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Body Wipes For Camping Walmart

Hypergo Full Body Wipe

An Epic Wipe To Clean Your Entire Body While Camping

Designed for the camper on the go, the HyperGo Full Body Wipe is a more expensive wipe that comes in a mint scent or unscented option.

It checks all the boxes for what you want in a body wipe: Its big enough. Its all natural and safe on your skin. And it also includes some bonuses, like Vitamin E, Aloe, and Oatmeal, all of which are great for your skin.

Some campers complained these HyperGo wipes dried out too quickly, but most agreed they work well.

What we like

  • Scent options. Smell minty or go with the unscented model.
  • One square foot of wipe is the perfect size for a full body wipe.
  • Like it or return it. The company promises a full refund if you dont like these wipes.

What we don’t like

  • A little dry. Some campers have complained these dont include much solution in them.

The Best Body Wipes For Camping In 2021

  • Andrew Dodson

Youve probably spent a day in the great outdoors while camping and wondered, Whats that smell?

And just like that, youre in the market for some camping body wipes.

To make that buying experience easier, you should first understand a few things about these wipes.

  • Size and thickness. Some wipes are designed just for cleaning the face and not a total body wipe. Youll want something big enough for the whole body, and thick enough to handle even the toughest of dirt.
  • Skin sensitivity. If you have sensitive skin, the last thing you want to wipe on your body is alcohol or other harsh chemicals. Make sure to find an all-natural product that wont leave you itching or having a rash.
  • Biodegradable. Especially important so you know what can safely be buried and what needs to come back home with you.

There are certainly plenty of options on the market to choose from, so were here to help you make the best possible purchase for your needs.

Here are 9 of the best body wipes for camping.

Camping Body Wipes Are A Must

When it comes to exploring the outdoors, you sacrifice the convenience of many things. From a cell phone signal, homecooked meal, and sometimes even a shower. There are portable showers available on Amazon, but camping body wipes could hold you over until you have access to hot water and body wash.

Baby wipes won’t cut it for the backpackers and campers who are covered in sweat and dirt. Although it is expected, no one enjoys body odor on a camping trip. Next time you’re yearning for a shower halfway through your trek, pull out biodegradable full body wipes.

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Best Body Wipes For Camping

Youre not doing camping right unless you get dirty. And since the vast majority of campgrounds dont provide public showers, those serious about enjoying the Great Outdoors may need an alternative method to cleanse and disinfect themselves over the course of a long camping trip. Thats where the best body wipes for camping come in offering a safe and environmentally friendly option when showering simply isnt on the docket.

The right body wipe will clean all traces of odor, sweat, dirt, and bacteria when used properly and thoroughly. Youll smell better, youll feel fresher, and you may even forget that you werent able to actually shower. Thats what a quality pack of body wipes can do for even the most active camper.

Rather than leaving you to sift through dozens of potential purchase options, weve narrowed things down into a definitive list of The 5 Best Body Wipes For Camping.

In addition, well answer some key questions about the top body wipes for campers so that you have a good idea what separates the best from the rest.

But first, lets start with the list!

Safety Tips To Follow When Using Body Wipes

Top 13 Best Body Wipes For Camping (2021 Edition)
  • Before using wipes, read the label and instructions carefully.
  • If you have sensitive or allergy-prone skin, look at the ingredient list to ensure that it doesnt contain any elements that you cant tolerate.
  • As most body wipes come in pouches that can be resealed, immediately close the lid to prevent loss of moisture. This will allow the wipes to remain soft for future use.
  • After you use body wipes, dispose of them responsibly so as to avoid the spread of bacteria.
  • If you have any open wounds or inflamed skin, dont let the wipes come in contact, as this can cause stinging and discomfort.

Body wipes for camping are a gift sent from the heavens for those with an explorers heart. As taking care of your health and hygiene comes first in any situation, its all the more crucial when were out and about. To save yourself from germs, diseases, and unclean situations, a multitasking body wipe will definitely come in handy. Available across multiple brands and made with various ingredients, body wipes can be stashed in your backpack while you camp, hike, fly, or go on a cross-country roadtrip. A single wipe can leave you feeling as good as new and you might even prefer it over a shower! We agree that there shouldnt be a compromise for having fun and neither should safety!

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Combat Outdoor Cleansing Wipes

Now camping, adventure rides, rock climbing, fishing, hiking, and every possible outdoor activity becomes sweat-free with Combat Outdoor Cleansing Body Wipes. Its cloth-like texture is designed uniquely for a thorough wash, so you can comfortably replace it with a shower. The travel-size pack is easy-to-carry and easy-to-use and is resealable to lock-in all the moisture. These wipes are a treat for every adventure junkie because the large size is big enough to wipe out dirt and dust from the entire body.


  • Do not leave any sticky residue
  • Infused with aloe vera, chamomile, cucumber, etc.


How To Choose The Best Body Wipes For Camping

Using just any wipe isnt good enough to beat the summer sweat and dirt. Some of the best body wipes are effective in keeping the body clean as well as smelling fresh. Some other necessary factors must be kept in mind to find the ideal one for comfort and freshness.

  • Durability

The most important factor to consider while buying wipes is durability. The wipes must be thick, long, and strong and wipe out the entire body at one go without any wear and tear. Find yourself one of the best body wipe brands that guarantee the durability of the product.

  • Ingredients

Do not forget to check the ingredients list before making a purchase. Wipes made of harsh chemicals might cause serious damage to the skin. Therefore, go for wipes that have all-natural ingredients in their ingredient list.

  • Scent

Check if your wipes are scented or unscented according to your preferences. If you are someone who likes their wipes to be full of fragrances, then go for the scented ones as they give you an extra burst of fragrance. Some customers do not want their wipes to have any fragrances as they are sometimes allergic to strong smells. In that case, they must go for the unscented ones.

  • Environmentally friendly

The wipes must be made of biodegradable products so that the discarded ones do not harm the environment. Some wipes are made of viscose fiber that are made from natural bamboo so that waste is decomposed within 6 months of its use. Go for biodegradable ones to save nature from plastic wastes.


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Surviveware Biodegradable Wet Wipes

If youre looking to survive the sweat and dust of camping, the Surviveware Biodegradable Wet Wipes is a worthy body wipe at the campsite.

Campers love that its completely unscented, which is helpful in a few ways. For starters, not everyone wants to smell like a daffodil. And two, certain scents could attract bugs, including mosquitos.

What makes these wipes really great, though, is that theyre perfect for wiping your posterior after going No. 2.

Theyre moistened for ultimate comfort. But more importantly, these Surviveware wipes are completely biodegradable, which allows you to bury your wipe with your business.

What we like

  • Unscented. Not everyone wants to smell like a flower after cleaning their face.
  • Doubles as toilet paper. These will keep everything down there fresh and clean.

What we don’t like

  • Tricky packaging. Sometimes, its not as easy as just pulling out one wipe.

Pay Attention To Sensitive Skins

Homemade No Rinse Body Wipes for Camping

For campers with sensitive skin, youll want to pay close attention to the ingredients found in your camping wipes to ensure you dont break out in hives or have any other allergic reactions.

Most camping wipes on the market today are marketed as being safe for sensitive skin, but its always important to double-check ingredients for any known allergies you have.

Even if you dont have any allergies, look for the use of alcohol in your wipes. Alcohol is great at disinfecting, but its extremely rough on your skin. Most wipes on the market today dont include alcohol, including the HyperGo Full Body Wipe.

Luckily, most of these camping wipes are relatively inexpensive. So, if you have any questions about how your skin reacts to a certain brand, its probably worth testing out for $8 to $10 and then finding something else if it doesnt work out.

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The Body Wipe By Showerpill

What Makes Them Special?

Constructed by athletes looking to create a shower alternative for those with extremely active lifestyles, The Body Wipe By ShowerPill kills 99.9% of germs on contact! With no parabens or alcohol to speak of, these thick and durable body wipes are kind to skin while being extremely unkind to body odor and bacteria. Theyre also specially constructed to withstand high temperatures, light, and bacteria without compromising their effectiveness!


  • Treated with aloe vera and vitamin E to moisturize your skin without sticky residue or drying you out due to extended usage.
  • Individually wrapped so you can take them anywhere as either a primary washing option or backup plan!
  • Built for the needs of athletes and the most active of campers. Theyre the perfect body washing option for those who enjoy hiking, biking, and other athletic pursuits while camping.


  • Individual wrappers are not biodegradable, and theres no claim on the packaging of biodegradability for the wipes themselves. Be sure to dispose of these properly before leaving your campground.
  • Some customers have complained that theyve been shorting a couple wipes in certain boxes. Be sure to count and contact ShowerPill with any concerns!

What Camping Body Wipes Can Be Used For

  • You can use body wipes for a full body cleanse, to clean hands, or after answering the call of nature.
  • Textured body wipes can help exfoliate dead skin cells and make your skin soft and smooth with a healthy glow.
  • To clean camping gear and tools that might have collected dust or dirt.
  • You can also use body wipes to sanitize surfaces like your car, tables, icebox, folding chairs, and sleeping bags.
  • You can also use body wipes to remove some stains that might have formed while traveling or to wipe away spills.
  • If you happen to be at the beach, you can use body wipes to cleanse your face before or when reapplying sunscreen.

Since theres a plethora of body wipes on the market, it might be intimidating to know which one to choose for yourself and our buying guide may come in handy.

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Dude Shower Body Wipes

And ladies, dont be intimidated by the name. Dude wipes are great for you too.

What we like

  • Designed for athletes. That means they can handle the sweatiest of people.
  • Thick. Dont worry about scrubbing too hard. These wipes can handle it.

What we don’t like

  • Too wet. These are packed with moisture to the point where you may need a towel to dry off.

Busy Beauty Instant Fresh Body Wipes

BaseCamp Full Body Bathing Wipes 2

A body wipe designed for the ladies, Busy Beauty wipes are perfect for camping.

We really like how large these wipes are, making a full-body wipedown very easy.

These wipes are engineered to be tough on dirt while leaving the user refreshed and smelling great. All of that is done using natural ingredients and no alcohol, either, so its safe for all skin types.

If showers arent available at the campsite, youll be glad you have these Busy Beauty Body Wipes with you.

What we like

  • Really big. These are perfect for completely wiping down your body.
  • Individually wrapped. Keeps each wipe at full moisture and hydration levels.
  • All natural. No alcohol and no chemicals means these are easy on the skin.

What we don’t like

  • Pricey. These fall in the more premium category when it comes to body wipes.

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Alcala Deodorizing Body Wipes

What Makes Them Special?

Made of 100% natural bamboo fibers, Alcala Deodorizing Body Wipes are treated with some truly skin-friendly ingredients such as aloe, green tea, tea tree extract, chamomile, and cucumber. They are extremely effective at eliminating odor on the spot, and theyre also constructed for extended use so you can usually get a full body cleanse out of a single individually-wrapped wipe.


  • 100% bamboo construction is fully biodegradable after 27 days. Its soft on the skin and softer on the environment.
  • Wipes are individually packaged for ultimate portability. You can carry a single wipe with you at any time for when you need it most!
  • One of the more durable and effective body wipes ever produced. Wont rip during even the most thorough of body washes.


  • Individual wrappers are not biodegradable. Make sure you have a trash bag to throw those away per normal, or keep them in your pocket for later disposal.
  • Scented similar to normal baby wipes, so theres not much of a pleasing effluence to be had.

Wipe Size And Thickness


Your average camping wipe is going to the size of a standard piece of paper. Depending on the amount of moisture it holds, thats a great size for doing a head-to-toe wipe down.

There are some, though, that are smaller like the ShowerPill Body Wipes, which are geared toward only cleaning the face.

Typically, the bigger the wipe, the better the chance of only using one wipe for a total body clean, saving you money and wipes in the process.


In a way, the thickness is even more important than size.

If you need to really scrub away at dirt that has hardened on your skin, you want a camping wipe thats tough enough to handle that type of scrubbing. The Combat Wipes Active Outdoor Wipes are a great example of a super-thick wipe that can handle tough cleaning.

If you just need a camping wipe for washing off your face, arms and hands, though, you can probably get away with something not as tough, like the Goodwipes Body Wipes.

And if you plan to use camping wipes to clean up your derriére after going to your hole in the woods, youll definitely want to make sure it wont rip while wiping.

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Are Body Wipes For Camping A Legitimate Substitute For Showering

While nothing will fully take the place of a great shower, full body wipes are as close as youre going to get on a long camping excursion!

In fact, the best body wipes for camping do everything that a great body wash or bar of soap would in the shower. They disinfect and deodorize while leaving you feeling fresh and ready for the adventures of the day ahead.

When used thoroughly all over ones body, full body wipes will give your entire skin a complete refresh. Some will even act to hydrate your skin in a way that a shower normally would.

You may still want to jump in the shower for a long soak once you get home, but it wont be due to feeling gross and grimy. The right pack of body wipes will have already taken care of that.

Are Body Wipes For Camping Safe For The Environment

Full Body Wipes

While it is always the best idea to remove all of your trash from a campsite to limit your impact on the environment, the majority of the body wipes on our list are biodegradable. If you happen to leave a couple by accident, you can rest easy knowing that.

Compared to paper towels or other paper products, the best body wipes for camping limit their adverse environmental impact with natural ingredients and a pronounced lack of harmful chemicals.

Of course, do your best to dispose of your body wipes in a normal fashion. Any waste left behind at a campground isnt a net positive for the animals and plant life around it.

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Care Touch Cleansing And Deodorizing Bathing Wipes

Whether you are traveling, in the gym, or out there doing some fun activities, Care Touch Bathing Wipes are your bathing and deodorizing alternative for all the dirty situations. The wipes are a hassle-free full-body experience that also moisturize the body making it fresh and clean. The ingredients used are skin-friendly and rich in nutrients that also protect the skin from harmful chemicals. These thick and durable wipes are portable, so you can carry them everywhere in your backpack.



  • The wipes are small in size.

A body wipe has some other uses than just cleaning the body which very few people are aware of. Lets delve into the uses in detail to have a wide idea.

Safety Tips To Follow While Using Wipes

Given below are the necessary steps that must be followed while using the wipes.

  • Do not use the wipes on broken or wounded skin
  • Always adhere to the instructions provided in the packaging while using the wipes
  • Reseal the wipes packet after taking out each wipe to lock-in the moisture
  • Discard used wipes to prevent the spreading of bacteria
  • Go through the ingredients list before use to save your sensitive skin from unwanted rashes

A bathing large-sized body wipe is different from a normal sanitizing wipe in various ways. Some important features distinguish normal wipes from the best body wipes for camping. The pointer below will help you choose the best one to suit your preferences.

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