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Camping Near Sol Duc Hot Springs

Hiking To Sol Duc Falls

Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort, Campground and Waterfalls | 2018 Camping Trip

The hike to Sol Duc Falls is relatively easy, making it a perfect choice for families with small children.

At just under two miles, the loop is short and therefore fairly social. It is a popular hike for campers, as well as people staying at Sol Duc Resort.

The trail leads through a lush, old-growth forest, which meanders along the creek. There is very little elevation change, but you will have to watch out for roots in the path.

Sol Duc falls can be viewed from several different vantage points. The tree separate cascades put on an impressive display throughout the year.

There are a few benches to relax on, and a small shelter if youre in the mood for a picnic.

Log Cabin Resort Rv & Campground

Log Cabin Resort offers a variety of campsites next to Lake Crescent including full hook-up RV sites, group tent camping , bike-in tent sites, and ADA tent sites.

  • 2021 Season: May 21 – September 30
  • Please call 888-896-3818 to reserve a tent camping or RV site.
  • Sites and Fees: 38 total sites, $25-$44 per night depending on campsite and amenities
  • RVs: Sites for up to 35 feet. RV sites offer full hookups with electricity and sewer.
  • Facilities: Restrooms with flush toilets and showers potable water laundry.
  • More information on amenities and the check-in process is available on the Log Cabin Resort website.

Eat At The Resort’s Restaurant Or Poolside Deli And Stop At The Gift Shop

The Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort has a lovely dining room, serving both breakfast and dinner, and a poolside deli. There’s also food and drink items for sale at the adjacent gift shop. Check hours.

6. Learn about the fancy hotel that once stood here.

A magnificent 165-room hotel once stood at the site of the modern day resort, built between 1910 to 1912 by mill owner and lumber magnate, Michael Earles, who had acquired the land from an early homesteader, after claiming that the mineral hot springs had cured him of an illness. The resort was world renowned, even attracting patrons from Europe. It had a grand lobby, and a massive veranda that surrounded three sides of the building.

However it’s key draw was an 100 bed sanatorium, that promised to cure its well-to-do visitors of ailments like alcoholism and rheumatism, by soaking in and drinking the special mineral waters. The restorative qualities of these waters had long been recognized by the Quileute Indians. There were other attractions at this health spa too, like tennis and croquet courts, golf links, a bathhouse, ballroom, theater, and beautifully manicured gardens.

Unfortunately the resort burned down in 1916, and after a few more modest attempts at re-building, the National Park Service took over in 1966.

The current building was constructed in the 1980s.

7. Drive down the road to the Sol Duc Falls Trailhead.

8. Hike the Lover’s Lane loop, between the resort and Sol Duc Falls.

9. Hike to remote wilderness lakes.

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Three hot springs pools of varying temperatures at Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort in Olympic National Park. Photo: Courtest Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort

Its rare to find a national park that has hot springs that are open to the public for soaking, which is what makes Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort so unique. If you find yourself in Olympic National Park, consider staying at Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort located in Olympic National Parks northern forest. It provides access to several natural hot mineral pools for soaking your stress away and hiking trails depart directly into the lush Sol Duc Valley.

The resort includes 32 cabins that sleep up to four and 17 RV sites, a spa for massage therapy, the Springs Restaurant, gift shop and small grocery store. Its open late March to late October, but check the website or call ahead to confirm exact open and closing dates. If the park entrance fee station is closed, you can pay your entrance fee at the resort.

It costs $15 per adult and $10 for children ages 4-12. Children 3 and under are free but have limited pool access. The resort offers discounted rates to senior citizens, those in the military and for groups.

For more information:

Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort Rv Park Campground

Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort Campground, WA

Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort Campground RV park campground is located in the most beautiful Clallam county in Washington is regarded as a pretty big park with 151 sites in total. 17 of the sites are RV suiable which is 11% of all available site on the campground park. Part of the Olympic National Park it’s maintained by the dedicated and supportive team of rangers serving open grounds of Washington.

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Warm Up In The Mineral Hot Springs

One of earths many gifts, hot springs are a natural way to relax in nature. Sol Ducs three mineral pools ranging from 99-104F. One of these pools is a large mineral fountain pool. If youre looking for a refreshing dip in the summer, you can enjoy the freshwater pool with temperatures from 50-85F depending on the season.

The hot springs are a soothing stop after a long day of hiking. You can also enjoy a massage at the resort building.

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Whether you are looking to relax for a weekend or immerse yourself in the thrill of the outdoors, Sol Duc Campground in Olympic National Park is the perfect stop. The mountain views and rushing river are sure to help you disconnect and explore.

Hiking Trails Nearby Olympic Hot Springs

Hiking in the surrounding wilderness of Olympic National Park is also a favorite activity for the Tourists visiting Olympic Hot Springs. Many popular trails are located in this park and they offer stunning views of Hidden gems of the Olympic National Forest.

Mount Storm King Hiking Trail

This trail is one of the toughest trails located in the Olympic National Park. The trail offers stunning views of the Mountains, a blue lake, and a mighty river flowing through the canyons. The Hiking Trail is 8.5 km long and is considered to be hard and is suitable for only hikers with advanced skills. It is required to get a permit pass from Olympic National Park authorities before the trip. The trail is often frequented by tourists for various activities like Hiking, Walking, Nature Trips, and Encountering Wildlife.

Hoh Rain Forest Hall of Moss Hiking Trail

This hiking trail leads you to one of the most hidden natural wonders known as the Hall of Moss located in the middle of Coastal Rain Forest. The trail is 1.8 km long and it is considered to be easy and ideal for Hikers with Basic, Medium, and Advanced Skills. The trail is partially paved and it is often an ideal location to participate in various activities like Hiking, Camping, Walking, Bird Watching, Nature trips, etc. Trekking through these hidden hiking trails hidden located in the midst of a Coastal Rainforest is an experience like no other.

Hole in the Wall From Rialto Beach Hiking Trail

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Precautions To Take While Visiting Hot Springs

Check Weather

It is often recommended that you check the weather forecasts before visiting these locations. As the weather here can abruptly alter in a matter of seconds.

Dont Venture Off-Trails

It is important to not venture out of the trails while exploring the forest or heading towards the hidden gems like Waterfalls, Mountain peaks, and Natural Hot Springs, etc. Leaving the trails may increase the chances of you getting lost or sometimes injured.

Watch Your Step

It is ideal to watch where you step while exploring the forests. This helps you to assess the obstacles beforehand and find ways to overcome them easily and safely. It also helps you not to step onto any dangerous predators like snakes which often venture into the trails.

Carry a Map

It is necessary to carry a geographical map of the trail or the pathway you have to take to visit the Hidden tourist attractions located amid the forests. This map helps you to understand your pathway better and helps you to reach the location safely without getting lost.

Pack All Essential Accessories

It is often important to carry essential equipment like Flashlights, Food or snacks, Drinkable water, Match sticks, Swiss knives, etc when you plan to visit these locations.

Plan Your Trip in Advance

It is highly suggested to plan your trip months. This process helps you to understand the best time, and locations you can visit while you are here. It also helps to make your journey safe and fulfilling.

Hike To Sol Duc Falls

Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort RV Sites Olympic National Park – 360 Video Virtual Tour 4K

A beautifully natural environment, the hike we took up to the Falls was relaxing and one that almost anyone, regardless of fitness level, could accomplish. There were a few downed trees over parts of the trail that we had to navigate, but there was little elevation to climb for most of the hike except the last half of a mile up to the falls themselves. Entitled Lovers Lane, the hike was almost six miles round-trip thru the woods with a nice respite at the falls. I navigated the rocks to the water for a refreshing refill of my water bottle before we returned back to hike back to the campground. As with all trails inside the National Parks, pets are not allowed so we had to leave Maya behind for the two to three hours we were gone. Breathtaking beauty with often massive collections of trees, stumps, and rocks collecting at many of the bends offers vivid reminders of the power of these rivers during rainstorms and springtime runoff.

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Exploring Olympics Natural Beauty

The landscape of Sol Duc, cut by the river, includes lakes, and old growth forest. From the parking lot, visitors can take a mile hike to the stunning Sol Duc Falls. The six-mile Lovers Lane loop and the 5.2 round trip hike up to Mink Lake are great ways to spend a day at the park. For those interested in longer treks, the High Divide Loop is a 2-3 day hike that traverses hills and valleys. Visit on a sunny day to marvel at Mount Olympus in the distance.

During late October and early November, visitors can also spot Salmon making their way up the river. Any guests interested in fishing should look into the parks specific fishing regulations.

Remember Rules Are There For A Reason

Now the pools are covered with boulders all around and are maintained by the park. Due to which there might be a higher chance of getting infections due to the Unclean water. However, the pools with higher temperatures are free of bacteria and are ideal for you to relax. Moreover, Olympic Hot Springs is accessible only by a hiking trail that is 2.5 km long and is called Appleton Hiking Trail. Furthermore, it is strictly advised to Wilderness Camping Regulations while you are here and also get a Wilderness Use Permit right before your trip. You can book your permit through their web portal in advance for affordable rates.

Sol Duc Hot Springs

These Hot Springs are also in the Olympic Hot Springs State Park. Sol Duc Hot Springs is at a distance of 12 miles from the Olympic Hot Springs and is owned and maintained by a Private institution. These hot springs are closer to the highway and are accessible easily. As a result, it has become the most popular one soon after it was discovered. The Hot Springs facility owned by a private resort consists of four steamy pools with varying temperatures and sizes. Tourists flock to these Hot Springs all year long and as a result, the resort is often crowded. However, due to the availability of multiple pools, you can be assured that you will be able to soak in these steamy pools on any day.

Olympic National Forest

Crescent Lake

Hoh River

Hurricane Ridge

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Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort Rv Park Campground Weather Conditions

Here is the latest weather conditions for today 29th Jun 2022 at Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort RV park campground which is updated every few minutes to give the most accurate weather conditions.

Temp Min

09:18 PM

Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort RV Park Campground Map

We’ve added a detailed Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort RV Park Campground Site Map to see where each RV pull up site is located across the campground. If booking a site you’ll know which one to pick based on its location plus it will provide details of the amenities at each site for your RV.

How To Get In Touch Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort RV Park Campground?

Looking to get to Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort RV park campground take the following directions. Sol Duc is in the northern part of Olympic National Park, 28 miles west of Port Angeles and west of Lake Crescent.3 1/2 hours from Seattle5 hours from Portland3 hours from Victoria, BCFrom the east: From Port Angeles, take Hwy. 101 west for 29 miles, then turn left onto Sol Duc Hot Springs Rd and travel 12 miles to Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort.From the south: From Forks, take Hwy. 101 north for 28 miles then turn right onto Sol Duc Hot Springs Rd and travel 12 miles to Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort.

Contact Details For Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort RV Park

  • Phone : 1 896-3818

Exploring Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort

Sol Duc Campground

Sol Duc Hot Springs are privately run, and pretty busy during the summer months.

True back-country aficionados might scoff at the idea of a full-service resort in the middle of such a pristine wilderness, and I had my doubts as well. I usually stay away from such spectacles, but really the thought of relaxing in thermal waters just steps from our campground was too tempting to pass up.

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Soaking In Sol Duc Hot Springs

There are four separate pools in the resort area. Three of the smaller pools are each set at a different temperature for soaking, and the larger pool is an unheated fresh water pool.

Although the pools can be crowded during the day, if you head over after a hike and a good camp dinner, you can relax in the healing waters as the sun sets and twilight envelopes the valley. It doesnt take long for your aches and pains to disappear, and you will forget that there is anywhere else on earth.

Since our last visit to Sol Duc Hot Springs, the resort has change its pricing policy. Instead of a day pass, which we loved, you now have to reserve a 1.5-hour time slot. While this helps with overcrowding, its not ideal for coming and going from the campground. Sigh.

Current Rates for Enjoying Sol Duc Hot Springs

Reservations for soaking must be made in person.


If you are road tripping like we were, you will certainly change your plans and stay a few extra days, because really, there is no place on earth like the Olympic Peninsula and no place that will heal your troubles like Sol Duc Hot Springs.

Camping At Sol Duc Hot Springs

Having grown up most of my life on the Olympic Peninsula, and Lisa having been born and raised here, we have come to really appreciate what splendor that we have right in our backyard, so-to-speak. With decidedly so much available to us, and so close, our commitment to each other and to Annika is to make a strong effort to regularly spend available weekends visiting the beauty of what this part of our country has to offer and the amazing, God-gifted nature that we all should be enjoying more. Somehow we had never been to Sol Duc Hot Springs in the Olympic National Park but now we can no longer say that!

This August, Lisa and I took Maya and our bikes for the weekend and headed out in our Rialta for a relaxing weekend in the woods for our first trip to the hot springs. A busy, and often booked location in the forest, Sol Duc Hot Springs and campgrounds is located some 40 miles west of Port Angeles, Washington in the Olympic National Forest. Originally constructed in the early 1900s, a fire destroyed the resort that once stood, but was soon rebuilt to what now stands in its place. This park has a fee for entrance with lodging and amenities available for a cost at the Springs and campgrounds.

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Staying At Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort

Prefer not to camp? Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort offers lodging in basic cabins located right near Sol Duc Hot Springs between late March and late October.

Choose from a few different layouts with basic amenities. The standard layout is set up like a basic hotel room with room for four guests. Kitchen cabins, also accommodating four guests, include a sink, refrigerator, stove/oven, and a table.

Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort does have one cabin with three bedrooms and two bathrooms that sleeps 10 people.

Pets are permitted in the standard and kitchen cabins for a $25 fee per pet. They must be leashed at all times.

Swimming At Sol Duc Hot Springs

Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort | Olympic National Park

Once you get settled into the campground , then walk the half mile over to Sol Duc Hot Springs for some swimming! There is also a coffee shop and giftshop and changing rooms and showers . They have four pools, one that is cold and the largest . Then it has three hot pools . One of them is open to kids, the other two are not. They are basically like big hot tubs. One has a fountain in it. While in the pools, you are surrounded by mountains and evergreen trees. I cant imagine anything more pacific coast than that. The cost for the hot springs is $15 for adults and $11 for kids.

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