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Rv Camping Theodore Roosevelt National Park

All The Camping At Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Ep. 174: Theodore Roosevelt National Park & Medora | RV travel North Dakota camping
  • National Park Campgrounds
  • Cottonwood Campground. $14 The only campground actually in the parks South Unit, putting you right on the scenic loop and minutes from where the feral horses and bison roam. Some shade provided by the trees for which the park is named. Currently first come, first served, but reservations are in the works. NPS Website.Campendium.
  • $14 The North Units first come, first served campground. NPS Website.Campendium.
  • Free Camping limited to the South Unit.
  • Scoria Pit. 10 minutes from South Unit. Wide open grassy areas, absolutely no shade. Maybe 20 spots that fill up quickly, even in the heat of summer. Great cell reception. Not listed on the forest service site, butaside from othersits on Campendium. We personally checked it out and there were a ton of RVers there, so seems legitimate enough.
  • Painted Canyon Visitors Center. This is technically in the national park, but its just parking for free in the visitors center parking lot. There are two visitors centers in the South Unit, and this one is 11 minutes outside of the main South Unit entrance, where youll get the scenic loop drive, etc. Campendium.
  • Camels Hump Wildlife Management Area. 20 minutes from South Unit. Camping is prohibited Tuesdays and Wednesdays, unless its a holiday. WMA Website.Campendium.
  • Painted Canyon Visitor Center.
  • National Forest Camping
  • South Unit.
  • North Unit.
  • Full-hookups Camping
  • Boots Campground. Campground website.Campendium.
  • More Camping
  • Theodore Roosevelt National Park Nd

    Circuit: Past Events

    View bison, elk and prairie dogs as well as the Elkhorn Ranch Site and the badlands. Visit a prairie dog town in Medora. Hiking and kayaking on the Little Missouri, if the water level permits. Visit the Maltese Cross Cabin where Theodore Roosevelt once lived and take the scenic loop drive. Attend Ranger Talks and Ranger led hikes.

    Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Unit, Juniper Campground. Possible to reserve group site for 20 vehicles at $30 per night.

    Follow Hwy 85 to the North Unit of the Natl Park, then 6 miles west on park road to Juniper CG. Boondock $14/night, $7 with Golden Age Pass. Dump station and water.

    Rv Camping At Theodore Roosevelt National Park

    For a good cause, Theodore Roosevelt, founder of the conservation, His efforts over an 8-year term doubled the US national parks system and declared a number of national monuments as well. Although Theodore Roosevelt National Park wasnt brought into the national parks system until well after Roosevelts presidency, it is named after him because this area of North Dakota, known as the Badlands, was a cornerstone of his life. Roosevelt was so inspired by the North Dakota Badlands. He once proclaimed he would never have become president if it wasnt for them. RV Camping at Theodore Roosevelt National Park can be a lot of fun with exciting activities. Book an RV and go for an RV camping family fun vacation!

    The park is more than 70,000 acres and includes landscapes the badlands, wide-open prairie, and the Little Missouri River. Its one of the countrys most pristine protected bison habitats. Youll also find bighorn sheep, eagles, and wild horses, and plenty more wildlife species. Theres a reason we named the best RV Camping at Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Their landscape is inspiring, but several scenic routes take you through their best sights.

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    Plant Life At Theodore Roosevelt National Park

    Theodore Roosevelt National Park features rocky badlands, grasslands and forests. Both of the park campgrounds are covered in trees providing great shade in the Summer. It is said that there may be 500 different plant species living inside the park. Spring and Summer are a great time to see huge fields of wildflowers.

    Rocky Mountain Junipers are the dominant tree here. You’ll also find a few hardy hardwoods that survive in the dry climate by sticking closer to riverbanks: cottonwoods, box elders and specific types of elm and ash trees.

    As you might expect from an ecosystem that houses large numbers of grazing animals, there are thousands of acres of grasslands within the park. A few of the grass species here include bluestem, wheatgrass and saltgrass.

    Bull Bison

    Wild Horses

    Boots Campground Has Moved Websites To Vacationmedoracom

    Best rv camping in Theodore Roosevelt National Park

    Please visit to book your RV site. Boots Campground takes ONLINE RESERVATIONS ONLY.

    Boots Campground is located one mile outside of Historic Medora, ND. We have 16 RV campsites with full electrical and water hookups, as well as 3 cabins for daily VRBO vacation rentals. This is the perfect campground if youre looking for a simple place to stay with beautiful views of the badlands outside Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Indulge yourself in Medoras activities full of history, incredible scenery, inspiring hikes, and camping! Visit to book your RV site today!

    We can accommodate RVs up to 60 ft with full hookups, 30/50 amp electrical, water, sewage, & wifi. Rates vary from $35 – $45 per night plus booking. At this time, we do not have an office or facilities on site.

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    Theodore Roosevelt National Park Travel Tips

    By Amanda WatsonLiving, Locations, Nature, North Dakota, RV Trip Ideas

    Amid the vastness of the Great Plains in western North Dakota, Theodore Roosevelt National Park preserves and protects over 70,000 acres of prairie wilderness. The park encompasses badlands geology, a petrified forest, mixed-grass prairie, and a wide variety of wildlife species.

    It was here that a young Teddy Roosevelt visited when he traveled to Dakota Territory from New York in 1883 to hunt bison. The future president was lured by the wild west spirit and rugged landscape.

    He was also dismayed to discover that the bisons once great numbers were rapidly declining. These years in North Dakota helped shape Roosevelts conservation philosophy and eventually led him to establish five national parks and help form the U.S. Forest Service.

    Guide To Theodore Roosevelt National Park North Dakota

    Everything the RV Renter Needs to Know

    When checking national parks off your list, you should consider checking out the one honoring the man who was their greatest champion: Theodore Roosevelt. Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota showcases the ruggedly beautiful badlands of Western North Dakota. The area made a huge impression on a young Roosevelt who had visited the area for solace and bison hunting. Historians believe these visits are what guided his strong conservation efforts as president.

    Roosevelt would be delighted to see that the area has become a protected national parkthat its preserved rugged beauty is enjoyed by thousands of visitors each year. Many come to experience the wonder and plentiful outdoor activities offered by these hilly plains that are still home to native bison.

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    Dining At Theodore Roosevelt National Park

    Any dining you do at the park will be the fruit of your efforts. There are plenty of picnic tables and beautiful scenic stops for a picnic lunch, but you wont find any proper facilities in the park, itself. It would probably be best to do your grocery shopping beforehand because the nearest proper grocery store from the South Unit is about 35 miles away in Dickinson. At the North Unit, you can find groceries 15 miles away in nearby Watford City.

    Theodore Roosevelt National Park Hiking Trail #8 Jones Creek Trail

    Theodore Roosevelt National Park | Bucket List RV Road Trip

    This easy to moderate hike is 4 miles in length , so it likely will take hikers 2 to 3 hours round trip. The trail starts by heading up a steep hillside before veering off into Homestead Coulee, which leads you down toward Jones Creek. Once arriving at the creek bed, visitors should turn around and head back to the trailhead. Be on the lookout for bison, prairie dogs, foxes, rabbits, birds, and lizards.

    Length: 6.9 mi

    Hiking, River, Fee, No dogs

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    Theodore Roosevelt National Park Camping

    Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota offers both frontcountry and backcountry camping with campgrounds in both the North and South Unit, a group campground in the South Unit for camping with horses, and the nearby Forest Service campground outside Elkhorn Ranch. The campgrounds are: Cottonwoods, Juniper, Roundup and Elkhorn. There is no frontcountry campground in the Painted Canyon section of the park.

    Camping is a popular way to enjoy the park. A little over half of the overnight stays in the park do so in a Recreational Vehicle . The next most popular option is frontcountry tent camping. The primary camping season in Theodore Roosevelt is from May through September.

    There is no in-park concessioner lodging. The nearest hotel and lodging options outside of the park are in Medora, North Dakota.

    Cottonwoods Campground

    It is located in the south unit five or six miles from the park entrance along the Little Missouri River. There are 76 sites, and roughly half of them are reservable. Half are first-come, first-serve. The fee is $14 per night in the summer and $7 per night in the winter. There are flush toilets during the summer and pit toilets year round. Drinking water spigots are located throughout the campground. There are no showers.

    Roundup Group Horse Campground

    Elkhorn Campground

    Theodore Roosevelt National Park Backcountry Camping

    Dish washing and the use of detergents are prohibited in water sources.

    Rv Campgrounds In Medora & Belfield North Dakota

    A message from Vacation Medora:

    We hope youre looking forward to your time in North Dakota! For convenience and security, we take online reservations only using Campspot, a quick and easy way to pick your own RV site from an interactive map for both campgrounds.

    As much wed like to dig out the tent, we do not have tent camping sites at either campground. Please dont do it, the sites are meant for RVs! It may be something wed like to add in the near future.

    Lastly, we do not have an office or bathroom facilities on site. Please contact us via email at if you have any questions. Please be aware of our cancelation policy. We require at least a 7 days notice for cancellations in order to provide a refund.

    If youre ready to travel with your RV, book a site for either campground below:

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    Backcountry Camping In Theodore Roosevelt National Park

    Another option for camping in Theodore Roosevelt National Park is to hit the backcountry.

    Although there are no developed backcountry campsites, backpackers and horseback riders are welcome to stay overnight for up to 14 days in the parks backcountry with a free backcountry permit all year-round. Some backcountry camping is also available for those boating on the Little Missouri River.

    In addition to following all normal backcountry rules and regulations as well as the Leave No Trace principles, know that weather conditions in the park can change rapidly. Summer temperatures are usually very hot and thunderstorms can occur at a moments notice. Always consider the possibility of flash floods when selecting a campsite. Winter weather is extremely cold often with severe winds. Be prepared to encounter sudden severe winter storms.

    Learn more about backcountry camping in Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

    Why Youll Love Buffalo Gap Guest Ranch & Rv Campground

    Theodore Roosevelt National Park RV camping review

    Surrounded by plains and badlands, this guest ranch and RV campground gives visitors a true feel for what makes North Dakota so special. Being that town is 10 miles away, they offer a fantastic restaurant and bar for campers. They offer trail riding, stables for your horses and lodging for cattle, and they even hold events once in a while, such as music festivals or weddings.


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    Camping At Theodore Roosevelt National Park

    The Cottonwood and Juniper Campgrounds in the Southern and Northern Units, respectively, welcome RV campers. The only issue is that there are no hookups available, so youll be dry camping. In the summer months, you will have access to flushing toilets and potable water, however. This is truly no frills, out in the middle of nature camping if thats what youre looking for, youve found it.

    When To Visit Theodore Roosevelt National Park

    The most popular time to visit is late spring through early fall. In May and June wildflowers dot the prairies while frisky newborn bison, pronghorns and prairie dogs frolic. July marks the beginning of the bison rut, when gigantic bulls battle one another in dust raising head-to-head battles. August is often hot and humid, while September offers the nicest weather with fair skies and mild temperatures.

    Amanda Watson

    Theodore Roosevelt National Park is open year-round, but portions of the park road may close in the winter. Services are limited from October to May, including the restroom facilities in the campground.

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    Best Things To Do In Theodore Roosevelt National Park

    Camping is just one of many ways to enjoy visiting Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Here are some additional activities to consider:

    • Scenic Drive Taking a scenic drive is the most popular way to explore the park. Most visitors opt for the 36-mile loop in the South Unit although theres also a 28-mile loop in the North Unit.
    • Backpacking Expansive backcountry and an extensive network of hiking trails make for excellent backpacking in Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Check out the 18.2-mile Achenbach Trail loop and the 12.2-mile Buckhorn Trail loop.
    • Wildlife Viewing Aside from taking in the memorizing badlands terrain, wildlife viewing is perhaps the most popular activity in the park. Bison, wild horses, and prairie dogs are chief among the most notable animals youll see.
    • Stargazing Thanks to its remote location and lack of light pollution, Theodore Roosevelt is home to world-class stargazing. Very dark night skies and excellent air quality enable you to gaze at the Milky Way in wonder.
    • Ranger Programs Both children and adults alike will enjoy the parks many ranger programs, including , guided hikes, campfire talks, and more.

    Buffalo Gap Guest Ranch & Rv Campground

    Theodore Roosevelt National Park – with RV and Kids – RV Homeschool

    This guest ranch and RV campground are beautifully scenic and quiet, situated at a significant trailhead in western North Dakota. It is just 14 minutes west of Medora and south entrance to the National Park of Theodore Roosevelt. The ranch is located a few minutes off I-94, putting it in a beautiful, quiet place. This guest ranch and RV campground surrounded by plains and badlands offer tourists an authentic feel for what makes North Dakota so different. Because the town is 10 miles away, they offer campers a fantastic restaurant and bar. They sell trail walking, horse stables, and cattle accommodation, and they even host occasional events, including music festivals or weddings.

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    The Best Camping In Theodore Roosevelt National Park North Dakota

    Near Medora, ND, you can find some of the best camping in the area where elk, bison, and prairie dogs are a few of the common Great Plains sites campers can expect to see. Choosing campsites near the Badlands in North Dakota gives visitors easy access to the three sections in Theodore Roosevelt National Park, which include destinations like the stunning Painted Canyon and the former home of President Theodore Roosevelt, the Maltese Cross Cabin. RV owners have plenty of campgrounds to choose from, some within walking distance of the parks attractions. Dont forget to tour the Scenic Loop Drive for unforgettable views.

    Hiking At Theodore Roosevelt National Park

    As with many National Parks, there are a wide variety of hiking options in Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Trails here range from flat, paved 10 minute walks to extremely challenging 10-12 hour hikes. Serious hikers can also connect to National Grassland trails. Below is a list of some of the trails in the park along with their difficulty rating according to the park:

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    One Day At Theodore Roosevelt National Park

    If you are coming from the East, stop in at the Painted Canyon Visitor Center. Take in the Visitor Center and the Scenic Overlook.

    Take a peek at Medora ND as you drive to the South Unit entrance.

    If you can find parking, stop in at the South Unit Visitor Center to see the park movie, displays, petrified wood and Roosevelt’s Maltese Cross Cabin. Be sure to grab a park map if you don’t already have one.

    Take the Scenic Drive through the South Unit. Stop to say Hi to the prairie dogs and to take in the views at Wind Canyon and the Boicourt Overlook.

    Check out the Coal Vein area and consider hiking at least part of the Coal Vein Trail before turning around and heading back.

    Consider checking out the Medora Overlook on your way out of the park for a bird’s eye view of town.

    Rv Rental For Theodore Roosevelt National Park

    Best hike

    Good News! The scenic roads of both the North and South units of Theodore Roosevelt National Park can accommodate large recreational vehicles!

    Maximize your adventure to Theodore Roosevelt National Park with an RV! If you dont own one, consider an RV rental for your vacation.

    With an RV from Cruise America, youll have air conditioning, a freshwater toilet, a gas cooktop, a shower, a refrigerator, a microwave, and a generator. Plus, Cruise America RVs are pet-friendly and allow towing.

    Are you ready to enjoy all the comforts of home while exploring the great outdoors?

    Explore Cruise Americas array of RV rental options today!

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