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Tent Camping South Padre Island

Carry All Supplies To The Campsite

South Padre Island beach camping with Coastal GX

Take everything that you will need including water, ice, food, and firewood.

Or buy the essentials at the camp store before you set up your campsite, especially if its remote.

Most of the beach campsites are far from amenities and stores.

The last thing you want to do is to drive back for something just after you have arrived.

South Padre Island Koa

The South Padre Island KOA is open year-round and has accommodations for the biggest of RVs all the way down to spots to pitch a tent. In addition to spots for RVs, trailers, and tents, there are small cabins available for rent as well. And, you dont have to feel like youre roughing it the campgrounds have plenty of amenities, including power outlets, Wi-Fi, cable TV, a pool open year-round, a hot tub and sauna, propane, and a fishing area.Island Insider Tip: Even your furry friends are welcome! Check out Club K-9, a small dog park available to KOA campers, to get your pets some exercise while you’re on vacation.

What truly makes the KOA stand out is the activities that the campgrounds facilitate winter months being particularly popular at the grounds. You can enjoy sunset socials, live music, and themed parties. And, as a special treat on Thanksgiving and Christmas, the campgrounds throw a free feast with turkey, ham, potatoes, and gravy.Island Insider Tip: Guests are encouraged to bring a dish to share!

Port Isabel Marina And Rv Park

Port Isabel Marina and RV Park is located in Port Isabel just across the bridge fro South Padre Island. They offer interior lots and waterfront lots. The RV park fulfills the needs of campers looking for the best type of campground for their needs.

At the lots, you will enjoy WiFi, TVs, bathrooms, restrooms, and even household amenities. The idea behind running this extensively-equipped RV resort is to keep campers coming back for longer stays all the time.

Click here to learn more about Port Isabel Marina and RV Park.

3.8 stars out of 5 on Google Reviews

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Bird Watching On The Central Flyway

Padre Island is on the Central Flyway, a major migration route for birds traveling between North, Central and South America. Over 380 species of birds, over half the bird species of the U. S., may be on Padre Island each year. Because of this, many bird lovers come to Padre Island during migration season to watch birds.

The Island provides a range of habitats including beach, coastal prairie, dunes, grasslands, wetlands and ponds which supply the bird population with an abundance of food and protection. The location makes it an important and necessary stopping point for migrating birds who need to stop to rest and for resident birds who use the diverse habitat for nesting and breeding. There are 13 threatened and endangered species on Padre Island. Concerned volunteers and staff of the National Seashore are working to conserve habitat that will increase numbers of these threatened and endangered species.

We were pleased to be able to view several of these rare birds during our stay on Padre Island including the Wood Stork and the Reddish Egret.

If you visit or camp on Padre Island, be sure to bring your camera, bird field guide and your binoculars or spotting scope. There are so many birds that you’ll become a bird watching enthusiast even if you weren’t one before your visit.

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South Padre Island Rv Parks For Your Next Vacation

Edwin King Atwood Park, TX

Want to plan a South Padre getaway with your family and friends? If so, then going on a trip to some of the best South Padre Island RV parks can be just what youre looking for.

While planning a trip can be difficult, fully furnished South Padre Island, Texas RV parks dont need much planning. With an excellent reputation for providing comfort and leisure, RV parks in South Texas offer various amenities.

Weve gathered 9 of the best South Padre Island RV parks for you to explore. Of the locations chosen, 4 locations are on the island and the other parks are located in the surrounding cities.

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Does South Padre Island Connect To Padre Island

No, South Padre and Padre Island are not connected. While the two islands are close neighbors, Port Mansfields Channel separates them. Port Mansfields Channel was initially dredged in 1957. It is manmade and was created so that ships could get to Port Mansfield without going around the barrier islands.

After the channel was initially cut, it started to close, so the Army Corps of Engineers had to bring in large pieces of granite to help establish and hold the sides of the channel.

The channel is used mainly by fishermen and for recreational boats. It is an easy passage to get to the Gulf of Mexico.

From Padre Island, it is possible to drive down the beach until you reach Port Mansfields channel, but drivers will need a vehicle with high clearance and off-road capabilities.

However, due to the channel, its not possible to cross over to South Padre Island. So even though both are close, you have to drive all the way around and through the mainland to get from one island to another.

Best Places For Beach Camping In Texas

January 19, 2022// by Texas Travel 365//

Are you planning to go beach camping in Texas? Then, we have got you covered! In this article, we will be sharing with you the best beach campsites in Texas.

Texas is a huge state that is filled with beautiful attractions and weekend getaways for visitors to enjoy. From state parks to national parks, to camping beaches in Texas, you can find it all here.

One of the best things about beach camping on the gulf coast of Texas is that you have so many beach towns to visit. With over 350 miles of coastline, you can choose to enjoy a long vacation or a short weekend camping trip with your family to any of these places in Texas.

Texas beach camping is the perfect way to enjoy an outdoor adventure with your friends or family. You can sleep under the stars, swim in the water, relax on the beach, and do so much more.

So, if you are confused about where to go beach camping in Texas, we have listed down the 9 best camping beaches in Texas. This list includes camping beaches that offer both primitive camping and RV parking site, allowing you to choose the perfect beach camping experience for yourself.

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Want To Escape Winters Chill Head To These Camping Destinations On Texas South Padre Island

Image from The Dyrt camper Jimmy R.

Many of these campgrounds are located close to town, so youll have no trouble getting to restaurants and shops from your RV or tent. The town is walkable so you dont need to rent a car unless youre interested in exploring the outer communities of South Padre Island. The Island Metro is a convenient option to hop around town.

If youre more interested in spending your days in South Padre Island along the beach, there are also a plethora of water-sport activities, including kiteboarding, dolphin watching, beach horseback riding, fishing and of course, just lounging and reading a book is always encouraged. Check out these 4 campgrounds to help plan your idyllic South Padre Island camping vacation.

Image from The Dyt camper Angie F.


  • RV: $57 $90/night
  • Prices are consistent year-round
  • Located on the southern tip of the island, South Padre Island KOA offers free wifi to campers and RV/tent sites with a view of Pier 19. Youll find a pool with the chance to take an aqua Zumba class at the on-site pool or regular zumba class for the terrestrial. Kids can play and build sand castles at the playground, or the whole family can dine at nearby Pier 19 Restaurant and Bar. Dogs are welcome, so bring your pets. You can also enjoy a soak in the hot tub after a long day. There are 50 max amp for RVs and a 98-foot max length for bigger vehicles.

    • RV sites w/ hookups: $45/night $60/night
    • RV dry sites: $20/night $25/night



    Padre Island National Seashore Will End Day

    South Padre Island Overnight Camping 2020

    CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas Padre Island National Seashore is beginning to increase recreational access to allow overnight beach camping, officials said on Friday.

    While following guidance from the White House, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and state and local public health authorities, Padre Island National Seashore is increasing recreational access, according to the National Park Service, which is working servicewide with federal, state and local public health authorities to closely monitor the COVID-19 pandemic and using a phased approach to increase access on a park-by-park basis.

    Officials said Padre Island National Seashore will end day-use only hours beginning Saturday and open access to:

    • Overnight beach camping on North Beach and South Beach.
    • Yarborough Pass 4WD road.
    • Overnight boat trailer parking at Bird Island Boat Ramp.

    With public health in mind, officials said the following facilities remain closed at this time:

    • Malaquite Visitor Center.
    • Malaquite Campground.
    • Bird Island Basin Campground.

    Officials said a return to full operations will continue to be phased and services may be limited.

    We will continue to monitor all park functions to ensure that visitors adhere to CDC guidance for mitigating risks associated with the transmission of COVID- 19, and take any additional steps necessary to protect public health, the National Park Service said in its release.

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    Padre Island National Seashore

    Of all the free beach camping, Padre Island National Seashore provides the best opportunity to get away from it all tune out the world and tune in to nature. At 60 miles long, this beach is the longest, remaining, undeveloped barrier island in the world. The beaches are beautiful and the surroundings all natural. Entry is $10.00 for a one-day pass or $20.00 for seven days.

    Once in the park, follow the road past the visitor center to the beach camping area where you can camp for free. You may stay for 14 consecutive days and then leave for 48 hours before returning for a maximum of 56 days per calendar year. Just fill out a registration form for your vehicle at the entry kiosk when you arrive.

    The farther down the beach you drive , the farther youll be away from any other people if thats what youre after. Youll need to check beach driving conditions and be aware of the tides. This is true whenever you drive on a beach. Weve camped here several times alongside RVers in large fifth-wheels and even a few motorhomes. Another year the beach was flooded after a storm and closed to traffic altogether.

    Isla Blanca County Park Campground

    First on our list is the Isla Blanca County Park Campground. There are several reasons we choose this Southern Texas RV Park as the crown jewel of our list.

    Located near the southernmost area of South Padre Island, TX, youll get quite a view. The mile-long beach where the park meets the Gulf of Mexico is breathtaking. This is your spot if you want to find recreational activities to enjoy in the water. Plus you can be dolphin watching right from your RV depending on where your site is.

    Isla Blanca County Park Campground offers fully furnished beach rental concessions throughout the warmer months. In the winter hours vary or the concessions may be closed. This is truly a one-stop shop when searching for an RV resort in South Padre Island. Plus it is a popular family destination.

    Youll find onsite food services at the beachfront pavilions with over 600 RV sites that offer complete hook-up facilities. From ample parking space to multiple jetties and surf fishing and bay fishing facilities, you will find endless enjoyment here at Isla Blanca County Park Campground.

    Theres also no shortage of showers or restrooms, along with shaded picnic areas. A variety of water sports activities make this VIP South Padre Island RV Park an excellent option for beach lovers.

    Click here to learn more about Isla Blanca County Park Campground.

    4.4 out of 5 stars on Google reviews.

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    Bird Island Basin Camping Windsurfing And Birdwatching

    We discovered the Bird Island Basin Campground after we had already tried camping on South Beach and camping at the Malaquite Campground . Bird Island Basin campground is on the Laguna Madre, a shallow saltwater lagoon with a sandy bottom. Camping here is primitive, with no dump stations or showers, but it is by far the nicest place to camp if you want privacy and a beautiful view. This is also an ideal location for kayaking, windsurfing, birdwatching and fishing.

    Camping at Bird Island Basin is $5 a day or $10 for an annual pass. There is a 50% discount for holders of the Golden Age, Golden Access or America the Beautiful Senior Pass. There are chemical toilets near the camping area, but, when you need to dump or get fresh water you will need to drive back to the dump and water filling station near the Visitor Center.

    Graceful windsurfers come to surf on Bird Island Basin.


    Tropical Tails Rv Resorts

    Edwin King Atwood Park, TX

    This fantastic RV Park in South Texas covers a huge area of over 150 acres. The lush land around the Rio Grande Valley makes Tropical Tails RV Resorts one of the top choices for campers. It is located in Brownsville about 30 minutes from South Padre Island.

    The security at Tropical Trails RV Resorts makes it the ideal option for campers looking to rest in a spacious site with their favorite RVs. At Tropical Trails RV Resorts, the gates remain secure and guarded throughout the facility.

    While the land covers 150 acres, the RV sites are at least 50-55 feet apart, which means you dont have to worry about social distancing when enjoying your stay at Tropical Trails.

    The park has installed optical fiber cables near each pedestal. You will enjoy a high-speed internet connection so you can stay connected during your stay. You can make financial transactions without worrying about security because the internet is secured and fortified through encryption protocols.

    Rental cottages, on-site diners, and the availability of bars make this gorgeous place a prime choice for many. Consider visiting Tropical Trails RV Resorts to escape your hectic schedule. This place isnt like other congested RV sites that may offer similar services.

    Click here to learn more about Tropical Trails RV Park.

    4.8 out of 5 stars on Google reviews.

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    Rv Camping On North And South Beach Of Padre Island

    The first place we wanted to try camping was on South Beach where RVs and other vehicles can drive on the sand and park on the waterfront. The idea of camping right on the beach appeals to many people, and we were certainly anxious to try it.

    Beaches on in Texas are considered highways, and the same driving rules apply to beach driving as to any Texas roadway. All vehicles driving on the beach must be legal street vehicles, and drivers must be licensed drivers.

    Camping is free on the beach, but you will need to carry out your trash, and drive off the beach to the dump station when you need fresh water or need to dump. There is a chemical toilet and dumpsters at the entrance to South Beach. There are cold water showers at the Malaquite Visitor Center and a dump station and water filling station near the Malaquite Campground.

    It is safe to drive 2-wheel drive vehicles on the beach from the access road and many people drive motor homes and campers out onto the sand where they can park at the edge of the Gulf of Mexico. However, anyone who drives on the beach does so at their own risk, and there are some important tips for driving on the beach.

    Time To Visit South Padre Island Tx

    The tremendous variety of outdoor RV resorts in South Texas makes the region popular across the United States for RVers. If your goal is to spend the week on South Padre Island we highly recommend Isla Blanca County park or Edwin King Atwood park if you prefer boondocking and arent scared about getting stuck in the sand or the tide sneaking up!

    There are so many fun things to do on the island from horseback riding to surfing and bird watching, plus be sure to check out the Laguna Madre Nature Trail.

    Make sure you check out the official websites of the RV sites and campground mentioned above. You can contact the site through their website or by calling.

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    Edwin King Atwood Park

    If you are looking for a beach camping spot that provides guaranteed access to the beach, Edwin King Atwood Park is the best option available to consider.

    You will be able to call this as an isolated beach camping spot as well. Hence, it is providing you the chance to experience a unique experience.

    Before you visit Edwin King Atwood Park for beach camping, you will need to understand that facilities available in here are quite primitive.

    However, it is a perfect getaway for all adventure seekers out there. For example, you will be able to engage with windsurfing and get your adrenaline fix.

    On the other hand, you can also get a relaxing experience while you watch dolphins, as you stay on the beach with a beer in hand.

    Since Edwin King Atwood Park is a primitive beach camping site, you will not have to spend a lot of money to spend your time in here as well.

    If you are looking for an affordable beach camping site, you may take a look at this.

    In fact, the beach camping site is available for free during the off-season for both RV campers and beach campers.

    You will also be able to come to camping at Edwin King Atwood Park along with your dog. There are restrooms and picnic tables that you can use as well.

    Make sure that you are coming here in your 4WD, so that you will never get stuck within sand.

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