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Bridger Teton National Forest Dispersed Camping

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Dispersed Camping in the Bridger Teton National Forest

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Whether you are a new visitor to the Bridger-Teton National Forest or a local devotee already, this Recreation section of our website offers detailed information on the many recreation opportunities this Forest has to offer. With 3.4 million acres of land and water to recreate in the possibilities are endless and exploring the Forest will last a lifetime.

When it comes to recreation, the Bridger-Teton National Forest is known for the four Ws – Wildlife, Winter opportunities, Wilderness, and Wild and Scenic Rivers.

We invite you to explore, relax, and to soak in the beauty and awe that make the Bridger-Teton National Forest the amazing and unique place we love.

The easiest way to search for Recreation Activities on the Bridger-Teton National Forest is to select the Ranger District you wish to visit from the list below. Each Ranger District’s recreation page has more detailed information about the various recreation areas and activities within their District. For a map of the Forest click here.

Kemmerer Ranger District

“Recreational Drone Tips”– Know where to Fly, Follow FAA Guidelines, Protect Wildlife and the Environment, Fly Safely . Also check the Federal Aviation Asministration website: to make sure you are in compliance. It is your responsibility to know the regulations before visiting National Lands.

What Is The Weather Like In Grand Teton

The West is HIGH and DRY.

The weather in the busy season June, July, August, and September is absolutely gorgeous, with temperatures usually around 70-80 degrees during the day.

But since its high in elevation, nighttime temperatures will get down into the 30s or 40s. So make sure you have a way to stay warm!

Also, its generally arid and dry, so you might want to pack lotion. And even though the temperatures arent typically blazing hot, sunscreen is a good idea if youll do a lot of hiking.

Grand Teton is a year-round park, but the campgrounds are closed in the winter.

If you camp in May or October, it will be cold with a decent chance of snow.

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Grand Teton National Park Free Campsites Gros Ventre Jackson Hole Grand Teton Np

AddressElevation: 7037

Management: Forest Service

The road in is Gravel and 2 to 30 miles from a paved road. Gros Ventre, Jackson Hole, Grand Teton NP is open June -Oct. There are 30 or more campsites at this location. You may stay 7 days, but Ck locally at Gros Ventre, Jackson Hole, Grand Teton NP.

Best Review:

There are some terrific, pure boondocking location back the Gros Ventre Road just east of Grand Teton Natl. Park. One of the most beautiful roads in all of Wyoming, which penetrates some 30 miles into the wilds! It is a destination unto itself! It is not a place to stay for day trips back to Grand Teton/Yellowstone Natl Parks.

The road is well-maintained gravel, with some wash boarding, and a bit of a drive to get back to the National Park or the town of Jackson. Although the road is well traveled there are NO SERVICES! You are in wild Wyoming! A favorite boondocking area by Jackson Hole residents and ranchers! Slide Lake, the Gros Ventre River and Crystal Creek have good trout fishing. There are lots of OHV trails and pure wilderness access! Hiking is just plain terrific! This is all US Forest Svc public land with the exception of some well marked private ranches.

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How Much Time Do You Need For Your Visit

If you just want to discover the Teton chain and see the different viewpoints on the lake including a short walk, a whole day will be enough. If you enjoy nature and wish to hike, at least two days to enjoy everything. However, keep in mind that the hikes are many with varying durations. Therefore, consider your program. If you want to see the wildlife, be present at dawn and at dusk to maximize your chances. Therefore, the least you can do at the Grand Teton National Park is spending a night.

How To: Camping In Jackson Hole

Dispersed camping along Cliff Creek in Bridger

Just because our need to get outside is in overdrive, we need not forget about the reality of our situation: COVID.

Camping: a peaceful grounding escape for all who partake. We, like most everyone in and around Jackson Hole, love to camp. We do it to escape. We do it to come together. We do it to get a little closer to the things that are so often out of reach. This blog contains some essential resources and tips to maximize your ability to enjoy the restoring trip youve been dreaming of, safely.

*HERE are comprehensive maps and lists of developed and undeveloped campgrounds in the Bridger-Teton National Forest, Jackson/Moran area along with other helpful camping information. Developed campsites include tables, campfire grills, restrooms, food storage boxes, garbage service water, and more while undeveloped regions do not and require additional preparations.

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More Things to Do in Grand Teton National Park: Not far from the best campgrounds in the park, the best hiking trails in Grand Teton beckon for even more adventure. For modern overnight accommodation, our guide to where to stay near Grand Teton highlights the many hotels, lodges, and cabins in the area. More attractions of the region can be explored in Jackson Hole.

Exploring Yellowstone National Park: The neighboring national park to the north, Yellowstone National Park, encompasses over two million acres of dynamic terrain. With so much space to explore, our guides to the best hiking trails and top campgrounds in Yellowstone can help with the logistics of visiting. For information on all four seasons of the year in Yellowstone, check out our best time to visit Yellowstone National Park article.

What Is Meant By Dispersed Camping

Dispersed camping means when you camp for free in undeveloped campgrounds on public land. You can do tent, car, and RV camping.

A forest is a public land. Keep in mind that even in the forest there might be areas that are still closed to dispersed camping.

If you want to do dispersed camping it does take planning and research. Do research beforehand.

For dispersed camping, no reservation is required. Campsites can be occupied on a first come first serve basis. That means you have to drive to camp for free. No development other than a road exists.

Facilities such as potable water, tables, restrooms, showers, fire pits, and trash removal are not provided.

One such dispersed camping location is the Spread Creek dispersed camping. Which is one of the most popular dispersed camping spots in the World. It has gotten the attention of numerous campers for quite a long time.

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Costs And Camping For The Grand Teton National Park National Park

The Grand Teton National park charges a 7-day entrance permit. For a private vehicle, you pay $35 for 7days, private non-commercial vehicle. If you visit with your motorcycle, you pay $30 for 7 days per motorcycle. A hiker/biker pays $20 for 7 days per hiker/biker. Children below 16 years enter for free.

If you visit the park with a commercial vehicle, the charges are based on the seating capacity of your vehicle. For a seating capacity of 1-6, the charges are and extra $15 per person, 7-15 is $125 and 16-25 is$200 while for 26+ the charges are $300.

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Grand Teton National Park Free Campsites Upper Teton View

Human remains found in Bridger-Teton National Forest match description of Gabby Petito, FBI says

AddressElevation: 7178

Management: Forest Service

We first drove into the Lower Teton View camping area and questioned whether we should continue to Upper Teton View with our 28ft travel trailer. We finally decided to unhitch and assess the road and the spots available up top which was one of the best decisions we made on our 14 month road trip. The road access wasnt too bad AND the spot right next to the cliff was wide open!

Best Review:

This place was amazing. Amazing views of the mountains. Fire pits. No bathrooms. Came here because the shadow mountain campsite was full. This place was also packed, we got the last spot here. Stayed here with a tent and would most definitely stay here again. Very little cell service depending on where you stand

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Grand Teton National Park Free Campsites 5 Miles: Jackson Hole Grand Teton Natl Park

Address Elevation: 6976â²

Management â Public â Forest Service

The road in is Gravel and a couple miles from a paved road. Jackson Hole Grand Teton Natl Park is open Access midJune to MidSept only due to snow/mud. There are 6-15 campsites at this location.

Turn east off US 89 and drive up the Forest Svc Rd. 30310. Shortly after leaving the Park there are a couple of nice sites off to the left suitable for big outfits, but their access may be muddy. If you like continue Rd 30310 a quarter mile and bearing left on to Forest Rd 3340, up the hill and a couple of hairpin turns. DO NOT TAKE THE FIRST user made road on the left as there is a large rock midway in. Continue a short distance to the second user made road on your left, which will take you under a power line out onto an overlook, which in mind has no equal â anywhere! It will take your breath away!


Elevation: 6794â²

Management â Public â Forest Service

The road in is Dirt and 1.5 miles from a paved road. You may stay 5 days at Shadow Mountain.

Could be one of the most fantastic views! Shadow Mountain lies along the eastern border of Grand Teton Natâl Park. Off Highway 26/89 just north of the Park Visitor Center and Blacktail Butte turn east on Antelope Flats Rd. At the stop sign turn north to Shadow Mt. The road becomes gravel/dirt â DO NOT travel this road in the spring or in very wet times.


Management â Public â Forest Service

Grand Teton National Park Free Campsites Turpin Meadow

AddressElevation: 6946

Management: Forest Service

The price is $10/night. Turpin Meadow is open May-Sep. This free campsite is part of the Blackrock Ranger District of the Bridger-Teton National Forest and about 10 minute drive from U.S Hwy 26 on Buffalo Valley Road . You can stay at this site location for up to 16 days.



Best Review:

This an awesome secluded spot right off the road in route to Turpin Meadows campground . There are other campsites along the road but you will more than likely have neighbors parked right next to you. This location will give you privacy without the road traffic or neighbors parked near you. You can stay at this site location for up to 16 days. There is a designated fire pit and the site overlooks the Buffalo Fork River. With a short walk you are able to see the Grand Tetons from the site. We were woke up by bugling Elk one of the mornings we stayed and saw a about 30 head coming into camp another night across the river. You will pass by many a handful of ranches in route to this location. We would have stayed longer as the site is absolutely beautiful overloading the valley There is no Verizon cell phone service at this location or other amenities.

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How To Get To The Grand Teton National Park National Park

If you are coming from far, fly to the Jackson Hole Airport which is the closest airport followed by the Idaho Falls Regional Airport. From the airport, there is a scheduled private shuttle or you can hire a car, taxi, or Uber. The park has three official entrances: the Moose entrance if you are coming from Jackson and the Moran entrance for tourists coming from Denver. If you are coming from Yellowstone, there is no official entrance so you can just drive straight into the park.

Cascade Canyon Trail And Lake Solitude

Dispersed camping along Cliff Creek in Bridger

The Cascade Canyon is accessible either by hiking around Jenny Lake or via the Jenny Lake ferry that takes you across every fifteen minutes. A journey through this trail is rewarded with the beautiful shores of Lake Solitude. This trail climbs up to 2300 feet. It is about nine miles.

Length: 9.1 mi

Hiking, Bird watching, Forest, Views, Wildflowers, Wildlife, Fee, No dogs

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My First Day Into This Area

I actually spent the night before at a snowmobile parking lot along US-26 near the summit by Pinnacle Buttes. I had already made a plan to explore several boondocking areas close to the Grand Tetons. I picked out my favorite options, pinned them all on my Google Maps, and set out pulling my 28 foot ATC Toy Hauler.

Googles turn-by-turn driving directions, of course, led me down the worst possible route towards my first destination. It was a circular campground called, Antelope Flat. The directions took me down Antelope Flats Rd, a dirt road filled with rocks, ruts, and dips. I drove for 4 miles moving an average of 3 miles per hour. I was thoroughly frustrated. I kept telling myself, It had better be worth this shit!

So when I get there, every campsite was taken. On a Wednesday even! There were trailers there, some as long as mine. Did they all come down the same horrible road? No. It turns out there was another route, mostly paved, which Google decided not tell me about.

I was pissed.

I chose to instead try another dirt road leading up to more dispersed camping up along Shadow Mountain. It supposedly had killer views of the Tetons as well. About a 1/4 mile up the road, I saw a sign that read

Warning! 4WD High Clearance Vehicles Only


Spread Creek Dispersed Camping Location Map Read

If you want to know the reason for the marked Spread Creek Dispersed Camping Location Map, check out this article for all the facts and updates about the news.

Do you know why the Camp area of Spread Creek is in the news? Dont worry we have covered everything. The information has gathered reactions from almost everyone in the states. People living in the United Statesare worried about Gabby.

They are using hashtags to find gabby on their social media handles, especially Twitter. However, some people are still unknown about some facts about the news. They want to know the reason for Spread Creek Dispersed Camping Location Map marking.Stickwith this article to get the correct details.

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What Is Dispersed Camping

Dispersed camping means to camp pretty much anywhere you want in an undeveloped camping area located on public land. It can be done with an RV, a car, or a tent.

A good example of a dispersed camping area is a forest. Unlike in the eastern United States, where forests are mostly private, most of the forests located in the western United States are owned by the federal government. They are rarely controlled by states and counties.

In most of these national forests, dispersed camping is allowed unless noted otherwise. Thats why its very important to always do your research beforehand parking your RV just anywhere and spending a few nights there could easily result in a fine.

Reservations are rarely required for dispersed camping. Most designated campings areas are first come first served. Those who get there early often get the best spots.

One very important thing to note about dispersed camping areas is that these places rarely have amenities and facilities.

If you cant imagine a backcountry adventure without trash receptacles, fire pits, showers, restrooms, picnic tables, and electrical/water hookups, then dispersed camping is not for you.

One of the best dispersed camping locations in the Mountain West region of the US can be found in the state of Wyoming, and its name is Spread Creek. Lets take a closer look at this area and see what makes it so great:

Cascade Canyon Camping Zones

Dispersed Camping in the Bridger-Teton National Forest in a Jeep XJ

Split between a North and South Fork Camping Zone, Cascade Canyon provides the epitome of Teton Range backcountry. Permits are required to backpack into and stay the night in Cascade Canyon, and all overnight users must pack in all equipment and gear they will need. This includes food, water purification, shelter, and waste disposal.

Big views of the Teton Range and surrounding alpine environment can be found wherever you pitch a tent within the camping zone. Its not uncommon to see a bear, moose, or marmot sharing the area. Ideally, part of a larger itinerary on the Teton Crest Trail, both Cascade Canyon Camp Zones provide the perfect backdrop for a backcountry adventure.

Official site:

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Looking Back On It All

I still love Campendium. I use it all the time to at least give me some reference through the photos, cell phone strengths, road conditions. But, Ive come to accept that its still trying to sell me through overly-glamorized photography, much in the way any other travel publications would do. Moving forward, Im not going to let myself be sold on the hype.

Albeit, the recent COVID pandemic has shut down all of the campgrounds in Grand Teton National Park, while the wet weather kept many forest roads closed. That could be a reason why all of the boondocking is full. But no. Ive come to learn that people who camp in developed campgrounds and RV parks dont boondock. So, I tend to doubt its the COVID.

I suppose if I didnt need Internet access, I would have more choices. In fact, if I had higher clearance and 4WD, I would have more choices. But, theres always going to be excuses on how things could have been better. On the other hand, I can get a lot from my truck and trailer, along with what skills Ive gained over the past 2 1/2 years boondocking. If I cant find anywhere to boondock, then I cant find it.

I guess I dont need to boondock at glamor sites like the Grand Tetons, or the Grand Canyon, or other glamping sites. I dont want to feel like a Johnny-come-lately at an Oklahoma land rush. I like boondocking where there is solitude and quiet. Im only in this for the camping.

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