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Looking For A Camping Partner

Other Clubs & Organizations

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Youre probably already familiar with a number of national outdoor/conservation/recreation groups, many of which have a local chapter or partner thats active in your state. For instance, the Sierra Club in Arizona has a pretty regular calendar of member led-hikes and activities where youd undoubtedly find others who enjoy the outdoors. Groups like IMBA have lists of local mountain biking clubs you could get involved in. American Hiking Society has a similar list of hiking groups. Hike it Baby has a network of local branches offering outings for families. There are obvious too many to list here, but a quick search will likely uncover plenty of local groups to investigate.

There are a number of new female-focused hiking groups springing up recently, such as Hike Like A Woman. Some of these are set up as national networks with local chaptersoften with one or more local ambassadorsthat organize hikes and other events.

There are also a number of local or regional outdoors groups, tooand even some outdoor retailers that offer women-focused events. REIs Force of Nature program also hosts a number of classes and events geared specifically for women. Other organizations, such as Outdoor Afro, Latino Outdoors, OutVentures, and Unlikely Hikers host events for communities often underrepresented out on the trail. Ive listed just a small sample of the groups out there, so spend some time googling in your local area.

How To Make More Hiking Or Camping Friends

Solo adventuring can be greatits easy to do exactly what you want right when you want to do it. And its a perfect time to dive into some introspection and contemplation.

But theres often no substitute for experiencing a new place with friends. Unfortunately, not everyone has a go-to travel partner, or an available crew to camp with. If youre looking to expand the number of friends you get outside with, youve found the right post.

Make It Fun And Romantic

Even if youre a hardcore camper who likes to go ultra lightweight, dont be above bringing plenty of creature comforts to enhance your partners trip, and, lets be honest, yours too. These are some of our favorite ideas for how to go on a romantic camping trip, and introduce your partner to camping, at the same time.

  • Get a comfortable two-person sleeping bag so you can snuggle.
  • Pick up a double sleeping pad that you can both fit on or even bring an air mattress if you think it would make your partner more comfortable.
  • Bring their favorite drink or snack as a surprise treat.
  • Cook a delicious camp dinner, al fresco! Its easy to go all out when youre car camping, so string up some solar lights, and eat dinner together under the stars.
  • Bring warm blankets, camp chairs, and comfy footwear for hanging around the campsite at night.
  • Pack a deck of cards or a game to enjoy outside or in your tent together.

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Find A Hiking Partner

Dont like hiking alone? Join the club. There are many people just like you who want to get out on the trail but dont because they are uncomfortable hiking alone. Here are some tried and true methods to help you find a hiking partner.

Hiking with a partner can kindle a friendship that will last a lifetime and give you the comfort and safety of not being alone. Wherever your travels take you, we hope that the memories will last a lifetime and that finding a partner will encourage you and others to get out and enjoy Pacific Crest Trail.

We hope you find our mini guide to finding a hiking partner helpful and that you make that perfect connection!

Find A Travel Partner: Safe Options And Some To Avoid

Couples In RV Camper Looking At The Local Map For The Trip Stock Image ...

Though we’ve been asked many times, we have always stayed away from helping people find travel partners.

We’ve been asked by:

  • Solo travelers who want to find a travel companion for a tour or cruise to avoid the single supplement.
  • Solo travelers who simply want a travel companion for independent travel.
  • People behind websites and apps that help people find travel partners.

This has been an issue since I started Solo Traveler 10 years ago. I’ve had time to think about it over and over again. And while I think that some services are fine, others make me anxious.

Let’s be clear, I have met and traveled with people many times. I have found travel buddies. It can enhance the travel experience as you discover a new destination through your own cultural lens and that of your new travel companion as well.

But there are safe ways to do this and ways that I feel are less safe. What are they? Read on.

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Sites To Help You Find A Travel Buddy For Your Next Trip

While traveling solo has its benefits, it’s nice to have someone with whom to explore a new place. The following apps and platforms help you find the perfect travel buddy just make sure to ask these 20 important questions before hitting the road, or risk being struck with an awful travel companion.

1. Penroads. Penroads is a free service that connects travelers before they hit the road. Once you sign up, you’ll create a profile, including details about your trip for other travelers to browse. The platform allows you to search by destination, helping you to quickly narrow down pertinent matches.

2. Reddit. There’s a good chance you already use Reddit to find interesting stories however, Reddit’s Travel Partners message board allows travelers to post trips and ask others to join. If you’re traveling alone, the SoloTravel subreddit is a good place to find potential travel partners and seek advice.

3. Just launched in March, is a social networking site for travelers. After inputting your travel destination, dates and interests, the platform matches like-minded travelers with similar itineraries, also providing event ideas via EventBrite. Before meeting in person, users can exchange messages and media and live chat through website. Because the website is so new, you may not find a ton of users yet, however, it’s worth keeping an eye on, especially with an app set to launch at the end of summer.

Plan Fun Activities For The Day

Plan out some fun outdoor activities that are easily accessible from your campsite. Look for an easy hike with great views or waterfalls, check out the area to see if there are any beaches, lakes, rivers, or other waterfront areas nearby for a picnic lunch or for sunset. Or even scope out some cool destinations for a quick excursion nearby that you know theyll love. Introducing your partner to camping can also be a great way to introduce them to more outdoor activities, so keep it light and enjoyable.

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Plan A Camping Trip For Your Non

The key to an adventure that’s fun for everyone: lower your expectations, squash insecurities, and bring along plenty of creature comforts

Level-up your adventures with the leading backcountry maps and navigation tools..

Welcome to Tough Love. Were answering your questions about dating, breakups, and everything in between. Our advice giver is Blair Braverman, dogsled racer and author of . Have a question of your own? Write to us at .

My girlfriend and I have been dating for a few years now and weve done a fair bit of traveling, but weve really only gone hiking together once. And that was for my birthday.

I know that hiking and outdoor stuff isnt really in her wheelhouse, but shes told me multiple times shed be fine with taking a camping trip as long as Im the one who does the bulk of the planning, since its my area of expertise.

Considering everything thats happened this year with COVID-19, quarantine, furloughs, and working from home, I thought it might be nice to plan a long weekend for this spring, when hopefully things have changed for the bettereven if only the weather.

My only problem is Ive never planned a camping trip for one person whos into roughing it and one person whos not. Ive planned hikes that way, but I dont know if Im prepared for overnight. Do I bring more stuff for comfort or less so her back doesnt die with weight? Do I pick a hike-in campsite thats gorgeous or one that you can drive right up to?


Rvshare Named Official Camping Partner Of Watkins Glen International

The 5 Best Camping Stoves, Unfortunately

As thousands of fans prepare to camp at Watkins Glen International for the upcoming NASCAR race weekend, the track announced RVshare as the Official Camping Partner of Watkins Glen International in a multi-year partnership.

RVshare claims to be the worlds first and largest peer-to-peer RV rental marketplace that matches RV owners with travelers looking to rent RVs. With more than 100,000 vehicles available across the U.S., RVshares diverse inventory ranges from affordable travel trailers to luxury motorhomes and can accommodate any adventure, from a weekend of camping at the track to a cross-country tour of national parks.

RVshare opens up the opportunity for even more fans to enjoy one of the most iconic camping locations on the NASCAR circuit, in The Glen, said WGI President Michael Printup. Even if you dont own an RV, you can come spend the night on our beautiful grounds thanks to the RV rental options available at RVshare.

In addition to being the Official Camping Partner of WGI, RVshare will be the presenting partner of the First Camper In, which celebrates the first RV to arrive on-site for Watkins Glen International events, beginning with the Go Bowling at The Glen race weekend, Aug. 4 8.

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A Lifestyle That Fits Both In The Relationship

Camping is a romantic way to spice up your relationship hence, both need it, although nowadays its not easy to find romance. The good thing is there are plenty of romantic destinations available that can be good for both of you. You both need to spend some time in a peaceful and quiet place. This is a thing that most couples dont do nowadays though it is vital for any relationship. Look at the stars together, crack a bottle of Champaign, and feed one another. Make camping a necessity, and let romance have its place. Again, since you have plenty of time while camping, youll have enough time to talk and listen to one another. Instead of sharing scary stories at the campfire, you can tell stories about your past or future dreams. During this time, you can finish up on those conversations that you kept on postponing. You can bond more by trying out new outdoor games or adventure activities.

Cook And Have Delicious Meals Together

If you want to try a different kind of roasting technique, come with a double pie iron. Prepare some blueberry cream cheese filled with French toast for breakfast. At lunchtime, take Monte Cristo, and take chicken pot pie for supper. Take chocolate marshmallow puffs as a desert. For your inventions during romantic camping, you may need some form of bread or dough and continue from there.

Really, what we are getting at, is that food can make a camping trip spectacular, or horrendous. You dont want to be left hungry, and being able to cook delicious items together can be a great experience. Campfire foods are awesome where fires are allowed, but there really are tons of options here.

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Take The Necessary Camping Accessories

When camping during warm or moderate climates, a simple picnic bag will work correctly for you. The picnic bag has everything you require for your adventure like plates, wine glasses, cutlery, Corkscrew, and blankets. This list can get more complex and more fun if you are camping next to your car. You can bring all types of fun date items, games, smores, or whatever else you may want to bring. Just be sure to consider some activities that youll both enjoy.

Remove Any Stress That Comes From Trying To Keep Up With The Busy World

Experiences to look forward to with your partner post quarantine ...

Going camping with your partner not only gives you the alternative to detach from the world and your busy life, but its also the best chance to relax with your partner, recharge your energy, and refine your sleep behavior. Camping nights are lovely, the tone of nature is pleasurable, and the sky is full of stars that invite you to dream, fantasize about being in a position to live that life with your companion or spouse. Apart from being an event difficult to forget, it is a lively way to bypass the circumstances of your daily activities and focus more on your inner self, or to simply just leave some stress behind for a night. In better terms, it is to have the opportunity to go to bed wherever you feel like and get up when your body wants to, maybe with the rising sun or the birds sweet melody. The crucial thing is to eliminate the unhealthy work programs that compel both of you to wake up with an alarm.

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How To Find A Hiking Partner Online

There are many ways you can find a partner with technology nowadays. Think of it in broad terms: are you looking for a PCT-specific hiking partner or just a hiking partner?

  • is the most active place online to find hiking partners. Join your local hiking groups and start attending trips, classes and information sessions. Youll find endless opportunities to get outside and meet fellow hikers. If youre experienced, you can even start leading trips and inviting people on them.
  • Ask your personal social networks. Hikers generally like invites, or at least, theyre willing to help with some advice. Your friends can help connect you with a partner and give you great insight on gear and other aspects of the trail.
  • Join the conversation on the PCT social media channels. Connect with others curious in getting dirt under their feet. Post a thread with where youd like to hike, a bit about yourself, your experience, knowledge and what youre looking for.

Bob Moses Ceramic Coating

Bob Moses Ceramic Coating: The ONLY way to Protect Your RV. We had our last rig done too. Once again, Find Us Camping heads west to Bob Moses Ceramic Coating in Phoenix, Arizona. You may be asking is ceramic coating worth it on RVs? Well rest assured Ceramic coating for RVs is a must after busting the ceramic coating myths on their last rig. This time time though they will be getting ceramic coating on the 2022 Keystone Fuzion 428 as well as the 2021 Chevrolet 3500 Dually. This one stop will cut down on wash time for sure and it will show why they say DONT WAX YOUR RV!!!

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Check Recheck And Pack Neatly

Nothing can get worse during a trip when the situation requires you to use the necessary item or equipment and you forgot to pack it. Review the checklist carefully so that you have everything you need for the tour.

Camping may be wet and cold. You may encounter wild animals and nasty terrain. You may not have the coziest of the toilets, rodents may jump in your food, or you may not just be ready for it. However, there is a risk that any negative experiences can happen on any vacation or even where you live. Remember that all these setups that come while snuggling at the edge of a dark field surrounded by nothing but a light tent canvas come with endless positives. And those are what make you happy than anything else in the world.

Always remember that it can be really great to move outside the comfort zone once in a while. There is not much that will make you appreciate a warm shower, or your comfortable bed more than a camping trip.

Max DesMarais is the founder of Hiking & Fishing. He has a passion for the outdoors and making outdoor education and adventure more accessible. Max is a published author for various outdoor and marketing websites. He is an experienced hiker, backpacker, fly fisherman, trail runner, and spends his free time in the outdoors. These adventures allow him to test gear, learn new skills, and experience new places so that he can educate others. You can read more about him here: hikingandfishing/about

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The Backdrop To Make Anyone Fall In Love

£120,000 Camper Van Tour : HYMER Grand Canyon S 4X4 Cross Over

The first step you need to take to make that perfectly romantic camping trip happen is to choose the right location. Wherever you are, try to do some research ahead of time to see where you can camp that has a backdrop you could fall in love with.

Having a beautiful, scenic view can make your trip feel a whole lot more romantic in an instant, such as setting up by a lake overlooking some hills like in the camping picture of a post from allwomenstalk.

Nothing beats waking up with that special someone to beautiful mountains or a lovely forest. A bonus tip is to go camping on the beach the way Love Meg did on her YouTube video with her husband.

There may not always be some grand views available to you but you should at least pick one that looks decent, without anything unsightly around such as factories, dumpsites, or basically anything that can kill the mood.

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