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Places To Go Camping For Free

Blackwell Horse Camp: Near Bloomington Indiana

Best Places to Go Camping in the US (2019) | MojoTravels

Indiana isnt really known for its free camping sites, but this one is a must-visit if youre in the area. Blackwell Horse Camp, like the name implies, is geared towards horse riding. However, anyone is welcome to camp there.

We really enjoyed the lush, grassy pastures and space to spread out.

This is a primitive campground, offering no hookups or water on site. There are three bathroom locations, offering a total of 5 vault toilets. A large pavilion is located at the entrance and would be perfect for a family cookout, or group pot-luck. There are fire pits scattered around the park but the sites are mostly DIY parking in an open field.

Dont Just Take Our Word: Hone on Campendium says, Nice spot! Clearly made for horses but there is plenty of space to choose from for all kinds of camping. There were a few pit toilets that were all decent and while there were quite a few other campers I dont think anyone was in anyone elses space. Beautiful stop.

Jinha Beach South Korea

This gorgeous, relaxing camping spot is ideal for nature lovers, and camping in the pine woods which meet the beach is free. There are shower rooms, changing rooms and toilets for visitors, and even a nearby freshwater river to swim in, as well as the crystal clear warm waters of the sea.

Camping spots

Anywhere flat away from a used path, so you get the most serenity during your stay.

Opening times

You can visit all year round.

Best time of the year to camp?

Avoid the end of July and the beginning of August when most South Koreans go on holiday.

What is the campground known for?

Its intimate atmosphere and clean beach.

Boondocking For Quick Overnight Stays

Lets run through a common scenario. Its getting later on in the day, maybe even night time already and youre almost through a long trip to get to a great location you want to explore

You want to get there as quickly as possible so you arent stopping to smell the roses along the way. And you havent planned too far ahead so you dont have a campground site waiting for you. Whoops! But it happens.

Here, boondocking can be extremely helpful.

Instead of trying to find an open campground and paying to sleep for the night only to get right on the road in the morning, you can find a parking lot for free to stop for the night.

Weve done this at Cracker Barrels, friendly Walmarts , restaurants weve eaten dinner at, hotel parking lots, and even truck stops.

Boondocking at a Cracker Barrel parking lot.

As long as you go in and ask if its okay, most of those places will let you stay in the far end of the parking lot. You shouldnt get the grill going or pull out your camping chairs but if youre respectful of using the space most store managers dont mind.

And Ill admit, being in a more stealthy Class B rig helps with this. Well go into all of these places in more detail in Section 3 of this guide.

This form of boondocking can also be helpful when the weather changes quickly and you need a place to ride out the storm. Snow, wind, or excessive rain conditions can change your RV trips plans extremely fast and sometimes you need a place to stop and wait out the bad weather.

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Best Free Camping Apps

The app shown in this photo, The Dyrt, shows BLM land in orange, U.S. Forest Service land in purple, and National Park land in green. It also has icons for campsites, and you can filter by price, amenities, ratings, etc. You can click on each icon to see a quick preview of the site , and you can click again to get a very detailed breakdown of what to expect.

Alright, now that you know what types of free campsites exist, lets talk about the easiest way to find em

Camping Apps!

There are a handful of apps out there that are community-sourced maps of free camping, meaning you can see where other people have camped for free.

Some of these apps will include photos and reviews as well so you know what to expect .

They are super helpful, especially when youre first getting started with the whole vanlife thang. And even now, we still use them all the time because we arent fans of spending hours trying to search for places to park. Wed rather have a destination in mind.

These apps are specific to the USA. Each country that is campervan/RV-friendly has its own network of apps and websites. In our experience, we havent found a great resource that is useful worldwide . The apps and websites mentioned in this article are geared towards the USA.

Were going to go through the best apps for finding free campsites and well explain what makes each unique.

How To Camp For Free On Your Road Trip Any Time Any Place

40+ of the Best Places to Go Camping in Utah 4

Knowing how to camp for free its pretty much the ultimate road trip hack.

Between gas, food, and admission to attractions along the way, travel isnt cheap. Finding ways to make your money go further means your trip can go a little further, too. Free camping might not be the most glamorous option, but its got a certain romance of the open road appeal to it. Heres our advice on how to camp for free anytime, anywhere.

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Boondocking In Undeveloped Campgrounds

Now, this is our type of boondocking! Its also what first pops into mind when most people think about boondocking.

Getting out into the wild, gathering your own firewood, and using battery-powered lights. Maybe firing up the generator a few times to make coffee and generally unplug from daily life literally and figuratively.

If youre relatively new to boondocking or RVing in general, this can be nerve-wracking the first few times you do it. Youre off the grid and need to be self-reliant. It takes some planning but it is absolutely within the reach of any RVer.

When we first started those same intimidating questions were running through our head. What happens if we run down our batteries and get stranded? What if we encounter some less than savory characters in the backwoods of who-knows-where?

If you have these questions, you may enjoy the ebook we put together called The Beginners Guide to Boondocking. In this post we cover the where to go of boondocking but the ebook covers the how to do it piece.

Well go into how to find these types of sites in the next section, you can usually find them in National or State Forests or public land managed by the BLM and boy are they worth it.

These are the sites that Jennifer and I enjoy and the upsides of boondocking in the wilderness are many. Privacy, serenity, uncluttered scenery, wildlife, and truly getting away from it all are at the top of my list.

American Girl Mine: Winterhaven California

American Girl Mine is another free camping site we visit regularly. If you like wide open spaces, desert landscapes and the RV community, this site is for you!

The site is easy to access for almost all types of RVs, making it a great intro to boondocking if youre a newbie. The campsite offers no amenities. Its true dry-camping, so make sure you bring water, food, and power!

Yuma, Arizona is about 15 miles away and has all the shopping youll need. There are many grocery stores . But, driving back to the campsite, you have to cross Californias agriculture check point.

Dont Just Take Our Word: Hollora on Campendium says, We picked a spot not too far in as we were unsure of how the road or area would be. It was awesome. The spot had a rock fire ring too. Short ride to refill water and dispose of trash. Lots to see and do in the desert! The are train tracks near by but they run mostly during the day.

GPS & more details or watch the video below!

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The Complete Guide To Finding Free Camping In Canada

One of the best ways to truly experience the magnificence of Canadas seemingly endless wilderness is to go camping.

There is nothing quite like sitting next to a crackling campfire under the stars, seeing the moonlight reflect on a lake and listening to the haunting call of a loon.

Whether you use a van, RV or tent, there are so many opportunities to find free camping in Canada.

With seven years of camping across Canada behind us, I thought it was about time I shared how exactly we find so many free places to camp.

Travelling in a van as often as we do, our camp finding method is getting quite refined now. This article will feature both traditional camping options as well as overnight convenient camping, useful when travelling from point A to B within Canada.

This article includes affiliate links. If you make a qualifying post through one of these links, I may receive a small percentage of the sale at no extra cost to you.

  • Need a packing list? for a free one!

Cape Hatteras Rv Resort

How to Stay out of RV Parks | Free Camping & Places to Park | Boondocking

A traditional RV Park, CapeHatteras RV Resort has everything you need to enjoy camping in North Carolinaand nothing more.

Case in point: a range of fullhookup RV sites , tent camping sites, and modern cabinrentals. All RV sites have level concrete pads. Clean bathrooms, three swimmingpools, and summertime activities like cornhole and shuffleboard are all locatedon site.

But what makes Cape Hatteras RVResort really special is the location. Its located on the Outer Banks justminutes from the beach. In fact, many of the most sought-after RV sites haveviews of the ocean.

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Buccaneer State Park Mississippi

Now, if you have been following the story of the famous pirate, Buccaneer Jean Lafitte and the marauders’ band, you will notice the Buccaneer state park was their practising area. In addition, you will find the old pirate house near the park, which happens to be among the leading tourist destination.

Other scenic features that you get to see along the shore are the marshlands and sandy beaches, which cover most of the trees along the Gulf of Mexico. The outdoor activities here are plenty, such as disc golf and hiking. You may also try the two-mile pirate’s alley nature trail, which you can harness with several stops along the route to see several features. Here you will be watching the pelicans, egrets and blue crabs.

Free Camping In Mississippi

8.Airey Lake Campsite Located to De Soto National Park there is a fully stocked fishing lake to enjoy.

9. Rocky Springs Campground Lots to see and do here, take a hike to visit a community that was run out by the Civil War and yellow fever, all that remains now is the church and graveyard. Owen Creek Waterfall Trail is nearby as well.

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Free Campsites In The City

In a pickle and dont have time to find a proper campsite?

Sleeping in your car in the city can be more of a gamble, and a little tricky. However, sometimes situations deem city sleeping necessary.

We dont totally recommend basing a trip entirely on these suggestions below, but were sharing them to let you know they are at least an option for your road trip.

Here is a list of free camping in the city and some proper practices when doing so:

  • Arrive late and leave early. City camping is for SLEEPING only.
  • If possible, ask permission from the owner before sleeping in a parking lot.
  • Read this post for tips on sleeping in your car comfortably.

Ontario Is Made For Camping

7 Best Sites for Free Camping in New Mexico

Ontario’s rugged wilderness and abundant waterways are an invitation to sleep the great outdoorsan invitation we can not resist. And as they say, the best things in life are free. In Ontario, the best place to find free and available camping is on a conservation reserve.

Now, we can’t guarantee they will be as manicured as a private campground or even conveniently located , but we can promise that they are totally free. You should also know, these sites generally dont come with any amenities and Crown land camping policies usually apply. But if you’re after an untouched fishing hole, the serenity of the deep woods or just a thrifty ‘staycation,’ then set your GPS to one of these 50 sites.

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Best Free Camping Inwashington

By Sara Sheehy

There is nowhere else in the United States quite like the Pacific Northwest. In the upper left state of Washington, youll find mountain ranges that stretch to the sky, lush and moody rainforests, and a wild coastline that holds such beauty that youll forget that youre within a mornings drive of Seattles city lights.

Washington is chock full of great spots for boondocking and dispersed camping. So grab your tent or RV, stock up on good eats, and head to one of these campsite gems in Washington State.

See a map of all free camping in Washington.

Top 5 Best Places To Camp For Free In The Usa

#1 Yosemite National Park There is a free U.S. Forest Service camping spot along Highway 120, just before the Big Oak Flat. The park entrance is at Harden Flat Road. This spot is less than 28 miles to Yosemite Valley. The Forest Service allows you to camp for up to 21 days. You will need a permit to camp here, and they can be obtained at the Stanislaus Ranger Station on Highway 120.

#2 Oregon Coast Honestly this one is self-explanatory watching the sunset on the Oregon coast over the water is relaxing. There are plenty of places to camp for free on the Oregon Coast so take your pick.

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#3 Lizard Head Pass Located in Colorado there is free camping at Lizzard Head Pass. You are up in the mountains about 10,000 feet above sea level and the views of the Rocky Mountains.

#4 Blue Valley Located in North Carolina this one is in the Smoky Mountains and on one of the many creeks. You can camp for free at Blue Valley for up to 14 days. You are right near many of the hiking trails that lead to the waterfalls.

#5 Jackson Hole Grand Teton National Park Located in Wyoming there are several places you can camp for free in Gran Tenon National Park. The views from these spots are of what is called the most beautiful mountain line in America. You can watch the sunset behind them and watch clouds roll over them. Plus lots of great wildlife. Store your food bears are known in this area!

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What To Pack For Your Free Camping Trip

Since most free campgrounds are located in fairly remote areas, you may not find food, water, and first aid supplies, so youll want to bring all of that with you. If theres a freshwater source, you can bring a water-filtration device otherwise, youll need to bring any water youll need for drinking and washing. Youll also need to bring toilet paper, a shovel, garbage bags, and containers to store food. Because most free campsites have no amenities, if youd like to have camp chairs and a table, youll need to bring those with you, as well. Its also a good idea to learn a few of these brilliant yet simple vintage camping hacks.

According to Benjamin Brosseau, director of communications for the Adirondack Mountain Club in Upstate New York, if youll be camping in an area that has bear activity, all food must be left in your car. If youll be camping away from your car, its essential to bring a bear canister to store your food. Note that in areas where bears are especially curious , anything with a scent must be stored in the car or bear canister, including toiletries and personal-care items.

You also shouldnt forget the road trip snacks. You may have a long way to travel for your camping trip, but you can save some time by packing snacks ahead of time.

Questions To Ask Yourself About Your Free Campsite

Best Places to Camp for Free in Arizona

Now, before you head out to your free campsite, there are a few very important questions you need to ask yourself and your group.

Theres not one online guide out there that will give you all the answers to all the camping locations in the USA. Its up to you to do adequate research, plan accordingly, and know the facts about your proposed campsite.

These questions will help you understand some basic information about your location, and set you up for wilderness camping success.

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Alberta Is Breathtakingfrom North To South East To West

Summers in Alberta are hikes in the alpine, treks along glacier-fed rivers, picnics in wildflower-filled valleys and long road trips across grassy plains. They’re also the perfect time to sleep under the stars.

If you’re adventuring on a shoestring budget camping offers a thrifty solution. There are plenty of great designated campsites but what if you’re intent on going off the grid, or can’t be bothered to make a reservation? For a secluded place to pitch your tent, we’ve found a host of free campsites scattered across Alberta. We can’t guarantee that these spots will be as well-maintained as a private campground or even conveniently located , but if you want a low-key, completely free place to lay your head for the night, these 34 rustic campsites will do the trick.

Site overview: This location has up to five campsites available for use.

Amenities: Near the water and a biking trail.

Location: This campsite is located about 12 kilometres southeast of Smoky Lake, on a municipal road allowance heading south from Township Road 584A and equivalent to Range Road 164. Access is from Highway 28, south on Range Road 165 to a T-junction and then east about 1.5 kilometres on a gravel road.

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