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Fence For Camping With Dogs

No Digging Diy Dog Fence

The BEST RV Dog Fence

It isnt always practical to dig down into your garden. Whether your garden is covered in an impenetrable substrate, or you dont want to risk your security deposit, this no-digging DIY dog fence design enables you to create a dog fence that uses posts that can be easily hammered down into the ground. The fence itself is made from reasonably sturdy wire, although if you have an especially large or strong dog, you may need to consider a different material for your fence construction.

What Is A Playpen

A playpen is a closed structure designed for dogs to secure them in one place. In other words, it is a mesh kind of a thing that prevents the dogs from self-harm when their owner is occupied or away. It not only prevents dogs from escaping from your sight but keeps them secured from other pets as well.

Why Trust The Spruce

This piece was written by Anne Fritz, who has been writing about pet products for The Spruce for more than two years. Before writing this article, she consulted with her own dog trainer and gathered information from customer reviews and third-party articles. She is the proud owner of two rescue dogs.

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How Tall Does A Fence Have To Be To Keep A Dog Out

It depends on the breed and whether they like to jump. The 24 inches tall fences should be enough for small dogs and puppies. Alternatively, if you go on a hike and cant bring portable dog fences for camping, consider getting the best tents for camping with dogs. Regarding hiking, dont forget to get the best hiking harnesses for dogs, so theyre always controlled at a safe distance and not get lost wandering around alone.

Types And Levels Of Correction

Dog Kennel Steel Wire Outdoor Heavy Duty Pet Cage Pen Run House ...

Usually, invisible dog fences have a shock stimulus so that they control the pet and make it learn to stay within the boundaries. In most cases, dogs learn the rules in no time. Your furry friend will recognize the vibration or sound signal as a warning before it reaches the boundary. Thus, there isnt any need for the dog to get a shock all the time.

But it is important for you to select the right type and level of correction to ensure that it reaches the dog. Always go for a system that has adjustable levels. Keep in mind that small dogs require less stimulation than large dogs.

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Temporary Dog Fence 202: Our Top Picks

Finding a good fence for your dog might seem easy, but there are many factors to consider. Below, youll find some of the best options available along with detailed reviews.

What sets this product apart from the rest?

  • Heavy-duty construction

If you want a dog fence that is both portable and strong, like a real fence, then this option from PaWz is a great choice.

This fence is made from steel, which means it will stand up to all kinds of use and abuse. In addition to this, the powder coating on the steel ensures the fence is weather-resistant too, as the coating will prevent rust in contact with water.

The PaWz Dog Enclosure 40 being tested by our independent expert team.

This PaWz Dog Enclosure consists of 8 large panels with thick steel frames filled with steel wire mesh that will keep your dog safely inside. The panels are connected by hinges, so when not in use, the fence can simply be folded flat for storage. The setup also makes it easy to arrange the fence into any shape you need at the moment.

When setting up a fence for your dog, height is a very important factor. This fence is exactly 1 m high, which is typically enough for most small and medium dogs. Each panel is 80 cm wide which means you get more than 6 meters of fence with one set. The only downside weve found to this fence is that all that steel does get quite heavy.


The Dreambaby Royale 3-in-1 Converta Play-Pen being tested by our independent expert team.








Keep Your Dog Safe With Rv Pet Containment Options

Traveling with your furry friend? Find the perfect RV pet containment options from Camping World! We carry a wide selection that will help your dog stay safe and contained. Select one of our kennel and carrier options that are portable and easy to bring along anywhere. Looking for a place where your dog can play outside? We carry fences and playpens that are perfect for pups who want some fresh air and time off their leash. Want to make sure your puppy stays healthy? We have monitors that track your environment so that you are alerted of any unsafe conditions that could affect your furry friend. Browse all of our choices today so that you and your pets can travel in confidence!

If you are looking for more from Pets, please check out our pages on: Bowls & Feeders, Collars, Leashes, & Harnesses, and Pet Apparel.

Enjoy free shipping on all orders over $99 or, for Good Sam members, orders over $69! Not a Good Sam member yet?

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With A Portable Wireless Fence You Can Camp With Your Dog

There was a Peanuts cartoon when I was a kid that involved a dog, who I can only assume was Snoopy, trying to get into various human institutions like stores, pharmacies and hospitals, only to be met with a hand-lettered sign and a low, booming voice intoning “NO DOGS ALLOWED.”

Luckily, the modern world is a little more welcoming of our 4-legged friends than back in the 70s when I was a kid. Dogs now accompany us to cafes, museums, airplanes, and all manner of once exclusively human places. I think this is just a measure of how the human-animal bond has changed over the years, with dogs and cats moving towards a more central role in our lives.

One place where dogs are more welcome lately is at the campground. Fewer dogs are being left at the kennel and they can now accompany us on camping trips with the family. While this is good news for the pets, it presents some new challenges. How do you keep your dog at the campground? How can you keep them from wandering off your spot and causing problems for other campers, or even worse, getting into trouble themselves? Before you fire up the station wagon and head for the lake, there are a few pointers about containment to keep in mind to make sure that all goes well for you and the dogs.

Keeping Your Dog Safely Contained: Wireless Fences for Camping

Here are a few more tips for a successful campground experience for you and your dog:

Best Dog Fencing For Rv Camping: Dog Camping Series

Our dogs love camping with their new Zeny dog fence! Dog fence review

When youre planning to hit the road in your RV, taking along your furry family member is always a great idea. This is not only the best way to travel but also a much-needed break as you get to enjoy the outdoors together with your pet.

However, those open spaces for camping also mean you will require a secure space like a playpen or fence to keep your dog safe while camping.

In the current market, there are numerous types of dog fences available for RV camping that are both safe and secure not only for dogs but other pets as well. Besides, they are spacious enough to not restrict your dogs freedom to play and enjoy.

In this article, we have reviewed the top dog fencing products for RV camping that will ensure a fun outdoor experience for your dog allowing them to stretch their legs and enjoy themselves. Lets take a look.

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Zeny Exercise Dog Pen

If youre looking for one of the more durable options, ZENYs Exercise Dog Pen would be an excellent choice. This fence is made from heavy-duty rust-resistant metals to ensure dogs will have a tough time damaging it.

This construction should keep the fence from needing to be replaced for many years. You can also attribute its durability to its solid latches and stakes. Both of these features provide a sturdy structure capable of offering a safe but contained place for your pup to roam.

I was impressed with this models excellent storability, as well, which comes from its being collapsible. Therefore, users wont have any issues getting this product back into storage when your dog doesnt need it anymore.

The fences 66.52 sq area will ensure a dog has plenty of room to roam and do their business. Itll also make sure its placement within the campground isnt a nuisance for everyone else. Honestly, I cant see how this model wont be an effective temporary dog fence for your favorite pet.

It doesnt hurt that this models considered easy to set up, either. This fence happens to be another capable of being assembled without using any tools. I cant tell you how much joy came across me when reading this feature, as I tend to struggle with complicated installation processes.

I was a bit disappointed to see this model didnt come with a warranty. Im always going to prefer having one of these policies with a product, such as a portable dog fence.

  • Doesnt come with a warranty

Petmate Wire Portable Dog Fence With Door

The Petmate wire portable dog fence is quite easy to assemble making it another great option to use for your camping trip. It has adjustable wire anchors and panels making it easy to customize it for your dog. You dont need any tools to set it up. The fence is strong, durable and has a strong latch preventing your dog from escaping.

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Pros & Cons Of A Portable Electric Dog Fence For Camping

Although bringing a portable electric dog fence while youre camping is a great idea, some cons can come with it.

If youre on the fence about whether or not you should bring a portable GPS dog fence with you camping, then these pros and cons should help you to make a decision thats best for your situation.


  • The wireless fence boundary might be too big for your campground area
  • The fence doesnt keep other dogs out
  • Youll have to train your dog on their boundaries at the campground
  • The weather and heavy forest can affect the GPS signal

If you simply want to make sure your dog is still around when youre backpacking, you can set up a perimeter that is hundreds of acres around so your dog can roam without going too far.

Loobani Pet Playpen Mesh Fabric Top Cover

Best Portable Dog Fence for Camping: Top 10 Picks! (2021)

The LOOBANI Pet Playpen Mesh Fabric Top Cover, is perfect for small dogs and puppies and it has enough space for them to move comfortably plus they can easily see whats going on around them. You can add additional panels which can connect easily to create a much bigger space for them to freely move around. The playpen is also lightweight so you can carry it around.

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Tooca Rv Outdoor Dog Fence

If youre looking for an RV outside dog fence, TOOCAs RV Outdoor Dog Fence would be an excellent option. It offers several features that ensure this model will have a problem being a safe containment system for your dogs outdoor activities.

One of these features would be its automatic door lock device, which will ensure your dog cant escape by pushing on it. This aspect was a massive hit among the products reviews as many customers seemed more than thrilled with its ability to keep their dog contained.

I was also impressed with this fences construction, featuring iron tubing and a thickened edge tube. Both these features will work together to ensure the fences stability against any collapsing issues. Its another where this option will have no problems making sure your dog doesnt find a way out.

This RV dog fences versatility isnt anything to overlook, either. Its useful either inside or outside. Of course, rig owners might have an issue using it inside, but they could find it helpful in their regular home.

It functions well inside a home because the product has a rubber gasket. This feature ensures the fence doesnt slip and prevents scratches from forming on your floors. Its a nice touch to confirm your rigs or homes interior doesnt become damaged from its usage.

The products assembly process was another standout highlight. You can easily install it with the included poles, which can be set up in different shapes to adapt to what area youre using.

Yaheetech Rv Dog Exercise Fence

The YAHEETECH RV Dog Exercise Fence tends to be a favorite among rig owners for several reasons. For instance, its high-quality iron material design ensures durability most other RV dog fences cant match.

You can rely on this stellar construction to ensure a stable and long-term fence area for your dog. It even offers toughness making sure the product remains hard for smaller dogs to damage successfully.

But dont think this iron material makes the fence hard to transport. This product has a foldable design for peak levels of storage and movability. Rig owners shouldnt have any issues finding a place for it onboard their RVs.

I was also thrilled to see this model came with a door and lock for easy access or closing. It can help enforce the fences security to ensure your dog doesnt find a way out. Multiple buyers made sure to mention this feature as a positive in their reviews.

Buyers should find themselves thrilled to see the number of buying possibilities with this product, as well. Youll have three sizes and four amounts of panels to choose from as a consumer. It makes finding an option capable of fitting your needs a lot easier than other available models.

The products ability to work indoors and outdoors doesnt hurt its appeal, either. It could end up being useful in a variety of situations within your life. After all, you could use inside your regular home to keep a dog contained without any trouble.

  • Shipping issues might occur.

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Find The Best Dog Fencing For Rv Camping

When selecting a secure fence for your furry friend, its important to consider their height and weight apart from their activity level. The following five models are specifically chosen, keeping in mind the above factors and many more when it comes to your travel-loving dogs first camping trip with you.

What Is A Wireless Dog Fence And How Does It Work

RV living…Fencing for traveling with dogs

Wireless dog fences are also known as invisible fences and in many cases that is true as there is little evidence that any form of fence exists.

You may be more familiar with wired fences which operate in a very similar manner to the electric fences that are used bu livestock farmers to prevent cattle and sheep from escaping or getting into areas that they shouldnt.

These wired fences use a low current to present a quick shock to an animal keeping them inside the area that is fenced off.

In the case of a wireless dog fence your dog wears a small receiver on his collar. There is no physical fence but when your dog gets beyond the boundary that is set his collar will respond.

Normally this is in the form of a buzz, a beep and vibration or a gentle shock.

With many collars you are able to select the mode or you can make the choice when you purchase the fence as to which collar does what.

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Best Portable Invisible Dog Fence For Camping: Camping With Dog Guide

We all are aware of how much dogs love to wander around in open spaces without any boundaries. But when you plan to go camping with your dog, leaving your pet in an open space can be slightly problematic.

This is where the role of an invisible dog fence comes into play. It is the best option to solve all your runaway pet problems. Nobody would like it if their dog gets lost or hurt while camping. Having a wireless fence will ensure that your dog is absolutely safe while having a good time.

There are so many options available in the market when it comes to portable invisible dog fences. It can be difficult for you to choose the right one from a sea of options. Besides, you also have to Drawbacksider many factors before buying a dog fence.

This article has come up with some of the best invisible dog fences that are portable and effective. If you are a new shopper, this guide will help you to make better decisions.

Yaheetech Portable Metal Fence

Our last option shouldnt be judged based on its position on this list. In fact, YAHEETECHs Portable Metal Fence has no trouble competing with these other models. It contains several features capable of knocking your socks off.

For instance, I was thrilled that this model was made especially for puppy usage. Dog owners are well aware the puppy stages tend to be the most curious of a dogs life. It also means they tend to get into more trouble, which this fence accounts for in its design.

Its iron construction material would be a perfect example with its robust and sturdy quality. It shouldnt have issues resisting any maneuver that a puppy might attempt. You shouldnt have any concerns about this model holding up against a puppys wrath with this construction.

As with some of our previous options, this products safety features are impressive. It comes with rounded edges and top-tier metal stakes to offer peak levels of security. There isnt a weather condition this fence could hold up against with relative ease.

I was thrilled to see people praised YAHEETECHs customer service a lot within this products buyer reviews. This area isnt one to often receive much fanfare, which makes it essential to mention. It seems this brand takes pride in ensuring everything goes swimmingly with their clients.

  • Some customers complained about the instructions.

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