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Camping Near Acadia National Park

Best Campgrounds In Acadia National Park

Review of Bar Harbor Campground Near Acadia National Park Maine

As mentioned earlier, camping is one of the best ways to discover Acadia National Park. So, as a traveler, I always love that feeling. The most important thing is these places are ideal even for camping with kids as well.

These are the campgrounds in Acadia National Park, which you should not miss in your travel life. .

Jordan Pond Entire Loop Trail

The 3.1 mile loop trail located few meters away from Mount Desert is one of the most crowded during its peak. Jordan pondâs entire loop is rated as moderated and primarily used for hiking, running, and bird watching. The best time to hike the feature is between April and October.

This is a for the most part level path that follows the lake edge. There is a broad footpath over the mucky regions and a brief distance that you will climb over a few stones. I would suggest doing the circle counter-clockwise as you will go over the more narrow footpath first. You will regularly need to stand to the side when meeting others on the footpath. It was nice to not do that toward the finish of our walk. There are numerous vistas of the lake and the encompassing mountains. There are numerous blueberries and huckleberries on the east side.

Length: 3.1 mi

Afternoon Sun At Sand Beach

Since youve just arrived on Mount Desert Island, a little relaxation by the ocean is in order. Although most of the coastline on the island is rocky cliff faces, there is one sandy ocean beach hidden inside Acadia National Park for all to enjoy!

Sand Beach is about a 20-minute drive from the Bar Harbor town center and is one of the first attractions along the Park Loop Road. The parking area tends to fill up early, so be prepared to scout for a parking spot.

The beach is staffed with park lifeguards to make swimming in the chilly water safe for all the brave souls that choose to do so. Sand Beach is the perfect spot to set up for a sunny afternoon with a cooler, beach chairs, and plenty of sunblock.

If youre not interested in swimming, theres still plenty to do in this area, such as searching through tide pools to see whos swimming around and walking the 290-meter shoreline to search for shells and sand dollars.

There are a couple of fun trails that take off from this area too. One of the nearby trailheads is for the Great Head Loop Trail, which starts on the east side of Sand Beach. The shorter loop option is 1.6 miles around and offers spectacular panoramic views of the area, including a scenic overlook of Sand Beach.

If you want to add a more challenging hike to your Acadia itinerary on the first day, the trailhead for the Beehive Trail, a tough but rewarding 1.6-mile loop, is located right near Sand Beach.

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Why Youll Love Schoodic Woods Campground

Schoodic Woods Campground is remotely located in a quiet location. The Schoodic institute nearby has an Education and Research Center that offers science and education programs in the park. There are beautiful hiking and biking trails and a free shuttles around the Acadia tiol Park and into nearby towns.

All About Camping In Acadia National Park

Best Camping Near Acadia National Park  James Kaiser

Is there anything better than breathing in the salty ocean air, listening to the birds sing, and smelling the woodsy aroma of a forest? Imagine yourself camping in Acadia National Park all of those things can be yours!

Camping in Acadia is a magical experience that will enhance your vacation on beautiful Mount Desert Island.

This park has three frontcountry campgrounds . If you are interested in backcountry camping, the closest thing youll find is this remote campground in Duck Harbor. Otherwise, backcountry camping is not permitted.

This guide is all about the frontcountry camping possibilities within the national park. It is designed to help you decide which campground is perfect for your needs!

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What To Pack For 3 Days In Acadia National Park

You can check out my complete road trip packing list but for a quick overview, here are the travel essentials you shouldnt leave behind when going to Acadia National pack.

Travel Guides: This 3-day itinerary for Acadia National Park has everything I think youll need but if you want a more detailed guide, I recommend taking this Acadia National Park & Mount Desert Island guide as it includes every little detail that I may not have been able to fit in one single post. So together with my personal experience and the detailed info in this guide, youll be on your way to having an amazing time in Acadia.

Layered Clothing: Even in the summer months, Maine is not known for having normal summer temperatures and its the same for Acadia, so youll need to pack clothes in layers.

For summer or early fall, I suggest taking at least 2 shirts , 2 pairs of leggings or pants, 2 pairs of shorts, 1 fleece outer layer, a waterproof jacket, a beanie, gloves, and 3 pairs of socks.

Comfortable Footwear: Acadia is all about enjoying the outdoors by either hiking or climbing some rocks and youll need a good and sturdy pair of hiking boots for that. I love my Ahnu Sugarpine boots for women, and for men, I suggest the KEEN Durand boot.

Sunscreen: After being sunburned a few times, I learned not to ever leave sunscreen behind. Bring and wear sunscreen every day of your trip, and be sure to reapply it every couple of hours. I like this chemical-free organic sunscreen.

Bar Harbor /oceanside Koa

Located on the west side of the island, this KOA gets beautiful sunset views over the ocean. If you are lucky enough to get an ocean view site, youll have gorgeous views all day long. The park has 3,500 feet of Atlantic shoreline and is close to Acadia National Park. Amenities include a playground for the little ones and basketball for teens and adults. Use the free shuttle for transportation to the park and nearby attractions.

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Somes Sound View Campground:

A very wooded campground located by the Atlantic Ocean, offering woods, mountain and ocean. You can either set up camp on a RV site, tent site with a platforms or just rent a cabin! Each site includes a fire rings and picnic table!

Located on the same property that holds a granite quarry, this campground offers travelers a place to go camping in Acadia with a rich history!

It has a heated pool, a playground for kids, kayak rentals, free paddle boarding in the quarry, boar mooring rentals, boat dock/launch and much more! They are also dog friendly so make sure to bring your dogs with you!

  • *cabins
  • *dog friendly

Wow! Weve covered a lot!

From tent and hammock camping to RVs you can choose a privately owned park or a campground inside the National Park.

Whatever you decide, make sure you use those 3-month reservation windows to book early and get a spot during prime season!

About Acadia National Park In Maine

Schoodic Woods Campground Review

Acadia National Park is a beautiful park located on Mount Desert Island situated on the coast of Maine.

Mount Desert is pronounced both like it is spelled and like dessert with the accent on the second syllable. This is because the island was named by a French navigator who named it Isles des Monts Desert in 1604. The accent on the second syllable is the French pronunciation.

The park, located 50 miles from Bangor, Maine, boasts amazing scenic ocean views along with diverse wildlife. It is a great place to bird watch. Birds include spring warblers, sea ducks, hawks, and peregrine falcons. Puffins are nearby on other islands and accessible by boat.

Seals and whales can be spotted via many boat cruises that leave the local area.

The park itself offers many scenic hiking trails. These are categorized by easy, moderate, advanced, and strenuous. The advanced and strenuous trails can have some steep grades and drop-offs, and because of the slippery granite surfaces in the park, hiking Acadia in the winter is not recommended.

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First Stop: Hulls Cove Visitor Center

Begin your scenic drive around Acadia National Park at the Hulls Cove Visitor Center.

Here you can chat with a park ranger about your plans for the day, pick up a park map, buy souvenirs, and learn about the parks natural and cultural history. The climb up the centers 52 steps is sure to get your blood flowing!

Sunrise At Cadillac Mountain

When you watch the sun come up from the summit of Cadillac Mountain, youre watching the first sunrise in the entire country!

I hope youre a morning person or can pretend to be one to experience this phenomenal sight.

Some folks choose to make the 3.5-mile hike to the top of the mountain to watch the sunrise, but you can drive to the lookout to sleep in a little longer.

From Bar Harbor, it only takes about 20 minutes to drive up to the lookout.

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Somes Sound View Campground

Built atop an old quarry used to construct much of Acadias original stonework infrastructure , Somes Sound View Campground is at times a mixed bagthe terrain is pretty uneven and sites are cramped togetherbut the ocean-front platform sites looking out over Somes Sound are legendarily beautiful. Youre pitching your tent on a wooden platform built over thewater, so were certainly happy to let the cramped quarters slide. These photogenic sites book up early, though, so plan ahead! If youre simply looking for a decent spot to pitch a tent with easy access to the quiet side of the island and dont mind tight quarters or a bit of noise from your neighbors, this is definitely worth checking outparticularly for the price.

What People Are Saying About Schoodic Woods Campground

Best Campgrounds in Acadia National Park: Travel Guide ...

Bar Harbor experience. There are no T shirt shops, no fudge shops. This is Acadia. Great drives along the rocky Maine coast. Nice bicycle paths, great hiking. Great sites for everything from large motor homes to small walk-in tent sites. Park operates a free shuttle all along the peninsula, including the town of Winter Harbor, where there are restaurants and some shopping. We camped at Schoodic Woods Campground in a Fifth Wheel. mroswell, RV Park Reviews


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Renting A Car For Acadia National Park

If youre road-tripping Acadia with your own vehicle, you can skip to the next section!

If you plan to fly to Acadia, I suggest flying into Bangor International Airport as its the easiest connection and you can easily rent a car from there to connect to Bar Harbor, Maine.

At Bangor International Airport there are plenty of car rentals available.

Not sure where to get the best deal on your rental? Ive rented cars dozens of times through various search engines and have settled on Kayak as the best car rental search aggregator it sifts through dozens of trusted rental companies to find the cheapest price for your rental! Compare prices on Kayak here.

Acadia National Park Camping During Covid

Campgrounds in Acadia National Park remain closed for the 2020 camping season. Backcountry camping in Acadia is also prohibited at this time.

When they are open, park campgrounds are very popular. Finding a campsite upon arrival is a rare occurrence during good weather. Please make your reservation in advance on

During this time, more than ever, youll want to explore Private Campgrounds in the area.

Keep reading to find 12 local options!

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Last Stop: Jordan Pond Loop Trail

Its time to get a little hike in. Wouldnt you agree?

The beautiful 3.5 loop trail around Jordan Pond is the perfect place. This scenic hike will take you along the shore of the pond. Sturdy shoes are recommended for this trail.

Although most of the terrain is level or boardwalk trail, there are a couple of sections of uneven rocky terrain.

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Learn more about National Park Obsessed.

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How To Get To Acadia National Park

The Acadia National Parkâs most significant landmark is the Cadillac Mountain, the tallest on the Atlantic coast of the United States. The park is located in the mine. A person may get to Maine by car, plane or renting an RV. While getting there, by car, the first thing is to determine whether you want to head straight to Mt Desert Land or Schoodic Peninsula. From Boston, 195 leads to Bangor, from there follow street 1A east to Ellsworth. At Ellsworth, you either en route Mount Desert Island through route 3 or Schoodic Peninsula through route 1 to HWY 186.

You may also take direct flights from Boston Airport land to Hancock County Airport or national airlines to Bangor International Airport for a plane. Both of the airports provide rental cars options. The RV option doe allows not only a comfortable trip but also timely planning. The location of the start does not matter, but it travels to the nearest position. However, as much as the RVs offer a comfortable ride, it is essential to familiarize yourself with National park Services guidelines and restrictions.

Private Campgrounds Near Acadia

Acadias official campgrounds within park limits are the best and truest options for wilderness camping, indeed . Still, theres more than a dozen additional options for family camping, cabins, and RV parks close to Acadia.

One important note: no matter what the website says or what the campground name makes it sound like, none of these options are technically in Acadia National Park. Some are close by, and some are decidedly not. Mount Desert Island isnt enormous, but summer traffic from end of the island to the other depending upon where you stay can be either a breeze or a nightmare so take your time when googling the campgrounds below, dont let the names fool you, and take a look at where they are in relation to the sites and activities in Acadia you plan to undertake.

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Camping In Acadia National Park

If campings your thing, then youre in luck in Acadia National Park where camping is a year-round pleasure. Campgrounds are situated throughout the park one in the main part of the park in Bar Harbor, another in Southwest Harbor and one on the Schoodic Peninsula, about an hour from Bar Harbor. One more campground is accessible only by boat on the island of Isle au Haut. Camping from May through October is very popular, so reservations are highly recommended. The majority of camping sites are for tent camping, so the campgrounds are known for being peaceful retreats in the woods. Blackwoods, Seawall, and Schoodic Woods campgrounds offer ranger-led programs onsite check at the Ranger Station for a current program schedule.

Mt Desert Narrows Camping Resort:

Acadia National Park

Desert Narrows Camping Resort is a big campground where you can spend your hours canoeing or kayaking on the beautiful quiet river! They also offer whale watching, biking, lighthouse tours, and you can even go into town and experience even more, like quaint antique shops and even art galleries!

They allow tents, RVs and even have some cabins! They offer volleyball, a swimming pool, clubhouse, basketball, as well as a kids playground and game room! Check the activity schedule to see whats in store for your visit!

  • *cabins
  • *tent sites
  • *biking

Want to camp here for FREE? This campground is part of the Thousand Trails/Encore Membership! Get more information about a camping pass and save on your next trip!

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Second Stop: Sieur De Monts

Sieur de Monts is the heart of Acadia National Park and one of the first attractions youll see when driving the scenic Park Loop Road.

This area is home to many sights, including the Sieur de Monts Spring, Acadia Nature Center, Wild Gardens of Acadia, Abbe Museum, and historic memorial paths.

Hiking around in this area is a great way to spot wildlife and a variety of native plants too!

Hike The Cadillac Mountain Summit Trail Loop

If you chose to drive up to the Cadillac Mountain lookout, theres still a nice hike waiting for you at the top.

The Summit Trail is an easy half-mile loop that offers amazing views of the ocean and rocky shoreline during the golden morning hours.

Hike down the trail before the sun makes its appearance to find a secluded viewing spot. Dont forget warm clothes, blankets, and hot beverages!

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No Backcountry Camping At Acadia National Park

Just because there is no backcountry camping allowed inside the park boundaries doesnt mean that you cant camp inside the park. Acadia National Park offers four different organized camping areas within its borders, Seawall Campground and Blackwoods Campground on Mount Desert Island , Duck Harbor Campground on Isle Au Haut, and Schoodic Woods Campground on the Schoodic Peninsula. The only trick with camping at one of these campgrounds is that you MUST BOOK EARLY. These campgrounds book up months in advance and are nearly impossible to get a reservation for last minute.

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