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Darien Lake Camping Phone Number

Accessible Campsites & Amenities

Camping in Darien Lake 2014 Day 1

Accessible campsites are designed for campers with disabilities. Please only book an accessible campsite if you need it or all other campsites are booked. Camp Bullfrog Lake features:

  • Accessible tent campsites with accessible parking, path of travel to and around the campsite, raised fire pit and accessible picnic table.
  • Accessible RV/tent campsites with accessible parking, path of travel to and around the campsite, raised fire pit and accessible picnic table.
  • Accessible large cabins with accessible parking, path of travel to cabin, roll-in shower with bench, accessible sink, raised fire pit and accessible picnic table.
  • Accessible small cabins with accessible parking, path of travel to cabin, raised fire pit and accessible picnic table.
  • Kayak rentalswith an accessible launch/landing. Private boats are not allowed on Bullfrog Lake.
  • Accessible fishing pier with accessible parking, a paved surface pathway to the shoreline, and railings along the fishing pier.
  • Accessible bathroom/shower building with a roll-in shower with a bench as well as an accessible changing area with a bench.

About The Darien Lake Amusment And Water Park Campground

The Darien Lake Amusment and Water Park Campground, located in Corfu, NY is a Campground that offers temporary outdoor living, including overnight stays in Genesee County. The Campground offers facilities for visitors, campsite amenities, and programs for guests.

You may contact a Campground for questions about:

  • Corfu Campground facilities
  • Information about campsites, tent sites, and cabins
  • Campground programs and activities

Darien Lakes State Park

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Darien Lakes State Park’s terrain is hilly with woodlands, ravines, streams and 12-acre Harlow Lake. The park has a total of 154 campsites, 141 with electricity and 13 primitive sites without. Also available are heated comfort stations and showers, a beach, playgrounds, fishing, hiking and horseback riding trails, picnic areas and a rustic bridge over the lake channel to Picnic Island. In winter, multiple-use trails are open for hiking, cross-country skiing and snowmobiling. Darien also has two picnic shelters available for a fee by reservation only.

Tent/Trailer Campsite 2021: Information and Rules

Pavilion Information:Darien Lakes has two pavilions. Prices range from $50 to $100 and can accommodate 70 to 140 people. Check availability at

Current Water Quality – Beach Results

Pet Policy: A maximum of two pets are allowed in campsites and day use areas unless prohibited by sign or directive. Pets are to be supervised at all times and either be crated or on a leash not more than 6-feet in length. Proof of rabies inoculation shall be produced if requested by staff. Pets are not permitted in playgrounds, buildings, golf courses, boardwalks, pools and spray-grounds or guarded beaches .

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Chat With Us Live 8 Am To 2 Am Est

Live Chat is the fastest way to reach us. Coasterbot will try to answer your question first, and if it cant you can ask for a real person at any time. We have Guest Relations Team Members standing by from 8 AM until 2 AM EST every day. To access live chat, click the Chat Now button on the bottom of any page.

Admission And Location Info

Six Flags Darien Lake Campground

Tickets to the theme park include admission to SplashTown, the onsite water park. The park offers reduced rates for juniors and seniors . It also offers a reduced rate for visitors arriving after 5 p.m. Children ages two and under are free. Admission to the park is included for guests of the onsite campground and hotel. Discounted tickets and special deals may be available online at Darien Lake’s official site. Season pass and group tickets are available.

The park is in Darien Center, New York, which is located between Buffalo and Rochester. The address is 9993 Allegheny Road, Darien Center, NY 14040. To get their by car, take the NYS Thruway to Exit 48A. Go south six miles on Route 77. Look for the the towering red Ride of Steel coaster track.

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How To Use This Map

The interactive maps may not display correctly in some browsers. For best results, use Firefox, Chrome, Edge, or Safari. If you are having trouble, try the segmented version of the map here.

This is an overview map of the Finger Lakes Trail System. It shows tracks of the main trail, branch trails, loops and spurs. The track colors represent the blaze colors for the branch trails, loops, spurs, and sections of the main FLT not blazed in white. Most of the main FLT is depicted in black & white for better visibility on various map backgrounds, but blazed in white on the ground. Trail closures and recommended bypass routes are depicted as shown at right. Hover over a track to display the name and length. Tracks colored magenta and labeled Non-FLT show approximate location only and may not represent the condition and location of the trail on the ground.

When you zoom in on a trail section, trailheads, notices, and important infrastructure such as lean-tos are also shown.

  • Pan and zoom with the mouse or by using the controls in the upper left corner.
  • Control the map background using the controls in the upper right corner.
  • Click on the main trail and branch tracks to display an elevation profile of that section of the trail.

Are My Paper Maps Pdf Files And Gpx Files Up To Date

We revise paper maps, PDF files, and GPX files when trail conditions change significantly. When we do, we change the Revision Date of the map. We also apply minor updates to our maps as needed, and for these, we do not change the Revision Date. For all map changes, we post a Map Revision Notice on the Trail Condition Notices page on the website. You can use both the revision date and the Map Revision Notices to decide if you want to purchase a fresh copy of a map.

We do not change our maps for temporary conditions such as logging closures, storm damage, or special events, but we do post Trail Condition Notices.

We encourage hikers to always check the Trail Condition Notices page before hiking even if their maps are up to date. Here is a short tutorial:

  • On the Interactive Map hover over the FLT icons to display the revision date. Click on the icon to see more information about the map. Click on the link to display the trail condition notices for the map.
  • On the Trail Condition Notices with the sorting option set to Map, click on the map name to jump to the trail notices for that map. Then look in the heading for the map for a description of the map and the latest revision date . Also, check for Map Revision Notices shaded in pink.
  • In the On-line map store hover over or click a map icon on the Purchase Individual Maps page.
  • With a PDF or Paper map, the revision date is shown in the Title box.
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    Darien Lake Theme Park Resort Campground

    Darien Lake Theme Park has its own campground with 600-plus campsites that are wooded or sunny. You can purchase camping packages that include admission to the theme park or waterpark, shows and free parking. You can also rent an RV to camp in. The campsite locations vary depending on how close to the park you want to be and which trail you camp on. Each site has electric and water. Full hook-up sites are available for RVs and campers. Bathhouses and showers are nearby. Besides being close to the park, the campground also borders Darien Square where you can find shops and restaurants. Pets are allowed.

    Darien Lake Theme Park Resort Campground

    9993 Allegheny Road

    Notes On Garmin Units

    Six Flags Darien Lake Campgrounds Now Open

    Instructions for using the data with these recommended Garmin GPS units are also included:

    Recent Garmin units: 62, 78, Oregon, Dakota, and Colorado. The Oregon and Dakota models are touch screen units amd may be a little easier to learn how to use.

    • Advantages: Can hold 200 loaded tracks of up to 10,000 track points each, slicker interfaces to work with, can load in aerial imagery at $30/year.
    • Disadvantages: More expensive, loaded tracks do not retain track colors and are not turned on by default .

    Older Garmin units: 60, 78 .

    • Advantages: Less expensive, loaded tracks retain track colors and are turned on by default.
    • Disadvantages: Can hold only 20 loaded tracks of only 500 track points each , these models may soon be discontinued, Etrex models mentioned above can be quite inaccurate if oriented vertically.

    Bottom Line Recommended Unit? If you are a techie and can find it, grab the 60CSx at the present discounted prices. If you are a newbie you might prefer the touch screen Dakota or Oregon units .

    Unless you have one of the recent Garmin units that has preloaded topo maps you will want to download free topo maps for Garmin GPS units from GPS File Depot or other web sites. You can also purchase Garmin Topo U.S. 100K or similar Garmin software on DVD or micro SD card, but these can be expensive.

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    Darien Lake Amusment And Water Park Campground

    Jennifer BSuperb camping!Barry SDarien Lake Amusement ParkWe planned our whole trip around the lazy River. Unfortunately, it was closed! It seems like they might have mentioned that on their website before we bought tickets, rented a hotel room, and drove over two bourse to get here! Never again!!! Disappointing!Nikolai NGood time had by all!Great 3 day family getaway. We stayed in the Ontario Place RVs and it was so nice. I brought cleaning supplies expecting to have to clean it to make it sanitary but the RV was spotless. Cleaned very thoroughly. Our walk to the park was short so the location was good. The amusement park was a good time, our whole family found rides to enjoy. The Splashtown water park was fun and refreshing!!! The water was very nice. The only complaint I have is the lack of workers. This created very long lines for food and few rides were open. However I’ll also say that the workers who had to unfortunately had to manage whole rides and food stands alone were still all very professional. I didnt encounter a single miserable worker there the whole stay. Great job Darien Lake for a awesome family trip……just please properly staff the food and rides for the enjoyment of guests and benefit of workersAdeline RPreferred Lakeside cabin descriptionkellyjelly123Extreme understaffing meant super long lines

    How To Use This Page

    Consult with this page for notices of trail conditions before you leave for your hike. Click on the Sort by option to sort the notices by map name or by date. Dont know your map name? Go to the index map look for the name nearest your hike location.

    When sorted by map name, the notices are listed going from west to east on the main trail, and then north to south on the branch trails . Click on the map names above the table to jump to the notices for a particular map. You can then scroll up and down to view other nearby notices.

    • Map names in red indicate that one or more notices for that map contain hunting notices or other temporary trail closures. Check carefully for these notices during hunting season in your area.
    • Map names underlined in gray have no notices.

    The date of the most recent major revision is shown for each map. Check the revision date on your map to see if it might be outdated. All changes to mapsboth major revisions and minor updatesare reported as Trail Notices highlighted in pink. Use these notices to decide when you want to replace an outdated map.

    When sorted by Date the notices are listed with the most recent notices anywhere on the FLTC system listed first.

    Some older notices have been archived as they may contain information that is still useful if you have not visited the trail recently. Click the Archived link to view these notices.

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    Notes On Other Gps Brands

    Delorme Units: These data also work with the Delorme GPS units PN-20 and PN-40, if you also have Delorme Topo software. However, expect loss of track and waypoint attributes with these and other GPS units that are not in the above recommended list.

    Other Units: These GPX files may be compatible with other GPS units, but we have tested these files only with the recommended units listed above. If you are using another unit, it is up to you to determine that your GPS unit can use this GPX data. Before ordering the digital download map files, try downloading this sample GPX file, M09.gpx , to ensure that it is compatible with your hardware and software.

    PDF map files available for download from the FLTC On-line Store are geospatial-enabled. This means that the files can be imported into mapping software available for many Apple and Android smart phones and tablets, and soon for Windows Phones.

    We have tested our PDF maps with the Avenza PDF Maps Mobile App. Once you have installed this app on your device, you can import the FLTC PDF map into the application.

    Then, when you are hiking within the boundaries of the map, you can see your location acording to your devices GPS. You can also do things like:

    • Add placemarks
    • Orient the map using your compass
    • Measure distance and area
    • Search for places on the map

    Many of our Local Work Crew members also have their own trail section they maintain.

    Whats New At Six Flags Darien Lake

    Darien Lake Camping Map 2019

    In 2020, Six Flags was supposed to introduce Wahoo Wave, a 60-foot-tall water slide. Due to the pandemic, the park never opened for the season. It is likely that it will be featured for the 2021 season. Passengers in four-person cloverleaf tubes will navigate a 30-foot drop and then careen up and down a 30-foot “wave wall.”

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    Tent Camping Is The Real Deal

    Cherry Hills campsites are specifically designed for tent camping, no cement slabs here! Most of them are private & shady, some are more open with lots of sunshine & some sites have just the right distance between the trees for hammocks. Each site must be registered & occupied by someone aged 21 yrs. or older who will be accountable for all people at the site.

    Camping In Darien Lakes State Park

    Public camping locations in Darien Lakes State Park accessible via the Finger Lakes Trail include:

    • Darien Lakes State Park Campground, accessible by turning left at the marked junction.
    • Darien Lakes Lean-to, approximately half a mile from the Conservation Trail. Take a right at the junction marked with blue blazes. Backpackers welcome.

    For more information or to make camping reservations, visit the Darien Lakes State Park website or call 585-547-9242.

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    Rustic Camping For Rvs

    Cherry Hill welcomes RVs up to 40 ft. Our campsites are all rustic, so none of them have electric or water/sewer hookups. When campers come with RV’s they either dry camp, work off a battery, or use a quiet generator . We have potable water at convenient locations around the campground for filling your water tanks, and also have a dump station.

    New Card And Mobile Payments Policy

    Darien Lake Camping Reopening June 25

    Six Flags Darien Lake only accepts card and mobile payments at all in-park locations including parking toll booths, restaurants, retail stores, games, and ticket windows. You may pay for purchases using Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or debit card. You can convert cash to a prepaid debit card for no upfront fee immediately inside the park entrance or at any of the other Cash to Card kiosks within the park.

    PARKING NOTICE: Parking may only be paid for using credit card, debit card, or mobile payment method. For faster entry, please purchase parking online before your visit.

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    Darien Lake Amusement Park

    Amusement Park / Water Park / LIve Shows / Lodging

    9993 Alleghany RoadDarien Center, New York 14040 599-4641

    For generations, Darien Lake has been a destination for families to create memories that will last long after vacation is over. With 45 attractions, a 10- acre water park and a variety of live shows and entertainment options- all just steps away from an onsite lodge, modern lakeside cabins, all new luxury guest houses and an extensive campground with glampsites and traditional campsites, guests will rediscover time together when they visit Darien Lake. Darien Lake has added millions in new attractions, entertainment, park and accommodations upgrades over the past two years to give guests limitless fun and unbeatable value.

    Darien Center, NY, is centrally located between Buffalo and Rochester, and only 45 minutes from Niagara Falls. Western New Yorks favorite family destination sits on nearly 1,000 acres and features 45 rides and attractions that the whole family can enjoy. Darien Lake has six roller coasters, the largest variety of coasters in New York State. Darien Lakes new Lakefront Boardwalk area features a new thrill ride, Blast Off and new dining options, including Buffalos Original, Anchor Bar restaurant. Darien Lakes Performing Arts Center has a capacity of 20,000 plus, and is operated by Live Nation, featuring internationally acclaimed live shows and top musical acts.

    Hotel And Camping Packages

    Stay on grounds with us!

    Staying with us on the grounds of Six Flags Darien Lake for the length of the event is the ultimate way to get the full Kingdom Bound experience. Save the gasand the time in the carand make our festival your summer destination! Memories are made here! Plusthere are extra perks when you book your package to stay at Six Flags Darien Lake!

    Check in Sun. 7/24, check out Thurs 7/28, 2022. Unless noted, each package includes: 6 full event tickets, 4-night stay plus full amusement park admission. Need a different number of tickets? Contact us to customize your accommodations package.

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