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Where To Rent Camping Gear

Check Out The Fine Print First

ð?ï¸? Can You Rent Camping Gear in New Zealand?

If youve got stuff or space, that youre not using, why not put it to work and start earning some extra cash? With just a little bit of effort, you can stress less about your finances and have a little fun in the process. Who knows, maybe youll even become an entrepreneur!

But before you sign up with any of these services, be sure to research their liability policies and what insurance they provide on your behalf. For instance, Swimply offers one million of liability insurance and $10,000 of property damage protection, but youll want to check with your insurance, too. After all, If something happens, you don’t want to find out after the fact that you forfeited coverage by renting out your property without them knowing about it.

Get Cash Out Of Your Camper

According to industry statistics, the average RV owner only uses their rig three or four weeks out of the year. If you own a motorhome, camper van or travel trailer, renting it out when youre not using it can be pretty darn lucrative. According to peer-to-peer RV rental-site Outdoorsy, several RV owners on its platform make around $50,000 a year and even more.

This time last year, my family loaded up into a Sprinter van towing a little tear-drop travel trailer and took off across the country for a pandemic-related #vanlife adventure. Now, its mainly sitting around collecting dust, so we decided to give renting it out a try.

RV regrets: These people are sorry they bought campers during COVID

Ive been on the other side and rented RVs from Outdoorsy a half dozen times since it first launched in 2015 and its been a great experience. But this is the first time Im the person doing the renting-out. Honestly? Its been a whole lot easier than I expected.

The company guides you through the ropes online. Owners set the rates and rules and can choose things like smoking, pets or out-of-state trips. You can even specify how many miles you’re willing to let the renter put on during their adventure with your gear.

Renters pay through the app and you get your cash within a day of your rental being returned.

Cost Of Gear Rental In Puerto Natales

Equipment rental in Puerto Natales was way more affordable than I expected it to be. Most shops had pricing tiers available for every type of product so you could choose something more or less technical, depending on your needs. Based on my hike in 2017, heres what you can expect your average daily rental cost of gear to be.

  • Tent for 3-4
  • Tent for 2
  • Backpack 30-70L
  • Cook Stove
  • Gas

My rental cost averaged $14,500CLP . This is pretty damn good when you consider this included my accommodation**, activities, and cooking gear for a week. After factoring in food, transport, camp costs, and entry fees, I was still traveling in one of the worlds greatest national parks within my daily travel budget. For more information on what all this cost, check out this Outlandish Guide to the O Circuit.

**Private campsites range from $8 $75 USD per night with a higher nightly rate for refugios.

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How To Rent Camping Gear In Seattle

Image: Courtesy Gearhouse

A tent, a sleeping bag, and a camping stove can easily run close to a thousand dollars at a retail store. So how does a wannabe camper get outdoors without shelling out half a month’s rent? Seattle’s new Gearhouse has one solution, a monthly membership that comes with unlimited rentalsand even the friends to join the camping trip.

“You should never miss an invitation to go on a trip because you don’t have the gear,” says Gearhouse founder Evan Maynard. When viewing his own closet full of equipment, he realized that most of his expensive tools were mostly gathering dust. He envisioned a kind of clubhouse with shared stuff, an “infinite gear closet,” but also a space to plan trips and learn outdoor skills. Gearhouse launched in September 2021 with $20 per month social memberships and another $20$60 per month for gear closet access.

Given the sky-high levels of outdoorsiness in Seattle, there are plenty of straightforward gear rental options. The REI flagship in SLU offers a broad selection, from hiking backpacks to burly four-season tents for mountain objectives, plus bike racks and climbing shoes. Eddie Bauer launched a rental program last July, mailing clothing and packs directly to usersand will even sell the pieces at a discount if you want to keep them.

Electric Hedge Trimmer 30

Kelty Partners With to Launch New Online Gear and ...

category #08 group #837Little Wonder crafts the finest, most durable hedge trimmers in the world. Little Wonder electric hedge trimmers have been the choice of landscaping professionals since we invented them in 1940. You won’t find a more durable hedge trimmer on the market, than Little Wonder hedge trimmers.

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Pacific Northwest: Xscape Pod

Image from Xscapepod

For those heading to the Pacific Northwest Region of the West Coast, Xscape Pod is your go-to gear rental company. They offer national shipping, local delivery, or store-front pick-up in their Portland, Oregon space.

The idea is simple: if you need to rent camping gear for the short-term, Xscape Pod has created the perfect pod-like package for your camping needs. Each pod includes everything youll need for a fun camping trip .

What does this look like? An expertly packed pod, packed with such items as a tent, hammock, sleeping bags, camping stove and cookware.

The Midwest: Rocktown Adventures

Theres a common saying about the Midwest thats both wrong and unfair: these states are just fly-over states. Nothing could be further from the truth. With some pretty spectacular outdoor scenery , the Midwest has some of the best camping in the US.

If youre new to camping, in need of gear, or visiting the Midwest to see the beauty for yourself, Rocktown Adventures has quality gear and affordable pricesprices can be by the day, long weekend, or full week. They have multiple tent styles and sizes to choose from, cooking stoves, and more.

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Cars Trucks And Even Bikes

Whats great about sites like Outdoorsy or other peer-to-peer car rental sites like Turo is that the renters are verified by the company, so you know theyre legit. Turos another site I rent from quite a bit it has completely replaced car rental companies for me and Im now even considering offering my old Audi for rent through it.

I recently rented a Ford Edge on a work trip to San Francisco. It could not have gone more smoothly. Users log in to the app, can see your auto listing by location and can book it with specific pickup and drop-off times. Turo covers your car for up to $750,000 if anything goes wrong and the company says the average vehicle brings up over $10,000 per year through rentals.

Travel tech: These apps can help you find a rental car, RV or campsite

Theres also a market for bike rentals. A site called Spinlister lets anyone decide on a rate and list it for daily, weekly or even monthly rentals. I just found out that my cousin-in-law, who lives in San Diego, lists two bikes he bought for his sons on the app and charges around $40/day or $200/week. Of that, Spinlister takes 17.5% and handles all the financial transactions and verifies both the lister and renter via cellphone and credit card. For the renter, optional damage and theft insurance is available.

The Ultimate Guide To Outdoor Gear Rentals

Rent your backpacking gear

So youre ready to plan an outdoor adventure, but youre coming up short in the equipment department. The good news is there are plenty of affordable and accessible rental options across the country. Whether youre embarking on a three-day backpacking expedition with friends, heading to the mountains for a weekend ski trip with the family, or looking ahead to a springtime camping vacation on the coast, your outdoor gear will affect your experience. Purchasing every piece of equipment can be expensive, but renting outdoor gear doesnt have to be. We researched all the options to bring you the ultimate resource of outdoor gear rentals in America for camping, hiking and snow sports. From online services that deliver to your door, to mega retail stores in your neighborhood, here are the go-to businesses for outdoor adventure gear rentals.

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What Not To Rent

  • Boots – We harp on about boots a lot here at Cascada Expediciones, because if youre counting on your feet to keep you going for a whole hiking holiday, you better be prepared to treat them right. That means choosing the right boots and wearing them in before the big trek. Your boots work best when theyve had plenty of time to get to know your feet so picking up a pair of rental clodhoppers that youve never worn before the hike of your life is a recipe for disaster. Most hiking outfitters feel the same as we do on this point, which is why youd struggle to find anywhere in Patagonia that would agree to rent you boots even if you wanted to. Dont set off from home expecting to rent boots when you arrive or you might end up hiking in your socks!
  • A Sleeping Bag – Nights in Patagonia can be bitterly cold and you’ll need a bag with a -10°C comfort rating. Chances of renting a sleeping bag of this quality in Puerto Natales – or Torres del Paine itself – are slim, so your best idea is to come prepared! Even if youre planning on staying at refugios, youll still need a sleeping bag.

Let Your Yard Go To The Dogs

Some dog owners live in apartments or condos or have dogs that don’t do well at dog parks but still need off-leash time. Others have little escape artists who need to be in a fenced area. That’s where Sniffspot comes in. You rent out your yard by the hour and they get the space all to themselves. The site says owners make up to $1,500 a month renting out their yards.

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Gas Hedge Trimmer On Pole

category #08 group #862Gas-powered with long reach and sharp blades for the ability to complete work with ease. Includes commercial-grade cutting blades and vibration reducing engine mounts for operator comfort. Articulating gear case allows blade adjustment in 15° increments with a total range of 180°.

High Quality Professionally Sourced Equipment

All You Need to Know About Renting Camping Equipment in Iceland

We have a 100% on time delivery record!

All equipment will arrive at you door before your rental period, after youre done simply leave it at your door or reception in the supplied return packaging and well pick it all up.

We pride ourselves on providing quality, affordable camping gear for hire so you can enjoy the outdoors. Whether you want to rent camping gear in a full package or you are only interested in camping tent rentals we deliver it all directly to your door. Overnight Adventures is the best place to find a camping tent for hire.

Note: Remote locations, Western Australia, Tasmania, and Northern Territory may attract a regional area surcharge. If your delivery will attract a regional area surcharge we will contact you prior to your order being processed. If you have any queries please feel free to contact us.

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Black Tie Ski Rentals

If youre looking for full service, check out Black Tie. With this ski rental delivery service you can order skis online and have them delivered to your vacation location. Once they arrive, youll get your equipment custom fitted to you in your lodging accommodations to make sure everything is comfortable and fits correctly. There are currently 19 different locations across the U.S., including service areas in Colorado, California, Utah, Idaho and Montana.Rent your snow gear:

New York City: Duffle Out

Camping around New York City can be a complicated endeavor for those who call The Big Apple home. Camping gear just takes up too much space in compact city apartments. But Duffle Out makes things much easier. Based out of Brooklyn, Duffle Out keeps it simple with everything you need to go camping, all packed in a convenient duffle bag. Why use up all your closet space when you could rent instead? Just tell them the number of people and the number of nights, and they take care of the rest. Duffle Out drops off the bags and picks them up at the conclusion of your trip.

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Rent Out Your Kitchen For Cooking Classes

Homeowners who have envy-worthy pads but don’t necessarily want to rent out their entire home or rooms on Airbnb or others, might be more comfortable showcasing their kitchens instead. Cozymeal lets you do just that. Cozymeal partners conduct cooking classes and provide private dining experiences but lack the actual space to do it all in. If you have a world-class kitchen and dining area in your home you can and their clientele.

Other Gear Rental Shops In Puerto Natales

about lowergear rental backpacking tents

Cant find what youre looking for? There are at least a dozen more shops that rent camping gear in Puerto Natales.

  • The Gear Spot

Feeling lazy? You can also rent your gear in the park! If youre hiking the W-Trek, the FantasticoSur and Vertice sites will allow you to reserve a tent, mat, sleeping bag, etc. with your campsite booking. The prices can be a bit of a gouge, but it will save you from having to carry your gear which is definitely worth something. Renting gear for every day of the O Circuit is not currently possible.

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About Rei Seattle Flagship

REI Seattle provides outdoor enthusiasts in the Seattle, Washington, area with top-brand gear and clothing for camping, climbing, cycling, fitness, hiking, paddling, skiing, snowboarding and more. Were a complete Seattle-area bike shop, offering a full range of professional bike shop services to help keep you biking the streets and trails year-round. Our ski & snowboard shop services will get your gear tuned up for the slopes. Looking to try a new activity before you buy? We offer a wide selection of outdoor rental equipment. Come let our staff of friendly experts help you get ready for your next adventure.

Mountain Side Gear Rental

While they rent just about everything for all adventures , we like this online rental company for their variety of backpacks. Womens, kids, ultralight, large capacity and bike packs are categories you can choose from, along with a good selection of brands. Youll also find rental options for trekking poles, snowshoes, backpack cooking supplies and tons of cool gear.Rent your hiking gear:

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Thule Cargo Box Rentals

Spending quality time with family and friends can be unforgettable experience. But what happens if you would like to go camping or mountain biking and dont have a way to get your sport rentals to your favourite destination? Then consider renting our Thule bike carrier and cargo box. Rent a Thule Roof Box »

How To Save Money And Rent Camping Gear Across The Us

Arizona Camping Gear Rentals

No matter what your recreational plans are, these companies offer ways to rent camping gear that will fit even the most basic needs. Many of these companies will ship their gear nationally, if youre looking to rent a specific item from any of these outfitters.

A note from the author: as research was conducted for the purposes of this article, I discovered that many colleges have an outdoor gear rental system. Some rent gear only to college students, others to community members and visitors. If youre able to go this route, rental prices are super affordable. Availability is limited and there might be a catch if youre not a student, but prices are incredibly low. It might be worth it to do a quick search of the area colleges to see what you can find.

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Where To Rent Gear For Torres Del Paine

There are only two possible outcomes for thee O Circuit in Torres del Paine. One is that the universe bestows upon you glorious weather and you spend each day basking in the sun. The other is that all meteorological hell breaks loose, and since youre sitting at 50°S, theres not much you can do about it. Needless to say, knowing what to pack for Torres del Paine is pretty important.

If youve got space in your backpack, you can start with this Patagonia Packing List. But everything you dont bring with you, you can rent. There are lots of spots to rent camping gear in Puerto Natales. And you might just save yourself some weight and money by doing it.

Gear rental in Puerto Natales is both easy and affordable. The shops know what conditions in Torres del Paine are like, and theyre quick to recommend gear that will hold up. So if youre planning on renting camping gear in Puerto Natales, here are a few of the best shops in town along with average prices for gear rental.

Book A Campsite That Comes With A Tent

What if we said that you could book a campsite that comes with a fully set-up and equipped tent? At the signature glamping sites on Tentrravailable in over 40 statesthats exactly what you get: A ready-to-sleep-in safari-style tent, complete with other camping essentials like chairs, grill, and a bed. Although the platform generally works with private landowners, you can find several of its setups in state parks in Maine and New York.

This article was originally published on July 17, 2019 it was updated with new information on May 11, 2021. Jessie Beck contributed to the reporting of this story.

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