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Best Camping Mattress Self Inflating

Your Sleeping Pad And Bag Work Together

Best self inflating camp mats: Exped MegaMat, Zempire Monstamat, S2S Comfort & Black Wolf Hexatherm

Its always been true that your real-world warmth and comfort can vary from the tested temperature ratings based on many variables, including humidity, wind, type of shelter, ground conditions, clothing and personal preferences. The central consideration, though, is your sleep system. A sleep system consists of three basic components: 1) the sleeping bag, 2) the sleeping pad, and 3) the sleepers clothing.

If you use a less-insulated pad at colder temps, your sleeping bag might not live up to its temperature rating. It’s important to note that a sleeping bag’s test rating is based on a person who is wearing long underwear and socks, and is sleeping on an insulated pad with an R-value of approximately 5.5.

REI Co-op’s Magnusson Lab has conducted extensive testing to quantify overall sleep system comfort. Sleeping bags and pads, with varying thermal performance, were measured alone and in different combinations. The simple table below shows recommended sleep system combinations based on expected nighttime low, R-value of the sleeping pad, and the sleeping bag temperature rating.

Thermarest 3d Mondoking Single

Thermarest are the go-to manufacturers of sleeping pads for adventure camping, typically producing excellent lightweight mats with great R-Value. These types of mats are not really our recommendations for campsite camping relaxation and will be examined in a separate article.

However, the Thermarest 3D MondoKing is a different beast altogether, combining a fantastic 11cm foam thickness for superb comfort together with excellent thermal properties the R-Value of the Mondoking is a whopping 8.0 which means it can be used in extreme cold. And by extreme we mean below -20°C!

Weighing only 2kg in large size and 2.5kg in XXL , this is a surprisingly lightweight product which has greatly impressed us. It is more less than half the weight of the Vango Shangri-La for example. Personally I would plump for the XL if you find you have a choice of sizes it just gives that extra bit of surface area for a nice sprawl when sleeping, and for not much extra weight.

In a first that weve seen, inflation and deflation are dealt with by two twinlock valves one inny and one outy! The materials and plastics employed are of high quality and feel substantial to the touch this should be expected as it is the most expensive single mattress weve reviewed in this roundup.

With 11cm of inflatable foam on offer, the packed down size is always going to suffer. We measured 66 x 18 cm which frankly isnt too shabby, but obviously too large for hiking overnighters.

Best Camping Mats For 202: What To Look For And Our Favourite Products

Owning a well-made sleeping mat can be the difference between a good nights sleep and a bad one. As a tent camper, your camping mat is the only thing between you and the cold, hard floor, so it’s worth investing.

With so many options on the market, choosing the right mat can be a challenge. Read on for our expert guide to the best camping mats, including what to look out for, as well as some of our favourite products on the market, before your next camping trip.

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Soundasleep Dream Series Self Inflating Air Mattress

With the higher output capacity and smooth air filling experience, this product becomes the fourth one in this list. The build quality is great and its small bubbles to divide weight and give you a better experience. You can adjust the amount of air and get custom firmness. Filling the mattress till its limit will make it hard and then you can remove bit air to make it comfortable.

  • The two-year warranty ensures quality and it is made up of velvet fabric on top.
  • Comfort the back and enhance the quality of sleep to patients using these.
  • Repair kit included supporting 300 lbs weight after applying that.

No doubt that most of the buyers want quality experience and zero patches on the mattress however, it is not possible always. This mattress wont puncture easily but if they do then you can use repair kit and get the perfect mattressagain.

Things To Look Out For When Choosing A Camping Mat

What Is The Best Self Inflating Air Mattress For Camping ...

When buying a new camping mat, the first thing you need to do is work out what type of camper you are. Will you be camping in the summer or all-year-round? Will you be packing your mat in the car, or will you need to squeeze it into a backpack? Once youve worked that out, read our top 3 things to think about when choosing the best camping mat:

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Critical Camping Mattress Considerations

SIZE – For the best experience, make sure to take dimensions into consideration when youre choosing a camping mattress. If youre tall or a tosser-turner, you may want to size up to a long, wide, or XL version to give yourself plenty of space. Check the floor dimensions of your tent to find out what mattress will fit best. You may also find our Tent Size Guide helpful.

The REI Camp Dreamer XL and the Exped MegaMat 10 LXW are our go-tos for most camping trips

THICKNESS – Thicker mattresses tend to feel more cushy and comfortable. They cradle your shoulders and hips when you lay on your side, and you wont bottom out when you sit up. It used to be the norm to use thin pads for camping, but these days its not uncommon for mattresses to be three or four luxurious inches thick. That said, there are some excellent low-profile options on our list if you prefer a more minimalist approach or space-savings is a concern.

Thick mattresses are cushier and comfier, but thinner pads are lighter and more compact for transport


  • Self-Inflating: Some pad and mattresses are self-inflating, which means they automatically take in air when you open the valve. Just leave them alone for a while, then all you have to do is top them off with a few lung-fulls of air to firm them up. Self-inflating pads are convenient and easy, though they arent totally work-free.

the REI Camp Dreamer XL self-inflates quickly and the valve allows for quick and complete deflation

King Koil Self Inflating Air Mattress Twin & Queen Size

Our top pick for this list is King Koil Air Mattress because of their brand credibility and all the key features offered to everyone. This mattress is bubble mattress which means that you will get better back support and your weight will be divided equally. The key factors are â

  • Available in 3 different sizes with six feet of height.
  • Highly reliable for in-home use and is perfect for overnight guests, friends or relatives, and camping trips.
  • Comes with a portable and handy pump which will fill the air in three to four minutes.

You can adjust the firmness level by adjusting the air inside and it comes with quiet and quick inflammation. It has the leakproof material for longer durability. It is Anti Decubitus mattresses provide better durability thatâs why it provides long term use. People with pain in the back will find it reliable and gets the benefit for an orthopaedic mattress with ease.

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What About A Cot

A cot may stretch the definition of a sleeping mattressconsidering it comes with a metal structure in addition to a sleeping platformbut its a viable and quite popular way of sleeping in a tent. We love cots because they get you high off the ground, and they can double as a couch for hanging out during the day. Comfort-wise, they usually fall in the mid-range. The Coleman ComfortSmart Deluxe that weve included above is reasonably soft, but it still falls short of a quality self-inflating mat. On the other hand, a cot like the Coleman is a great value at around $100.

The most important consideration is whether you can transport the cot and fit it inside your tent. Most cots only fold in half, so they are extremely large . If youre bringing a few cots, it may be impossible to squeeze everything into your vehicle. And inside your tent, the tall height of the cot may run into the sloped walls. But if you have the space and are willing to haul it around, a cot can be a great choice for camping.

Hikenture Double Inflatable Camping Air Mattress


If youre looking for a comfortable, reasonably priced double camping air mattress, then this model by Hikenture could be just what you need. While other air mattresses may be more luxurious and comfortable, this model is both lightweight and highly packable making it perfect for more remote trips.

Non-self inflating, this mattress comes complete with a foot pump, so its suitable for camping off-grid. At 3.75 inches thick and 47 inches wide, it can accommodate two sleepers with comfort, no matter what your sleeping position. Made from durable polyester, it is also waterproof and wear-resistant specially designed to live up to your outdoor adventures.

With a packed size of only 13.8 by 5.9 inches and weighing just 3.64 pounds, you wont have to worry about it taking up too much space in your trunk or when carrying it from your vehicle to your destination. For this reason, this camping air mattress is suitable if you are planning on camping out in the wilderness and need to cover several miles on foot before setting up camp.

Unfortunately, though, this model only has an R-value of approximately 1.5, making it unsuitable for use during winter or cold weather. However, with the space and money you save, you could invest in an additional foam pad to improve its insulation.

Despite this issue, if you are looking for a low price double camping air mattress and youre not planning on camping in cold weather, this model could be just what you are looking for.

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Coleman Air Mattress With Camping Cot

If youre more of a glamper than a camper, then the Coleman Air Mattress with Camping Cot is your best choice for home-away-from-home comfort. This set includes a strong steel folding frame, an air mattress and Colemans 4D battery-powered pump.

With a bed height of 22 inches, you wont struggle to get in and out of bed and as youre sleeping far off the ground, you shouldnt feel the cold. While this mattress does take up a fair bit of space, you can use the area under the bed for extra storage. There are even two sewn-in side table flaps complete with drink holders that can be used to hold lighter items such as books or maps.

Thanks to its ComfortStrong coil system, the air mattress remains stable all night long, even if your sleeping partner tends to move around. The DoubleLock valve ensures leak-free inflation and will keep your bed intact for the duration of your trip, while the sewn-in cover ensures that your mattress wont slip off the frame.

As you can imagine, this set is fairly bulky and heavy. It folds up into the included wheeled carry bag, that is comparable in size to a small tent so its really only suitable for when youre parking up at a campsite.

While its not for everyone, if you want to enjoy your camping trip with a real bed and have the space available, then this model makes a good choice.

Kingcamp Double Self Inflating Camping Sleeping Pad

If you are looking for an upgrade to your foam camping pad, but dont want to go for a full-on air mattress, then this self-inflating sleeping pad by King Camp makes a great option. Wide enough for two at 51.2 inches, it also folds down the middle into a single-person bed for added versatility.

Although it is only 1.6 inches thick when inflated, this sleeping pad is surprisingly comfortable when compared to your average non-inflatable camping pad. Thanks to its insulated foam filling, it has an R-value of four, which makes it suitable for three-season use, if youre happy to wrap up warm on colder nights.

It is extremely easy to inflate, simply open the valve and it inflates itself. The two included pillows are also self-inflating which saves time when setting up camp. Once your trip is over, deflation is simple and the mattress comes complete with a convenient carry bag.

However, it should be noted that, at 9.7 pounds, this model is rather heavy, a lot heavier than your average camping pad. For this reason, its not the most practical choice for backpacking or hiking trips.

That said, if weight is not an issue and youre looking for an inflated pad rather than a full-on mattress, this is a great in-between model that is surprisingly comfortable and easy to set up.

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Self Inflating Sleeping Pad For Camping

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  • 2″ THICK SLEEP SUPPORT – Want to sleep comfortably anywhere? Then you will love this sleeping pad! No need to suffer with a cheap, flimsy, and undersized outdoor sleeping pad! This quality portable camping pad is perfect super sturdy and extremely comfortable – great for any sleep position!
  • WEIGHS ONLY 14 OZ AND PACKS DOWN TO THE SIZE OF THIN WATER BOTTLE – perfect sleeping pad to accompany you on your next backpacking trip! This ultra-light and super-portable sleeping pad will fit in any backpack and wont cause backaches from its weight. Youll wish you found this years ago very convenient to carry and comes with a sleek storage pouch.
  • TOUGH, DURABLE, LARGE AND COMFY SLEEPING PAD – made with the strongest outdoor-grade material, this sleeping pad is perfect for any weather conditions. Able to accompany you on any type of adventure, this camping mattress pad inflates to an impressive size of 75″ X 25″ and will give you the comfort you need.
  • TEAR RESISTANT WITH HEAVY DUTY RIPSTOP NYLON FABRIC this lightweight sleeping pad is made of super strong, waterproof, camping-grade ripstop nylon fabric. With 20 denier thickness, this sleeping pad is designed to last a lifetime in the most severe conditions.

Who This Is For

Best Thin Air Mattress for Camping 2020

Do you occasionally like to sleep outside, in a tent or under the stars? If you do, and if you find yourself either cold or uncomfortable with your current sleeping setup, this guide is for you. Are you contemplating a first-ever backpacking trip, or wondering what type of sleeping pad to buy for a kid looking forward to a first camping trip? If so, this guide is for you, as well.

Weâve seen people sleep on all sorts of things when camping, including cotton futons, foot-high AeroBeds, foam pads, yoga and pilates mats, canvas cots, pool floats, life jackets, and folded blankets. If you have any of those items around your house, find them comfortable and warm enough, and have room to stuff them in your car, any of them could become your camping bed.

But if youâre looking to buy a sleeping surface specifically for camping, dozens of hours of research and testing have led us to the conclusion that your best bet is a camping-specific pad that rises just a couple of inches off the ground. Counterintuitively, these types of pads are often more comfortable, usually warmer, and most likely more durable than full-size air mattresses. Theyâre far more compact and easy to transport than a futon or cot, and theyâre more cushy and comfortable than most exercise mats.

Without the insulation of a sleeping pad, your body tries to create temperature equilibrium with the earth. This is known as conductive heat lossâand youâre the one who loses.

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Ease Of Inflation And Deflation

The best self inflating mattresses are easy to both inflate and deflate. Usually, how easy a mattress is to inflate and deflate is reflected in the price. So the more expensive the mattress, the easier it will likely be to inflate.

Some mattresses have multiple ports, which make the inflation and deflation process quicker.

Berghaus Air 10 Double

Measuring only 71 x 40cm when packed up and a reasonable 4.6kg in weight, the Berghaus Double Air 10 Self-Inflating Mattress is one of the top-performers weve tested for both comfort and warmth.

Berghaus is a name synonymous with quality outdoor gear, and we love their tents, waterproof jackets and overtrousers especially.

The Air 10 Double SIM offers a very decent 10 cm of thickness and only takes around 5 minutes to fully inflate all by itself! No pumps needed here.

The SIM comes packed away tightly in a decent stuff sack and is certainly easy to stow in your car boot with the rest of your camping equipment.

Operation is simple. The Berghaus uses a rotatable flip valve with a protective sealed cap to secure in place. When the flip valve is is one position air can get in but not escape . In the other orientation, air can escape but not get in use for deflating.

For inflating, remove the cap and make sure the valve is in the inflate position. Unroll the mattress and it will automatically let air rush in and will self inflate. Spot the top-selling author in that previous sentence!

After inflation, just screw the valve cap in and hey presto, its ready to lie on!

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Ultimate Guide To The Best Self Inflating Mattress Australia

If youve been scouring self inflating mattress reviews in search of the best self inflating mattress Australia has for your next camping trip, and have found yourself feeling even more confused about which one is right for you, youve come to the right place!

I know that looking for the best self inflating mattress can be a daunting task I recently did it myself and it was quite a minefield trying to work out what was going to be affordable as well as good quality for my family on our regular camping trips.

In this guide to the best self inflating camping mattress Australia options out there, Ill walk you through how to choose the best self inflating air bed or mattress thats right for you.

Whether youre just in search of the best cheap self inflating mattress, or one that is perfect if youre looking for a 4WD self inflating mattress review, I have been through many of the best buy self inflating mattress options on the market and give you the full low-down in this guide with my favourite options as well.

So, if youre not sure quite which best self inflating camping mat, pad or mattress is right for you, lets get stuck into what you need to know and how to choose the best one for you!

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