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Camping World Used Rv Warranty

An Expired Manufacturers Warranty

My Camping World RV Extended Warranty Experience Fail

Most manufacturer warranties expire within 1-3 years after production. Most appliance warranties expire even earlier. Any structural problems with the RV will not be fixed by the manufacturer after these first few years. If you need the peace of mind of a warranty, consider purchasing a third-party plan so you arent stuck funding major repairs.

What Does An Rv Extended Warranty Cost

Every RV extended warranty is different. The type of RV, mileage, year, purchase price/ value, engine type, make and model all help determine the cost of an RV Warranty policy. It also depends on what type of coverage you want or qualify for at the time.

Typically, RV extended warranties are less expensive on towable RVs like truck campers, travel trailer and fifth wheels, as there is no drivetrain as found in motorized RVs .

The price will also vary depending on the deductible. You get to choose what level of deductible youre most comfortable with. And, much like your insurance policy, a less expensive RV extended warranty policy will mean you pay a higher deductible. Choosing a lower deductible will mean a more expensive policy. We have seen deductibles range anywhere from $50 $500 per repair visit .

Something to keep in mind. If you end up selling the RV before the contract expires, you can cancel the contract and get a pro-rated refund, based on the unused time or mileage remaining on your RV Warranty term.

Ultimately Its All About Risk Management

While RV shopping for our 2nd RV, we were mostly looking at RVs in the 3-10 year old range. We did get some quotes from Wholesale Warranties on a few RVs that we got serious about. This helped us plan and budget for the overall cost of a potential purchase. But at the end of the day, we decided to roll the dice and bought our cheap, older motorhome. This means we pay for our own repairs and labor, so essentially were now self-insured. Hows that working out for us? Lets take a look.

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What Is The Warranty On A New Rv

If you are buying a new RV, you will be getting at least a one-year manufacturers warranty, so you do not need an extra warranty during that year. And most experts agree that most of the breaking-in problems will occur during that first year, anyway, and are likely to be covered by a good manufacturers warranty.

What Was Covered By Our Rv Extended Warranty

RV camping quote and great travel quote.

Its worth noting that we owned the coach for 46 months out of the entire 60 month policy. Heres a summary of what we had fixed, during that time:

  • 2014: The furnace and hose in the front area of the coach. Faulty ceiling light wiring.
  • In 2015: Water heater. Driver side electric window switch.
  • 2016: New leveling jack springs. Track bar bolt and nut . Wheel Alignment. King Pins. Hotel accommodation and meals
  • 2017: Jacks Controller for Leveling Jacks. Driver side electric window switch. Fresh Tank Water Valve.

Our RV extended warranty covered parts and labor. Each time we took the RV in for a repair visit, we paid a $500 deductible , plus tax, freight for parts, shop supplies and other items etc.

On top of the repair costs, our RV extended warranty also covered us for out of crib expenses. This was a set daily amount of $225 to cover hotels and meals while our RV was in for repair, up to to 5 nights per repair visit. In November 2016 alone, they covered over $1,300 in accommodation and meals. You can read more about this and get the full detail in our blog post about our 2016 breakdown here.

And while it was a great benefit to us to have out of crib travel expenses paid by our extended warranty coverage, we recently learned that this is a benefit the industry is trending away from. You can, however, add a comprehensive roadside plan that offers this kind of benefit/coverage.

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What To Know When Buying A Used Rv

New doesnt always mean better. Sometimes a used RV, or rather a new to you RV, is a wise choice. Its one of the most common questions RV buyers toss around new or used? While there are always pros to buying new, a used RV has its own list of benefits that include saving money and the ability to learn what you like and dislike about RVing, the type of RV you want, and the RV lifestyle in general.

If youre asking yourself: how old is too old for a used RV? Wed encourage you to focus more on how well the RV has been maintained. A thorough RV inspection at an RV service center can help locate any issues of concern as well as how much time and money it would take to remedy them.

Check out this RV Buying Guide that walks you through the ins and outs of buying a used RV. With the RV lifestyle becoming more and more popular every day, the demand for used RVs is growing as well. Doing your due diligence ahead of time can help narrow down your options and expedite the process. Hitting the pavement on a new trip is always the best part, but youll be glad you made a solid RV investment once youre on the road.

Pro Tip:Explore buying your RV in the off-season for special winter deals, wider inventory selection, fewer crowds, and lower pricing.

Have you sold an RV before? Tell us your tips in the comments below.

What Makes An Rv Warranty Worth It

An extended warranty for your RV is a vehicle service contract between you and the warranty provider. This service plan provides for RV repairs after your RV manufacturers warranty runs out.

A warranty functions as a protection plan for when an RV breaks due to mechanical failurethe failures that come with routine use over time. When failures cause costly repairs, warranty holders only have to pay their deductible for covered repairs. The warranty company pays the rest of the bill directly to the RV repair facility. Rather than tens of thousands for a diesel engine repair, RV owners could potentially pay a hundred dollars.

An extended warranty is not an insurance policy, and is not meant to fix your vehicle when its in the service center because of a collision or other physical damage. In the event of a collision with another vehicle, a warranty will not cover the other vehicle, eitherthats liability coverage, which is available through an insurance company. Note, however, that many warranty providers offer roadside assistance for emergency mechanical breakdown and some accidents, such as flat tires and blowouts.

With most reputable coverage, the service plan can be used at any licensed repair facility in the United States or Canada.

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What Do Rv Repairs Cost

Of course, that depends on the nature and complexity of the repair needed. Motorhomes especially bigger Class As and Super Cs tend to be more complex and expensive than, say smaller Class Bs, Class Cs, travel trailers and fifth wheels.

RVs are becoming increasingly complicated these days with more technology, electrical and mechanical and systems. This means more things can also go wrong! We have seen RV repair facility hourly labor rates range between $85 and $150 an hour. The average tends to be around $120 $130 an hour. But these can also creep up to $200 an hour on more expensive rigs.

It has been estimated by many in the RV industry that an RV repair will cost, on average, $300 an hour, including parts and labor. So as you can see, these things really can add up fast! And that can put a real dampener on your RV travel experience! Not to mention your bank account.

What To Look For In An Extended Warranty Policy

Ask An Expert: Prepping Your RV

As weve noted, one of the main concerns around an extended RV warranty is knowing what IS covered and what ISNT covered before you choose a policy. But there are other important factors to consider as well.

Its important to know what the claims procedure is in advance, and how the reimbursement system works with the warranty provider. Its also important to know what the overall cost of the warranty will be, as well as any fine print details such as out-of-the-RV expense coverage, limits on where the repair work can be done, and any other limitations that may be noted in the policy.

Finally, the warranty providers reputation for customer service and response to claims is exceedingly important. This is best researched by reading reviews from current and former warranty owners who have experience with the warranty provider. We cant stress this enough: read reviews, and more reviews, and still more reviews. How a company has historically treated its customers is a good barometer of how you can expect to be treated by the same provider.

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Our Rv Extended Warranty History

We had an RV extended warranty on our first RV a 2012 Tiffin gas motorhome that we purchased used from a private seller. Being newbie RVers, getting an extended warranty was important to us. The last thing we wanted was the unknown of what a major RV repair might cost us, in the case of a breakdown. And we didnt have the time, place, nor the skills or tools, to diagnose or make big repairs ourselves. We knew we wanted the peace of mind of an RV extended warranty, to protect us financially.

Luckily, when we bought our first motorhome in 2014, we inherited the RV extended warranty from the seller, and only had to pay a small transfer fee of $75. The seller had purchased the RV warranty in March 2013 with 5 years of coverage which he included when selling the RV to us. That RV was 2 years old when we bought it, and had 23,000 miles. We were the 3rd owners and took excellent care of it, as did the second owner. The first owner, we are not so sure about. We owned that RV from May 2014 March 2018.

We actually considered our Tiffin to be a good quality, reliable coach. But we still used the heck out of that policy, right up until we sold our RV in March 2018, just two weeks before the extended warranty expired. Our RV extended warranty covered many repairs plus travel expenses while the coach was in the shop being fixed. Below is a summary of what we had done.

Determine Your Coverage Needs

Ask yourself why you want coverage and which issues are most concerning to you. What will it take for you to have peace of mind while operating your RV?

If youre worried about your motorhome breaking down on the side of the road and not knowing what to do, youll probably want a powertrain plan that includes roadside assistance. If youre also concerned about everything inside the motorhome, youll want coverage for the coach items as well.

Some RVers are only worried about the most expensive items, like the engine, transmission, and suspension, while others rest easy knowing that they have the most comprehensive coverage out there.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

Which items, issues, or situations worry you most?

Will worrying about these issues affect how you use your RV?

Are you comfortable without tire and wheel coverage?

Do you need roadside assistance? Do you need the absolute best roadside assistance plan?

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Xtraride Through Protective Asset Protection

XtraRide is a very popular choice. They are primarily sold through Protective Asset Protection, but they do also work through contract providers such as Wholesale Warranties. Their extended warranty has a reputation for adequately covering their consistently happy customers.

Smooth Processing with Consumer and Repairs Shops

In several forums, a repeating message appears. Apparently, processing claims is very easy, and the repair shops have a strong preference for XtraRide. The payments are often issued without delay, and they give very little trouble to the consumer and the repair facility.

Several Highlights

If a covered component breaks specified uncovered components, the uncovered components will be replaced.

Tire and Wheel Coverage

As an optional add-on, Protective Asset Protection also offers tire and wheel coverage. When you are traveling coast-to-coast, the chances of running across a nail or a bit of damaging debris is quite high. This additional protection against these potentials can turn a bad day into a small inconvenience. Here are some of the specifics of the coverage:

  • Tire Repair: The spare tire will be used for the repair. If there isnt a spare tire, the RV will be hauled to a nearby repair shop.
  • Tire and Wheel Replacement: If the tire is irreparably damaged and the wheel un-serviceable, they will be replaced. The replacements are limited to four wheels and four tires for each separate incident.
  • Covers both the Towing Vehicle and the TOAD

Learn More About Good Sam Extended Service Plan Coverage

Used Travel Trailers in New Mexico, Albuquerque RV Sales

Better Than an RV Extended Warranty: Good Sam Extended Service Plan for RVs

As an RV owner, you may not realize you have more than one option when it comes to extending coverage for your RV.Most people are aware of the warranty and extended warranty options that are available when you purchase your RV.However, Mechanical Breakdown Insurance coverage offered through a Good Sam Extended Service Plan is even better.It’s insurance against a mechanical breakdown. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits.

Insurance, Not a Warranty*It’s hard to put a price on security. Yet, for a small monthly fee ,you can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are covered in the event of a mechanical problem.A Good Sam Extended Service Plan insures your RV against a mechanical failure.As a true insurance product, you can rest easy knowing that 100% backed by an international A+ rated insurer,so Good Sam will be there when you need us, unlike extended warranty products that are only as solid as the dealershipor the administrator that sells them.

*The Good Sam Extended Service Plan is not available to residents of New York or Indiana. If you are a resident of New York or Indiana, please call 1-866-524-7842 as other products may be available to you.

Transferrable to a New OwnerWith a Good Sam Extended Service Plan, if you sell your RV, the plan transfers along to the new owner,at no cost to you, automatically adding to the value of the sale of your RV.

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Ii Standard Of Review

Summary judgment is appropriate if the movant shows that there is no genuine dispute as to any material fact and the movant is entitled to judgment as a matter of law.Fed. R. Civ. P. 56. A fact is material if it might affect the outcome of the suit under the governing law.Anderson v. Liberty Lobby, Inc. , 477 U.S. 242, 248, 106 S.Ct. 2505, 91 L.Ed.2d 202 . There is a genuine dispute as to a material fact if the evidence is such that a reasonable jury could return a verdict for the nonmoving party.Anderson , 477 U.S. at 248, 106 S.Ct. 2505. The trial judge should not weigh the evidence but must simply determine where there are any genuine issues that should be resolved at trial. Id. at 249, 106 S.Ct. 2505.

Do You Need An Extended Warranty On A New Rv

Technically, if you have a brand new RV, then you dont need an RV extended warranty YET. Most of your repairs should be covered under your manufacturers factory warranty. These usually last for one year, some may be 2-3 years.

However, the RV extended warranty company knows this, and factors that into the price of their RV extended warranty. When you buy a new RV, you will not need to get an RV inspection to qualify for an extended warranty. BUT there are still advantages to buying an RV extended warranty right away cost savings and convenience.

Every year on January 1, RV warranty prices increase. So buying an extended warranty when your RV is new helps shield you from subsequent price rises. You also save on the $450-ish it costs to have a professional RV inspection done. This is necessary on all RVs unless you are buying it brand new to determine pre-existing conditions and eligibility. You will also have the added convenience of being immediately eligible, when buying the policy new along with the RV.

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What Does An Rv Extended Warranty Cover

An RV Extended Warranty is designed to cover mechanical and electrical breakdowns and repairs on your RV. Things like the repair costs of slide-outs, furnaces, air conditioners, water heaters, appliances, engines and so on. An exclusionary policy will cover everything related that is not specifically listed on your policy as not being included. An Inclusionary policy will only cover what is specified in the contract.

Buying the right TYPE of RV warranty is very important. Many of the complaints and bad reports you may read about RV warranties most likely come from people who did not understand their policy or buy the right kind of coverage.

Exclusionary vs Inclusionary RV Warranties

An EXCLUSIONARY policy is the best type of RV warranty, as it offers the highest level of coverage you can get on your RV. It covers EVERY mechanical component on your RV, except for what is specifically listed under the What is Not Covered or Exclusions section of your policy. An Exclusionary RV warranty is the most comprehensive coverage available for your RV.

An Inclusionary Policy is also known as a Listed Component RV warranty and offers lower coverage. These policies will list exactly which items ARE covered under the contract. If the item that fails is NOT on this list, it wont be covered. Thats why it is considered a lower level of coverage than the exclusionary policy mentioned above. And are therefore less expensive.

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