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Best Solar Power Bank Camping

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7 Best Portable Solar Power Banks for Camping

As an outdoors writer covering adventure and gear, I have contributed multiple best guides to Treeline Review, and am a regular contributor toBackpacker and other outdoor publications and organizations.

In addition to writing about the outdoors, I have also for the past decade. I have gained a lot of knowledge about how solar power and photovoltaics work and what they can and cannot do.

I have written multiple outdoor guidebooks. My most recent Falcon Guide, “Colorados Best Front Range Adventures: The Greatest Hiking, Climbing, Paddling and More From Denver to Colorado Springs and Fort Collins,” arrived in Spring 2021. In it, I cover the best hiking, biking, climbing, and rafting in the region. Im also the author of Falcon Guides Climbing Colorado’s Fourteeners: From the Easiest Hikes to the Most Challenging Climbs and edited Justin Lichters excellent guide to thru-hiking titled Trail Tested: A Thru-Hiker’s Guide To Ultralight Hiking And Backpacking. All of this experience has helped me become a first-rate gearhead and product tester.

Overall, I have 20-plus years of exploring, mountain biking, hiking, backpacking, climbing, guiding, and playing in the wild. I worked with National Geographic and their mapping division in developing theirColorado 14ers Map Pack Bundle. Ive written about hiking and climbing for Elevation Outdoors, including stories about Colorado 14ers and outdoor apps to boost adventures.

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Analysis And Test Results

Now more than ever, solar technology is growing in popularity. In this updated review, we’ve tested a wide variety of portable models. Our current line-up includes small panels with built-in battery packs to massive 50W behemoths. By spending time testing these solar panels on the road, we get to see firsthand the latest and greatest #vanlife solar setups. After looking over several options, we rated each on five important metrics. Whether you are looking for a solar setup for car camping or a compact charger to power your iPhone while on a backpacking trip, our review offers excellent recommendations for anybody.

Dozens of companies produce affordable, effective monocrystalline panels ranging from small 5W models to more substantial, powerful options that will allow for a faster charge. These monocrystalline models are much more effective and lightweight than their polycrystalline forefathers. We tested a few small wattage models that were portable and lightweight. The Goertek 25,000mAh, has a larger capacity battery and a 5W panel. The BEARTWO 10,000mAh is one of the most compact and lightweight battery packs we tested, with impressive charging speeds.

Just as was the case in past reviews, panels with large-capacity battery packs and small-capacity solar panels tend to charge our electronics quickly but take eons to charge via the sun. With this style of charger, we recommend topping off your battery pack at home before bringing it into the field.

W Powerport Solar By Anker

This 21-watt, 3-panel solar charger has 2 USB ports for simultaneous dual charging.

Compact size and stainless-steel eye-holes on each corner allow easy attachment to backpacks, trees, or tents.

The lightweight and ultra-thin design make it ideal for long treks.

  • Wattage: 21 watts
  • Includes battery: No. Consider the Anker 20000mAh PowerCore.
  • Special features: 21.5-23.5% efficient, providing enough power to charge two devices simultaneously.

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Addtop 25000mah Solar Power Bank

  • Dual USB output for charging devices simultaneously
  • Features 4 upgraded, foldable solar panel for faster sunlight charging
  • Equipped with powerful LED emergency lights
  • Durable and sturdy construction
  • A bit heavier and bulkier compared to other models
  • Charges slower with sunlight than with a power outlet

If you are still worried about running out of battery while you are outdoors, then you should consider buying the ADDTOP 25000mAh solar power bank. With its high-power capacity and portable construction, it is convenient to bring along anywhere to always have that backup power on the go.

One unique feature of this solar power bank is four large upgraded, foldable solar panels, unlike the usual power with a single panel. With these premium portable solar panels for camping, this power bank is highly efficient in absorbing sunlight making charging 4-5 times faster than the usual solar power banks.

This power storages 25000mah capacity can fast charge two devices simultaneously with this models dual USB output. It is compatible with smartphones, iPads, cameras, and tablets. What makes it even better is that it automatically stops charging when the device is fully charged, thereby protecting your battery from overheating and overcharging.

This solar power bank is also equipped with powerful emergency LED lights. You can use it not only for charging your devices but also as emergency lights in the dark or during a power outage. It is an excellent deal.

Feelle Solar Power Bank Charger

Finding The Best Solar Power Bank For Traveling 2018: Top 5

The 25000mAh portable solar charger has four foldable solar panels. The compact nature and fast charging capabilities using solar energy make FEELLE solar power bank an ideal solar power bank for backpacking. The 538g solar power bank is easy to carry around and guarantees fast charging for all phone models.

The 69% 5-star rating from over 2000 users shows that FEELLE solar power bank is a compact and efficient solar charger for camping. Users articulate that the model is great for emergencies and is easy to use, with great output.

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Falcon 10w Portable Solar Panel Battery Charger

The suction cup mounting option of the Falcon 10W Portable Solar Panel Battery Charger makes it ideal for camping and your motor home. Thanks to the suction cup mounting option, you can fit the charger inside a window or externally.

Its monocrystalline cell design allows you to use the charge with sunlight and during daylight even with minimal sunlight.

However, the panel only has a 10W rating making it ideal as a topping up option to camping battery or starter battery out of season. The panel even allows you to charge directly to the battery using crocodile clips or a 12V socket. It comes with a meter long 12V socket cable and a 2-meter cable for crocodile clips.


  • Ideal for topping camping or out of season batteries
  • Perfect for motor homes, caravans, boats, and cars
  • Waterproof build and suction cup mounting allows you to place it inside or outside the windows
  • Monocrystalline cells allow you to use in normal daylight conditions
  • Can be used to directly charge a battery with crocodile clips or a 12V socket
  • Easy setup simply plug and charge


  • Low power rating only makes it ideal as a top-up option
  • No built-in or internal battery

How Long Do They Take To Recharge The Battery Using The Sun

Generally, manufacturers recommend using solar panels as a back up to recharge solar power banks. These devices are equipped with input USB ports to help you plug your equipment. Besides, in ideal temperature conditions, when there is sunlight, it can take up to 25 to 30 hours to recharge, with some models taking up to 48 hours. Still, this is a great way to keep the charge of your battery.

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Can A Power Station Run A Refrigerator

It could, depending on what the refrigerator and portable power station are. hour. A 200-watt-hour power supply could be enough to keep your refrigerator running for almost three hours if you experience a temporary power cut. To run your refrigerator for longer, you’ll need to have a higher watt-hour power supply. Mini-fridges will last longer than larger models.Before you try this device, make sure to verify the power requirements of the portable power station and your fridge.

For Campers Who Need The Most Power

5 Best Portable Solar Power Banks

Goal Zero Yeti 400 Portable Power Station portable solar power bank for camping holds 12V lead-acid batteries 12V output port , USB/110V AC output can handle small appliances, rechargeable electronic devices.

Features summary high watts = faster charges good capacity = long charge times higher weight = more portability and convenience.

Goal Zero Rock Out Portable Solar Power Station Portable solar power bank for camping holds USB devices when charged, also charge from AC/DC sources.

Features summary high watts = faster charges good capacity = long charge times higher weight = more portability and convenience.

< h3> For Campers Who Need the Most Efficient Charger

Anker 21W Dual USB Solar Charger . Dual USB ports have a quick charging capability, made from weather-resistant fabric to take wear and tear, lightweight construction allows great portability

Features summary high watts = faster charges good capacity = long charge times higher weight = more portability and convenience.

Solar chargers are great because theyre powered by the sun, but not all devices work well in sunlight. You want to make sure that any solar charger you get has enough watts per port to handle your device. So how many watts is best?

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Useful To Avoid Phone Battery Getting Low

Generally, when you go for a long trip, there is no socket to charge your cell phone or other electronic devices. That is when the best solar power comes into play. This is possible because it has solar panels that convert energy from the sun to electricity. It helps you to charge your phone and prevents your battery from dying. This should make your device last much longer.

Suscell Solar Power Bank 30000 Mah


Suscell 30000 mAh batterys compatibility with diverse mobile devices makes it the best solar power bank for backpacking. The inbuilt intelligent protection system protects the phone and the solar power bank from over-voltage, over-current, short circuit, and overload. The 420g weight makes Suscell the great solar charger for backpacking since it is lightweight.

The popularity of the Suscell portable solar power bank is evident from 67% of five-star reviews. Customers indicate that it looks cool, high-tech, and waterproof. The high capacity, durability, and compactness make the model one of the best camping solar power banks.

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Option : Solar Panel + Power Bank Or Power Station

If you need a more reliable source of power, then youll need a battery for your solar panels. This can be a small power bank or a large deep cyclic battery. You connect the solar panel to the battery to let it charge. Then you charge your devices from the battery.


  • Can store power for later
  • More flexibility: You can choose the size of the battery, type of outlets, and number of outlets to suit your needs.
  • Pre-charge battery: Charge the battery at home before your camping trip so you have power when you arrive and just use solar for topping it off.


  • More complicated: You may need a more complex solar setup for camping, including a regulator and invertor.
  • Less Efficient: Some power is lost when it is stored in the battery and also as it passes through the cables en route to the device.
  • Power stations are expensive: If you need to power lots of devices, youll need a large power station. These are not cheap.

Best Compatible Solar Charger: Flexsolar 30w Portable Solar Charger

Best Solar Powered Power Bank

Capable of charging laptops

Latest deals

This 30W solar charger is designed to be capable of reaching a power conversion rate of up to 24% and is fitted with an in-built smart chip providing charging speeds for different devices.

This solar panel charger has one USB port and one DC charging port. The manufacturer claims it is capable of charging mobile phones, laptops, car batteries and accumulators with 19.8V in direct sunlight.

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Do Solar Chargers Work Through A Window

Yes, but the amount of energy harvested by the panel will be greatly reduced, especially if the glass is tinted or has UV light-blocking properties. According to Sol Volatics, a website that provides advice on solar panel installations, the efficiency of a panel can be reduced by up to 50 per cent, depending on the thickness and cleanliness of the glass. So yes, a solar panel left in a car on a sunny day will continue to work, but itll charge up a battery far less quickly than when outside in direct sunlight.

Q: Which Is Better For Camping 10000mah Or 20000mah

A spec youll often see is mAh, which stands for milliamps hour. The mAh spec is a measurement of power over timethe higher the mAh the more power the battery contains. To fully charge a phone youll need 3,000 to 5,000 mAh. There is a big price jump between 10,000mAh and 20,000mAh power banks for camping, so if youre not sure which one you want to buy, its good to consider what your needs are first. Typically, a 10,000mAh battery size will provide enough juice for a couple of phone charges. If youre heading out for a weekendand you arent planning to watch a movie on your iPadthis is likely sufficient. If youre heading somewhere out of cellphone range, one way to increase your battery life is to check that your phone is switched to airplane mode.

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Best Solar Power Banks Of 2022 In

If youve been considering a solar power bank for quite a while, its definitely time to pull the trigger. Power banks are awesome. A huge advantage is that theyre environmentally-friendly and can maintain their charge without any electricity. Sunlight is all you need to charge your gear on the go.

Having a solar power bank means being able to charge all your electronics anywhere, any time. Say good-bye to dead mobile phones during travel or extended periods away from an outlet. No more dying tablets, phones, or other small devices. Talk about peace of mind!

The convenience, portability, and efficiency cant be beaten. But there are also a lot of choices out there and not all solar power banks are created equal, so Ive made this handy guide to give you my top picks of the best solar power banks for different needs.

Following my top solar power bank recommendations is an informative breakdown of important considerations everyone should read before buying a solar bank of their own.

Well then, lets talk solar power banks

W Portable Solar Panel Charger By Ravpower

Best Solar Power Bank 2022 for Outdoor Enthusiast

This four-panel solar charger is the most powerful option we reviewed .

This solar panel comes with 3 USB ports and produces up to 2.4A per port when used in direct sunlight. While it doesnt come with a power bank, it is easy to add one.

  • Wattage: 24 watts
  • Includes battery: No. You might consider adding the best-selling 20,000mAh Power Bank by Anker.
  • Special features: The panels are made of very efficient monocrystalline silicon. It comes with waterproof nylon to protect the panels and includes 4 hooks to mount the panel anywhere .

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Monocrystalline Silicon Solar Panels

The solar power banks consist of 5 portable solar panels made of class-A monocrystalline silicon. Its energy conversion efficiency is up to 17%. And its electrical conductivity is better than that of polycrystalline silicon solar panels. In addition, it is water resistant and dustproof, making it suitable for outdoor use.

Best For Home: Bluetti Eb55 Portable Power Station With Foldable Solar Panel

Courtesy of Bluetti

Weight: 12.57 pounds 16.5 pounds | Dimensions: 21 x 18.5 inches

10.94 x 7.87 x 7.79 inches | Output Ports: AC 4 x 700W , USB-A 4 x 5V/3A 1 x type-C 100w, 1 Car Port, 2 x 12V/10A | Accessories: 200w AC adapter and cable, car charging cable, solar charging cable

Keeping a solar power at home is especially handy during power outages, and the BLUETTI EB55 is a complete charging station that can keep home devices running long after the lights go out. The back-up power supply includes four outlets as well as four for USB charging ports with built in MPPT technology to ensure higher efficiency.

The battery can be recharged through a wall outlet, 12/24-volt car port, or by propping open the foldable, 120-watt monocrystalline panel. In full sun, the panel can recharge the unit in under seven hours. Both the panel and the unit have a carry handle for easy transportation.

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Buying Guide How To Choose The Best Solar Panel For Camping

Choosing the best solar panel for camping is not an easy task for everyone. Thus, to make this process much easier, weve shared a detailed buyers guide. This guide shares the key features you want to look at when choosing the ideal panel for your camping needs.

  • Types of Solar Panels

Generally, camping solar panels come in three main types. Popular and classic panels are typically made from crystalline silicon cells, in the form of mono or polycrystalline cells. Other types include amorphous and crystalline.

Monocrystalline panels are the most efficient as they easily convert the suns energy to electricity. However, this makes them more expensive compared to the other types of panels. Amorphous panels are cheaper and less efficient. Due to their poor efficiency, they require a large surface area to produce enough energy.

However, since they are designed in thin panels, amorphous panels are more flexible and normally foldable. Crystalline panels on the other end are more rigid and fragile. They are normally covered with a glass layer which increases their weight.

This is perhaps the most important feature to look at when choosing the best solar panel for camping. This feature determines the capacity of your panel. To determine the power rating of your solar panel, simply look for its wattage . Generally, the higher the wattage, the better! A solar panel with a power rating of around 5W can charge small devices such as phones and mp3 players.

How Did We Choose These Solar Chargers


We analyzed several products in our search for the best solar chargers and powerbanks, carefully reviewing and comparing each product to find the very best options that the market has available.

These are some important features to help you find the best powerbanks and solar chargers for your needs:

  • Size: The size of the solar panels will determine how much solar power you will receive when away from an outlet.
  • Charging speeds: When you do not have a lot of time to waste, the charging speed can be a big deal. Solar panels typically charge significantly slower than wall connections, so consider how long it will take to charge your devices both ways.
  • Battery size: The size of the battery also determines how much charge you can receive. While a 10,000mAh is suitable for a quick charge on the go, you will want to consider a higher battery, around 25,000mAh or more, if you plan on charging multiple devices or living remotely for a few days.
  • Functions: While some solar chargers and powerbanks stick to just charging, there are other models that incorporate additional features, like a flashlight or seat belt cutter.
  • Ports: If you plan on charging multiple devices, it is important to consider a solar charger or powerbank that has multiple ports to accommodate your devices.

Before you buy, take the time to consider your specific needs. Then you’ll know which product will be the best solar charger and powerbank for you.

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