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Hot Tents For Winter Camping

How To Keep Warm In The Tent

Winter Hot Tent Camping on New Year’s Eve With Our Springbar Tent

To have a good time while camping, it is important to keep yourself warm especially in the tent. Here are few tips that you can use to keep yourself warm in the tent.

It is good to be warmer than colder. So, dont wait for the temperature to drop, just grab an extra layer and prepare yourself for the coming chilly night. An extra layer is likely to make this experience happier. The colder your body will take more time to warm up again.

Before going to bed, you need to make yourself warm and cozy either by drinking a warm cup of tea or having brisk walking or just a few jumps to bring your body temperature up a bit.

Because if you go to the sleeping bag without getting warm, even having extra bedding, you are likely to stay cold.

Hot camps are best to keep warm in the tent but you cannot sleep while letting the stove on. So, it is important to trap the heat inside. Using extra rugs which act as an insulating layer can be very helpful in stopping cold coming in through the floor.

Insulation will keep you super warm and toasty and buying hot tents with an innate insulation mechanism as the wood stove is the right choice to camp in cold weather.

There are lots of synthetic sleeping bags which are also really effective at trapping heat. 4 season and well-insulated tents are essential to keep the tent warm.

To insulate more heat in the tent, downsize the tent. Because the bigger the tent, the colder will it be. So dont leave the empty space in the tent.

Onetigris Iron Wall Stove Tent

The One Tigris Iron Wall Stove Tent is compact and light and is a great choice for lone wolves who enjoy spending time in the wilderness during the winter hunting, ice fishing or just relaxing. The shell is fashioned from 20D silnylon that is water and heat resistant. The stove jack seals up tight when not in use and the inner shell is mesh for optimal breathability.

The One Tigris Iron Wall Stove Tent can be easily set up by one person in just a few minutes. The wood stove should be set up in the bottomless vestibule which will keep the heat in without endangering the bathtub. This tent is also very stable in the wind.

Detailing The Differences Between Shelters

Our shelters are waterproof and have extra guyline loops for camping in storms. All shelters have vents on the peak, to allow for additional airflow. The bottom edge of the shelters can be adjusted to various heights, by simply adjusting the length of the pole or by moving the tent stakes closer to the anchor point. Our floorless outer tent flys have zipper doors to make entering and exiting easier, and to provide optional additional venting. Some tents have a single or double door system. Having a double door makes it easier to climb in and out of the tent, if you are camping with a partner.

The Hexpeak, Minipeak, Rocket XL, Hexpeak XL, Minipeak XL, Twinpeak, Megahorn, Octopeak and Megahorn XL are similar in a lot of ways. Height, shape and floorspace are the biggest variables. All are equally quick and easy to set-up. All tipi shelters are compatible with tent wood stoves. Having extra space is best, but with a larger tent you do add additional bulk and weight inside your backpack which is important if you have to carry the teepee tent on your back for great distances. The larger floor space comes in real handy in a storm. Shop Luxe now!

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What Are Some Tip For Camping With A Hot Tent

Use a fire mat< /strong Always use a fire mat underneath your wood burning stove. This is a must if your hot tent has a floor like backpacking tents do. For hot tents without a floor its not as big a deal. Although it can help stabilize the stove on the ground.

Remember hot tents are not gas tents Dont kid yourself into thinking you can use a gas stove inside your hot tent. The only reason the wood burning stove works inside the tent is because the stovepipe carries the smoke and carbon monoxide out of the tent. Using a gas stove without a stovepipe could lead to death.

Bring a fire extinguisher If youre going through all the trouble of setting up a hot tent with a wood burning stove then its not a stretch to bring along a small fire extinguisher too. If you have a wood stove burning inside a tent, this is just common sense.

Consider the wind direction Try to gauge the direction of the wind and set up the tent so the stove jack is on the downwind side. This way, hot sparks coming out of the pipe wont blow back across the tent.

Bring some rugs If youre going the full-on deluxe glamping route, why not bring a few throw rugs to put on the floor to retain heat and to make it more comfortable to walk around?

Pomoly Hex Teepee Hot Tent For Cold Weather

Wilderness Survival Tips

One of the most affordable tents on this list, this product is compact with all the right features. It is tall enough for you to stand up in it rather than crouching. This tent can fulfill your childhood dream of staying in a tepee tent in the snow.

Comes with Stove Jack

Many hot tents have stove openings but no stove jacks. If you dont want to buy a stove jack separately, then this tent is a good choice. Not only does it come with a pipe jack that is heat resistant, but it is also affordable.

Good Material

This tent is made from 300D Oxford fabric and has a silver coating on the inside. The material provides good airflow and ventilation while shielding against extreme weather situations. It is also waterproof and maintains a warmer temperature than standard teepee tents.

Comfortable Height

This tent is almost 8 feet tall. You can easily stand up and move around inside the tent.

Perfect Size

Most tents are either 1-person size or 6-8-person size. However, this one is the perfect size tent as four people can fit in it. If you want more space to move around and place the wooden stove, it can accommodate two people.


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What Makes A Stove Jack Tent Special

We hate to point out the obvious here, but a tent with a stove jack is a tent you can burn wood inside of. Thats in a stove, of course. No campfires in the tent!

Less than 1% of campers can call themselves hot campers. There really is something special about keeping a cozy little fire going inside your shelter. If you havent tried it out yet, we encourage you to join the tiny minority that knows what the other 99% are missing.

Will You Have A Large Group

Because winter tents must be especially strong to withstand wind and snowfall, are often set up amid small drifts of snow, and need to trap heat, they usually dont have as much surface area as normal tents do. That means that the best winter tents are often in the 2-3 person range. If you go larger than this, the winter tents youll find will be pricey and difficult to pack. If youre willing to foot the bill and are going camping somewhere you can access by SUV or truck to carry the tent, then a large winter tent is worth the investment.

The Whiteduck Regatta Canvas Bell Tent enables you to set up a stormproof hunting camp anywhere. Amazon

The WHITEDUCK Regatta Canvas Bell Tent is more yurt than tent. Its a large, round canvas tent made with 8.5 oz. army duck canvas in a beige color. Its waterproof, mildew and UV resistant, and available with a fire-retardant finish. The tent has durable two-layered doors and windows. Its a hefty tent, but its strong. The center pole and entrance pole are both built out of galvanized steel. The 16-foot size sleeps eight adults comfortably. To stay warm, theres a 5-inch stove flap. This is a bulky tent, but if youre looking to hang out and camp with a big group during the colder months, its a great choice.

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Can You Use Stove Jacks In Any Tent

Stove jack simply can turn your regular tent into a hot tent. As you know, the purpose of the stove jack is to expel the smoke emitted from the stove to the outside. Hence, the fabric of the stove jack has to be a fire-resistant fabric, commonly fiberglass silicone fabric is used for this purpose.

You may sew the stove jack to your tent on your own or glue it. To be on the safe side, we recommend that you get it done by a tent technician. So, the answer to your question can you use stove jacks in any tent? is Yes.

Buyers Guide For Tents With Stove Jack


Alright, that wraps up our list of the best tents with stove jacks currently available. We spent countless hours researching and comparing every tent we could find, but there are so many brands out there, its always possible the one youre looking at didnt make our list. To help you decide on which tent is best for you , heres a comprehensive buyers guide that covers all the metrics we consider when evaluating a tent with a stove jack. If you are also interested about good also campfires, dont forget to check out our ultimate outdoor crackling guide!

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Stove Jack And Your Budget

All hot tents provide wood burning through stoves. However, not all of them have built-in stove jacks.

For some budget-friendly tents, you need to buy a jack separately, but you need to consider if the total cost will exceed the price of a good sturdy tent with a pre-installed jack. Some expensive tents even come with fully supplied stoves which takes your mind off buying the right size of the stove.

The Disadvantages Of Hot Tents

While hot tents are a wonderful way to camp in the winter they are a heavy load to carry out to the campsite. Plus, building them usually requires the help of an extra person or two, so you will have to plan out using a hot tent well in advance to the camping trip itself.

Also, hot tents are much more expensive than regular camping tents. Usually, the wood stoves for these tents are sold separately as well, so getting a hot tent is only a good idea if you really plan to go winter camping a lot.

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Canvas Tent Maintenance And Waterproofing

If properly cared for, a canvas tent can last a lifetime. While they are costlier than nylon and polyester tents, maintaining them will ensure that your money is not wasted. When compared to other types of tents, a canvas shelter requires very little maintenance.

  • Hang the tent to dry completely under the sun before storing it for a longer period. This will save your tent from smells and mildews. Once it is completely dried, keep the tent in a bag and in a dry place off the ground to protect it from rodents.
  • Most tents, even the canvas ones, require annual waterproofing. However, waterproofing with the wrong solution will reduce the breathability of the tent. Hence, all canvas tents come with a detailed user guide including product options that complement the tents. Therefore, make sure you check the user manual before applying any waterproof treatment to your tent.
  • Be particularly careful with your canvas tent when cleaning it, and avoid using a soap solution, as this can compromise the tents waterproofing. Set up the tent and use a soft bristle brush to clean off the dirt after removing loose debris. Wash it with cold water and wipe off any stains with a soft cloth. However, do not be too hard with it.

Whiteduck Regatta Canvas Bell Tent

Pin on Tipi Hot Tent for Camping &  Hunting

This is a smaller tent than the Whiteduck Alpha we profiled above. The Regatta embodies all those things that make the Alpha such a great hot tent, but because its a little smaller and lighter, you have more options regarding where you can set it up.

The regatta is fashioned from 8.5 ounce cotton duck that has been waterproofed and treated with a fire retardant. The integrated stove jack is rugged and wont let water in. Theres plenty of ventilation and the tent sheds snow like a champ.

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Ultralight One Tigris Smokey Hut Hot Tent

Who is this tent best for?

This Tigris Smokey Hut Ultralight hot tent is best for going on camping and hiking in the wild and windy places.

The ultraligh tent is very handy to compact and carry around. It is also a great and cheaper alternative for using a hot stove within the tent with proper care and attention.

What makes this tent outstanding?

If you are finding a cheap option with a decent number of features, then this is the right product for you. Along with stakes, and pipes, you can easily set it up within five minutes, all alone. It has two windows for ventilation and one zipped door.

What do people review on this tent?

Tigris Smokey hut is fully functional for camping in severe conditions. The price is justified and it is the best tent to buy at this amazing price. Everything is quite good but for a beginner, it would be hard to set it up because the instructions are not very descriptive and clear.

What this tent may not fit for?

Extra small: every feature of the tent is great but only for one person. Due to the stove setup, there is a smaller space for two persons to lie comfortably. It is great for a solo adventure but getting adjusted within this tent becomes a real effort with a hot stove and pipe.

Doesnt have a stove jack: you need to manually make a stove jack for this tent as this tent comes without it.

What Is A Tent With A Stove Jack

A tent stove jack has a hole in the tents roof or wall, which allows the stoves pipe to be inserted. The stove jacks are made fireproof by sewing a small fireproof strip around the tent stove jack hole or a piece of fireproof cloth and then cutting a circular hole in the cloth.

You may not get fireproof stove jacks from low-price tent manufacturers. However, you can make the stove jack fireproof on your own or cover the chimneys with a fireproof material before using the tent.

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Fltom Camp Tent Stove

Fltom Camp tent stove is a portable wood-burning stove for the tent. This stove mainly performs two functions: firstly, it acts as a heater to provide heat and warmth while camping on winter days.

Secondly, it is used for cooking. The plain top of the wood-burning stove is used as a cooking surface and you can cook anything of your wish.

The stove is 6cm in diameter with 4.69 feet in height. The complete stove has a detachable design and you can easily assemble and detach all the body parts including four legs, and six stainless walls chimney pipes. It is safe to use, carry and store.

Best Cold Weather Tents For A Lone Traveler Or A Team Of Two

Overnight In Winter – Hot Tent Camping

If you enjoy exploring winter views alone, its essential that your tent is not too heavy to carry. Thats why we recommend our Sputnik-3 two-layer tent for people who prefer camping on their own. Its the most compact and lightweight tent in our collection. Its umbrella-typepole design allows for quick setup: amazingly, it takes only two minutes! This all-season dome tent features a fire-resistant smoke pipe hole, so its possible to use a stove in it. Even with the stove inside, Sputnik-3 can accommodate two people in sleeping bags, or, alternatively, three people without the stove.

If you go camping with a friend or two, youd certainly prefer a more spacious tent. Just have a look at Cuboid 2.20: it’s bigger than Sputnik-3, and its designed to house 1-3 persons. In addition, its got two windows and two entrances. Its height allows a person of medium height to stand upright inside as well as use bunk beds.

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How Long Does It Take To Ship A Hot Tent To The Usa And Canada Do You Ship Hot Tents To Other Countries

How long does it take to ship a hot tent to the USA and Canada? Do you ship hot tents to other countries?
  • It typically takes 3-5 business days to deliver a tent that is in stock across the USA. If you are in Alaska, Hawaii, or Canada, youll have to wait for 4-7 days for your all-season tent to arrive.
  • We ship to many other countries, but since shipping alternatives vary across different countries, get in touch with us for details.
  • We do not ship our products on weekends and holidays.

Onetigris Smokey Hut Ultralight Hot Tent

This ultralight hot tent was made for people who like to go camping by themselves. It has every quality you could hope for: waterproofness, stove opening, light to carry, and heavy protection. This product is surely a winner on our list.

Can Withstand Bad Weather

Even though the exterior material is 20D silnylon, this tent boasts a 3000mm hydrostatic rating meaning it can endure heavy wind and rainfall. It can also shield against a body of water leaning towards it which is highly impressive.

Waterproof Zipper

One of the features that makes it one of the best winter tents is the waterproof YKK zippers. Most tents have fickle zippers that have no waterproofing, but these zippers can protect you against heavy rainfall. It ensures no leaking whatsoever especially at the stove hollow.

Foldable Stove

Stove openings are really important for winter camping, and this tent is no different. The stove jack is foldable, and theres a chimney opening as well.

Easy Setup

This 2.6lbs lightweight hot tent is easy to carry and assemble. It comes with an aluminium pole, necessary tent pegs, and guy-lines. It would help if you bought a stove pipe jack for the opening.

Wellsuited for Solo Travel

This tent is 1-2-person in size. It is ideal for travelers exploring by themselves. You can fit and light a wood stove inside, and the interior will get warm.


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