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2022 Forest River Salem FSX 179DBK | Travel Trailer – RV Review: Camping World

While Camping World is the most visible dealership and store location and have attractive marketing and promotions, hundreds upon thousands of complaints, bad ending stories, lemons, customer service complaints, and lawsuits should give you pause before doing business with them.

Sure, if you need a sewer hose or camping chair, Camping World is a safe bet. But, if youre making a big purchase, do your research before blindly buying.

We want you to have a great RV and camping experience!

The best way to do that is with research and practice.

Camping Worlds Service Departments Often Get Mediocore Reviews

According to online forums, Camping World is notorious for taking a long time to fix campers. To be fair, this is an issue across the entire RV service industry. But, Camping World isnt doing the stereotype any favors.

There are hundreds if not thousands of more reviews telling stories of campers sitting months waiting for service.

Multiple online reviews report the service quality as hit or miss depending on the location and technician. Some reviews state that they didnt have a way to move 5th wheel trailers. Consequently, people had to stay with their RV all day and potentially wait around for hours after a scheduled appointment.

Sure, these are all anecdotal stories. But, its doesnt help our confidence towards shopping with them.

A common complaint weve seen in online forums is that the level of service completely falls off after you buy a unit, new or used. Others feel the RVs are lemons or built to break.

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Why We Dont Shop at Gander RV & Outdoors – Drivin’& Vibin’

Thursday 21st of October 2021

Tip: Before we quit Camping World, we looked into Is Camping World Worth It? Read more to find

Barbara Allen

Saturday 25th of September 2021

We have owned two Class A campers over the years, but decided to switch to a small camper trailer because we are ready for a simpler camping experience. We went to Camping World in Midway, Florida, just to get an idea of what small trailers offer and of pricing. While there, after telling the salesman we were just gathering information to make an informed decision and that we were not interested in a trade-in, he persuaded us to let them run some figures on a camper we liked “just to see” what kind of deal they could give us. Ha! They told us we could trade in our Class A for a $14,000 trailer and we would only owe them $2,500! We walked out. I later sold our Class A for $30,000 and paid cash for a small trailer at a diffetent RV dealer.

Gary Scofield

Saturday 25th of September 2021

Christie L Twaites

Doug Davis

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Consider The Following When Buying Concert Tickets

Seats behind the stage are occassionally sold: Unless your main objective is to just get in the building, you’ll want to completely avoid anything behind the stage – like those in/near or above sections Section 111, Section 113, Section 115 and Section 117. It’s unlikely the performer will turn around to salute you – and you’re more likely to be completely blocked out from seeing the show.

If you’re on the shorter side , consider field seats only in the first few rows: The most common complaint amongst field ticketholders is that they can’t see the stage because of taller people in front of them. As an alternative, consider side sections near the stage that will still have you close and high enough to see.

Lower level side sections are not created equal: While the side sections closest to the stage are top-notch, side sections farther from the stage may leave you with a cramp in your neck. Sections 110 and 133 are not well-angled towards the stage – leaving you to turn your head for an ideal view. Instead, consider head-on sections in the lower level or even close side seats in the upper level like Sections P3 and C9.

Best Cities For Camping

Hyatt Lake camping

South Florida’s bustling Miami might be better known for its nightlife than its camping, but that doesn’t mean there’s not a lot to do outdoors! For starters, the sun and surf of the famous Miami Beach are just 20 minutes away. Hop on a sightseeing boat in Biscayne Bay to enjoy the beautiful Miami skyline. Head about an hour southwest from Miami to reach Everglades National Park. This is one of America’s most famous parks, and with good reason. Much of this 2,400-square-mile park is only accessible by watercraft. Got about a week to spend truly exploring this area? Mix camping and canoeing with a trip down its nearly 100-mile Wilderness Waterway. Prefer to keep more distance between yourself and wildlife? Take a trip to Zoo Miami. Miami’s climate means that the zoo can host a wide variety of species. Kids especially love checking out the park’s Komodo dragons, anacondas, and alpacas. Larry and Penny Thompson Campground are right next to Zoo Miami, making for a convenient crash spot. In addition to tent camping, this campground features a 240-spot RV park with full hookups. A 22-acre freshwater lake in the campground allows for fishing and swimming.

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On 8/25/22 I Visited The San Marcos

On 8/25/22 I visited the San Marcos store with intent of going home with a new travel trailer. The person at the front desk asked me if I had an appointment. I asked her if I needed one. She said no and went on about her business. I walked the show room and parking lot for one and a half hours and not a single person offered me any help or even spoke to me. I decided to look up the reviews and glad I did. I will shop somewhere else.

Camping World Seems To Care More About Money And Business Growth

The overall business plan of Camping World appears to be to lure in those that are new to the burgeoning RV industry. They seem to entice customers, through selling the RV lifestyle, to spend as much money as possible on RVs, purchase additional warranties, and use their financing.

Whats worse is that years after this trend has come to light in the RV community, no changes seem to have been made, and more Camping World locations have opened.

Its fair to say the entire RV manufacturing industry is somewhat to blame. Wed like to see Camping World take the initiative to change the stereotype and deliver high quality RVs and service.

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Best Seats For A Concert At Camping World Stadium

The most common seating layout at Camping World Stadium for concerts is an end-stage setup with the stage located near sections Section 111, Section 113 and Section 115. For many concerts there are also slight variations to the layout, which may include General Admission seats, fan pits and B-stages.

On the Field: Sections Field 1, Field 10, Field 2 and Field 3 are Field Seats, which offer some of the closest views of the performers. For many concerts, field sections are added or removed. These performer-specific adjustments may alter the field layout and the views from each field section.

To the Side of the Stage: For close views of the stage with a little bit of elevation, consider seats to the side of the stage in Section 103, Section 105, Section 106 and Section 107. The view is not head-on like on the field, but many of the seats are closer to the stage, provide better elevation and are actual stadium seats.

The If You’re Not Happy We’re Not Happy

2022 Heartland Pioneer Trail Blazer BH170 | Travel Trailer – RV Review: Camping World

The if you’re not happy we’re not happy line is the biggest lie they tell be awareCamping World cost my family about $1500 that could have absolutely been avoided not to mention the endless headaches and disappointment. All it would have taken was a couple of people to be honest and corporate to do the job that they said they were going to doMy claim with them started months ago and it still hasn’t been finished yet. They don’t care what kind of issues they cause for you they just don’t want you to talk bad about them. Having small children and having to disappoint them because Camping World couldn’t do their job honestly was probably the worst part of it all

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Our 2022 Transparency Report Haslanded

Total rip off they switched nes don’t fix anything under warranty or under good Sam fraud insurance do not purchase from this company or the good Sam program

I highly advise anyone to look elsewhere. This company does NOT stand by their products. They routinely sell defective RV’s. Then charge you more and do not even fix them. Just imagine spending $90K+ for an unusable RV.

Is Camping World Worth It

Ah, Camping World. Its the big box of RV life. The Walmart of camping gear. The easiest place to find trailer things that we arent sure we need.

Camping World is a chain of stores and dealerships that offer everything you might need to go camping, from RV-friendly toilet paper to the actual camper-trailer.

And, theyre popping up outside major metro areas in prime traffic locations.

In addition, they have Gander RV & Outdoors stores under their brand umbrella. They sell RVs and equipment and have service centers as well.

But should we shop there? Were hesitant, to say the least.

No, Camping World isnt the worst. There are times when they actually make our life easier. However, if we have to, we shop there begrudgingly.

Lets dive into our reasoning.

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Camping World Announces Largest Dealership Acquisition In Company History With Acquisition Of Richardsons Rv Centers

Acquisition firmly plants Camping World as the Number 1 RV Dealer in California

LINCOLNSHIRE, Ill.—-Camping World Holdings, Inc. , Americas Recreation Dealer, today announced an agreement to acquire Richardsons RV Centers. The Richardsons RV Centers acquisition is the largest acquisition in company history and strengthens Camping Worlds position as the Number 1 RV dealer in California. The agreement includes eight locations in California and Indiana: five current dealership locations, one future dealership location, and two parts and service centers.

The Richardsons top-notch management along with their solid team members are the primary reason we sought this deal, said Marcus Lemonis, CEO and Chairman of Camping World Holdings. We know the Richardsons RV Centers add immediate value for our customers, as an iconic family brand that has been providing exceptional service to RVers for over 30 years.

The California locations will transition to the Camping World brand and bring the company current count to 12 RV dealerships and five parts and service centers in the state, with a future RV dealership coming soon. The Indiana location will convert to our brand and provide a digital and factory direct experience for customers nationwide. The SuperCenters will offer a wide range of new and used RVs from top manufacturers in addition to a full assortment of RV and outdoor products and accessories and the entire portfolio of Good Sam products and services.

Fdot’s 511 Traveler Information

The 4 Best East Bay Campsites For Year

The Florida Department of Transportation encourages travelers heading to the Camping World Stadium to use the 511 Traveler Information System to stay up-to-date on delays, road closures, construction and more. The 511 system provides information on all of Floridas interstates, toll roads and other major metropolitan roadways. Drivers can get traffic updates by calling 511, visiting or using the free Florida 511 mobile app available for iTunes and Google Play. Regional and roadway updates also are available on Twitter by following @FL511_Central.

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If I Could Give This Place

If I could give this place -0 thats what they deserve. I purchased a pizza oven online. Didnt have everything the box shows. Had to drive 1 hour and 15 minutes to Saukville to do they return. Well they refused to refund the warranty that I paid extra for!!!!! During this time the woman asked if I would like to do a renewal on my membership. I first said yes before everything Went south on me. Nope! Never again. Were also looking at $80.000 fifth wheels. Guess where were not buying a new camper! Thats right. $7.50 just blew a big sale. Completely Unprofessional here. They had an opportunity to make good. We didnt like them the first time we bought our camper from them. But we were gonna give them a second chance only because they have a large selection. But because of $7.50 they will never see one more dollar of our money.

Best States For Camping

Hop a plane with your carry-on full of camping gear and take advantage of Puerto Ricos year-round mild temperature and diverse ecosystems. Upon arrival on the tropical island, stop at a roadside stall or kiosko to pick up food and other necessities, and head toward one of Puerto Ricos remote beaches for a coastal camping adventure. On the world-famous Flamenco Beach of Culebra Island, you can pitch your tent a few feet away from the shoreline. For a completely different experience, check out Rio Camuy Cave Park. Exploring the extensive cave system makes for a great day trip. A short drive from the capital of San Juan is the El Yunque National Forest, a tropical rainforest where there are seven designated campgrounds. Each offer a unique, Caribbean camping experience. Just make sure to request a free camping permit before you go.


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Camping World Acquires Rv Dealer

Camping World Holdings Inc. is strengthening its position in California.

Americas largest retailer of recreational vehicles and related products and services has reached an agreement to acquire Richardsons RV Centers. The Richardsons RV Centers acquisition is the largest acquisition in company history. The agreement covers eight locations in California and Indiana, including five current dealership locations, one future dealership location, and two parts and service centers.

The California locations will transition to the Camping World brand and bring the companys current count to 12 RV dealerships and five parts and service centers in the state, with a future RV dealership coming soon. The Indiana location will convert to the companys brand and provide a digital and factory direct commerce touchpoint for customers nationwide.

The SuperCenters will offer a range of new and used RVs from top manufacturers in addition to a full assortment of RV and outdoor products and accessories and the entire portfolio of Good Sam products and services.

Camping World pursues multiple growth avenuesCamping World is growing through acquisition as it also plans to aggressively expand its national footprint through the opening of 20 or more new greenfield locations over the next three calendar years. The company continues to search for new store locations in key markets.

Return Policies Are Garbage

RV Overview: East to West Silver Lake

Ordered an item from them online and before I even received it found a different one that I wanted called customer service to find out how to return it and they told me I couldn’t. So I’m just stuck with something I don’t want or need because they won’t let you return a clearance item. Won’t be shopping with them ever again.

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In Order To Get Their Best Prices You Must Sign Up For Good Sam

To encourage membership in their Good Sam program, they offer discounts on products if you are a member. Camping World will not honor discounts without the membership.

Moreover, the program may not be useful unless youre traveling to areas with Good Sam parks. Or if you choose not to use those parks.

The Good Sam membership offers gas discounts at Flying J, but those may not be convenient. Besides, the gas discount may not be cheaper than gas elsewhere.

Pro Tip: Here are the reasons we dont like the Good Sam Membership.

Camping World Stadium Seating Reviews

  • “Excellent CenterState Club Seats Near Midfield” – – We attended the Camping World Bowl at the end of December. With a lot of humidity, the threat of rai…Section 135, Row DD, Seat 12 / Football Review
  • “Good Seats Poor Access” – – The seats by themselves were great. I had requested easy access, because I have disability in both k…Section 115, Row M, Seats 3& 4 / Football Review
  • “Decent Seats in the Endzone” – – We moved to these seats in the second half of our game because our section was a little crowded and …Section P23, Row H / Football Review
  • “Staircase” – – The seats were good as this was the first row of the section on a rail, however there is a staircase…Section P3, Row D, Seats 19-20 / Concert Review
  • “Fence Obstructs View” – – Thought these were gonna be great, but was disappointed!!!! There is a chain link fence railing and…Section 231, Row A, Seat 25 / Football Review
  • “Great, non-obstructed view.” – – Right on the 40 yard line. Great views. There is a rail in front of these seats that makes a great f…Section 107, Row Q, Seat 22 / Football Review
  • “Unobstructed Views!” – – Great seats just to the left of the goal post with unobstructed views of the field. Close enough th…Section 148, Row AA, Seats 17-22 / Soccer Review
  • Section 151, Row EE, Seats 1-7 / Football Review
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