting, Body Surfing, Cliff Jumping, Trekking, Bonfire, Dance with Lights and Music, Clean Camps with attached washrooms, Delicious food, to numerous Indoor and Outdoor Games, there are several amazing Packages available at affordable prices. Also, at the Jungle Camps, you will experience the wilderness closely.

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Canada Falls & Seboomook Overnight Rafting Trip

Our popular two-day Canada Falls & Seboomook Whitewater Rafting and Inflatable Kayaking overnight trip is held annually Labor Day Weekend. Enjoy rafting on class V Canada Falls and rafting or inflatable kayaking on the Seboomook. Relax by the campfire, enjoy a cold one with your friends and family , and take in the beauty of the North Maine Woods. Your Registered Maine Guides cook delicious meals and provide two days of world class whitewater adventure. This is a great whitewater rafting overnight trip for adventure seekers to enjoy!

Tuolumne River Yosemite California

The Tuolumne is called the champagne of the Sierra due to its light bubbly whitewater in a dramatic canyon. Over 18 miles the river has 16 named class IV rapids plus many more class II and II rapids creating some of the most consistent whitewater rafting of any river. What puts it on the top 10 list is the camping and exploring on two and three-day trips. The Clavey River and the North Fork of the Tuolumne both provide world-class swimming and relaxing. Plus the Tuolumne Rivers proximity to Yosemite makes it a much do for anyone visiting the park.

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Camping In The Grand Canyon: The Easy Way

On your Grand Canyon 6 or 7 Day Rafting Vacation, you’ll experience camping along the river’s edge for 5 or 6 nights. Whether on a long sandy beach or at the base of towering cliffs, Western River guests often find their time in camp to be one of the most enjoyable aspects of the trip. After a day on the river, you’ll look forward to watching the sun cast its final rays across the cliffs as the first of billions of stars begin to appear. You’ll look forward to awaking to the sound of the canyon wren at first light, and the smell of breakfast cooking. Camping in Grand Canyon along the river is truly an unforgettable experience.

Whether you’re a veteran camper or experiencing sleeping in the outdoors for the first time, Western makes camping simple. All you need to worry about is packing your personal items in a soft-sided duffel bag. We’ll supply the rest:

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