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Best Portable Power Station For Camping

Suaoki Portable Power Station 322wh Solar

Top 10 Best Portable Power Station for Camping

This durable compact size portable power station by Suaoki delivers dependable power that holds the charge well. This 322W hour or solar-powered offers plenty of multi-outputs for AC/DC/USB. Battery or solar panel powered, this power station is terrific for use indoors and outside.

The small and compact design is well-thought-out for camping, hiking, backpacking, tailgating and more. Weighing only a bit over 7 lbs, this lunch-box-sized power station is easily moved from one spot to the next.

This power station has a built-in cooling fan that will turn on automatically when the output total is more than 120W for added convenience and safety. This item also has a built-in battery management system and includes an MPPT controller that increases solar power charging efficiency.

This versatile use power station is an ideal backup power option for power blackouts. This portable power station operates quietly and uses no dangerous gas or other fuels. The price is good for the overall value.

-Watt-hours: 300W hours 600W surge hours.

-Weight: 7.2 lbs.

-Recharge time: Within 6 hours for wall outlet, variable charge times solar panel power.

-Available outlets: AC: Continuous 300W/Peak 600W DC: 12V/10A max 4 ports USB-A: 5V/2.4A USB-A w/ QC3.0: 5V-3A/9V-2A/12V 1.5A Type C: 5V-20V/60W max Car Port: 12V/10A.

Allwei Portable Power Station 300w Solar Generator 280wh Type

$ as of March 2, 2022 7:15 am


as of March 2, 2022 7:15 am


as of March 2, 2022 7:15 am


  • The Jackery Explorer 1500 works With 1800 wattage and the 1534Wh capacity. Solid and practical for devices, power tools, and even larger appliances such as electric stoves, electric microwave ovens and refrigerators
  • Phones, appliances, and other devices can all be plugged into the Jackery Explorer 1500. The portable generator comes equipped with a variety of outlets to comfortably support your outdoor life, and supports pass-through charging while its battery life is protected.
  • With the 4* Solarsaga 100 solar panels, the Solarpeak Technology will boost 30% more recharging efficiency. Upgrade the Explorer onto a Solar Generator to own the limitless solar power around your home, and other outdoor adventures
  • Equip with Jackery’s quality built Battery Management System to ensure the battery’s safety level, while optimizing its performance. The One Button design allows an easy use for you to operate, anytime and anywhere – whether for camping, RV, tent
  • 1*Jackery Explorer 1500 Portable Power Station, 1*AC& AC Cable, 1*Car Charge Cable, 2*Solar Panel Parallel Adapter, 1*User Manual

How Much Power Do You Need

That depends on what you’re powering. The more appliances and devices you want to power, the more watts you’ll need from your power source.

To work out how much power you need:

  • List all of the appliances and electronics you’ll be using at the same time and their watts.
  • Add up the watts needed to start them and run them all .
  • This gives you the total watts you’ll need your power source to generate at once.

Here are some typical average power requirements:

Tools or Appliances

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Ego Power+ Nexus Portable Power Station

Capacity/output: 2,000 watts | Three standard 120-volt AC outlets | Four USB-A ports | Connectivity: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi | Charging input options: Standard 120-volt AC plug | Weight: 42 lb

  • Uses removable 56-volt Ego tool batteries
  • Doubles as a battery charger
  • Inconsistent Wi-Fi connection

Ego is known for producing cordless outdoor power equipment like mowers, chain saws, and leaf blowersall using interchangeable 56-volt batteries. And its Nexus Power Station can use up to four of those batteries. If youre already invested in their platform, the Nexus may be an opportunity to leverage that investment using batteries you already have, or to expand the runtime of your existing tools with additional batteries.

We tested the Nexus Power Station with two 7.5-Ah batteries, although at its highest capacity is four 10-Ah batteries. Using a constant load of 462 watts, as measured by the Nexus Power Station, we were able to run it for an hour and 32 minutes. Using the display screen to monitor the power station, we were able to determine the projected runtime, the number of batteries connected, outlets in use, and the current total load, displayed as a gauge.


Prymax 330w Portable Power Station

The 6 Best Portable Power Stations for Camping in 2021

Our final choice on the list is the PryMAX 330W Portable Power Station. This one is the most affordable out of the 3. So, if youre looking for something more budget friendly, this would be your best option.

As far as performance this power station does the job, but is not as powerful as the Jackery brands. It is a good choice for CPAP use in that it is very compact and produces enough power to run your machine for at least 2 nights.

This brand also support solar power charging and can power other devices during your camping retreat. However, with this device it is best to reserve your power only for your CPAP machine.

I would recommend this device for those who enjoy camping in short increments.


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Best Portable Power Stations On The Market Today

Now lets check out some of the portable power stations on the market.

There are several to choose from, and its nice to have options.

These are my portable power station reviews on the best units out there.

With almost twice the capacity as its competitors, the Bluetti is the Alpha.

This unit has all the features you want with lots of output options.

Theres no doubt that its bulky.

The Bluetti portable power generator weighs in at just over 60 lbs. And it measures 16.5 x 11 x 15.2 inches, so it will take some effort to haul it around, but boy is it worth it.

This unit has no problems running larger items, such as:

  • fridges
  • power tools
  • etc.

Heck, you can even give a Tesla a bit of a charge if you have one.

There are 17 options for plugging your devices in with USB-A and C and several AC ports. It also has wireless charging on the top, which is handy.

Theres an LCD touch screen that shows current, power temp, voltage, and charging status. It can be a little hard to read outdoors in the sun as it isnt that bright.

This portable power station includes handlebars mounted on the sides to help carry it around. But youre NOT lugging this unit on your trail walks. You bring it to your campsite or an off-grid cabin.

Thats where you will be recharging and powering most of your items.

Now lets talk about its recharging options. You have 5 the unit can recharge with:

  • Battery
  • Heavy as it weighs in over 60 lbs
  • LCD isnt bright enough for outdoors

Jackery Portable Power Station

What Can I Run On A Portable Power Station

What you can run on a specific portable power station depends entirely on its power rating, which is important to look at before you buy them.

Theyâre generally made to run smaller electronics and appliances, from phones and computers to mini coolers. However, some portable power stations designed for home backup can also run a full refrigerator, like the Duracell PowerSource.

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For Electronic Devices And Gadgets

Life nowadays pretty much revolves around devices and gadgets. You will realize that a day doesnt pass by before you have checked emails on your laptop, called a couple of friends on your smartphone, or even taken a selfie on your tablet. But to do all those things, your gadgets need to be powered, otherwise, it will impossible to use any of them.

Thats why you need a reliable power supply for your electronics. You need an efficient power source that can charge your devices efficiently in one place. The AC outlets in your house and the DC ports in your car are great options, but wouldnt it be better if you had a product that charges all your five, probably 6, devices at once? A product with all the DC, AC, and USB ports you will ever need to charge your phones, cameras, laptops and more?

A portable power station stores enough power and has all the ports you will ever need to power all your small devices. You can charge your laptop, phone, camera and more, all at the same time in one place. And the best part is: your use of a power station is not limited to one place: power stations are compact and lightweight so you can carry yours with you to any place without breaking a sweat.

How Many Years Do Portable Power Stations Last

Best Portable Power Station For Camping? – Novoo 62,400mAh Portable Power Bank Review

How many years a portable power station last depends on two key factors — how well the product is maintained and how often it’s used.

I reached out to Jackery, Blackfire and Rockpals customer service to ask specifically about the Jackery Explorer 1000, Blackfire PAC505 and the Rockpals 300W I recommend above. All three responded promptly with “about 500 cycles.”

One cycle means using the product from fully charged to zero charge. Therefore, if you use your portable power station several times a week, it might only last a year or two. But if you use it less frequently, it could last for much longer.

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Jackery Hls 290 Portable Power Station

Jackery has launched an eco-friendly, portable, and high-capacity power station for travel junkies and people who are always on the go. It uses Pure Sine Wave AC technology.

Jackery HLS 290 Portable Power Station is compatible with all your car-powered tools as well as small home appliances including mini-cooler, mini-fan, mini-refrigerator, tablets, smartphones, laptops, and more. You can recharge this power bank using Jackery Solar Saga.

Jackery HLS 290 Portable Power Station takes 7 hours to charge itself from the AC wall outlet and carport. You could also charge it under the sun with any solar panel in 10 hours. No need to carry a heavy power generator to the campsite. Purchase this portable and ultra-light power station and charge multiple devices without having to bear annoying generator noise.

The power bank comes with a portable and solid handle. Make sure the power station is compatible with the devices that operate under 200 watts. This 6.6 Ibs allows you to charge multiple devices at once.

You can also plug the power bank into the solar panel to charge it while using it to charge your smartphones and other electronic appliances. Like other portable power stations by Jackery, this model features a compact design and a clear display for battery status.

It doesnt work on micro-wave over, heater, toaster, electric drill, induction cooker, rice cooker, hairdryer, and other devices that consume more than 200 watts.



  • It doesnt pass airline restrictions

Anker Powercore 26800 Portable Charger

as of November 10, 2021 1:26 am


  • The Anker Advantage: Join the 50 million+ powered by our leading technology.
  • Colossal cell capacity: 2,6800 mAh of power charges most phones over 6 times, tablets at least 2 times and any other USB device multiple times.
  • High-Speed Charging: 3 USB output ports equipped with Anker’s PowerIQ and Voltage Boost technology ensure high-speed charging for three devicessimultaneously .
  • Recharge 2X Faster: Dual Micro USB input offers recharge speeds up to twice as fast as standard portable chargersa full recharge takes just over 6 hours while using both input ports .
  • What you get: Power core 26800, 2X Micro USB cable, Travel Pouch, welcome guide, our worry-free 18-month and friendly customer service. Usb-c cable and Lightning cable for iPhone/ iPad sold separately. Input: 5V 4A Output: 5V 6A

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Portable Power Station You Can Trust

Rockpals is as safe as it is powerful. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with surge and short circuit protection, temperature control, and a pure sine wave inverter. And for those just in case scenarios, Rockpals solar generators provide the power to charge your important devices. Now you can be ready in case of an emergency or power outages.

Flaws But Not Dealbreakers

SUAOKI G500 Portable Power Station

The Explorer 1000 isnt the most powerful of the models we testedseveral bested it when it comes to capacity, max output, or bothbut it still offers an impressive amount of power for the price. Plus, its much lighter than those models, so its more practical to lift into a trunk or carry to the backyard.

Lastly, this units screen isnt quite as large or brightly lit as the one on our runner-up pick. If you tend to squint at small screens, youre probably better off with the Anker.

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The Best Portable Power For Camping In 2021

Just because youre camping doesnt mean you cant keep all your devices fully charged.

A portable power device is the key to charging smartphones, GPS devices, cameras, and laptops at the campground or on a road trip.

Its even possible to power a CPAP while camping, run a refrigerator or electric cooler, or even use a heater with the right portable power station.

Today, were going to look at the best portable power for camping in 2021.

Looking for a portable solar panel for camping? Our guide to camping solar panels breaks down the top options in detail!

Which Portable Power Station Is Best

The best portable power station that you can buy will entirely depend on what you’re looking for. For the majority of campers and vanlifers, you should go for the Jackery Explorer range. Jackery are best known in the industry for reliability and quality and have a range of sizes to suit 95% of buyers.

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Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 500

$ as of November 10, 2021 1:26 am


  • LONG LASTING ENDURANCE: The Explorer 500 portable power station is built with the lithium-ion battery pack, in a safely designed frame structure to maximize, and long last the power for every single use of outdoor adventures and home use.
  • THE PERFECT CAPACITY: With a 518 watt-hour capacity, it is ready to power many appliances – heater, blanket, projector, lamp light, and TV.
  • SUPPORT PASS-THROUGH CHARGING: This power station features 1* AC outlet , 3*USB-A ports, 2* DC ports, and 1*car port. Its Battery Management System governs each individual cell, improving the battery life cycle while being pass-through charged.
  • DESIGNED FOR PORTABILITY: Same size as a basketball, this Explorer 500 is easy to carry with its solid handle, making it a compact and reliable choice for scenarios of camping, road-trip, RV, and home backup.
  • WHAT YOU GET: 1* Jackery Explorer 500 Portable Power Station , 1*AC adapter, 1* car charger cable, 1* user manual.

Best Portable Power Station For Camping

Top 5 Best Portable Power Stations for Camping & Power Tools

Typically, going for camping off-grid meant that you leave all your electrical devices behind to escape the hustle and bustle of modern-day life. However, with our newly found technological advancements, you dont have to be without electrical power just because you want the outdoor experience.

Portable power solutions have made it possible to charge various tech devices, lights, appliances such as tent heaters, and more as you chill around the camp. With this, you can check out the latest news, trail maps, weather reports, and enjoy music to get your camping party going.

The best part about this is that you wont have to worry about carrying around large and bulky gear to facilitate this. If you enjoy camping, consider the following best portable power station for camping.

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How Portable Power Stations Work

Portable power stations work by taking energy from a source such as power utilities, solar chargers, or other off-grid solutions and storing it in a big battery.

The size of this internal storage battery largely determines how suitable each power station is for given applications.

Once the portable power station is charged up, its ready to go.

Of course, the other side of the equation is output. Portable power stations need to be able to output that stored energy to a variety of devices. Output types may include 120V wall plugs, USB plugs, or cigarette lighter style plugs.

Remember that portable power stations have a limited amount of power to provide before they run out. Once that power is gone, youll have to recharge the portable power station.

Why You Should Trust Us

Ive been a science journalist for more than seven years, covering a wide variety of topics from particle physics to satellite remote sensing. Since joining Wirecutter in 2017, Ive reported on rechargeable batteries, power banks for phones and tablets, portable laptop chargers, solar chargers, and more, and I spent 73 hours testing portable power stations for this guide alone.

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Anker 535 Portable Power Station

Capacity/output: 500 watts | Four standard 110-volt AC outlets | Three USB-A ports, 12 watts each | One USB-C port, 60-watts | One 12-volt, 30-amp DC outlet | Connectivity: N/A | Charging input one port for: Standard 120-volt AC adapter or automotive 12-volt plug | Weight: 14.25 lb

  • Four standard outlets
  • Not for devices over 500-watts

Ankers 535 Portable Power Station is intended for smaller power needs and ideal for use as a mobile charging station for all your devices. Its not designed for loads over 500 wattsso that means no hair dryers, toasters, or coffee machines. We used all four 110-volt outlets to run a total load of 424 watts, as calculated by the 535, for exactly 60 minutes before the battery kicked it, which matched the estimated run-time on the display exactly.

Admittedly, our test load is higher than what you might typically run off the 535, but we use the same load across all power stations we test. Note that devices using 100 watts or less can run 5-10 hours. More in-line with typical use, the 535 will charge laptops and tablets several times over and mobile phones dozens of times. When it comes to recharging your devices, one of our favorite features, power-saving mode, automatically shuts the 535 down once devices reach a full charge. We timed recharging, from 0 to 100 percent, at 4 hours and 56 minutes from a standard wall outlet. It can also be charged from your vehicle with the included cable.


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