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5th Wheel Covers Camping World

Classic Accessories Permapro Heavy Duty R

2022 Dutchmen Atlas 3172RLKB | 5th Wheel – RV Review: Camping World

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  • Extra strength, lightweight PermaPRO ripstop fabric repels water and protects against dirt and sun damage.
  • Zippered storage bag unzips and expands providing five additional inches of height in storage space.
  • Air vent system and quick drying PermaPRO fabric combine to reduce wind stress and vent inside moisture.
  • Adjustable front and rear tension panels and elasticized hem corners provide a custom fit.
  • Zippered panels allow access to the RV doors and storage compartments. Long zipper pulls reduce the need for a ladder.
  • Integrated strap attachment and weighted toss bag system eliminates crawling under the RV to install tension straps.
  • Tension panels reduce cover stress when tightening the straps.

Pros Of Camper Tire Covers

All of the downside arguments listed above are outweighed by one simple benefit. Prolonged tire life.

Some people might consider camper tire covers aesthetically pleasing, but in my humble opinion, that would not be reason enough to spend the money and take the time to install and remove the tire covers. But the prolonged tire life is a compelling enough reason to buy and use tire covers.

After all, RV tires are expensive and just rotating the tires on a regular basis will not prolong the life of the tires as much as consistently reducing their exposure to damaging UV rays.

I once had a Les Schwab tire store manager explain to me that most RV tires rot before they wear through the tread, and that most of that decomposition occurred on the inside of the tires, not the surface. Excessive heat and the UV rays from direct sunlight exacerbate the decay, so if you can reduce their exposure to ultraviolet light, then you can mitigate the deterioration.

I checked in with the IRV2 forums regarding the need for camper tire covers. The vast majority of the posts were in favor of them, and some people were passionate about the amount of prolonged life you can expect from your tires if you consistently keep them covered.

I think the last time we replaced all the tires on our motorhome, the cost was nearly $2000, and the tires on our newer, heavier RV will cost close to $3000, so extending the life of these tires with 4 $60 tire covers and a little extra work seems like a bargain.

Ease Of Use Closing Mechanisms

A tire covers ease of use is largely attributable to the type of closing mechanism it relies on.

This mechanism determines how easy it will be to install and remove your tire covers as needed.

There are four major types of closing mechanisms used in tire covers: elastic backing, hook closures, buckle and strap closures, and rear eyelets made for string rope through for added security.

Each has their unique pros and cons that we need to cover briefly here.

Elastic Backing

Some tire covers simply have an elastic band or backing on the inside of the cover that keeps it snug against your tire.

This is the simplest type of closing mechanism in tire covers and its also the easiest to use.

However, elastic backing on some covers has been known to lose its elasticity over time, which ultimately means a less secure fit.

Hook Closures

This type of closing mechanism features two hooks that are attached to small pieces of rope or string at the bottom of the cover.

These hooks secure together in order to keep the bottom of the cover from flapping or moving around in heavy winds.

Buckle And Strap Design

Certain tire covers include a buckle and strap design that essentially clips the two sides of the cover together behind your tire.

Many of them also allow the strap to be tightened so that the cover doesnt move around at all while its in place.

Rear Eyelets

Some tire covers also have two small eyelets at the bottom inside corners.

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Shop Camper Spare Tire Covers With Fonts Graphics & Photos

Show off your style to the camping world with RV spare tire covers. A high quality RV spare tire cover is an essential part of your RV gear. Anyone familiar with RVs knows that those giant tires are expensive, so why risk exposing them to the elements? Our RV spare tire covers are top of the line, uv resistant covers.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur.

Many trailer Camper / RV owners love to make statements with all the stickers and window vinyl they put on the front of their vehicles. And if making a statement is your kind of thing, then not only can you customize a tire cover by the type of material, but you can pick colors to match your camper, even designs or logos that will make your vehicle stand out. All you need to do is figure out your camper spare tire size, which is located on the side wall of your tire. Not sure what your tire size is? Feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help you out.

So Which Is The Best Tire Cover For Rv

Camco Ultra Shield 5th Wheel Cover, 28

Weve chosen the Classic Accessories OverDrive Deluxe RV & Trailer Wheel Cover as our choice for the best overall RV tire cover set because it fits RV with tire diameters between 24 and 27 inches and a maximum width of 8.5 inches. This is a common tire size for larger, luxury RVs, travel trailers, and 5th wheels.

This four-pack of covers offers a solution for long-term storage or quick applications when youre moving from campsite-to-campsite.

They have an elasticized back panel that holds them on your tires, but they also include rear eyelets with an included rope that further keeps them in place in high winds or other adverse weather conditions.

But if youre in search of a budget-friendly four-pack of RV tire covers, check out the HJO Products Set of 4 RV Tire Covers.

This is also one of the more stylish sets of covers out there with its black exterior finish and white trim.

This set also includes the thickest covers on the market, which means they provide extra protection and superior durability.

This cover set fits tires between 27 and 29 inches in diameter and offers extra security if you camp in windy locations.

Each cover secures to your tires with both an elastic backing and a weatherproof buckle strap so that theyll remain in place if winds come up.

They also come with a soft interior fleece lining so they wont scratch your tires as you take them on and off.

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Make Sure Youre Covered With Rv Covers Of All Shapes And Sizes

Your RV is your home on wheels, so protect your investment. Instead of washing your RV every time itâs exposed to the elements, protect the exterior with RV covers from Camping World. Our selection includes the Classic Accessories PermaPro Heavy Duty Travel Trailer RV Cover, a Camco ULTRAGuard Class C/Travel Trailer RV Cover, and more! Whether youâre looking to protect your class A, B, or C motorhome or trailer, weâve got what you need to keep your RVâs exterior looking its best. Save water, time, and maintain that mobile curb appeal. Before you pack it up for the winter, get an RV cover to keep your camper safe til springtime comes around again. Find your next RV cover here at Camping World. Use our RV Cover Tool for help picking out the right cover for your RV.

If you are looking for more covers from Camping World, please check out our pages on: Travel Trailer Covers, Camper Covers, Propane Tank Covers, and RV Tire Covers.

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Best Double Xl Covers: Kayme Four Layers Waterproof Tire Covers For Rv & Travel Trailer

For double extra-large tires with a diameter between 33 and 35 inches, wed recommend the Kayme Four Layers Set of 4 Tire Covers.

As their name suggests, these covers offer a four-layer construction.

The first layer is polyethylene and that is followed by a layer of aluminum material. Next comes another layer of polyethylene and then the fourth layer is cotton.

The polyethylene is primarily responsible for the waterproof nature of these covers and the aluminum provides high-quality sun protection.

The cotton material on the interior of the covers provides a soft touch for your tires while protecting them and extending their service life.

Overall, these covers provide protection from sun damage, dirt, rust, corrosion, and all types of weather.

They also feature a hook design that keeps them in place in high winds.

This design makes them more secure than other types of covers that simply rely on an elasticized back panel to keep them in place.

Things We Like

  • Four-Layer Construction: These covers feature two layers of polyethylene, a layer of aluminum, and a layer of cotton.
  • Multi-Faceted Protection: They protect your tires from sun damage, dirt, rust, corrosion, and all types of weather.
  • Hook Design: Keeps the covers more secure than designs without hooks.
  • Storage Bag: They come with a storage bag to keep your covers in great shape when youre not using them.

Things We Dont Like

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Full Disclosure This Article Might Make You Not Want An Rv Cover

It’s a testy subject. Go ahead. Ask more than one RV owner if they think you should get an RV cover. Or go to any RV forum on the subject.

You will get about half and half answers. Half say yes, get a cover. The other half say no RV cover.

Their points of view are all valid, and we address those points below. Be advised- we are not going to paint a shiny story about RV covers.

We will cover the benefits AND the drawbacks of this product.

Whether you are looking for a 5th wheel RV cover, a camper cover, or a motorhome cover, you have come to the right place.

Here are travel trailer cover reviews, motorhome cover reviews, RV cover reviews and more all on one page.

Ap Products Thin Shade Rv Door Window Assembly With Built

2021 Keystone Cougar 25RES | 5th Wheel – RV Review: Camping World

Upgrade your RV windows and doors or install new windows in RV doors that do not have existing windows. AP Products Thin Shade RV window and door assemblies are a direct replacement for existing windows and frames. Features a black frame with tinted windows and recessed pleated shades for easy light and privacy control. If the door does not have an existing window, templates are included for cutting openings in the door for installation.

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Fifth Wheel Trailer Covers

We are the largest Canadian online retailer for Fifth Wheel Trailer Covers worldwide. Here at, we’re united as a team because of our passion for motorhomes and protecting them from all kinds of weather. While we have put a lot of time into developing our Fifth Wheel Trailer Covers to be waterproof, UV resistant and scratch resistant, we also provide the largest inventory and selection you’ll ever find!

What’s also important to us is that we provide you with an excellent customer support service. You can message us or even call us at any time while you are shopping. Even though is an all online shopping experience, we are people on the other end working hard to make you feel appreciated.

For a limited time only, enjoy Free Shipping on all orders to Canada and Lifetime Warranty on all covers. All prices on our website are in Canadian Dollars. We ship directly from our warehouse in Quebec. No more duties or brokerage fees. The price you see is the price you pay. No more hidden fees. We take care of our customers with great products, at unbeatable prices, and a five-star Customer Service Team.

What Are The Top Recommended Fifth Wheel Covers

Having a reliable Fifth Wheel cover is important and can be vital during those winter months when your Fifth wheel isnt being used.

That is why every Fifth Wheel cover should be researched about before purchasing. We looked into all of these Fifth Wheel trailer covers, read the customer reviews, and pick the 7 we felt worked the best.

  • SPORTTravel Trailer Covers
  • RVMasking Heavy Duty 5 Layers 5th Wheel Cover
  • ADCO Designer Series Tyvek Fifth Wheel RV Cover
  • ADCO SFS AquaShed 5th Wheel and Toy Haulers RV Cover
  • Waterproof Superior 5th Wheel Toy Hauler RV Cover
  • Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPRO 3 Deluxe Camper Cover
  • Goldline Premium Long Life RV Cover for 5th Wheel

All of these Fifth Wheel camper trailer covers have proven themselves worthy of this list. Hopefully you will see one that catches your eye.

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How Many Camper Tire Covers Will You Need

Do you need two, four, or six camper tire covers? If you have tag axles on your rig, then there are two tires exposed to the sun on each side of the vehicle, as well as front tires if its a motorhome or van, so that would require 6 covers to fully protect all your RV tires.

If you opt for the screen covers that mount to the inside of your wheel wells, then youll only need four. If youre towing a small trailer with dual tires on one axle, then youll only need two covers for your RV tires. But if your RV is a van or truck camper or a traditional motorhome with dual tires in the back, then youll need four covers to protect all the exposed tires.

To determine how many covers youll need, just count the tires you can see when walking around your rig. You may also want to add tire covers to your towing vehicle and not just your RV.

Best For All Tire Sizes: Amfor Set Of 4 Waterproof Trailer Tire Cover

Camco ULTRAGuard 5th Wheel Cover, 40

If youre looking for tire covers that will work for tires of almost any size, check out the AmFor Set of 4 Aluminum Film Tire Sun Protectors.

These covers are available in a variety of sizes to fit tires from 19 up 42 inches in diameter.

This makes them one of the more adaptable cover sets on our list.

And because they come with four total covers in a set, you wont have to buy multiple sets if your RV or trailer has a total of four tires.

They provide a universal fit and you wont need any other tools or hardware to install them on your tires.

Each cover is made of a thick, waterproof aluminum material thats durable enough to handle the elements.

And they also have a thick cotton wool lining for a friendly touch on your tires.

These covers feature a hook design that keeps them secure to your tires if winds pick up in your camping location.

In addition to protecting your tires from rain and snow, these covers also provide protection against ultraviolet light, defoliation, dust, dirt, and pet pee .

Things We Like

  • Fits Most Tire Sizes: Choose the perfect size covers for your RVs specific tire size.
  • Cotton Wool Lining: Protects your tires and hugs them in the most friendly manner possible.
  • Hook Design: This keeps the covers in place in high winds.
  • Multi-Faceted Protection: They will protect your tires from sunlight, rain, snow, dirt, and other environmental factors.

Things We Dont Like

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Goldline Premium Long Life Rv Cover For 5th Wheel

This is an awesome cover for Fifth Wheels. The Goldline Premium Long Life RV Cover is perfect for keeping Fifth Wheels safe and protected.

It has elasticized front and rear ends to help keep the hems in place. It also comes with a matching storage bag and a reinforcement kit for extra protection.

Industries best 5 year warranty cover. Designed for the discriminating customer, Goldline RV covers outperform every other cover in all critical categories of RV protection. Precision design and expert tailoring using the finest materials available combine to produce a highend RV cover that is as durable as it is beautiful.

This cover is known for its strength and great materials. Customers love that it doesnt look cheaply made, but that it is made from strong high-end materials.

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Rvmasking Heavy Duty 5 Layers 5th Wheel Cover

If you are looking for something that is very heavy duty the RVMasking Heavy Duty 5 Layers 5th Wheel Cover is the one for you.

Not only does it have 5 thick ply-top layers of protection on the top and 3 thick side layers, it is made from non-woven fabric.

It is tear proof with double stitched seams which extend the outside life of the cover and protect it from potential damages.

It is windproof and has 15 pcs waterproof straps that buckle at the bottom. Plus it has elasticized hem corners and adjustable front and rear tension panels.

One of the greatest things about it is that it is anti-mildew because of its 10 air-vents that reduce wind stress and allow the evaporation of water.

The extra PVC cotton lining, extended heavy-duty fabric throughout the top and botto, provide comprehensive protection for your RV

product review

This product comes well recommended and reviews have found it to be easy to install. People love the high quality that they found with this cover.

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Rv Tire Covers Protect Against The Elements

In addition to the damaging effects of exposure to UV, there are plenty of other environmental factors that can damage your tires. Heat. Cold. Rain. Ice. Snow. RV tire covers protect your tires from weather extremes, especially when your RV is stored outside.

But its not just the tires that need protection from these conditions. Your RVs wheels can be damaged by long-term exposure to the elements. So using an RV tire cover helps to keep them protected, too.

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