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Portable Power Supply For Camping

Fospower Emergency Solar Crank Portable Radio

This Portable Power Supply Changed Camping For Me – Jackery Explorer 240

This product works as an emergency radio and power source. The radio can receive emergency weather reports and news broadcasts, making your camping experience safer. It also has a flashlight, reading light, and an SOS alarm. The SOS alarm emits a loud siren and a bright red light to indicate your location to others. However, it does not transmit radio signals or allow any forms of communication. This also works as a 2000 mAH power bank to charge your mobile devices.


  • Frequency Range: AM-520 to 1710KHz, FM- 87to 108MHz, WB-162.400 to 162.550MHz
  • Maximum Power Consumption: 2W
  • Working Voltage: 2.7 to 4.2V
  • Power Sources: 7V Li-ion
  • Dimensions: 2 x 2.9 x 2.1 inches
  • Weight: 68 pounds

What Is A Portable Power Supply For Camping

A portable power supply is a device that allows you to stay plugged in and all your battery-powered devices fully charged during outdoor adventures. These devices range from solar-powered to wind-powered gadgets, generators, power inverters and battery packs.

Today, they usually have inbuilt inverters that make it easy for them to charge AC devices and they can be recharged using the cars battery or solar. Whether its a television, heater, premium tent fans, a smartphone or a microwave, you dont have to sacrifice your comfort just because there is no electricity.

Budget Pick: Jackery Explorer 300

If your main priority is portabilityfollowed closely by plentiful power and port optionstheres no better option than the Jackery Explorer 300. Its light enough for the average person to tote around without breaking a sweat. It has a great capacity and maximum output for the price, and nearly as many input/output ports as our larger picks. And, since its essentially a miniature version of the Explorer 1000, it has the same rugged and streamlined design.

In our testing, the Explorer 300 was able to run our tabletop fan for 6 hours, which is as long as any other lightweight contender. The Anker PowerHouse II 400 had the same run time, the Aukey PowerTitan 300 lasted 5 hours, and the Jackery Explorer 160 lasted 2 hours with the same fan. In our max-output test, the Explorer 300 produced an impressive peak of 384 Wwell over its 300 W output rating, and slightly higher than what we measured from the other lightweight options we considered.

Like its bulkier sibling, the Explorer 300 has a hard-plastic shell, four rubber feet on the bottom, and a sturdy handle on top. At the same time, it weighs just 7 pounds, or about as much as a newborn babyour top and runner-up picks weigh 22 and 18 pounds, respectively, or about as much as a 1-year-oldso its much less strenuous to carry around. Plus, it takes up less space in a car trunk or closet.

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Portable Power For Camping Faq

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about portable power for camping.

Q: Will my portable solar panel work in cloudy weather?

A: Solar panels work best in bright, sunny weather. That said, they still perform in cloudy conditions, although at a slower rate .

Q:How do you charge a portable power station?

A: You can charge your portable power station via a wall outlet, 12v car port, or a portable solar panel.

Q:How much power output do I need from my portable power device for camping?

A: You might only need enough power to recharge your smartphone once or twice. For longer trips, youll probably want to recharge your devices several times and maybe even power small appliances. A portable solar panel enables you to recharge your power station as many times as needed.

Review Of Solarpod 240 Portable Solar Generator Battery Pack

Chafon Portable Power Supply for Camping or Emergency ...

This is a review of the Solarpod 240 portable solar generator. It has a large carry handle, isn’t too big so is still portable and has a decent amount of power to back itself up, we look in to it more.

We have done a thorough field test of this device for a recent mountain biking excursion in the Welsh mountains. It was a 2 night stop over with 2 of us camping near some local trails. We each had a smart phone, 1 tablet between us and 3 cameras between us, 2 powerful front headlight torches and other small USB powered bicycle lights. We wanted to see if we could use the electrical gear without hesitation and each evening charge the devices.

We had everything stored in a large plastic container with lid which we could keep inside the tent and make sure that it kept everything, including the Solarpod 240 solar generator dry for the 3 days in the tent, no matter the weather. We’ll get to this little test in a bit, for now, here are some specs.

Specs and Features

3 outputs: 110V AC, 12V DC and Dual USB. With this you can run a laptop, charge some camera batteries and also two USB charging devices such as a phone or tablet.

It has over 2500+ charge cycles available being lithium polymer battery technology, weighs about 7kg and is the size of a large brick.

Our little mountain biking expedition went better than expected, everything we took with us was already fully charged so that definitely helped but the Solarpod did its thing and more.

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The Best Portable Power For Camping In 2021

Just because youre camping doesnt mean you cant keep all your devices fully charged.

A portable power device is the key to charging smartphones, GPS devices, cameras, and laptops at the campground or on a road trip.

Its even possible to power a CPAP while camping, run a refrigerator or electric cooler, or even use a heater with the right portable power station.

Today, were going to look at the best portable power for camping in 2021.

Looking for a portable solar panel for camping? Our guide to camping solar panels breaks down the top options in detail!

Powertraveller Extreme Solar Best In Test

Price: £115Weight: Extreme 280g, Solar panel 284gCapacity: Extreme 12,000mAh, Solar panel max 5W outputDimensions : Extreme 140 x 78 x 28mm, Solar panel 275 x 180 x 15mm

This combination battery and solar charger kit consists of two components. Theres a 12,000mAh capacity power bank and a separate folding solar panel of clamshell design that delivers a max output of 5W. The power bank has a 2.0A USB output as well as a USB-C port and, uniquely among the power banks in this test, a 12V DC outlet. This makes the Powertraveller a versatile option for charging multiple devices quickly, from SLR cameras and GPS devices to the latest smartphones. Its housed in a tough, rugged, waterproof case with an IP65 rating, meaning it is dust-proof and waterproof . The power bank also supports pass-through charging and is supplied with an array of cables to fit various devices.

The solar panel is compact and lightweight. It unfolds to 210 degrees and will charge in low light conditions. A flashing LED light shows green for optimum charging, red for lower-quality conditions. Handily it also comes with a Velcro strap that enables you to attach the panel to a rucksack.

Get the latest price at:

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Ef Ecoflow River 720 Portable Power Station

This portable power station is compatible with smartphones, laptops, cameras, drones, and other devices. It can charge ten devices simultaneously. This high-capacity generator takes one and a half hours to get charged. With X-Boost mode on, it charges devices up to 1800W with its 600W inverter. It comes with a 24-months warranty. This power station is ideal for outdoors.


  • AC Output: 600 W
  • Dimensions: 4 x 7.3 x 9.3 inches
  • Weight: 8 lbs


  • Display information may be incorrect

These are our top choices for portable power supply devices. Before picking any of these, there are a few factors to consider.

Yeti 3000x Lithium Battery 2000w Portable Ac Inverter Generator

Unboxing DBPower Huge Portable Power Supply 67200mAh for Camping Travel Emergency
  • Output Wattage: 2000 watts

The Yeti 3000X is a high-performing portable power supply that is meant for full-time, off-grid camping.

It has the highest output wattage and charge capacity of any of the portable power stations on our list.

That means it also has the largest dimensions and the heaviest weight.

So Goal Zero did us all a solid by mounting it on a set of sturdy wheels with a suitcase-style handle to help you move it around more easily.

There are seven different output ports to utilize and they can be plugged into simultaneously.

They include two USB-A ports, one 18-watt USB-C port, one 60-watt USB-C port, a 12-volt output port, two 6-millimeter output ports, and two 120-volt AC outlets.

On the front of the charging station, there is an interactive LED display to help you monitor the remaining charge and other vital statistics.

That includes input and output and the number of hours remaining until it achieves a full charge.

In addition to being rated for 2,000 watts, it also provides surge protection for up to 3,500 watts.

That is enough to power most of the large and small appliances in RVs and travel trailers, but you should always test before relying on this power supply for all of your needs.

This thing really is a beast though. It can power your blender for up to eight hours so that you dont have to alter your morning smoothie routine.

It can also run a full-size fridge for up to 55 hours before it needs to be plugged in.

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Portable Power For Camping

With a lithium portable power station, you can use your small electronic devices even when youre miles from the grid. Youll have mobile power for camping, overlanding, boondocking, and hiking, or for the following situations:

  • Glamping
  • Work on the go
  • Backup power in bad weather
  • Living off the grid
  • When no outlets are available in a building
  • Setting up holiday lights without using extensions

What Is A Solar Generator

It’s a large battery pack but has safe charging and circuit protection which means they can have outputs to plug items in to them, so you can charge many different things wherever you want. In the coffee shop, on a camping trip, during a full day out, at an event without a power supply, going for a longer journey on your electric bicycle? Charge that too mid ride, so many options! What makes it different to just a power bank with USB charge is the solar input, you can charge them from solar setups you already own or via a UK mains plug or even on the road whilst in your car using a 12v cigarette lighter.

Below you will see many different examples on how and where you can use them, none though are waterproof, so if you want to use on your next adventure outdoors, make sure to create a safe environment for your solar generator. We would recommend a plastic container with clips which you can put your battery and electrical items inside of when charging. Just remember to make sure there is a decent flow of air as these power packs can warm up.

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Review Of Maxoak K2 50000mah Power Bank Battery

This is a review of the Maxoak 50,000mAh behemoth battery bank and external power supply. This isn’t a solar generator like the others but is still capable of powering and charging your phones, tablets and laptops with it’s multi connectors.

We’re reviewing this Maxoak 50,000mAh behemoth of a battery which can power pretty much anything you chuck at it because it’s an alternative to the solar generators. You can’t charge this from a solar panel, which is a shame, we thought you might be able to but we haven’t had any luck with our USB Goal Zero Panels and we’ve read online that other USB solar panels dont charge it either. Either way, we didn’t get it for that, we reviewed it for it’s awesome power and huge battery capacity.

Features & Specs

It can charge all phones and tablets off of USB, digital camera batteries or cameras if they charge by USB. It can also charge the most popular branded laptops, I have a Lenovo G5 and an old Dell and my partner has a Lenovo 13″ laptop and an old Samsung and they all have different charging connectors and they all charge from the Maxoak battery. It won’t charge them all at the same time but it is good enough for a couple of charges.

Smartphones: 10-18 charges

Outputs: 20V/3A for laptops, 12V/2.5A for cameras and two USB 5V/2.1A and two 5V/1A

Recharge Time: 6 hours from UK wall socket

Whats in the box: 1 x battery power bank,1 x Home charger, 1 x DC cable, 14 x Laptop charge connector, 1 x Multifunction bag, 1 x Manual

Why You Should Trust Us

300Wh Multifunction Outdoor Power Bank Portable UPS Power ...

Ive been a science journalist for more than seven years, covering a wide variety of topics from particle physics to satellite remote sensing. Since joining Wirecutter in 2017, Ive reported on rechargeable batteries, power banks for phones and tablets, portable laptop chargers, solar chargers, and more, and I spent 73 hours testing portable power stations for this guide alone.

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How Long Will The Power Last

That depends on:

  • What you’re powering.
  • How long you’re powering the appliances/devices for.

To work out how long your generator can run for continuously before it needs to be refuelled:

  • Write down the usable watts it generates .
  • Write down the total watts needed to power all your appliances/devices .
  • Divide the first number by the second number .

To work out how long a battery or solar panel can run for continuously before it needs charging:

  • Write down its Ah .
  • Write down the total watts needed to power all your appliances/devices .
  • Multiply the watts needed by the number of hours you want everything to run for each day .
  • Divide this number by 12 to get the total amp-hours needed per day .
  • Divide the battery power Ah by the amp-hours needed each day to get how long the battery will last before it needs charging .

If you’re only powering one thing with your battery:

  • Say you’ve got a 130Ah battery and your lights need about 8Ah .
  • If you’re using them for 3 hours a day, you’ll need 24Ah per day .
  • So your 130Ah battery can power them for five days

Best Camping Power Supply Options For Portable Power

When you make a purchase through our links, we may earn commissions from Amazon, REI and other retailers. You can learn more about our editorial and affiliate policy here.

Just because youre roughing it in the outdoors doesnt mean you have to be without power.

Here at Territory Supply, were all about getting off the grid and reconnecting with nature. That said, the ability to have power in the backcountry can also come in handy.

Thanks to portable power options, you can have some juice to charge up all your tech gadgets, lights, and even some small appliances when youre chilling around camp. That means you can look up your trail maps on Gaia, check the weather report, and plug in your speakers to get the campsite party going.

Best of all, you wont have to worry about lugging around massive, bulky gear from campsite to campsite when youve got portable, compact power sources. These also work well for treehouse Airbnbs or fire lookout rentals where you have a nice cozy place to stay but electricity can be limited.

If you love camping but prefer to keep your electronics online, weve got you covered. Heres our list of the best portable power options for camping.

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Goal Zero Yeti 3000x Portable Power Station

This impressive portable power station has it all. A 1500 W AC inverter with a 3000 W surge gives you the ability to run even larger appliances during a power emergency or while out in the woods camping.

There are two wall outlets perfect for charging power tools, small appliances, laptops, speakers and more. Four additional USB ports give your small electronic devices enough power to keep everybody happy and plugged in wherever you roam.

This is one of the finer power stations that are portable sized for camping, during power outage emergencies, for car/van trips or for throwing an outdoor off-the-grid party with tunes and more.

There is no need for smelly gas fumes or the usual operational noise, and this compact power station holds its charge for a full 3 months without requiring any upkeep. Packs a lot of power while still ideal for camping with wheels and a telescoping carry handle.

-Watt-hours: P-3075Wh .

-Weight: 68 lbs.

-Recharge time: AC wall outlets 2X 25 hours, Solar panel Boulder 100 34 to 68 hours, Boulder 200 Briefcase 17 to 34 hrs.

-Available outlets: 12 V car port up to 10 A with 120 W Max 4X USB 5 V with up to 2.4 A and max 12 W 2 X AC 110 V 1500 W with 3000 W Surge.

*Disclosure: I only recommend products that I would use myself. This post may contain affiliate links that may earn me a small commission at no additional cost to you. Read the full .*

How Much Are Generators Batteries And Other Power Sources

Best Portable Power Station For Camping? – Novoo 62,400mAh Portable Power Bank Review

Anaconda has:

When you go to the Camping & Hiking section on the Anaconda website and select Power, you’ll see tick box filters down the left hand side of the page. Using these filters makes working out which power sources to buy simpler because you can choose to filter what you see by:

  • Category – so you only see generators, solar,other power sources .
  • Price – so you only see power sources that are within your budget on the page.
  • Deal – so you only see power sources that are on sale or at clearance prices.
  • Brand – so you can see power sources made by a specific brand.

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