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Good Sam Camping Club Membership

Good Sam Travel Assist Review

Good Sam Memberships – Ultimate RV Show Highlights

Good Sam Travel Assist basically gives you medical help while on the road.

Seems they should have called it ‘medical assist.’

This coverage helps you out if you have any medical issues on the road and cannot continue your trip.

It covers you in ways that your medical insurance will not.

Like what?

Say you go to the hospital in an ambulance, Good Sam Travel Assist will tow your RV back to your home address.

If you have a pet with you, they will transport it to your home.

Good Sam Travel Assist will cover your emergrency medical transportation.

It will cover flights home after an emergency for you, your spouse, family or even traveling companion.

  • Good Sam TravelAssist INDIVIDUAL Plan brochure here .
  • Good Sam TravelAssist COUPLE Plan brochure here .
  • Good Sam TravelAssist FAMILY Plan brochure here .

It’s like having a medical concierge.

They take care of you and your family if you have a medical emergency.

They even keep up with you and monitor your treatment.

You can purchase a single, family or couple plan.

They are VERY affordable and we highly recommend this benefit if you are on the road a lot.

When we researched for this page, they were having a sale for a limited time on the plans.

So obviously Good Sam Travel Assist goes on sale from time to time.

If you are in no rush, watch for sales and you could save some dough.

Standard Good Sam Rv Club Benefits

The following benefits are available to all Good Sam RV Club members, including lifetime members.

  • 10% off the nightly rate at all of the 2,000+ Good Sam Campgrounds
  • Retail discounts at Camping World and Gander RV stores
  • Free shipping on online orders with a minimum purchase at Camping World, Gander RV and Overtons online stores
  • 15% discount on propane at Camping World and Gander RV retail locations
  • Free use of RV dump stations at select Camping World and Gander RV locations
  • 5 cents off per gallon of gas at select Flying J and Pilot locations in the U.S.
  • 8 cents off per gallon of diesel at select Flying J and Pilot locations in the U.S.
  • 1 cent off per gallon of gas or diesel at select Flying J and Pilot locations in Canada
  • Access to the Good Sam Online Trip Planning Tool
  • 40% discount on a HearHere subscription
  • 25% discount off up to 2 admission adult tickets to any Good Sam RV Show
  • Discounts on other Good Sam memberships, including Roadside Assistance, and TravelAssist

New Benefit Free Shipping At Campingworldcom

In addition to all of the other exciting NEW benefits added to your Good Sam Club membership in recent months, Marcus Lemonis, CEO and Chairman of Good Sam Club, Camping World and Coast to Coast, brought two clubs together to bring you an exciting new benefit. Now, you can enjoy FREE Shipping Every Day at on purchases of $75 or more when you are a member of both the Good Sam Club and the Camping World Presidents Club!

As a Good Sam member, you already know how much you save each year. You save every time you stay at a Good Sam Park, visit certain RV service centers and dealers, or purchase any books or magazines from

But do you know that Presidents Club members save even more at Camping World? Camping World Presidents Club members Save 10%-50% off ALL RVing and outdoor supplies at Camping World along with many other money-saving benefits! Join the Camping World Presidents Club today for only $19.95 a savings of OVER $5 off the reg. 1 YR rate of $25 to enjoy this valuable benefit FREE Shipping Every Day at on purchases of $75 or more. PLUS! As a bonus for joining, you will receive the members-only coupon book filled with hundreds of dollars in money-saving offers.

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Campground Discounts Arent Worth It

11 Inch Good Sam Club Life Member Camp Ground Camping RV Plate Plaque ...

This one is a matter of simple math. While the 10% campground discount is the most-talked-about element of Good Sam, its not a great deal for everyone.

For example, RVers who only take out their rig a few times a year may not even break even. In most cases, your 10% discount will amount to $3 $9 per night.

Plus, depending on your camping style, it may not offer discounts at all! This is especially true for those who frequently camp at state or national parks or who boondock.

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Elite Good Sam Rv Club Benefits

Members who purchase a three-year membership also receive the following elite benefits. Campers who purchase their RV from a Camping World or a Gander RV and Outdoors dealership will also be upgraded to a Good Sam RV Club Elite membership valid for three years from the date of the RV purchase.

  • All of the standard Good Sam RV Club benefits
  • Two free adult admission tickets to any Good Sam RV Show nationwide
  • Access to the Good Sam Elite Tech Help Line where trained technicians help guide members through troubleshooting for issues they are experiencing with their RV
  • Access to an the Good Sam Elite Concierge Service where a dedicated team of Elite Member Care professionals are available to assist members
  • Additional 5% discount on installation fees at Camping World and Gander RV and Outdoors Super Centers

What Is The Difference Between Koa And Good Sam Camping

KOA Campgrounds and Good Sam campgrounds are well known brands in the camping world. Both have locations across the United States and Canada. Both feature membership programs that provide guests with discounts. If you are debating between the Good Sam Membership Club and the KOA Value Kard Rewards loyalty program, here are some things to keep in mind.

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Good Sam Roadside Assistance

Good Sam also offers roadside assistance plans for both RVs and automobiles. They offer several different plans, but the most comprehensive is the Platinum Complete Roadside Assistance plan. This plan retails for $239.95 per year and covers all the vehicles a family owns.

The Platinum roadside assistance plan includes towing to the nearest service center, tire repair and replacement, emergency travel and medical assistance, coverage for rented and borrowed vehicles, access to an RV technical assistance hotline and travel and maintenance discounts.

Tire & Wheel Protection Plan

Good Sam RV Club

As part of their roadside assistance offerings, Good Sam has a standalone plan that covers your RV’s wheels and tires if they become damaged due to various road hazards and need to be replaced.

Included in the Good Sam Tire & Wheel Protection Plan is flat tire repair , tire replacement , wheel repair or replacement , including mounting and balancing of the new tire.

With this supplemental plan, you are allowed 2 ‘incidents’ a year .

HOWEVER, your RV or auto tires must have at least 2/32″ thread left, so they cannot be bald. Makes sense! Your tires need to be in serviceable condition to be covered.

The Good Sam Tire & Wheel Protection Plan is offered as part of the Roadside Assistance Platinum Complete Plan, so if you opt for this RV roadside assistance plan, you don’t need to also purchase the standalone Tire & Wheel Protection Plan.

They offer three RV roadside assistance plans.

Three RV Plans :

  • Auto + RV Standard Plan
  • Auto + RV Platinum Plan
  • Auto + RV Platinum COMPLETE Plan

How do you choose which one is right for you? Easy:

Let’s take a more thorough look into each plan.

Auto + RV Standard Plan

  • You can view the Good Sam Roadside Standard Plan brochure here .

With the Good Sam Roadside Standard Plan you will benefit if you break down in any way. They offer:

  • RV Towing Service
  • RV Roadside Service
Towing Service

Your whole family will be covered.

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The Best Benefits Cost Extra

Your eyes may light up when you see information on roadside assistance or extended service plans.

As usual, however, the devil is in the details. While your $29 Good Sam membership gets you access to these programs, it doesnt cover the cost of them. Finding out you have to pay more after your purchase the member could lead you to having Good Sam regrets.

Enrolling in these additional benefits starts around $40 50 each, significantly more than your membership itself.

Good Sam Travel Assist

Good Sam Travel Assist provides emergency assistance for medical issues that occur during RV travel. In the event of a medical emergency, TravelAssist members receive assistance with travel arrangements and compensation for expenses not covered by health insurance.

Specific medical benefits of the Travel Assist program include emergency medical evacuation, transportation home, reimbursement for ambulance services, access to a medical expert who monitors your treatment and assists with logistics and referrals to help locate qualified medical specialists in the local area.

Other plan benefits include transportation home for traveling companions and children, transportation for a family member to join the hospitalized person and return of a decreased members remains. Good Sam will also arrange to transport the members RV back home, if they are unable to drive. Finally, the plan also takes care of boarding and transportation home for any four-legged traveling companions.

Thanks for reading our guide to the Good Sam RV Club. While Good Sam is a great RV membership, it should not be the only camping club you join. Most RV owners achieve the best camping rates by joining multiple RV clubs.

Have questions about Good Sam or other RV membership clubs? Drop your queries in the comments section below.

Happy Camping!

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A Digital Card Seems Obvious

Im surprised to see you cant access your membership from the app. Thinking I could add my membership card to the wallet was the whole reason I downloaded this app. I thought I could because the description included it was compatible to Apple wallet in the App Store.. please either upgrade the app or remove the description. Im sure you guys developing the app are millennials- so lets get with it! After a wallet feature the options are limitless!! Create a Sambot!

Save 5 Cents Per Gallon On Gas And 8 Cents Per Gallon On Diesel At Flying J And Pilot

Good Sam RV Club  RV camping discounts and memberships

OK, as a full time RVer I can tell you that gas can really add up. We use this discount all the time. Flying J & Pilot stations are pretty much everywhere so this is another discount that is very easy to use. Here are all of the Pilot and Flying J locations that offer this discount.Apparently there are a few that do not but we have never found one.

Also, because they are truck stops, they tend to be large so you have room to pull in with your RV. A lot of them actually have RV specific gas pumps! As an added bonus, often you can dry camp for the night as well.

How much can you save with the Good Sam Club gas/diesel discount? Of course this will depend on your travel style and RV. Our gas tank is 30 gallons so every time we fill up we save $1.50. So it takes us about 19 fill ups to pay for the membership in savings. If we had a 30 gallon diesel tank we would save $2.40 per fill up and pay for the membership in about 12 fill ups.

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When Should You Consider A Good Sam Membership

Despite all these potential Good Sam regrets, there are still many people who can benefit from membership.

The more you use your RV, the better deal the membership will be. Full-timers or those who make regular trips in their RV can quickly see the membership pay for itself.

Similarly, if youre already a frequent Camping World or Flying J customer, you should consider a membership.

Overall, if you would save as much or more than the cost of membership, a Good Sam membership may be a good idea for you.

Family Motor Coach Association

The Family Motor Coach Association focuses on RV education and keeping travelers on the road. The organization has instructional videos and other guides for both new and seasoned travel members.

FMCAs membership perks include FMCAssist, which is an emergency medical evacuation and repatriation coverage, discounts on items like tires, roadside assistance, and mobile internet hotspots, a monthly magazine, and access to local chapters for connection and community-building.

While it doesnt offer any major discounts on camping, membership does grant you two free nights a month at their member-only campground in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The annual price of a membership is $85.

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The Club People Love To Hate

What can I say? This is the club people love to hate. If you were to follow any of the thousands of RV and camping Facebook or any other type of social media boards, you will see this club talked about over and over.

The Good Sam Club was founded in 1966 and has steadily grown to over 2 million members. A Good Sam membership will cost you $29 a year. Good Sam members enjoy 10% discounts on any Good Sam affiliated campgrounds in the USA and Canada. In our own personal experience, we have received the 10% discount at campgrounds that are not listed as Good Sam parks just for mentioning Good Sam.

What Do You Get With A Membership To Good Sam Club

Good Sam RV Club

Long-term traveling in an RV, motorhome, or travel trailer can quickly add up. Fuel costs, campground expenses, propane, and dump stations all take a big hit on the wallet.

Purchasing a Good Sam RV Membership can help you out with some of those expenses. The membership plans include camping discounts, fuel savings, free dump stations, propane discounts, and a trip planner.

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The Only 3 Rv Memberships You Need

When you set out on the road in an RV, youll quickly realize that RV parks rates are often outlandish. From lows of $25/night to highs of $95/night, the rates at RV parks can approach those of budget hotels all for a slab of concrete!

With prices like these, its reasonable for any aspiring RVer to wonder: Is there a way to beat the exorbitant rates charged at RV parks???

Thankfully, the answer is a resounding yes. The key is RV memberships. RV memberships are simply clubs that RVers join so we can leverage our group buying power to get better rates at RV parks.

But beware not all RV memberships are created equal. In fact, if you Google RV Memberships youll find so many options that itll be tough to keep it all straight.

So thats why Ive put this article together for you. Unlike many of those other RV membership articles out there, this one is not simply a Listicle. Instead, Im going to give you a battle-tested blueprint for using just three RV memberships thatll let you criss-cross the country while camping for free or very low cost.

How did I uncover this prized trio of RV memberships? In the trenches. My wife and I have been living on the road for 3+ years and weve spent that time perfecting the art of camping at wonderful places for pennies on the dollar.

My wife and I at Badlands National Park we set up our RV for free right in the park.

Good Sam Rv Club Rules

While the clubs benefits are pretty straightforward, there are a few notable restrictions and limitations for Good Sam RV Club memberships.

  • The 10% discount is limited to nightly rates. Most Good Sam RV parks do not offer discounts on weekly or monthly rates.
  • The Good Sam discount is not valid when using any other discount, such as Passport America or military discounts.
  • Access to Good Sam campgrounds is based on the parks availability. Members are not guaranteed that a campsite will be available.

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% Off Good Sam Mail Service

Good Sam Mail Service has addresses in Florida which can be used both for mail forwarding and to establish residency in Florida for full time RVers.

We have not personally used the Good Sam mail service so I cant tell you much more about it but it is an option you should be aware of. Quite a few full time RVers use Florida as their domicile state.

Good Sam Club Benefits

11 Inch Good Sam Club Life Member Camp Ground Camping RV Plate Plaque ...

*Free camping is a rebate certificate redeemable up to $25 of your Good Sam Park stay. Certificate will be delivered in your membership kit. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery. Offer is not transferable, not retroactive and cannot be combined with any other offer.

**Good Sam Club membership benefits, promotions and/or special offers are subject to change without prior notice. Some benefits, products and services offered by the Good Sam Club may not be available to residents in certain states or outside of the U.S. Some exclusions apply to certain benefits, visit for more details.

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