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Ginnie Springs and Santa Fe River Snorkeling Tour

Camping truly is for everyone, from your oldest family member to little campers just trekking out for the first time. Whether your plan is to relax, explore or reconnect, KOA campgrounds are a great place to create memories with those you love.

Here are just a few of the reasons we believe so many people love camping:

Making memories: Camping is sure to be an experience your family will never forget. From a day spent exploring everything your campground has to offer to an evening roasting s’mores around the campfire, these memories will last forever.. Plus, the chance to learn new skills and experience new things keeps us all young at heart!

Family connections: Camping provides you and your family with a unique opportunity to reconnect and spend time together. Cooking over the fire, telling stories under the stars and hitting the road together strengthens bonds and gives everyone a chance to take part.

Learning opportunities: Whether you’re cooking outside for the first time, taking a family hike or teaching your children how to fish, there are endless opportunities to experience new skills and adventures on a camping trip.

Physical activity: Setting up the tent, unpacking the car or organizing your gear in the RV are all ways to get active and you can stay moving with fun activities like hiking and swimming. Plus, a full day of activity and fun often leads to a great nights sleep!

The 5 Best Florida Freshwater Springs With Rv Campgrounds

The freshwater springs of central and north Florida might be one of the most unique landscape features of the U.S. These crystal clear bodies of water look like they belong on a secret tropical island rather than just a few miles from many popular locations in this southern winter haven.

The thousands of springs throughout the state bubble up from the porous limestone and the ancient Floridian aquifer. The springs are home to many of the states fish and birds as well as the endangered manatee. In addition, you dont have to worry about Floridas famous gators in these springs. They dont like the cooler water temperatures and tend to stick to more muddy waterways.

Unfortunately like the manatee, many of these springs are also in peril. Groundwater usage by millions of people, tropical storms, rising sea levels, and fertilizer runoff are affecting the clarity and health of these special places.

The endangered manatee. Photo by from Pixabay

So while there are some amazing places to go camping next to these springs, the state of Florida does control the number of places where RVs and other more high impact visitors are allowed.

Juniper Springs Recreation Area Silver Springs

It doesnt get better than the majestic Juniper Springs Recreation Area in Silver Springs, Florida.

Pristine water coupled with plenty of outdoor activities make it a must-visit.

The Juniper Springs Recreation Area has a large campground.

It is one of the oldest in the area, dating back to the 1930s.

79 shaded campsites are on offer here, and amenities include picnic tables, hot showers, canoe/kayak rentals, and drinking water.

The campground is one of the most popular in the area so be sure to book your spot in advance!

  • Facilities: Canoe/kayak rental, hot showers, flush toilets.
  • Activities On-Site: Canoeing, kayaking, swimming.
  • Address: 26701 FL-40, Silver Springs, FL.

Manatee Springs State Park is a natural oasis near Chiefland, Florida.

The spring itself flows directly into the Suwannee River.

There are plenty of great water activities to do here, like swimming and snorkelling.

Its also a popular spot among divers as open water diving is allowed in the Main Spring and the Catfish Hotel.

To see the surrounding cypress forest, take a walk on the popular boardwalk which also allows bikes.

Nearby, there is a campground equipped with everything you could possibly need.

  • Facilities: Picnic area, canoe rentals, toilets, playground.
  • Activities On-Site: Paddling, boating, scuba diving, snorkelling, swimming.
  • Address: 11650 NW 115 St, Chiefland, FL.

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Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

What are some popular services for rv dealers?

Some popular services for rv dealers include:

What are people saying about rv dealers services near Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670?

This is a review for a rv dealers business near Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670:

“I’m on month 4 of a 5-month family camping trip and a few days ago my slide out wouldn’t go out. I had to put my family and kids in a hotel because we couldn’t even get to the bathroom or kids bedroom. I called J& L on a Monday and they immediately said that they would love to get me in as soon as possible so that they could hopefully fix the issue and get us back in the camper.I dropped the camper off on a Wednesday morning and they called me Wednesday afternoon to let me k is what the problem was and that they could have it fixed the next day! I was amazed!When I picked the camper up, I was shown what the problem was and what had to be done to fix it. The entire staff I engaged with truly wanted to help.I could not have had a better experience!”

Salt Springs Recreation Area Salt Springs

La Junta, Colorado Tourism Board

Salt Springs Recreation Area is a hidden gem within Ocala National Forest.

This natural mineral spring can be found in Central Florida and is also home to the largest campground in Ocala.

If you dive into the spring, youll notice natural vertical fissures, which is where the salt forms.

For those looking to catch fish, go further downstream to Salt Springs Marina or Salt Springs Run.

To go hiking, follow the Bear Swamp Trail or Salt Springs Wildlife Observation Trail.

Onsite, there are full RV hookups, spacious campsites, and a specific area for tents.

  • Facilities: Full RV hookups, boat ramp, picnic tables.
  • Activities On-Site: Swimming, snorkelling, kayaking, hiking.
  • Address: Fort McCoy, FL.

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Awesome Natural Hot Springs In The United States

These natural hot springs are secluded, not too far from the trailhead, and warm enough to relax in on a chilly winter day. The downside is that virtually all of the primitive hot springs in the United States are found west of the Mississippi River. Have I mentioned that yet? Secret hot springs road trip anyone?

When planning a hot springs getaway, my recommendation would be to make a weekend of it . Pitch your tent for a few nights or hole up a cabin so you can enjoy hot springs, local hiking trails, and just relaxing in nature. Weve included recommendations for either camping or lodging after each hot springs recommendation to help you plan the perfect hot springs vacation.

Here are the best wild hot springs across the United States for total winter bliss.

Where Is Ginnie Springs

Located in High Springs, a little further north than Ocala National Forest, it is a bit of a mission from most places so most people visit from the bigger cities as a weekend trip.

If you are visiting from interstate or abroad, its best to Fly into Orlando as opposed to Miami if you wish to visit the Springs as Orlando to Ginnie Springs is only a 2 hour drive.

From Miami you are looking at a 5 hour drive. Its 4.5 hours from Palm Beach. It is a 2.5 hour drive from Daytona Beach and around a 3.5 hour drive from Sarasota Beach.

Use this address for your GPS: 7300 Ginnie Springs Road, High Springs, FL 32643

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Natural Hot Springs In Oregon

Lets take a moment to head up to the Pacific Northwest on our hot springs journey. There are around 50 known hot spring pools in Oregon that are suitable for soaking in, but these are our favorites.

Deer Creek Hot Springs, Oregon: Central Cascades

Deer Creek Hot Springs, also known as Bigelow Hot Springs, is a little pool that sits right next to the McKenzie River in the Central Cascades of Oregon. With room for just four people, its imperative that you hit this one up in the early or late hours of the day. It closes after sunset to keep things from getting rowdy.

These natural Oregon hot springs are a lovely 103 in the summer months. In the winter, it can be much colder because it mixes with the nearby river water. For more information and directions to these luscious hot springs check out Oregon Discovery.

Where to stay: You will find more camping opportunities than lodging near Bigelow Hot Springs, with many private and national forest campgrounds nearby. For lodging, we recommend the Horse Creek Lodge & Outfitters, which has nice cabins for rent with full kitchens, and Wi-Fi. For a more secluded getaway for four people, check out this waterfront cabin just minutes from Bigelow Hot Springs.

Umpqua Hot Springs : Umpqua National Forest, Oregon

Hart Mountain Hot Springs: Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge

Blue Spring State Park Orange City

O’Leno State Park Camping (High Springs, Florida)

Experience Blue Spring State Park in all its glory.

This Orange City paradise is home to one of Floridas stunning natural springs.

Not only is there turquoise blue water, but also plenty of exciting wildlife like manatees!

There is even a manatee encounter kayaking tour available in the park that will take you on a 3 hour eco adventure.

If you want to stay overnight, there is a campground with 51 campsites.

The campground is within walking distance to the spring and comes with picnic tables, grills, and water.

  • Facilities: Picnic table, grills, electricity.
  • Activities On-Site: Kayaking, swimming.

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Natural Hot Springs In New Mexico

New Mexico is home to a variety of different hot springs, from secluded pools that require a long trek into the wilderness, to upscale hot spring resorts that cost a weeks pay to enjoy. The following are two of our favorite wild hot springs in New Mexico, perfect for winter soaking!

Spence Hot Springs: Jemez Canyon, New Mexico

Located in the Santa Fe National Forest, an easy hike leads to Spence Hot Springs, with spectacular views and warm thermal waters. These natural hot springs are a popular destination on weekends, especially in the summer. Since youve got winter on your side, you shouldnt have a problem with crowds. Nudity is prohibited at Spence Hot Springs.

Make your trek to Spence Hot Springs in the early morning and youre practically guaranteed solitude. The only downside to this small pool is that temperatures have been cooling in recent years, now hovering around body temperature. This may be too cool for some and perfect for others. The Spence Hot Spring pool is pretty small, with room for five to ten people. For more information, check out the Santa Fe National Forest website.

San Antonio Hot Springs: Santa Fe National Forest, New Mexico

These secluded New Mexico Hot Springs are tucked away on the side of a mountain, providing stellar views as you soak. There are four or five hot spring pools of varying temperatures, perfect for winter soaking.

Natural Hot Springs In Nevada

Nevada has got to be the hot springs capital of the United States with more than 300 pools spread throughout its vast landscape. Add that to a relatively mild climate in the winter months, and youve got the makings of an awesome hot springs road trip. Here are some of our favorite secret hot springs in Nevada.

Ruby Valley Hot Springs: Ruby Valley Refuge, Nevada

Located at 7,000 feet above sea level in Ruby Valley of Central Nevada, this beautiful marshy area is home to several primitive hot spring pools known as Ruby Valley Hot Springs. The largest pool is about 100 °F and more than 30 feet deep. There are several smaller pools nearby. Be sure to test the water first, as some of the hot springs may be too hot for soaking!

The whole area surrounding Ruby Valley Hot Springs is marshy with mud surrounding the hot springs, but if you dont mind the mud, youll love this place. The road to Ruby Valley Hot Springs is rough, but you can make the trip without 4WD.

Where to stay: There is camping in Ruby Lake National Wildlife Refuge at South Ruby Lake Campground. Sites are $17 and can be reserved in advance. The nearest hotels are more than an hour away in the town of Elko.

Panaca Warm Springs: Panaca, Nevada

Because the water is warm, not hot, you will share your soak with fish and frogs, but the bottom is delightfully sandy. While youre in the area, be sure to visit nearbyCathedral Gorge State Parkwith its interesting rock formations and gorgeous canyon trail.

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Discover Santa Fe Springs Ca In An Rv

An RV vacation to Santa Fe Springs, CA is an exciting way to spend a trip and make new memories! Youll love having your own space – after a day of exploring the area, you can come back to your own home each night, with your own comfortable bed and things you enjoy. You can also travel on your own timeline – if youre somewhere that youd like to spend more time, you can stay longer. If youre ready to move on…well, you can! Traveling by RV gives you a flexibility that you cant find on just any trip.

You also dont need to own your own motorhome to enjoy an RV vacation. Rent an RV with RVshare, and youll have all the perks of RV ownership without any of the problems. If youre interested in buying an RV, its still a good idea to rent one with RVshare first to see if you enjoy it and if its a good fit for you and your lifestyle. If youre brand-new to RVing, renting with RVshare is also a good idea, because their 24-hour roadside assistance means someone is on-hand all the time to answer any questions you may have.

Keep in mind that while youre budgeting for your trip, many owners also offer discounts the longer you rent. So a per-night fee is going to be higher for one night than it will if you rent it for a week, or for a month. You can see the discount by clicking on the vehicle youre interested in renting, then scrolling down to the breakdown that shows you the price for renting for a week or for a full month.

Rv Rental In Santa Fe Springs California

La Mirada zaps electric fence plan for Camping World ...

Santa Fe Springs is a city in Los Angeles County, California, United States. It is one of the Gateway Cities of southeast Los Angeles County. The population was 16,223 at the 2010 census, down from 17,438 at the 2000 census.

Santa Fe Springs, which is Spanish meaning holy faith, was first applied to mineral springs purchased by the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway from Dr. James E. Fulton in 1886.

Santa Fe Springs is located at 33°5615N 118°0402W.According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 8.9 square miles . 8.9 square miles of it is land and 0.04 square miles of it is water.

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Camping With Kampgrounds Of America

At KOA, our mission is to connect people to the outdoors and each other. Thats why our 500+ campgrounds across North America make it easy to enjoy the beauty of nature and share adventures with family and friends. Our wide variety of family-friendly campgrounds and amenities provide the perfect place to get away, unwind and enjoy camping in the great outdoors.

Whether you need a perfect site to pull into on your next RV road trip or a cozy spot where you and your kids can pitch your tent for the weekend, KOA is sure to have the ideal campsite for you. At KOA, we help people get outside because we know it changes them on the inside.

Ginnie Springs Tips: Tubing Kayaking Swimming And More

Home » Springs » Ginnie Springs Tips: Tubing Kayaking Swimming and More!

Thinking to visit Ginnie Springs? Good Choice!

From the moment we read you could consume a beer or two while floating down the lazy Ginnie Springs river we were sold Ginnie Springs in High Springs Florida had officially made it on our Florida bucket list!

Heading up to Atlanta, and feeling rather thirsty, we decided to stop in for a float down the lazy river.

Heres everything you need to know about the springs and why you should visit this Summer!

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Gornto Springs Old Town

Gornto Springs is a rural outdoor area at its finest.

It features a second magnitude spring that is ideally suited to picnicking or simply enjoying nature.

A small platform extends into the spring, allowing active kids to run, jump and cause a splash in the water.

The spring itself is oblong in shape, spanning 125 metres in length.

It drains into the Suwannee River and is only 10 feet deep.

Despite its small size, there is nothing quite like spending time in this crystal clear spring water.

  • Facilities: picnic shelter, playground.

Fanning Springs State Park Fanning Springs

Riding JetSkis to Floridas Best Springs (Jet Ski Adventures)

Hit the springs at Fanning Springs State Park.

Picture stunning blue-green waters beneath classic southern oak trees.

Whats not to love?

Fanning Springs State Park is brimming with fun water activities, from paddling to scuba diving.

There are also other outdoor options like hiking and fishing.

Alternatively, stroll through the boardwalk which leads you to Suwannee River where you may spot giant sturgeons jumping from the water.

The campground nearby offers private cabins, a concession stand, and canoe/kayak rentals.

  • Facilities: Cabins, concession stand, Canoe/kayak rentals and launch.
  • Activities On-Site: Boating, fishing, hiking, paddling, scuba diving, snorkelling, swimming.
  • Address: 18020 US-19, Fanning Springs, FL.

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