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Dispersed Camping Near Camp Verde Az

How To Read The Dispersed Camping In Sedona Map

Camp Verde – West Clear Creek, Arizona

When looking at the dispersed camping map of Sedona, Arizona the most important part is to understand when the map is saying dispersed camping is allowed or not.

A yellow line along the road means dispersed camping IS allowed. If there is no yellow line dispersed camping is NOT allowed and if the yellow line is only on one side of the road it means only that side of the road is open for boondocking or dispersed camping in Sedona.

There are some important safety tips that should be remembered if venturing into areas where there might not be people or possible cell service.

It is very important to pay attention to the weather. Sedona is an area that can get many different types of weather. You can get rain, snow and very high temperatures. If you are traveling on dirt roads these roads can become unusable very quickly and could leave you stranded. It is important to tell someone where you will be going and when you will be back.

It is important to be prepared with the proper clothing for multiple climates, extra food, and water, and always remember it is better to be safe than to get stuck in an unfavorable situation. The Coconino National Frest maps offer much more than information on dispersed camping.

It would be a good idea to familiarize yourself with the map if you are traveling into areas you are not familiar with.

Dispersed Camping Near Sedona Arizona

The following list contains the 11 best dispersed camping areas surrounding Sedona, Arizona.

The Sedona dispersed camping map below gives an overview of each sites location with a full description included in the following section. Enjoy!

Looking to find more dispersed campsites? Check out The Dyrt PRO to get campsite reviews, offline maps, and the best map layers for finding public dispersed camping!

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One of the most popular dispersed camping areas near Sedona is Schnebly Hill Rd. The road connects Sedona with Interstate 17 to the east via a rough and rugged 4WD road. Along the route youll find some excellent dispersed camping options, with most of the good sites located closer to I-17.

Access from I-17 is easy, with campsites appearing almost immediately off the highway. If youre coming from the Sedona side youll need to drive quite a ways along the road before reaching the area where camping is permitted. The road on the Sedona side is also much more rugged, so only those with 4WD, high-clearance, and some experience driving rocky roads should come from this way.

Regardless of which side you enter from, the campsites here have beautiful views, are well spaced, and make an excellent free place to spend the night.

Dont forget to bring water, as there are no sources along the road.

Distance to Sedona: 18 milesRestrooms: NoMap

Although these are designated sites, dont expect any water or restroom facilities.

Sedona Dispersed Camping Rules And Regulations

Please, please, please always follow the 7 Leave No Trace principles while dispersed camping near Sedona.

Because of the popularity of dispersed camping in Coconino National Forest near Sedona, many of the above campsites have become overwhelmed with trash and human waste.

This problem has only grown worse during the Covid-19 pandemic with more people turning to dispersed camping for the first time.

Its extremely important to pack out your trash, bury or pack out your waste , follow all campfire regulations, and respect any closed areas. Please dont overstay the 14-day limit.

Its extremely important to respect our public lands. Mistreating them not only negatively affects the next visitor, but it can also lead to closures .

Remember that a Red Rock Pass is required for camping in certain parts of the Coconino National Forest.

Here are the rules for dispersed camping on the Coconino National Forest.

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Fdr 80/sundance Road Dispersed

Number of sites: 6 sitesWater: NoMap

Further south along the Senator Highway youll reach the junction with FDR 80/Sundance Road, which has six designated dispersed campsites. Only two of these are listed as suitable for RVs, but we generally think they are all best for tent campers or maybe a van. Sorry RVers!

Although harder to get to, youll be rewarded for camping here by being able to enjoy much less through traffic compared to what youll experience when dispersed camping on the Senator Highway.

The sites are also well spaced, so youll have plenty of privacy from your neighbors along Sundance Road.

Arizona Dispersed Camping Rules And Regulations

Childs Dispersed Site

The popularity of dispersed camping has taken a toll on many of Arizonas most beautiful natural areas.

Its very important to always follow the 7 Leave No Trace Principles when dispersed camping in Arizona or anywhere else for that matter to limit human impact on the land as much as possible.

Here are a few of the most important things to do:

  • Pack Out Trash Dont expect garbage cans. Plan ahead and bring trash bags. Pack out all of your trash, including food waste. Clean up around your campsite to leave it even cleaner than when you arrived.
  • Properly Dispose of Human Waste Vault toilets are few and far between at dispersed campsites. Know how to bury human waste or, better yet, pack it out. The Luggable Loo, a cheap portable toilet, makes it easy to answer natures call.
  • Respect Campfire Restrictions Always follow all fire restrictions. Never have a campfire in an area where they are banned.
  • Avoid Closed Areas Portions of BLM land and national forests will periodically be closed to the public. Obey all signage and stay out of these areas. Theyre often extremely environmentally sensitive.
  • Dont Overstay Most public land in Arizona has a 14-day camping limit. Please dont overstay. Usually you can move a certain number of miles and camp for an additional 14 days.

Visit the national forest or BLM website for the public land youre visiting to read up on each areas specific dispersed camping rules and regulations.

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Biking Rules And Etiquette:

  • Bicyclists yield to hikers and horseback riders. When overtaking another trail user, let them know you are approaching.
  • Practice low-impact cycling: Be sensitive to the resourcesstay on the trail, do not create new trails, and avoid skidding or spinning your wheels. Leave gates as you find them .

Get additional guidelines for responsible biking:

Important Information You Should Take Into Consideration

It is obvious the Arizona forests do experience wildfire cases each year.

And a good number of these are caused by human activities, including campfires normally set up and left unquenched by some dispersed campers.

More specifically, if you didnt come along with your own firewood, simply collect and utilize only dead wood you could find on the ground.

In the same vein, make sure you dont cut branches off live trees.

On the other hand, if a well-known camping area doesnt have deadwood on the ground, please ensure to bring your own firewood.

Always remember that the animals, insects, and micro-organisms in the soil, obviously need rotting wood on the ground to survive.

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Some General Information About Camping In Arizona

Spread out. The idea of dispersed camping is to give your neighbor some room. I try to allow at least a mile distance between myself and the next camper. Chances are if you see somebody camping in the deep backcountry of Arizona, theyre looking for the same thing you are, solitude. Give them some space.

Use existing fire rings. Fire rings are all over. If youre looking for a good campsite, its likely that somebody else has already found it, built a fire ring, and its ready for your enjoyment. Some fire rings I have used have been around since I was a child.

Use down and dead firewood. Part of the fun of camping is collecting the firewood. Packing in wood from other areas can contribute to the spread of harmful insects that can severely harm forests. Plus, you lighten the load without firewood. Using down and dead wood manicures, the forest floor, prevents the spread of insects and disease and lowers the risk of wildfires.

14-day camping limit. A camping limit is set on all camping in Arizona. You can camp in the same place for up to 14 days. On the 15th day, you must relocate no less than 25 miles away.

No camping within 1/4 mile of wildlife tank. Camping in a place that prevents wildlife from accessing water is not allowed. It could be the only source of water for miles. Your presence will prevent most wildlife from approaching a wildlife tank. Keep some distance and share the land with our fellow bearers of life.

Author: Kevin Allard

Best Free Camping Inarizona

North Juniper Flats Road – Dispersed Camping/Boondocking on BLM – near Bisbee Arizona

By Sara Sheehy

Arizona is one of the most popular places for RV campers in the United States. From the Four Corners to the Mexican border, there is free, dispersed camping throughout Arizona, providing an accessible and inexpensive way to explore this diverse state.

Love the desert? Head to the wide-open spaces around Ajo and Quartzsite. Looking for a touch of the iconic? Its either the Grand Canyon or Sedona for you. Like the comfort of pine forests and clear lakes? Prescott is calling your name.

No matter where you go, you can be sure therell be free camping nearby.

See a map of all free camping in Arizona.

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Always Leave It Better Than You Found It

If you roll up to a boondocking site that was trashed before you got there, clean it up. If you have the means to help facilitate a cleanup of a larger area, rally some friends together, get a truck, and get to it!

The National Forest and BLM departments that manage our public lands spend tons of money and time cleaning up these areas every year. If more campers pitched in it would not only help the environment, but help the agencies that oversee the environment, too.

Edge Of The World Flagstaff Forest Road 231

Distance to Sedona: 30 miles/1 hour 30 minutesCell Service: Spotty

The East Pocket has many different names. It is called the Edge of the World near Flagstaff or the End of the World. Its formal name is the East Pocket, and it is on Forest Road 231. There is a lookout tower at the end of the road called East Pocket Lookout Tower.

The easiest way to find the Edge of the World Flagstaff dispersed camping spots is to search for the East Pocket Lookout Tower in Google Maps. This will take you exactly where you want to go and past the great views and dispersed camping spots.

This road is closed during the winter and is not regularly maintained. It is suggested to have a fairly high clearance vehicle when traveling to The Edge of the World near Flagstaff dispersed camping spots. To get to the end of the world it takes about 50 min once you hit the dirt road. The road is about 25 miles long and it is bumpy.

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Hiking Riding Kayaking And Dispersed Camping

This hiking and off-road trail map can help point you in the right direction. For dirt bike riding, head over to Hayfield Draw OHV Day Use Area or contact Arizona Offroad Tours for ATV rentals. Kayakers, canoers, and stand up paddle boarders can float the Verde using Verde River Access Points. Fishing information is available from Prescott and Coconino National Forests.

If youd rather go dispersed camping within the National Forests, here are some helpful guidelines from Prescott and Coconino or stop by the Verde Ranger Station and pick up a Forest Service map with all the details. Ranger station staff can answer any questions you may have. The Red Rock Ranger District is another great resource for maps and nearby camping areas. Backpackers and backcountry explorers who want to traverse our limitless and rugged wilderness areas should prepare for potentially long, difficult, and complicated hikes with canyoneering, but if you can hack it, youll be rewarded with seclusion and breathtaking beauty. Happy trails, campers!

. As an Arizona native & Camp Verde resident, I absolutely love our little town. From the central location & desert riparian habitat to the history, attractions, & people, Ive certainly found my home. With a dozen years of professional experience in content writing, I graduated Summa Cum Laude from Arizona State University, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Human Communication & Mass Communications.

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Bureau Of Land Management & United States Forest Service

Camping Near Camp Verde
  • BLM who also operates the LVTA including Quartzsite.
  • LVTA offer RVs extended stays for up to 7 months with the purchase of a permit. .
  • USFS allows dispersed camping in all six of its Arizona national forests. The six forest districts include Apache-Sitgreaves, Coconino, Coronado, Kaibab, Prescott, and Tonto National Forest. Perform an online search using the name of the national forest combined with dispersed camping to learn more. You can also easily find USFS campgrounds by using the search filters when planning your route on RV Trip Wizard.

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Best Free Spots For Dispersed Camping In Sedona Arizona

Sedona, Arizona is one of the most unique and beautiful places in all the United States. There are amazing hikes like the Birthing Cave, Soldiers Pass, and Cathedral Rock. You can take an off-road drive through many different trails throughout Sedona, enjoying the beautiful views of the red rocks. This area has something for everyone, especially for those who love or are interested in dispersed camping in Sedona Arizona.

There are so many places to take advantage of Sedonas free camping on public lands and some are just minutes from downtown Sedona and all of the fun things to do in Sedona. This is a great way to save money on campgrounds, making it cost-effective to travel in your RV.

Stay In Camp Verde Cabins And Enjoy Luxury Camping Near Camp Verde Az Camping Rentals Await

Start planning an unforgettable vacation and rent a luxury cabin near Camp Verde, Arizona! Camping rentals are available in this wonderful area and are certain to delight. Camp Verde acts as the gateway to Verde Valley wine country and is well worth a visit. With the annual corn festival in July and a host of stunning wineries on offer, youll be able to make the most of your time off and enjoy a break there. Camp Verde camping rentals in Arizona are available here and are the perfect choice for any kind of vacation. Book Arizona vacations with Glamping Hub and make sure you dont miss out!

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Schnebly Hill Road Camping

Distance to Sedona: 8 miles/45 minutesCell Service: Decent service 4 bars LTE

Schnebly Hill Road camping is also known as Forest Road 153 or FR153. If you are accessing the camping road from the freeway you will find most of the common camping spots in the first few miles of the road. The road is not open year-round and is opened depending on weather and road conditions.

Typically, the Forest Service opens the road around April or May. It is a dirt road and after a few miles is bumpy. If you are accessing Schnebly Hill Road from the freeway just before you get to the Schnebly Hill Overlook, boondocking or dispersed camping is no longer allowed.

Schnebly Hill Road camping is approximately 12 miles long and is a common local camping and recreation area. The area is very nice because it is in the forest and creates great shade.

If you are looking at Schnebly Hill Road camping on the weekend you will most likely find campers with their off-road vehicles like 4-wheelers and side-by-sides. The farther away from the freeway the more secluded the Sedona area BLM camping.

Dispersed Camping In Sedona Map

Incredible Free Camping in Arizona at the Mogollon Rim

Note: You can view an interactive version of this dispersed camping map online here.

The Coconino National Forest Service has one of the most useful dispersed camping maps I have ever seen. The map has all the Sedona BLM camping roads labeled making it very easy to see where you can and cannot disperse camp in the Sedona Arizona area.

We have listed and visited the majority of the most common and well know dispersed camping locations as outlined but you could spend many days exploring many miles of trails throughout the area that allow for dispersed camping.

You can use Google Maps and the Coconino National Forest map simultaneously to help direct you where you want to go and to determine where dispersed camping starts and stops. The map itself is fairly easy to read and understand if you have some map experience and if you do not it is not super difficult to understand so dont be discouraged.

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Dispersed Camping In Arizona: The Rules And Where You Can And Cannot Camp

In our opinion, theres nothing better than camping. Its a chance to get back to basics, enjoy nature, and separate yourself from the hustle and bustle of 21st century life. It also allows you to experience some of natures best views for free.

The fantastic thing about Arizona is that dispersed camping is allowed and legal, as long as you are camping on state ground and adhere to a few simple guidelines. We outline those further down.

Land looked after by the Bureau of Land Management, National Park Service, U.S. Forest Service, and other state institutions will be publicly owned. Typically any areas that are green on Google Maps are also publicly owned. A great state map, such as this one, could help in finding camping spots too.

Keep an eye on contours as the more spaced out they are on a map, the flatter the ground will be. Maps can also help pinpoint potential water sources to camp nearby.

Just be aware that there are a few areas where dispersed camping in Arizona is forbidden:

  • You are not allowed to camp in or near paid campsites , trailheads, or recreation areas
  • You are not allowed to camp within a quarter of a mile of water source areas .
  • Areas that specifically state closed to camping or similar are forbidden

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