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Planning a Camping Road Trip – The Dyrt

Campground discounts was not something that we were originally that interested in when downloading the app, but weve been pleasantly surprised by the number of times its come up.

When you download the app you get a membership card that can be applied to campgrounds and outdoor adventure stores.

Some notable discounts include up to 40% off campgrounds like the KOA, Yogi Bear Resort and Thousand Oaks.

They also have a rotating list of partner discounts for individual stores.

In Order For The The Dyrt Tent & Rv Camping Download To Work:

We hope that the following solutions help so that you can load The Dyrt Tent & RV Camping and the download doesnt take forever. If you know of other possible solutions, we look forward to receiving a message from you at the end of this article.

  • Check internet connection The reasons why The Dyrt Tent & RV Camping cannot be loaded cannot be more different. In most cases it is due to your own internet connection. It is quite possible that your device is in a WiFi network, but it still does not work, so you should try to access a website on the Internet using your browser. If this works fine, then its not your smartphone or tablet. If you try to download the app via the mobile network , then you should check how stable the mobile connection is. Perhaps your data volume has also been used up and is therefore only available slowly.It can also happen that a download from the mobile network is not possible due to your settings.In this case you should check the settings for mobile data on your device.
  • Restart smartphone or tablet Often there are problems with the App Store after updating the Android or iOS operating system. After the system has been updated, it may well happen that the connection with the login data for the respective store no longer works securely. In this case you should restart your smartphone or tablet, which will reload all settings and functions and, if necessary, re-establish connections to the App Store.
  • Open the Settings app on the device.
  • Harvest Hosts: Stay Overnight At Wonderful Locations

    If youre trying to make the most out of your RV journey, we definitely recommend Harvest Hosts. Its a fantastic app that lets you access thousands of free overnight stays at beautiful public locations across the US.

    The first thing youll be doing after getting your RV is looking for places to visit. With Harvest Hosts, you not only find some awesome places to park your RV, but you also discover hidden gems you never knew were right next to you.

    Harvest Hosts helped us make the most of our rental RV, and we highly recommend you try it out.

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    The Dyrt Vs The Dyrt Pro

    The Dyrts free version is pretty darn good, but the PRO membership does have some worthy upgrades.

    How much does The Dyrt PRO cost?

    The Dyrt PRO membership is $35.99 per year.

    What additional features do you get with PRO? Are they worth it?

    The PRO membership comes with a handful of additional features some of which we think are very valuable and others that may not be as useful, depending on your camping style. Well explain below

    Can I try out the PRO membership and see if I like it before buying?

    YES! For a limited time, weve partnered with The Dyrt to offer you an exclusive link that gives you access to the PRO membership for 90 days totally, 100% free! That means you can test it out and actually use it on a few different camping trips to see if its worthwhile for you.

    Our honest opinion: We all have different styles, needs and priorities when it comes to camping. The Dyrt PRO is completely worthwhile for many campers but for others, the free membership is all they need. Some of it comes down to how often you camp, what types of campsites you prefer, what region of the USA you are based in, etc. The great thing is you can test it out with this link, and decide for yourself!

    Alright, now that you know you can try it before you buy it, here are the additional features youll get in The Dyrt PRO membership:

    Why Use The Dyrt


    The main reason so many people use The Dyrt is because of how useful it is as a resource, regardless of whether you camp full-time or not. If youre a full-time camper, you will find the most use out of The Dyrt, since it allows you to find places to camp whenever, wherever.

    One of the hardest parts about searching for decent campgrounds is the lack of honesty. Some campgrounds pay people to provide biased testimonials about their services, which can make it hard to know which campgrounds are actually worth their salt. A third-party service like The Dyrt minimizes this bias, shifting the power over to you, the customer, by empowering you to speak your mind.

    The Dyrt lets you:

    • Find nearby campgrounds in all 50 American states

    • Interact with a thriving community of like-minded camping enthusiasts

    • Learn for free about camping gear, lifestyle, and locations

    Upgrading to The Dyrt PRO unlocks:

    • Trip Planning. Find the best nearby campgrounds tailored to your needs

    • Map Layers. Explore public land areas that allow free, dispersed camping

    • Offline Search. Search the app without cell service and never lose connection to your saved trips, lists and downloaded maps

    • Camping Discounts. Enjoy up to 40% off at premium discount partners, and 10% off at campgrounds offering the standard discount

    • Gear Discounts. Enjoy up to 40% off camping gear from partners like Cruise America, Midland, Keen, Hybrid Light, Wenzel & more

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    What Is The Dyrt App

    In the simplest terms, The Dyrt is an app that helps you find campsites around the United States.

    Heres a more detailed breakdown of this app:

    When you open The Dyrt, youll see a map with icons depicting campsites. When you click on the icon, youll get all sorts of info on that particular site, from the cost, to details on what amenities are included, to reviews and photos from other guests.

    These screenshots show you how much information you can get from each campsites lisitng.

    If youre planning a camping trip, using The Dyrt app is a fantastic way to find quality campsites along the way.

    Wanna try it out? The Dyrt has both a free membership as well as a paid PRO membership. By using this link, you can test out the PRO version for 3 whole months, totally free!

    Getupside: Save Money On Gas

    Depending on the size of your RVs fuel tank, it can cost anywhere from $60-$600 to fill up the tank of an RV with gas.

    To save money on gas during your trip, we recommend downloading the GetUpside app. By using the app, you can save as much as 25¢ per gallon of gas at major gas stations all around the U.S.

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    More Specifics On Cell Signal

    Under the features section, there is a cell phone icon that represents mobile signal. However, weve seen some other apps that use different providers coverage maps to give a more accurate idea of what the cell signal strength will be. For example, in certain regions of the country, AT& T has coverage where Verizon does not. And vice versa.

    We work from the road a lot, so we like to check to see what the cell signal will be like before heading to a specific campsite. But the cell service icon is a little to vague to get a really good idea of the signal strength, so we often find ourselves having to pull up our providers coverage map or checking another app to compare.

    Make Reservations Or Find Alternatives

    The Dyrt Pro RV Camping Membership – Try it FREE for 90 Days!

    If you know exactly where you want to camp and theres the possibility to make a reservation, this will take off the stress of trying to get there in time to snag a spot.

    How do you know if you can make reservations? Typically if youre able to make reservations, youll see an email, a website or a phone number in the Contact Information section when you open up a campgrounds details in The Dyrt. There should also be a green button that says contact campground . If you do not see this information, it likely means it is a dispersed camping area and does not require reservations.

    If there are only walk-up spots available or youre just not 100% set on your route, wed highly suggest having a couple of backup campgrounds in mind. As camping becomes increasingly popular, its not uncommon to roll up to a campground to find it completely full. Itll save you worry and time if you have a 2nd or even 3rd choice campsite nearby.

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    Pin Fun Things To Do In The Area

    This is our favorite part of the planning process! I mean, whats a road trip without ice cream stops, epic hikes, waterfalls to chase, and cute towns to wander?!

    Our biggest piece of advice for planning road trips is to have a good balance: create a solid outline of things in the area to do, but dont over-plan so much that you dont have room for spontaneity. Youll want to know where youll be sleeping along the way so youre not frantically searching as the sun goes down, but youll also want some flex time in there for spontaneity. If you hear a local talk about a hidden hike, youll want to be able to jump on it!

    How we do it: We spend time before a trip researching local hotspots, cool hikes, and unique things to see in the area. We like using AllTrails for finding hikes in specific areas, and we use Google for other research. For example, type in cheap things to do in Portland and see what you get. We then pin them onto Google Maps so that when were in an area, we always have ideas of things to do.

    Important Tip: Dont forget to download the offline version of your map so you can access it even when youre not in cell signal!

    Is The Dyrt: Tent & Rv Camping Legit

    Yes. The Dyrt: Tent & RV Camping is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 36,798 The Dyrt: Tent & RV Camping User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for The Dyrt: Tent & RV Camping Is 61.0/100.

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    Make Note Of Your Daily Drive Times

    As youre planning out your route from campground to campground, its really helpful to have a realistic idea of how long itll take to get places. We always like to add a little time when driving to campgrounds as the roads can sometimes be more remote and therefore not as well-maintained. Youll also want to factor in time for bathroom stops, eating, viewpoints, traffic, etc.

    Important: While reading reviews on The Dyrt, make note of any campgrounds that fill up early and do your best to plan an early arrival time so you can be sure to get a spot.

    The Dyrt Tent & Rv Camping Loads Very Slowly

    Magnolia Branch Wildlife Reserve RV/Tent Camping, AL

    If The Dyrt Tent & RV Camping is downloading very slowly, it could also be due to the size of the app itself. The progress bar gives you a slow download, but this may only appear because of the size of the app. In the event of an update, you can check in the respective app store how big the installation file is and see whether it may load for so long due to its size.

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    The Dyrt Pro Trip Planner

    The first thing we had to test out was the PRO Membership Trip Planner. Since our travels are so open-ended it can be extremely difficult for us to decide where to go or what to do along the way.

    We decided to test the planner out on one of our favorite states: New Mexico.

    Our travels started at a friends house in Santa Fe, and we were planning to head south to Carlsbad Caverns while making some fun stops along the way.

    To start, the app asks for a little bit of information:

  • Location and waypoints
  • Vehicle information
  • Options
  • Trip building
  • To test the trip planner, we added two waypoints that I wanted to see including Roswell and Albuquerque, New Mexico. We indicated that we wanted to camp for free and did not want to drive more than 4-hours between campgrounds.

    Heres the result:

    The Dyrt PRO Trip Planner re-ordered our waypoints to create the most efficient route.

    It also found 2 free campgrounds that we could spend the night at.

    As you can see on the map, US Forest Service areas are shaded in purple, and Bureau of Land Management areas are shaded in orange.

    The first campground suggested was the Red Cloud Campground. Its located in a US Forest Service Area which allows for free, dispersed camping.

    The campground had four reviews and 18 photos with a huge list of pros and cons about the campsite.

    Overall, this is a lot more information than we would have been able to gather when googling campgrounds near Albuquerque.

    Download The Offline Version Of Your Maps

    This is an important step many people forget . If youre planning a camping trip, chances are youll be in and out of cell signal. Theres nothing more frustrating than having to backtrack as the sun is setting so you can find a signal strong enough to be able to get directions to your campsite. Trust us, weve been there. Multiple times.

    The solution? Download the maps you plan to use in the offline mode. Wed recommend downloading BOTH The Dyrt offline maps as well as Google Maps offline.

    The Dyrt PRO

    Luckily, The Dyrt PRO makes this really easy to access your maps even without cell signal.


    • On your menu bar, you should see download offline map. Once you click on this, you will need to adjust the map to be the area youd like to download.

    • At the bottom of the map, it will say zoom in to select a smaller map. Keep zooming in until you get the green download button . Know that you may need to do this a few times in order to get the full region youll be traveling around.

    • You can name each map to reflect the region, and youll find these under your profile by clicking Pro Tools.

    • In offline mode, youll have access to all reviews and info about each campsite in the region. Youll also have topographic data, which can be really helpful. You will not, however, be able to get directions to the campsite unless you have also downloaded the region in Google Maps as well.

    Google Maps


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    Envision Your Trip & Make Changes

    Go through your itinerary and imagine what each day will feel like. Then ask yourself some critical questions: Does it feel like itll be too rushed? Add a couple of days or cut some destinations. Does it feel like you could add more to your itinerary?

    This is your time to make some changes so that itll be a more enjoyable trip. Its never fun rushing around to try to cram way too much in, after all.

    The Dyrt Tent & Rv Camping Problems & Troubleshooting Solutions

    Download The #1 Camping App | The Dyrt

    You have problems with the app The Dyrt Tent & RV Camping and you are looking for suitable solutions to fix the errors? Then find out in this post what you can do if you have problems with The Dyrt Tent & RV Camping under iOS or Android devices.

    The app The Dyrt Tent & RV Camping comes from the developer The Expensive and is usually this responsible for fixing problems. But not all problems that occur with The Dyrt Tent & RV Camping are due to errors by the developer.

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    Hipcamp Tentrr And The Dyrt: Trying Out Campings Newest Start

    An earlier version of this story stated that Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park is located south of Minot, North Dakota. In fact, it is south of Mandan, North Dakota. The story has been updated.

    When I began pitching my tent at a shaded campground in Virginia last week, a little girl at the adjacent campsite stood watching me for a moment.

    We have a new neighbor! she exclaimed to her sister. I smiled and waved and then turned my focus to wrangling tent poles.

    These days, the value of a slight change in scenery and community cannot be overstated. So it’s no surprise that many of us have turned to camping a pastime inherently suited to seclusion and social distancing. There’s nothing quite like a focus on basic needs shelter, food, water, beagle contentment to dislodge pandemic anxiety. Toss in some wildlife sightings, waterfalls and scenic overlooks, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for getting away.

    After a couple of successful nights camping in my backyard in April, I decided to venture farther afield and turned to three camping-related start-up companies for help locating, assessing and booking campsites.

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