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Biodegradable Toilet Paper For Camping

Biodegradable Toilet Paper: An Eco

Biodegradable Compressed Camping Paper Towel Wipes Review

Hiking and camping are great ways to relax, get some fresh air, and enjoy the Great Outdoors even if we dont always have the same amenities as at home. This makes certain tasks difficult or quite polluting. By using a biodegradable toilet paper we can definitely make a difference in at least one regard.

If you never went camping before, you most likely never heard of this type of toilet tissue until now either. It is possible that even some seasoned campers, backpackers, and hikers have yet to learn about the existence of such a product. This is the right place to learn more about this eco-friendly tissue, including some products you can buy today.We strive to give you a piece of information that is as accurate as possible, that you can hopefully put to good use one way or another. You dont even need to spent the night in the forest to start being more eco-friendly, because you can do so at home too.

Miten Hvitt Ihmisten Jtteet Retkeilyn Aikana

Ihmisjätteet Hauta se reikään, joka on vähintään kuusi tuumaa syvä ja kaukana kaikista vesilähteistä. Jos olet alueella, kuten vuoren huipulla, jonne et voi kaivaa kuoppaa, saatat joutua levittämään sitä. Jos et pidä tahraustekniikasta etkä voi haudata sitä, käytä suljettavaa muovipussia kuten koiralle.

Coghlans Biodegradable Toilet Tissue Rolls

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Is All Toilet Paper Compostable

The question becomes whether the same toilet paper will break down in a waterless toilet system or composting toilets. The good news here is that just like regular paper, toilet paper is also compostable. This means that once you add it to your compost piles content, it will decompose to give you quality compost.

Bim Bam Boo Toilet Paper

Coleman Biodegradable Toilet Paper (4

Key Features:

  • No chemicals = great for sensitive skin
  • FSC Certified

Bim Bam Boos Toilet Paper is a colorful addition to the eco-friendly family of biodegradable toilet paper. This brand specializes in making toilet paper thats great for people with sensitive skin while also being eco-conscious.

This paper is made from 100% bamboo, making this tree-free 2-ply toilet paper. Using bamboo is always a good thing for the environment as bamboo consumes fewer resources in paper production and is far more sustainable than trees are.

Better yet, even the packaging is made from USDA certified, Bio-Preffered Plant-Based, Petroleum-free recycled cardboard toilet paper .

The toilet paper is BPA-free, formaldehyde-free, chlorine-free, fragrance-free, and free of any glues. Its also FSC certified, lending credibility to the companys claims.

Because the toilet paper doesnt have a bunch of these chemicals, its fantastic for people with sensitive skin. You wont have to worry about experiencing allergic reactions or unpleasant irritations due to its hypoallergenic makeup.

Its also septic-safe the company even conducted flushability tests to confirm that this was the case. They are so confident that this toilet paper will not cause any septic tank problems that they offer a money-back clog-free guarantee.

There are no issues with lint either, according to several user reviews.Speaking of those, user reviews have been overall positive.

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Cotton Buds Tissue To Go Toilet Paper

Thickness: 2-ply

Sheet per roll: 75

Price: $8.99

Cotton Buds manages to package a usable amount of toilet paper into a dispenser that’ll fit in your pants’ pocket or the pocket of your pack. Each roll has 75 sheets of 3-ply tissue, which is more than enough toilet paper for an extended backpacking trip. Best of all, they are biodegradable, so you can bury them in a cathole knowing they will decompose.

Sheet per roll: N/A

Price: +/- $20

Technically a pee rag, Kula cloth is worth a mention for the ladies on the trail. The highly-absorbent, antimicrobial material helps keep you fresh and dry on the trail. It cuts down on toilet paper and is wide enough that you won’t get your hands wet when you wipe. It resists odor and is easy to clean in the way when you are in town. When you are done with it, you can hang it on your bag to dry.

If you don’t like the idea of hanging a pee rag from your bag. You can opt for a pee funnel, which lets you stand and pee. Funnels direct the pee away from your body, so you don’t accidentally pee on your shoes or clothing that touches the ground when you sweat. One pro tip: practice at home with the funnel before hitting the trail. You don’t want to accidentally pee all over your clothing while miles away from a washing machine.

Sheet per roll: 360

Price: $21.99

Caboo Free Tree Toilet Paper

Prices pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

The price of biodegradable toilet paper is often more expensive than regular toilet paper but Caboo Free Tree toilet paper is not as pricey as expected. This toilet paper is made from sustainably grown bamboo and sugarcane, it is also an eco-friendly alternative to traditional tissue.

This product is also gentle on the skin and just like every biodegradable toilet paper, they are designed to break down immediately they come in contact with water.

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How Long Does Biodegradable Toilet Paper Take To Decompose

How long biodegradable toilet paper takes to decompose depends on whether you bury it or not. But generally, toilet paper can take 5 weeks or more to biodegrade.

Wrapping Up

Biodegradable toilet papers are often more pricey than regular toilet paper which is why you need a guide that prevents you from spending money on toilet paper that will let you down.

Almost all toilet papers are biodegradable but there are some that are more eco-friendly options that will make a difference for camping. Hence this article contains the best options to buy and reasons why they are worth the investment.

Biodegradable Toilet Paper Vs Regular

Coleman Camper’s Toilet Paper // Travel T.P.

Store-bought toilet paper, like your Cottonelle and Charmin, is naturally biodegradable. These sheets are made from natural wood sources and start breaking down as soon as they get wet. It can take toilet paper up to a month to decompose in ideal conditions. In the less-than-ideal woods, toilet paper can hang around significantly longer.

What makes biodegradable toilet paper different from regular toilet paper is the speed at which the paper degrades. Biodegradable toilet paper breaks down four times as fast a standard toilet paper. This speed is supremely important, especially in a privy or a cat hole. Wouldn’t you rather walk by an innocuous pile of decomposed, biodegradable toilet paper than step over a gross toilet paper flower? Biodegradable toilet paper also won’t clog drains, making it ideal for recreational vehicles and even your home.

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Bim Bam Boo Premium Bamboo Toilet Paper

  • PURE: 100% bamboo, tree-free, packaged petroleum-free in recycled cardboard toilet paper case
  • NO NASTY STUFF: Free of BPA, formaldehyde, chlorine-bleach and itchy glues
  • VEGAN: Made without animal-derived gelatin found in convention toilet paper
  • PERFECT FOR SENSITIVE SKIN: Experience allergy and irritation relief with our exclusive hypoallergenic formula toilet paper 2-ply, silky-smooth and lab-tested lint-free
  • PLASTIC-FREE: Each roll is individually wrapped in tissue paper and packed in a case of toilet paper- fully recyclable/compostable packaging helps protect our oceans – excellent for home and commercial use Perfect for outdoor adventurers in need of hiking toilet paper or camping toilet paper

Top 10 Best Biodegradable Toilet Paper Of 2022 + Buyer Guide

Wait, isnt all toilet paper biodegradable?

Thats a question that many people have when they look for eco-friendly alternatives to regular toilet paper. And while we can try to tell you about the dangers of everyday toilet paper and how it ruins our ecosystem, thats simply just not the case.

Technically speaking, all toilet paper is biodegradable. Its designed to break down in water over time and dissolve into nothingness. Thats about as biodegradable as its going to get.

But that doesnt mean that there arent alternatives for people looking for a more eco-friendly way to clean yourself.

Keep in mind that everyday toilet paper is made from virgin wood fibers comprised of softwood and hardwood trees. To put it into perspective, we could save 540,000+ trees if every American household replaced a 70-sheet virgin fiber roll of toilet paper with one made from 100% recycled materials.

Regular toilet paper is also often treated with chemicals that can do your body more harm than good, all in the name of being as soft as possible.

We defined biodegradable toilet paper as toilet paper thats been created with materials that both support the environment and help foster a healthy body. And to make sure that our readers can find what they need, we created this list Top 10 Best Biodegradable Toilet Paper of 2022.

We hope that you find it useful. If you did, leave a comment at the bottom of this page and let us know!

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Toilet Paper Options That Are Best For Outdoor Use

Biodegradable Toilet Paper

Basically every situation biodegradable toilet paper will likely be the best option for you given the fact that it is designed to be used in an area such as in the backcountry where will likely be buried to degrade over time.

Plus, in most cases, biodegradable toilet paper is not scented which is perfect for in the backcountry given the fact that scented products are likely to attract wildlife. Which will then result in your feces being dug up and toilet paper strung all over the area

Though there are a few companies that manufacture biodegradable toilet paper that is designed to be used when camping or backpacking, I believe Coleman provides a great product. plus, they are heavily in the camping scene, so they know how to make products for those who go enjoy the outdoors. Check out their biodegradable toilet paper over at Amazon.

RV / Marine Grade Toilet Paper

RV or marine-grade toilet paper is known to be thinner, as it is typically made up of 1 ply. For this reason, some say that this toilet paper is more preferred be used over original toilet paper as it is so thin, and it is said to degrade at a much quicker rate and your typical household toilet paper.

Given that it is such a thin material I believe it would make sense that it would be great at a much quicker pace when compared to your typical toilet paper however I have not read anything like this from a 100% reliable source

Regular Toilet Paper

Biodegradable Wet Wipes

What Are Biodegradable Toilet Papers Made From


Biodegradable toilet papers are mostly sourced from natural plants and not trees. These natural plants all have something in common and thats the ability to grow very fast, thereby guaranteeing sustainability.

This does not mean all eco-friendly toilet paper is made from plants. Some of them are made from recycled paper. Some of these source plants include:

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Is Bamboo Toilet Paper Biodegradable

The answer to this is yes. Bamboo-based toilet papers are completely biodegradable. Not only are they suitable for the environment, but they are also septic friendly because of their fast degrading period.

Bamboos are also responsible for producing 30% more oxygen and they grow faster than you can flush them in toilet paper.

What Is Biodegradable Toilet Paper

All toilet paper is biodegradable, however there are some toilet papers that break down faster than others.

When looking at different options for toilet paper, the papers thickness will make a difference when it comes to how quickly it will break down.

Another consideration is whether or not it will release harmful chemicals when doing so.

When camping, whether you are staying at an established campground with pit toilets or staying where you will be creating your own toilet , biodegradable toilet paper will impact the environment the least while taking up minimal space.

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Rv Toilet Paper Key Features


Before you consider anything else, always make sure to check a pack of RV toilet papers ply. The ply is the thickness, or the number of layers, a roll can provide. 1-ply is the lightest, thinnest option and while it can dissolve pretty completely, it isnt exactly the most absorbent. 2-ply is a very common choice, as it gives you more of a balance between dissolving quickly and holding up while youre using it with no breakthroughs. You can, however, find some RV toilet paper that offers even more thickness, as certain products can go as high as 4-ply.


Your toilet papers ply, or thickness, often directly determines its strength. Having toilet paper fall apart on you in the middle of things wont cut it. A good, strong ply toilet paper is best when it comes to taking care of business. Making sure you get a durable RV-friendly toilet paper that is septic-safe means it will be more durable and more absorbent. Youll also spend less time in the bathroom worrying about how many tissues you use.


What Do You Do With Toilet Paper When Camping

Coin Tissues | Compressed Towels | Camping Wipes | Toilet Paper Tablets

If you are a beginner at camping then its okay to wonder what to do with toilet paper when camping. Toilet paper has been used by expert campers for years in a camping toilet or used in attending to a number two. You need to ensure it is properly buried in a hole or can also be placed in a resealable plastic bag.

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Go Into The Woods With Eco Confidence

100% Recycled

Our 2-ply septic safe toilet paper is entirely made with recycled material. No virgin trees were cut down for the sake of your tush. We source half of our recycled paper material from consumers via traditional recycling channels, and the other half from businesses.

RV and Camper Safe

With the emergence of the pandemic, camping has quickly become one of the most popular ways to vacation and see the country. Our RV toilet paper has been tested to dissolve quickly in all major motorhome and travel trailer sewer systems when sufficient water is used.

Make the World a Little Better

At A Little Better Products our mission is to help make the world a little better than we found it. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, please reach out to us and we will work as hard as we can to make it right.

Wholeroll Organic Bamboo Toilet Paper

Thickness: 3-ply

Sheet per roll: 200

Price: $28.99

Another bamboo toilet paper choice, the Wholeroll Organic Bamboo toilet paper, is packed into a compact roll that’s easy to stash in your toilet kit. Like most bamboo toilet paper, the Wholeroll Organic squares are made without any harsh chemicals. Soft and safe for delicate skin, the Wholeroll bamboo toilet paper is 3-ply strong for your backcountry wiping needs.

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Can I Use Normal Toilet Paper In A Portable Toilet

It is critical to use the right toilet paper in portable toilets as if you use standard toilet paper.

You risk it not breaking down quick enough, creating a blockage, and stopping your toilet from working properly .

I have read some comments that you can get away with standard toilet paper in a portable toilet if you counteract it with some additional chemicals, but I would rather minimize the use of chemicals by buying dissolvable toilet paper.

Biodegradable Camping Toilet Bags


A large range of biodegradable camping toilet bags is also available selection. The advantage of these bags, in comparison to shopping/plastic/garbage bags, is that they are designed to be used in a toilet.

As a result, they are manufactured with odor neutralizing qualities, and often transform your waste into a gel-like consistency that is easier, safer, and more environmentally friendly to dispose of.

Some products are simply biodegradable scented bags, that can decompose in green type waste, whereas other products include a power that you sprinkle on your waste which morphs it into a gel-like substance.

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What To Consider When Buying Rv Toilet Paper

Not all RV toilet paper is made the same, as quality can vary significantly, along with details like dissolution speed and capability, texture, thickness, and softness. Were explaining which features and factors you need to take into consideration as you pick out the perfect toilet paper for your camper .

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