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Mercedes Sprinter Van For Camping

The Green Machine Conversion

Mercedes Sprinter 4×4 Off Road Camper Tour | Outside Van

You might be thinking that its about time we mentioned an eco-friendly camper in our van conversions list, and here it is! This ones built on the classic Sprinter chassis that we all know and love, and is designed for those with a passion for technology and the environment.

Aptly named the E-trek, this conversion is full of luxury additionsnot to mention all the equipment that you could possibly need to live the eco-friendly van life.

Electric campers are the future of the van life movement. Vanlife is a much more self-sustainable lifestyle than most, but this conversion allows you to double down on reducing your footprint further.

The E-trek proves that electric campervans dont have to be unimaginative and uncool . It would be great for a travelling couple chasing their wanderlust, or retirees finally crossing their top road trip destinations off the old bucket list.

Check out the video above for more details, or visit Roadtrek for more info!

The Van Life Movement Isnt Slowing Down Any Time Soon

The van life movement definitely isnt slowing down any time soon. Just look at YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. Movies like Nomadland portray a different and darker side of the lifestyle, but the surge is still raging. With socially distanced traveling becoming the norm, we only expect the popularity to increase.

Van life doesnt have to break the bank! Need some inspiration? Check out the5 Best Minivan Camper Conversions That Will Blow Your Mind

Common Sprinter Camper Features

There are some Sprinter camper van features that are shared between manufacturers. Not each and every Sprinter camper will have them, but they are fairly common. These features are:

  • Rear lounge with a table
  • Sofa or dinette in the rear lounge that converts into a bed
  • Wet bath where the shower, toilet, and sink share the same space
  • Microwave/Convection oven
  • Recessed kitchen sink
  • LED lighting

Of course a Sprinter camper will also have all the features you’d expect on a typical RV like a refrigerator/freezer, hot water heater, furnace, etc.

Now we’ll go over each manufacturer of Class B Sprinter motorhomes and discuss the unique designs and features that set them apart from the competition.

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Buying A Used Sprinter Or Renting Can Save You A Ton Of Money

If you really need to get out on the road and want to get behind the wheel of a Sprinter camper van, then one of the cheapest options is to rent one. There are many companies online that rent out converted Sprinters, typically for a week at a time. In many cases, it should cost around $1,500 to $2,000 for the week, depending on the van size and configuration you choose.

Otherwise, if you really want to own a Sprinter and convert it, then another more affordable option would be to buy a used one and convert it. Many older Sprinter vans can be found selling for less than $10,000 nowadays, which is a far cry from the pricey new-model alternative.

Either way, a Sprinter van is easily one of the best ways to live that #vanlife, but just note, it could cost you an arm, a leg, and a lot of money.

A Mercedes Sprinter Luxury Campervan Is The #1 Experience In Custom Class B Motor Homes In North America

Pin by Jacking Stuff on FURGO CAMPERIZACION

Each Sprinter is self-sufficient, with a self contained waste system, so you can continue to explore for several days before you need to evacuate your waste tanks. You carry 30 gl of fresh water. You can generate your OWN electricity to power your major appliances. Your lights and outlets run off batteries that charge while you are driving. Your water heater will make your showers heavenly every day if you plan to travel and stay outside the campgrounds.

Our solar Mercedes Sprinters are the state of the art Van Campers. Our rental fleet includes the Coachmen Galleria Li3 24FL , the Roadtrek CS/RS/SS/E-Trek and the Coachmen Galleria Li3 .

With an electric-only hookups on the SOLAR units, you drive a short distance to a campground once or twice a week to fill your fresh water tank and dump your waste, but otherwise, you are self-contained and can stay off the grid. Freedom from hookups also opens up a whole range of national and local forests, and desert campgrounds with limited or no hookups. You can dry camp : there are NO RULES for where you can or cant boondock, so you are a truly independent traveler.

This vehicle maneuvers like a mini-van. There are a gazillion Mercedes Sprinter safety features built into this Campervan.

Full heating by thermostat cooling via A/C and two fans to keep your inside travels comfortable to your taste and needs.

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Sprinter Van Conversion: The Ultimate Guide To A Sprinter For Van Life

March 28, 2021 by Kristin Hanes |

*This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Please read our disclosure policy for more info.

Its easy to dream about a gorgeous Sprinter van conversion, ripe with all the bells and whistles you need to live the van life. Sprinter camper vans are good-looking, hardy and roomy and get great fuel mileage the perfect rig for immersing yourself in nature.

But are Sprinter van campers really worth the cost? A brand new Mercedes Sprinter van costs anywhere between $38,000 and $56,000, and thats without the camper conversion.

Whats all the fuss about anyway?

In this article, we hope to give you as much information as possible about Sprinter van campers so you can make an educated choice about your camper van conversion.

You may have noticed a variety of Sprinter camper vans when youre driving down the street, eyeing up what could be your next DIY camper van.

Theres Dodge, Mercedes and Freightliner Sprinters so, whats the difference?

There isnt any. These are all Mercedes vans.

What happened is this: to avoid the 25% chicken tax, Mercedes would build its vans in Stuttgart, Germany, then take them apart to ship them to South Carolina.

That factory put the vans back together as American made vans. The Sprinters were branded as Dodge between 2001 and 2007.

All 2019 Sprinter vans and newer will be made in the U.S.A.

Different Models For Ram Promaster And Mercedes

Another issue with the competition between Ram and Mercedes-Benz is that they both have multiple models for their vans. Each company offers different configurations to enable you to get the one that fits your needs the best.

Each offers a high-top, but the Ram offers both low-top and mid-top options. Mercedes-Benz tends only to sell a high-top for the most part, but there are low-tops available if you search hard enough. Keep an eye out for used models if you want something a bit short.

The three most popular Ram ProMaster models are as follows:

  • The 1500 Low Roof ProMaster
  • The 2500 High Roof ProMaster
  • The 3500 High Roof ProMaster

The three most popular Mercedes Sprinter models are as follows:

  • The 2500 Standard Roof Sprinter
  • The 2500 Passenger Standard Roof Sprinter
  • The 2500 High Roof Sprinter

If you choose to get a passenger van, youll have a carpeted interior, but youll have to remove all of the seats. Thankfully, this process can be done in only about 20 minutes if you have someone to assist you.

For camping purposes, theres no denying that high roof models are the best choices offered by both companies. They both allow you to stand up inside, which is a huge benefit, and you can choose to purchase an extended cargo area for more length.

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The Rental Process Where To Begin

Follow these website steps to generate a quote and reserve your model

  • CLICK VEHICLESa. click Features Chart readb. read Compare Models to see which how each model comparesc. Decide which model best suits your goals
  • a. Accuracy requires that YOU provide answers to ALL categoriesb. Click Submit to see your cost
  • BOOK your rental from the RENTAL QUOTE RESULT pageWe are 70% booked for summer by February dont delay!a. Type Ready to Book in the Question/Comments Boxb. Review your Detailsc. Submit Quote/Contactinput your information and the rental application will be sent to you
  • 3 Easy Steps to Get Started


    Thank you for providing an amazing trip across southern Utah! You have a fantastic team that made our trip amazing.

    Amber met us at the airport and explained the mechanics of the RV thoroughly where we had no problems with the operation of the vehicle. We didnt need to open the operating manual! On a smaller note, but so important to me, she told us about a grocery market on our way out of SLC. We were floored with the quality of the market. She is a professional with a caring heart.

    Jim, our concierge, burned the midnight oil to come up with an itinerary we followed religiously. With such short notice, he put together accommodations, places to visit, trails to hike and even a grocery shop to replenish our RV. He knows his national parks!

    It was our first time RVing and it wont be our last time. You provide an excellent product!

    Best, ~ Mafalda

    How Kate And Levi Ended Up In A Mercedes Sprinter 44 Camper

    Van Tour | 2019 Mercedes Sprinter Camper Van

    When Kate and Levi first met, they were both living and working in New York City. Kate worked in photography in the fashion industry, which required a lot of international travel, and Levi ran his own Jiu Jitsu school.

    Both had an adventurous streak, with Kate growing up racing dirt bikes and van camping in Australia, and Levi spending his childhood in Alaska and living on boats.

    Nomadic life seemed right for the pair.

    So, they started a marketing company together called , and started looking at a rig to call home.

    Their first vehicle was a 2018 Sprinter 4×4 3500 with two sliding doors, which the couple built out as their first overland camper.

    But once they landed TouRig as a client for 2020, Kate and Levi sold their first van and invested into a new Sprinter van camper, now called Bruce Banner.

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    Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van Rvs For Sale

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    Stock #267577This Class B RV Van has so many feature. Swivel passenger seat Luxury waterproof vinyl flooring Electric tow brake and much much more.If you are in the market for a class b, look no further than this 2015 Sprinter 22, priced right at $134,000.This Class B is located in Chalfont, Pennsylvania. She is also equipped with a Mercedes engine that has 50,000 miles.

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    Ram Promaster Vs Mercedes

    The Ram ProMasters biggest competitor has undoubtedly been the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van, one of the top sellers in the industry. When it comes to camping vehicles, these two contenders are two of the best that money can buy.

    So, between the Ram ProMaster vs. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, which is right for you? More than any other van on the market, the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter offers the best in comfort and luxury. However, on the other hand, the Ram ProMaster is tough, dependable, and manufactured to last.

    Throughout this post, youll learn the following information:

    • The main differences between both competing vans
    • The pros and cons of each
    • How much it costs to convert the vans to camper vans
    • How to choose one over the other
    • Different models to test out for both vans

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    The 6 Best Mercedes Benz Motorhomes

    Class B and Class C Motorhomes built on a Mercedes Benz chassis offer the comfort and style of European luxury cars and the convenience of traveling in an RV.

    RVs with Mercedes chassis come in two motorhome types: the van-like Class B and the larger, truck-like Class C. Class B camper vans offer great fuel economy and are easier to maneuver and park. Class Cs feature more interior space and amenities, while being recognized as easier to drive than the bus-like Class A.

    Mercedes Benz motorhomes are built by a variety of RV brands and manufacturers in various model types to ensure there is a floorplan to fit every RVers’ camping style, from weekend luxury trips to full-time off-road travelers.

    In this blog, well discuss each types top features and floorplan, to help you find the right RV when you start shopping.

    How Much Does A Sprinter Camper Van Cost

    Inside Sync Van

    Sprinter camper vans cost anywhere from $150,000 to upwards of $200,000 brand new. Popular models like the Winnebago Revel start at more than $175,000, the Pleasure-Way Plateau starts at more than $163,000, and the Roadtrek SS Agile starts at more than $173,000.

    There are conversion companies that build camper vans from Sprinter cargo vans. These vans also cost upwards of $100,000.

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    Luxury Custom Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van Rv Outdoor 4×4

    Our Luxury Custom Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van RV Outdoor 4X4 is built to fit your needs. We design, manufacture and deliver your Luxury Custom Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van RV Outdoor 4X4 to your front door. Looking for something special and unique? We do it all from bathrooms, state of the art audio and video options, exotic burl wood options, awnings, generators and on and on. Every Luxury Custom Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van RV Outdoor 4X4 we create is designed based on your exact specifications. Nothing here is out of the box or standard everything is exactly how you want it to be.

    Mercedes Sprinter Lwb Camper Conversion

    Here is our customers Mercedes Sprinter long wheel base van before conversion. Our workshop conversion engineers at Camper And Marine LTD fitted a single passenger seat and seat in the back and a single bunk bed, so it sleeps 3. For comfort we also fitted a Truma space and water heater, a shower with hot water, flushing cassette toilet, kitchen area with microwave, large capacity fridge freezer, 3 ring hob, cupboard space and a large garage area for bikes. The van is fitted and powered by solar panels, lithium battery bank and an inverter as such is capable of functioning off grid for at least a week, before charging is required via shore power cable. The insulation was installed as well as controllable heating and tinted windows on both sides as well as black out curtains makes it a comfortable space. Two roof ventilation fans have been installed to provide comfort in the summer months. The flushing toilet and shower, separate handwashing basin have been fitted to provide luxury whilst travelling. Being a Mercedes it is easy to drive and is a very comfortable space for travelling and exploring.

    As you can see from the list below a complete bespoke conversion can be broken down into various jobs. We know that the avid DIY converter likes to be able to complete some jobs for themselves, but cannot always either find the time or know-how to complete everything. This is why we provide a service to either fit our products or upgrade your camper.

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    Alphavan Turns Sprinter Into Gorgeous Two

    In the past year, we’ve seen a few new launches capable of vying for the title of world’s most impressive camper van. The Affinity camper van and the Frankia Yucon 7.0 Lounge are two that immediately pop to mind, and we’d be remiss not to throw in the Hymer Vision Venture, even though it’s merely a concept. Joining that select group is the new Alphavan, a massive Mercedes Sprinter that includes a duplex bedroom layout, built-in entertainment suite, and smart home-grade control system that can be accessed all around the van’s interior and exterior.

    The Alphavan is something of a sibling to the Vöhringer ConceptCamper 2021 we looked at last week. Alphavan founder Stefan Krause partnered with Vöhringer on the Sprinter ConceptVan displayed at the 2019 Düsseldorf Caravan Salon. Essentially a prototype version of the Alphavan, the concept highlighted the lightweight potential of Vöhringer’s Vunder Tech furniture material, which was on show again this year inside the Ducato-based ConceptCamper.

    For his part, Krause moved forward with the Vunder Tech-constructed Sprinter layout previewed on the 2019 ConceptVan, founding Alphavan to bring the design to market. Alphavan offers one of the largest fully equipped camper vans out there but manages to keep it lighter than some vans with well less space.

    In short, the Alphavan is a whole lotta van.

    Need Some Inspiration Check Out These Sprinter Van Conversions

    For Sale: 2020 Mercedes Sprinter 4X4 Camper Van

    If youre obsessed with van life like me, you probably love browsing through Sprinter van campers for ideas on what to do with your build.

    Whether you choose to build out your own van or go with a Sprinter van conversion company, its great to jot down ideas as to whats important and whats not inside your campervan.

    Here are some of the best Sprinter van conversions on the web.

    I just love watching SoWeWents journeys in their rad Sprinter van conversion. This San Diego couple travels part-time with their baby girl, and their photos are phenomenal.

    The two facing couches in the rear make a great van bed design, and dont those hammocks look just so relaxing?

    Youd be amazed by how much cool stuff they fit in their Mercedes camper van conversion.

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