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How Much Does Camping Cost

Basic Necessities And Tools

How Much Do Campgrounds Cost?

Youll want to bring along a variety of tools during your first camping trip so that you can fix anything that breaks. There are a variety of different toolkits and multitools that will work admirably in such contexts. You can find these types of tools and kits for about $20, although you can easily spend $100 on this type of equipment if you like.

Youll also want a good camping knife. Knives vary wildly in cost, and you can spend anywhere between $20 and $200 on one, depending on the quality and features you require. Depending on your intended destination, you may also require things like camp shovels, hand saws or axes. Generally speaking, these items will cost between $20 and $50 each.

A good flashlight is always necessary when camping. You can find a cheap flashlight for $5 at your local big-box retailer, but you can obtain a high-quality flashlight built to handle life on the trail in the $20 to $50 price range.

Model Year Or The Age Of The Rv Release

The Model Year or the Age of the RV is a very crucial factor for the cost of an RV. Lets say an RV that was released in 2019 will be more expensive than an RV that was released in 2014 because the 2019 one is the latest one with the latest technology and features whereas the 2014 one would have some outdated features and specifications.

This is also because of the Depreciation of RV.

Tent Trailer/pop Up Camper Cost

Tent Trailer or Pop Up Camper costs from a minimum of $10,000 to $30,000 maximum and can cost more with more custom features and add-ons.

A Tent Trailer or also called Pop up tent trailer is a popular type of RV trailer. This is a travel trailer so you need to hook it up with your truck or a car such as SUV or Sedan and pull it with wherever you travel.

Tent Trailer or Pop Up Tent Trailer is the cheapest type of RV. Pop Up Camper is usually small in size with a small bed and kitchen space with a stove and dinette.

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This type of tent trailer can easily fit a couple of people easily. But with this tent trailer, the features and amenities are very limited. There is no bathroom with a shower so you might need to look for those somewhere else such as a public bathroom or a hotel.

If it needs to fit multiple people then you can easily fit in are squeeze around five to six people it might not be affordable but you can still fit in.

Check this article onHow much does pop up campers costfor detailed information.

Here are some popular pop up campers with their prices.

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How Much Does An Rv Cost

Last Updated on March 7, 2022 by Ted Mosby

If you are wondering How much does an RV Cost? Then you are in the right place.

I did full research on the current RV market and got data from many RV Dealerships in the United States of America and also Canada and came up with this conclusion.

In this article, I will give you information on How much does an RV Cost? also proven with evidence after considering around 20 Popular RVs in the market.

RVs cost between $10,000 to $3,000,000 depending on the brand and the features of the RV. A Small Camper Trailer towed behind a car or a truck costs around $15,000 to $25,000.

A fifth-wheel camper costs around $40,000 and a motorhome starts from $100,000.

$115,000 to $140,000

What Influences Rv Park Rates

How Much Does a Camping Tent Cost? Detailed Price Guide

Not all RV parks are the same nor offer the same amenities, so it stands to reason that RV park costs will also vary from place to place.

Prices are influenced by a number of factors including:

  • Location: Location is everything when it comes to RVing. RV parks in close proximity to popular locations and destinations tend to charge more than ones that are farther away.
  • Amenities: Barebones campgrounds that simply offer a flat surface to park your rig will cost far less than a luxury campground with full hook-ups, community facilities, pools and hottubs, and more.
  • Length of stay: For some RV parks, the longer you stay, the better your RV park rates will be. For instance, staying a week might get you a better rate than staying two nights.
  • Day of the week: Like hotels, some RV parks charge a premium rate on the weekends.
  • Season: RV parks may price their campsites differently depending on the time of year. Peak seasons will typically be less expensive than off-peak or shoulder seasons.

Keep all of these in mind as we break down costs further. The numbers we provide are estimates that can vary depending on the particular park you stop at and any of these other factors.

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Some Rv Park Resources To Help You Out

We have talked a lot in this article about monthly rental fees, their lows and their highs but to find the right RV park for you may take a little more work. That is why we are offering this resource section for you.

This resource section should get you started on the right foot and headed in the right direction when you want to find the best RV campground or park for you and your family.

1.Average prices – this is a website that gives you the average prices for 15 different locations around the nation. The prices are a bit old but it gives you an idea and names to search and contact.

2.RV camping – this is a top resource that not only gives you state by state information but gives you links to RV associations and a lot more. It also gives you tips and other information as well. Just click this link

3.RV park for Canada and America – get the information for national and international RV traveling. There is an FAQ section to help answer your questions.

4. The ultimate source – this website provides lots of information on a full range of RV activities and resources. It may be wise to give it a look at. Find it here

5. RV campgrounds – if you want to see ratings, this resource has them. Just scroll down to see them. It also gives you additional links to explore. Push this button

The Cost Of Camping Gear For Sleeping

The Average Cost of Camping Tents

The cost of camping tents can vary. While you can find a decent tent for under $100, more durable tents with various features for a few hundred dollars. .

  • There are some great low-cost options for basic tents at Walmart and Amazon . Both are great starter tents for families. Price: $80-140.
  • When youre ready to upgrade to a tent with a few more features, look for mid-range priced tents from REI, Walmart, Amazon, or direct from the manufacturer . We love our moderately priced Kelty Trail Ridge 6 . Price: $200-400.
  • High-end options include tents like the MSR Habitude 6, a high-quality tent with features such as durable zippers, plenty of standing room, and integrated porch light. Like the Teton Sports Mesa Canvas tent, others are made with extra durable materials to withstand more extreme weather but come with a price tag to match. Increasing the size of your tent for a larger family will also increase the cost of camping tents. Price: $500 and up.

Sleeping Bags, Pads, and Mattresses

  • The most inexpensive way to get your sleep system for camping is actually a no-cost option if you can use what you have at home. For years, we used the air mattress we already owned for overnight guests at home, with blankets and pillows we pulled right off our own beds. The drawback of doing this is the smell of the campfire leeches to the bedding and will likely get dirty which means youll have a lot of laundry to do when you get home. Price: $0.

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More Rv Passengers Cost More Money To Camp

Most of the 15 RV campgrounds listed above charge extra for each passenger or pet you bring. Its not a very expensive fee and is often under $10. Some campgrounds will slap you with an extra visitor fee as well, which is again cheap. Also, if youre bringing more than one vehicle, prepare to pay for that as well.

If this is an issue , you can limit your passengers, leave pets at home, and research fees ahead of time.

Frontcountry And Wilderness Camping Fees And Reservations

How Much Does Camping Really Cost?
  • The busiest time of year to camp at Everglades National Park is November through April.

  • Reservations are only taken for group campsites at Long Pine Key and for all Flamingo campsites through April 16. After April 16, no reservations are necessary for the limited camping sites that remain available.
  • Camping is limited in Everglades National Park to no more than a total of 30 days in a calendar year and no more than 14 consecutive days from November 1 through April 30.

Interested in planning a camping trip? Visit our Camping page!

  • There are 108 drive-up sites that are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Reservations for individual sites are not accepted.
  • Group camping reservations can be made by calling 1-855-708-2207.
  • There are 235 drive-up sites available. Reservations are accepted and strongly recommended during the busy winter season. Reservations are typically not needed in the summer months .
  • 41 electrical hookup sites are available in T-Loop.
  • Reservations can be made by calling 1-855-708-2207.

Wilderness Camping

Wilderness permits are required for all overnight camping in the backcountry. Preparation is key to a successful experience, please visit our Wilderness Trip Planner to learn more.

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Monthly Campground Rates In Colorado

Colorado may be a tougher sell because very few of the RV parks and campgrounds on their top 10 list offered monthly rentals. The ones that did, the range was between $450 and $600 making it a fairly consistent state for RV Park rental fees.

Only one of the entries did not allow pets or they just declined to say. This means it may be decided on a case by case situation. All of them did offer both 30 and 50 amp electrical hookups.

RV camping in Colorado may be a bit on the expensive side unless you can find an RV park that is more reasonable on its monthly renting fees. There are certainly a lot more RV parks available than just those on that top 10 list but the list gives you a little idea of how much you are going to pay each month if you stay in that state.

The Way To Beat High Prices

As the dollar so often sinks lower against the euro and fuel prices soar, the cost of seeing Europe seems to be sprinting out of the realm of possibility. There is one way to save a huge chunk of your travel budget, howeverby doing as the Europeans do and staying at inexpensive, clean, and scenic campgrounds.

Campgrounds are everywhere, from the Alps to the beaches, in cities, and sprinkled throughout the countryside. With todays lightweight, comfort-oriented camping equipment, camping no longer means roughing it. And since most of the places visitors want to see have at least one or two campgrounds close by, some of the best views in Europe can be had from your tent door.

Dragging luggage around a crowded urban area looking for an affordable hotel can be a draining experience, and even at hostels youre likely to meet only other Americans. Campgrounds are the perfect place to meet Europeans in a very informal setting. Conversations often turn into parties.

European campgrounds are generally clean, attractive, and well supplied with hot showers, clean toilets, kitchens, and laundry facilities. Some are practically luxurious. Many have their own restaurant or pub. Others also offer inexpensive bungalows or a motel, and a few even provide entertainment.

Of course not everyone wants to camp every night, and wet weather can dampen anyones interest in camping. But even an occasional night in a campground can cut down drastically on expenses.

What to Bring


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Tips To Make Your Camping Trip Cheaper

I hope that the big breakdown of the cost of camping above helped you get a better idea of what to expect on your next camping trip. We often find ourselves going back to our favorite camping spots, but its also nice to explore new destinations.

If youre looking for a few ideas on how to keep the cost down, then check out some of these tips.

1. Week-long discounts might be available at many private campgrounds and month discounts are often always available. Make the most out of this if youve got time because youll be able to save a lot!

2. Research which states have cheaper rates. Location plays a huge part in any campgrounds rates and states such as California are much more expensive than, say, Idaho.

3. Remember that state parks offer cheaper fees for residents. And the price difference for residents and non-residents can be pretty big.

4. Invest in an Annual Park Pass. If youre interested in staying in National Park Campgrounds, you should know that having an Annual Park Pass is a big reduction on all your expenses. When you camp in an NP, you still have to pay an entrance fee. Having an Annual Park Pass will make this cheaper for you.

5. Consider boondocking and camping for free in BLM land, National Forest land or other boondocking locations.

And thats it! The costs for a campsite can be expensive or not. Its your choice!

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What Is The Cost Of Overnight Summer Camps?

What is happening to make camping so expensive these days? Camping used to be cheap fun especially with RVs! Gone are the days of $10-15 per night campsite fees. Even before the global pandemic, we noticed the sudden uptick in escalating camping fees. But at what cost? Why has simple camping become pretty much a rich mans game?

Up until the last few years, taking the family camping was a great way to enjoy the outdoors together for just a few bucks. Also, camping was a relatively cheap way to take the family on a mini weekend getaway even with the motorhome or camper. Oh, but thats so not the case anymore!

Coupled with rising costs of food, fuel and propane, campers are easily shucking out over $150-$200 for a simple campsite for a 3-night weekend. The cause for concern now is, can average people even afford to go camping or to an RV park?

This blog article contains affiliate links. We may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Full disclosure here.

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What Influences Average Rv Campground Prices

If you look at the price to stay at the above 15 campgrounds, youll see theres some minor fluctuations. Youll also notice these prices fit squarely within the range I mentioned in the intro. Some places, like Five Pines Camping & Recreation in Pennsylvania and Wagonhammer RV Park & Campground in Idaho, are ridiculously cheap. You can room at those RV parks for less than $50 a night! Thats a steal and definitely worth considering if youre out that way.

Then you look at campsites like Mills Creek Ranch Resort in Texas or Libbys Oceanside Camp in Maine and youre going to have to splurge if you want to stay at thoseeven for one night.

So why the fluctuations in price? There are many factors at play here that influence campsite pricing. Lets unpack each one.

The Average Cost For A Budget Campground Or State Park

If you want to really go off the grid and get primal, you might be interested in staying at a state park campground or budget RV park. The number of amenities at these types of places vary as well, but typically youll be looking at maybe some restrooms and showers and electric hook-ups. Some of these sites might not have anything more than a level place to park your rig.

The average price for budget RV campgrounds or state parks is $15-$40 per night.

Once again, the prices tend to reflect both the location and amount of facilities that the park offers. On the upper end of that range, youll see something like Little Beaver State Park in West Virginia. This small state park has quite a few perks including a bathhouse, dump station, Wi-Fi, a grill, and even water and electric hookups. The park itself has 20 miles of trails and a huge lake for fishing and other water activities. The average campsite fees are $35 a night.

A more rustic option would be something like New MexicosLeasburg Dam State Park. To camp here will only set you back about $14 per night, or $98 per week. Thats a great deal, especially considering they offer showers, restrooms, electric, and water in the campground. Nearby youll find trails to explore, plus fishing, canoeing, kayaking, and birding.

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