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Oak Mountain State Park Camping

Visit Alabama Wildlife Center

Oak Mountain State Park, Alabama – Campground Review

Oak Mountain State park host the oldest wildlife rehabilitation center. In fact, the wildlife rehabilitation center in Oak Mountain State park is the largest.

More than 100 wildlife species have found home at the park and over 2,000 avian patients are being received on yearly basis. The place is great for wildlife education.

Joe Wheeler State Park

Alabamas most recently updated state park is Joe Wheeler State Park, which is on the Tennessee River.

A tornado devastated the park in 2019, but it has recently reopened all the campsites to the public.

Joe Wheeler State Park has a hotel, conference center, arena, golf course and campground with 116 campsites, also including primitive sites.

We call it a resort state park, said Weisenfeld.

Weisenfeld said anglers like to camp at Joe Wheeler and often reel in smallmouth bass, crappy, catfish and bream. Campers can fish from the banks of the river or by boat.

Weisenfeld said the park also has a pool on the Tennessee River and tons of trails.

Green Trail Oak Mountain State Park

Peavine Falls Trail is the common name used to refer to Green trail. Oak Mountain State green tail covers a distance of 1.9 miles long. Green trail is the steepest trail and traverses and elevation of 550 feet to 1,100 feet. The green trail ends at Peavine Falls parking lot linking to the Blue and the White trail.

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Oak Mountain State Park Camping

The day-use activities at Oak Mountain State Park set it apart from the rest. With over 50 miles of hiking, biking, and equestrian trails set in a picturesque 9,940-acre park, there is something for all outdoor enthusiasts to appreciate and enjoy. The park’s day-use picnic facilities include large picnic pavilions and picnic tables with grills, two fishing lakes on the north end of the park and in the Main Day-Use one recreational lake with pedal boat and canoe rentals, a sandy beach swimming area, a large open playing field, ample shoreline for bank fisherman and a boat launch for your personal boat . We also offer a 18 hole golf course with pro shop & driving range, mountain bike trails, demonstration farm, and rental horseback riding facilities. If you want to stay longer than a day, the park offers cabins and camping facilities. With the largest area and variety of outdoor recreational pursuits, Oak Mountain is sure to provide excitement for every member of the family!

Oak Mountain State Park

Oak Mountain State Park Campground Review

The largest state park by acreage is Oak Mountain State Park, with close to 12,000 acres.

Its got so much to do, Weisenfeld said.

Surrounded by rolling hills covered with longleaf pine trees, the Oak Mountain State Park campsite borders Beaver Lake and is open year-round.

However, summertime campers like to visit the beach and swim in the lake. The park offers kayak and stand-up paddleboard rentals.

Oak Mountain State Park offers 84 sites with water and electricity. 57 of these sites include sewer hookups as well. Each has a picnic table and fire ring, and seven bathhouses are located around the premises.

There are 60 walk-on primitive tent sites around the park. Backcountry sites are limited to a maximum of eight people.

There is also a golf course, archery range and equestrian facilities.

Oak Mountain State Park offers 12 equestrian campsites, each accommodating up to eight people with two vehicles and one trailer. Each site has a sewer hookup and a dump station for horse waste. Horse stalls are roofed and have hydrants nearby.

Weisenfeld said horses are available for rent.

Roughly just half an hour from downtown Birmingham, Oak Mountain State Park will be a host site for the World Games in July.

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Oak Mountain Bird Sanctuary

Oak Mountain Bird Sanctuary has thousands of birds species. In fact, you can easily view the birds along the trails at Oak Mountain State Park. Besides, you can watch the birds feeding at their feeding feeders and watch the birds when they are drinking water at various spots.

The park also acts as a rehabilitation center for orphaned birds and sick birds. Actually, the Oak Mountain State Park received about 2000 birds patient a day. Some birds once they have been treated and are in good condition they are released back to nature.

However, there are caged nonreleasable birds that you can watch along the Treetop nature trail . These are often huge birds, often birds of prey. Oak Mountain State Park nonreleasable birds of prey include:

  • Barn owls
  • Turkey vulture
  • Black vultures

Just to mention a few birds to expect since the list is endless include indigo buntings, blue grosbeaks, house wrens, white-eyed vireos, yellowthroats, gray catbirds, hummingbirds, sparrow, summer tanagers, scarlet, warbler, and hawks among others.

Who Is Going To Love It

Oak Mountain State Park is best suited for well, everyone. Kids, seniors, and everyone in between will find something fun at this park. Swimmers, anglers, mountain bikers, hikers, campers and backpackers will have plenty to enjoy with a wide array of activities that will eliminate the word boredom from your vocabulary.

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Red Trail Oak Mountain State Park

Red Trail is the longest trail in Oak Mountain State Park with a length of 13.9miles. The trail is popular for mountain biking and hiking. In addition, dog walking is allowed in the Red Trail.

Red Trail Oak Mountain State Park begins from the North Trailhead, it traverses across several scene including 24 bridges. Oak Mountain State Park mountain bike trail is the red trail. Caution must be exercised in this Red Trail of an oncoming high speed mountain bikers.

Blue Trail Oak Mountain State Park

Oak Mountain State Park, Alabama – RV Camping review and hiking

South Rim Trail is the other name for Blue Trail. Oak Mountain State Park blue trail covers a distance of 6.7 miles. The blue trail starts at North Trailhead, it traverses elevations of 620 feet to 1,100 feet, and ends at Peavine Falls parking lot.

Oak Mountain State Park Blue Trail to Kings Chair Overlook covers 4.2 miles. The Kings chair loop is found at Pelham and has divers wild flowers. Dog walking is allowed. The trail can be used for trail running, walking, hiking, and bird watching.

The loop begins from the North Trailhead at the Blue Trail, traverses the Kings chair, and back to the Blue Trail that links to the Red Blue connector.

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How Much Time Should You Spend At Oak Mountain State Park

You can spend all day at the park and really enjoy yourself. There are many different activities to do during your stay. At the end of the day, you will be exhausted, jumping from one activity to the next!

You can easily spend an entire day exploring the outdoors here with 1-3 activities. If you have never been, we recommend camping, hiking to Peavine Falls, driving around the park, and walking the Treetop Nature Trail.

To see everything, youd want to stay for a few days or a long weekend.

Staying Safe In The Heat

Heat and safety are always a concern when guests come to a state park, Weisenfeld said.

Weisenfeld said there are park personnel and state park rangers at every park who can assist campers if needed.

Alabama State Parks also send out weather advisories through email if the weather is too hot or dangerous, and camp stores sell Gatorade, water, ice and camping equipment in case campers run out.

We want people to be prepared when they come camping, Weisenfeld said.

Weisenfeld said he advises campers to stay hydrated, avoid alcohol, and stay out of the sun at peak times. If hiking, be sure not to over-exert yourself. Ask for help if needed.

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Bears At Oak Mountain State Park

Are there bears in Oak Mountain State Park? Yes. Bears are part of wildlife you will enjoy to view. Actually, the population of bears in Oak Mountain State Park has significantly increased over the years. The black bear species is common in this park. Consequently, you need to practice caution.

Bears sightings may occur for two reasons:

1. Young Male

A young male leaving his family or mother and in search for a new family or mate

2. Easy Food Source

Food source such as birds and animal feeds, trash cans and pet food left outside is likely to attract bears and the black bears may be a frequent visitor. Bears eat both plants and animals foods and would not fail to be opportunistic given a chance.

How To Avoid Attacks By Bears

Trash Cans

Use only bear proof trash cans. Also, be sure to store the trash can in a garage or storage building as advised by the Oak Mountains State Park staff.

Feeding Pets

If you have to feed pets from outside only provide your pet with food for one meal. Any extra left over should be disposed in the bear proof garbage can or placed inside for a next meal. Do not leave pet meals outside since you also risk your pet being an easy prey for black bears.

Bear Noticing Feeders

In the instance a bear has noticed a feeder, ensure to take the feeder down for at least two weeks. Feed the pets in a new place say inside. The two weeks duration allows the black bear to understand that the place no longer has easy meal and it will go away.

Travel In Groups

Petting Zoo At Oak Mountain State Park

First time at Oak Mountain State Park in Alabama

The petting zoo at Oak Mountain State Park was mainly created for the purpose of celebration of farming heritage of the regions. As a result, most of the petting zoo animals are domesticated animals such as ducks, donkeys, goats, pigs, and many other animals.

Petting Zoo at Oak Mountain State Park is a great place for visual learning about farm animals and pets. Oak Mountain State Park petting zoo hours is from 9a.m to 5p.m every day year round.

Thus, you can find time to take your children and loved ones at the Oak Mountain State Park petting farm whenever you get an opportunity.

In addition, you can also throw patties for your loved one at the petting farm. Rental cost of the top of the barn cost $136.16 per day. To make party reservations specifically for the barn at Oak Mountain State Park demonstration farm call +1 205-620-2524.

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Weddings At Oak Mountain State Park

For the love of nature, Oak Mountain State Park can be a great place for engagements, and wedding sessions. The beauty of nature including waterfalls, plants, birds, animals, trails and so many things to do at Oak Mountain State Park makes the place conducive for creating sweet memories with your love.

You simply need a wedding photographer to enhance you wedding sessions with photos. Find an experienced wedding vendor and you will get more tips about the Oak Mountain State Park wedding venue.

Oak Mountain State Park Alabama: Best Things To Do

This beautiful state park offers many outdoor activities. Enjoy the oak-covered hills with your family and friends. With all the park activities offered, you will surely have an exciting time recreating outdoors.

Below are quick highlights of the best things to do, and then well go into each activity a little more.

  • Hiking

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Oak Mountain State Park Overview

Oak Mountain State Park has about 150 single-family campsites and is nestled in rolling hills next to Beaver Lake. The campground is open year round and has 57 full-hookup sites with 50-amp service, 27 with water & electric, and 66 tent campsites . The tent campsites are all walk-to, but there is a vehicle parking area about 150 250 feet from the campsites. Group camping and back country camping are also available.

Campground amenities include water, flush toilets, hot showers, laundry facilities and a dump station. Theres also a playground, beach, fishing pier, golf course, marina, RV storage area and camp store. Each campsite also has a table, fire ring and grate. Campsites range in size from 25 feet to 60 feet. Check in is 2:00pm and checkout is 11am.

Oak Mountain State Park Area Recreation & Activities

Area recreation includes boating, kayaking, canoeing, fishing, swimming, horseback riding, hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, golfing, picnicking and wildlife viewing.

Oak Mountain State Park Yellow Trail

Site by site tour of oak mountain state park campground

Foothills trail is another name for Oak Mountain State Park yellow trail. The length of the yellow trail is 8 miles long. Oak Mountain State Part Yellow trails starts at North Trailhead, it traverses through lake Tranquility and ends at Peavine Road near the South Trailhead area.

Yellow trail is good for hiking and can lead you to a popular Maggies Glen spot full of diverse plant species. Photo sessions and relaxation can occur at the Glens spot that can be accessed by Yellow trail, White trail, and Yellow/Re connector.

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Directions Parking & Regulations

Day use fee is $4 per Adult ages 12 and over, $1 per Child ages 6-11, $1 per Senior ages 62 and over, and FREE for Children ages 5 and under.

Backcountry sites are $6 per person, per night. Primitive sites are $17.60 per night year round. For sites with water and electric, the fee is $26.40 weekdays year round, and $29.70 per night on weekends March through October. for Water, electric and sewer sites, it is $29.70 for weekdays year round and $33 per night on weekends March through October. Equestrian campsites are $27 per night on weekdays year round, and $30 per night on weekends March through October.

Leashed pets are welcome.

What Makes It Great

Its just a few miles to the marina, where you can rent canoes, paddle boats, and stand-up paddleboards by the hour. Fishing is popular in Lunker Lake , and kids will enjoy an afternoon at the petting farm or Alabama Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. Golfers can enjoy a nice round at the Oak Mountain Golf Course, an 18-hole par 72 championship course.

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Blue Springs State Park

One of the most unique parks in the state, Blue Springs State Park in Clio, is home to natural springs which remain a cool 68 degrees, even during the hottest months of the year.

The springs look like manmade pools with a concrete edge. However, they are all-natural with a sandy bottom. They are also populated with fish.

Theres isnt much in Clio, Weisenfeld said. Theres us and a barbeque place.

Hagler’s BBQ is across the street from the park and is open from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Blue Springs State Park includes 47 campsites, each with its own picnic table and grill.

It is the place to go in the summer, Weisenfeld said.

Oak Mountain Interpretive Center

Oak Mountain State Park Campground

Oak Mountain Interpretive Center is a joint venture between Samford University, Oak Mountain State Park, and Shelby County. Covering an area of 2,500 square feet, Oak Mountain Interpretive centers has huge displays diverse species.

The species exhibits including salamanders, snakes, turtles, fish, and geological exhibit among others. The center therefore offers a conducive environment for teaching lab, history exhibits, and meeting room.

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Snakes At Oak Mountain State Park

Different snakes species are found at Oak Mountain State Park. In fact, with plenty of snakes species at the park, Oak Mountain State Park hosts World Snake Day event. The event is normally held at the Oak Mountain Interpretive Center.

Majority of the venomous snakes like the copperhead, timber rattlesnake, and cottonmouth snake have been caged. Nonvenomous snakes at Oak Mountain State Park include ring-neck snake and gray rat snake, they form the bulk population of snakes at the park.

Other snake species include

  • Corn snake
  • Desert king snake.

However, you are likely to see one or two snakes near the Treetop Nature Trail. In case you encounter a snake, do not engage it as it will strike back and bite you. Simple, have a view and leave it alone.

Snakes feed on small mammals, rats, and mice. Thus, they naturally tend to act like pest control of animals that destroy crops or perhaps damage property. Although due to camouflage, some snakes can blend in with the environment and you may end up disturbing them without you knowing.

How To Avoid Snake Bites

Maintain safe environment

Thus, ensure in your yards you do not pile woods that can act as a home and a camouflage for a snake. Also, empty all stagnant water. Ensure your property is free from rodents as they are easy source of food for snakes.

Safe Walking
Wear the Correct Outfit
Leather Gloves
Must Know

Tree Top Nature Trial Oak Mountain State Park

Tree Top Nature Trail is generally the most beautiful trail in Oak Mountain State Park. With a length of 1.7miles, passing along the Tree Top Trail allows you a clear view of beautiful flowers, and huge wild birds.

The Tree Top Trail is used for nature trips, hiking, walking, and bird watching. Leashed dog walking is allowed in this trail.

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Best Time Of Year To Visit Oak Mountain State Park

We visited the park in late May, and the weather was absolutely perfect. It was warm enough to wear shorts and be comfortable hiking the trails and camping, but not humid.

We were also told by the locals that the fall months are incredible, with the foliage changing colors after September.

Since there are so many activities to do at the park, we really think there is something for everyone to enjoy year-round. We will be back to visit! The park had amazing forest energy very peaceful, beautiful, and secluded.

Oak Mountain State Park has a lot to offer for everyone. From swimming, fishing, and hiking to horseback riding, biking, golfing, and more. The park is one of the best things to do near Birmingham in Alabama hill country!

We hope you have fun in Alabama outdoors!

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