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Camping On The Colorado River In Texas

Chatfield State Park Littleton

Solo Kayak Camping, Colorado River (the one in Texas)

Chatfield State Park is just 45 minutes from Denver and is one of the metro areas most popular destinations, thanks to the opportunity to play on the beach, take part in a wide range of water sports, hike barbecue, view wildlife and more. And, all can be enjoyed while soaking up views of the Rocky Mountain foothills. There are nearly 200 campsites, for both tents and RVs, and each one includes a picnic table, grill and is within walking distance of the water. On the 880-acre, surface of the water, you can kayak, fish, boat, paddleboard and canoe. If you dont have your own watercraft, boat rentals are available. While on land, there are scenic trails for horseback riding, biking and hiking throughout the area. Facilities also include a marina, a restaurant, and even a model airplane field with paved runways, frequency posts and field regulations for radio-controlled aircraft.

Turquoise Lake Recreation Area Leadville

Turquoise Lake is a recreation area in the San Isabel National Forest just outside of Leadville, the nations highest incorporated town. Youll find thick evergreen forest, towering mountains and an 1,800-acre lake as well as eight campgrounds, all sitting at a crisp and cool 10,000-foot-high elevation. The lake offers boating and fishing, and on land, visitors can enjoy hiking, biking and four-wheeling. If youre looking for a fairly easy hike or bike excursion, the 12-mile paved Mineral Belt Trail loop starts in downtown Leadville, just four miles east of the lake. The campgrounds offer both RV and tenting camping, with tent-only sites at Belle of Colorado. Theyre all spread across the lakes shoreline, most along the eastern shore. All include picnic tables, fire rings, toilets and drinking water.

The Trailist: Kayak Camping On The Colorado River Of Texas

In my home state of Colorado, finding a place to camp is relatively easy. On much of the federal land owned by agencies like the Bureau of Land Management and the U.S. Forest Service, visitors can find their own primitive camping spots and stay for up to two weeks.

Thats not the case in Texas with most of the land in private hands and a heavily-used state park system requiring permits for camping. But theres one exception: river islands. In this state, where rivers are publicly owned even if both banks are in private lands, the river island is a no-mans-land where campers can set up tents in a wild space free of park rangers and permits.

Thats why, for my 31st birthday last October, my girlfriend Jess Mrozinski and I embarked on our first kayak-camping trip on the Colorado River upstream of Bastrop.

Colorado River Little Webberville Park to FM 969 bridge

Offers: Kayaking, camping Location: Little Webberville Park to FM 969 bridge at Utley . No overnight parking at Little Webberville or Webberville parks. Trail miles: 20 miles of riverRestrooms: No restrooms or potable water

Jess and I had already visited the Colorado River a couple of times before our trip. We had used Hipcamp similar to Airbnb, but for campsites to book a private campsite along the banks of the Colorado east of Austin. Im writing this post from that campsite, where yesterday we watched an aerial battle between a bald eagle and an osprey over fishing territory.

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Mountain Park Poudre Canyon

Mountain Park is one of the largest campgrounds in Poudre Canyon, home to Colorados only nationally designated Wild and Scenic River, which flows flows through the majestic cliffs and interesting rock formations that are dotted with pines, mountain mahogany, aspen and sage brush. Both the canyon and river offer a myriad of outdoor adventures, including whitewater rafting, fishing, hiking, and biking. Watch for deer and bighorn sheep that navigate rocky peaks and boulders. The campground hosts a wide range of amenities, so much so its almost like a camping resort. It has horseshoe pits, a volleyball court, basketball court, a playground and showers. If you can score a spot along the Commanche Loop or the Crown Loop, youll have immediate access to the banks of the river where kids can splash around when the water is low, fishermen can cast their lines and you can enjoy the gurgling sounds of the water.

Top Locations For River Camping In Texas

Colorado River camping

With river camping, there is nothing stopping you from embarking on a primitive camping adventure in Texas. However, with so many major rivers going through state and national parks, river camping caters to all levels. A fully equipped campsite can heighten the enjoyment of a relaxing camping trip by the river.

Below are just a few of the majestic rivers of Texas at which to enjoy your river camping adventure in Texas.

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Guide To River Camping In Texas

As the passion for the great outdoors begins to grow, many campers create their own camping bucket lists. A list of adventures they want to embark on, hikes they want to enjoy and out-of-the-ordinary lands on which they want to pitch their tent.

For many campers, both experienced and newcomers, Texas holds a special draw. This draw might come from growing up with cowboy westerns or knowing the great history of adventure in the state.

It could be due to the sheer vastness of the state and the sense of wonder that goes along with that. In many ways, Texas represents all we love about the great outdoors.

Over the past few weeks, we have celebrated camping in the Lone Star State through a series of posts as we bid to create Cruas Ultimate Guide to Camping in Texas.

We highlighted the vastness of the state as we turned our attention to the best state parks for camping in Texas. Weve offered advice on how to prepare for camping in Texas and what to expect in each of the four seasons in Texas.

The sheer diversity of the great state of Texas is something we have pointed out again and again. There is no one way to camp in Texas.

A camping trip to Texas could mean a peaceful family outing in the prairies. It could mean a stay by one of the many great lakes, sandy beaches, or removing all amenities for a more primitive experience in the outback.

How To Camp In Riverside Reservoir Colorado

The mighty Colorado River winds through the American Southwest, starting from a trickling brook high in the Rockies of Colorado and emptying into the Gulf of California just across the Mexican border. This river has roaring rapids and gentle flows along its 1,450-mile length, with numerous campgrounds dotting its banks along the way in several states.

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Keeping Safe While River Camping In Texas

Although we highly recommend river camping and see it as the perfect active holiday, the river must be respected. This shouldnt put you off but we wanted to highlight a few things to keep in mind.

Keep your distance – This word of warning is for your belongings more than anything. Especially if you are heading out for the day, make sure you set up camp a good distance away from the river. A rise in water level can sweep your belongings away or destroy them altogether. Make sure to keep everything on high ground and never camp on a dry riverbed.

Know the river – Once you have chosen which of the many wonderful rivers you want to camp by, its time to plan ahead. Make sure you familiarize yourself with streamflow-data and become aware of current water conditions. A good place to find out more is at the United State Geological Survey.

Let others know when venturing alone – Even if you are just breaking off from your group momentarily for a quick dip or to explore the riverbed, always let a member of your group know. This is especially important for younger members of your party.

Beware the dangers – River camping is a safe and fun experience once you know the dangers. Know what to do if you capsize a kayak, dont sneak up on any wildlife that congregates by the river, and practice caution when partaking in all water activities.

Bastrop River Company Kayaking Canoeing And Camping On The Colorado River

Thousand Trails Review: Colorado River Campground Texas

If youre looking for a fun and easy kayaking trip, check out the Colorado River south on Austin! Over the years, weve paddled this stretch of the Colorado several times with Bastrop River Company out of Bastrop, both as day trips and most recently as an overnight trip. The easy flow of the river is always fun, and a few faster riffles make for a fun trip!

Located right Downtown, the Bastrop River Company offers kayak, canoe, SUP paddleboard and even tube trips up and down the river!

Located at the boat ramp near Fishermans Park, its an easy place to put in or take out of the river.

On our most recent trip, we did the overnight trip, camping at a sandbar about 1/2 way referred to as Boy Scout Island. We shared the island with another group, but hardly knew they were there. We paddled 8 miles on the first day, and 6 on the last. During the night the water level did fluctuate a bit, so be sure to bring your boat up on land, and always tie it off.

We did encounter a couple of hazards along the way from water rushing into trees. As a rule, always paddle with someone else, wear a life jacket and be aware of hazards in any swift water. Take plenty of water, too!

Love the shirts, which say, Just downriver from Weird, referring to Austin!

They provide everything, including life jackets.

My boys loved the river! While water depth in a river can vary drastically up and down the river, it was only about 4 here.

Its Bastrop River Company for the win!

Things To Do in Bastrop

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Rainbow Lakes Campground Nederland

Rainbow Lakes Campground is located just a little over an hour from Denver near the small town of Nederland, but it offers the ultimate camping experience that feels as if its worlds away. The small, primitive campground is open to tents only, with 18 spacious sites all on a first come, first served basis. Each one includes a fire ring and picnic table, with vault toilets nearby. Campers also have easy access to the beautiful Rainbow Lakes Trail, a short trek that leads to a string of ponds that are known for exceptional fishing. By taking the Glacier Rim Trail up the ridge, youll discover an awe-inspiring overlook of Arapaho Glacier.

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The River Camp History

How Joe and Wayne are protecting land and creating a legacy

The River Camp is located on the Colorado River about five miles downriver from the Longhorn Dam and Lady Bird Lake. The River Camp became a reality when Joe Kendall and Wayne Gronquist started acquiring lots in the 70 lot / 25 acre Imperial Valley subdivision that had originally been planned for residential development.

After the development was deemed un-buildable, due to its location within the 100-year flood plain, lot owners began neglecting the land and it quickly fell into disarray. Prostitution, illegal dumping, and drug use became rampant. However, after Texas River School acquired several acres within the development, they formed a Land Owners Association, installed a gate, removed hundreds of thousands of pounds of trash, and the subdivision has become a much safer, more peaceful place to visit.

The River Camp now boasts a solar power system, a water collection system, two Eloo waterless toilets, an organic garden, tent sites, a camp-fire area, and river access. With additional grants, Texas River School plans to improve and protect access to both the camp and the river.

Colorado River Rv Campground

Colorado River RV Campground
  • Plan-It-Green Friendly Park

This Houston RV campground and preserve lies among green fields and pecan groves along the shores of the Colorado River, midway between Houston and San Antonio. Abundant wildlife, including deer and armadillo, can be seen throughout Colorado River RV Camping.

Hiking, canoeing and fishing are popular activities at our Houston RV campground from Thousand Trails. Colorado River RV Camping guests can easily relax in our peaceful riverside RV campground in Texas. With easy access to the freeway, a trip to the big cities that lie east or west offers a fun day out, before returning to the sanctuary of this RV preserve.

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The Confluence On The Pecos River And The Rio Grande

A big part of the folklore of the frontier, the Pecos River is a wild and scenic river corridor. It originates in New Mexico, passes through high-mountain meadows and rugged granite canyons, and empties into the Rio Grande. Rafting and canoeing are the most popular activities on the Pecos River.

If you are seeking out free camping in Texas, you can set up a trailer or pitch a tent anywhere on the riverside just north of the confluence. The place where the two rivers meet is great for launching boats. A daily boat permit costs around 4$.

You can also find formal campgrounds on the edge of the Pecos River or nearby. The Seminole Canyon State Park is right next to the confluence. The parks campground offers everything you may needrestrooms, hot showers, and electrical and water hookups. Insulated tents are great in campground to cut down on the noise.

Its deep canyons and rugged terrain are home to armadillos, raccoons, and white-tailed deer. There are also a few nice biking and hiking trails in the area.

Stay Among Riverside Pecan Groves At A Houston Rv Campground

Located midway between Houston and San Antonio, Colorado River RV Campground lies along the shores of the Colorado River. This Houston RV campground is nestled amid green fields and pecan groves. Colorado River RV Campground offers an abundance of outdoor camping activities such as hiking, canoeing, fishing and wildlife watching. With easy access to the freeway, guests can enjoy a trip to the big cities then return to the quiet sanctuary of this Houston RV Campground.

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Little Molas Lake San Juan National Forest

Thousand Trails Colorado River RV Campground in TX

Little Molas Lake, located in the southwest corner of Colorado in the San Juan National Forest between Durango and Silverton, is a primitive campground that offers spectacular views of the glistening water and the surrounding jagged peaks of Snowdon, Grand Turk, Engineer and Twin Sister. With access to Andrews Lake, a high-altitude tarn stocked with rainbow and brook trout, the Colorado Trail and views from Molas Pass, its truly hard to beat. A scenic hike will bring you to a hidden waterfall in Cascade Canyon, and if youre into rock climbing, there are plenty of opportunities too. Be aware that there are actually two campgrounds: Molas Lake and Little Molas Lake. The latter is the more remote and secluded, situated about a mile west of US Highway 550 on Molas Pass. There are 10 campsites, all of which include fire grates but there is nothing else in the way of amenities no tables, no drinking water or trash service. This one is worth it for the especially tranquil, and breathtakingly scenic experience.

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What Is River Camping

A quick note on what exactly is river camping. River camping is pitching your tent by the river and enjoying all the activities that the river has to offer. A river-orientated camping trip can be one of the most fun experiences for any camper.

This goes doubly for camping in Texas where there are some fantastic rivers with 15 major rivers flowing through the state. There are also a huge number of named streams and waterways. Theres a lot of choice for river camping in Texas.

There are activities aplenty in river camping. Obviously, if you want to stay put there is ample opportunity for swimming, fishing, or exploring the riverbeds. However, day-long trips downstream are what river camping is all about.

In Texas, the majestic rivers are perfect for canoeing and kayaking. If you plan ahead, you can easily find places that rent equipment near a river campsite.

Another much-loved activity is tubing. What better way to explore a river and immerse yourself amongst the wildlife than by relaxing in your own inflatable tube as the water guides the way.

As we already mentioned when we examined the seasons of Texas – the Summers can sometimes get uncomfortably hot. River camping provides the perfect medium in those hot months.

For many, having a river nearby and basing your adventure around the fresh waters is the only way to survive. It also creates an unending list of activities so you can really make the most of your trip.

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