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Can You Rent Camping Gear

Can You Rent A Camping Tent

ð?ï¸? Can You Rent Camping Gear in New Zealand?

You can absolutely rent a camping tent, and in the last few years, weve seen more companies offering rental gear for camping. There are a lot of reasons you might want to rent a tent:

  • Youre a first-time camper and arent ready to drop the cash on a new one.
  • You dont camp that often and arent interested in storing one in your apartment.
  • Your tent is old and youd like to try out a specific type of tent before you buy it.
  • Youre camping with more people than usual this weekend and need a large tent.
  • You need to rent a few camping tents for first-time campers that youre introducing to the outdoors .
  • Where To Start Looking For Rental Gear

    Many outdoor retailers like REI and EMS rent camping gear. Contact your local shop ahead of time for details on inventory, pricing, and reservations. Some rent items a la cart, and some offer ready-to-go packages with everything you need. If you live in a college town, check out the schools gear closet. Many university outdoor programs rent equipment to the general publicusually at unbeatable rates.

    Here are some of our favorite rental programs:

    Arrive outdoor company recently partnered with Reserve America. The partnership allows families to reserve campgrounds and the gear they need at he same time.

    United By Blues Get Out of Town, where Philadelphia-based renters can reserve and pick up whats called a Crew Camping Kit Rental. It includes everything from the basicsa four-person tent, four sleeping bags, and four sleeping padsto a cooler, tea kettle, wash bin, and Dr. Bonners All Purpose Cleaner.

    Gearo, a Colorado-based network that streamlines the rental process by allowing consumers to search availability for all shops in their area by activity, so you can find exactly what youre looking for at the best price.

    Some online retailers will ship rental camping gear anywhere in the U.S. We love Outdoors Geeks Family Camping Package that includes the basics, plus a stove and cookware for four, a camp table, and four camp towels and washcloths.

    Should You Just Buy A Cheap Tent

    This option needs to be discussed because, in the end, its what so many people decide to do. You can get a four-person tent at Walmart for $35. Is it going to last forever? No. But we always say that anything that gets people into the outdoors is a good thing. Either youll get hooked on camping or you wont. If you do, you can invest in a better tent down the road. If youre careful with your cheap tent you can probably get a few years out of it, and thats better than not camping at all!

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    No Gear No Problem Rental Programs Make Camping With Kids Affordable

    ‘Photo courtesy of Wild Acorns Media’

    Receive $50 off an eligible $100 purchase at the Outside Shop, where you’ll find gear for all your adventures outdoors. .

    Camping season is among us, folks. Its time for getting your kids hooked on the smell of campfires and burnt marshmallows, playing in the dirt, and stargazing. But whats a family to do if they dont own the essential gear, much less the extra stuff that makes car camping with kids doable? To avoid spending hundreds dollars at the local outdoors store, consider renting gear. Renting is also a great way to test gear before investing in items that could last your family through years of adventures. Bonus: some retailers even apply the rental fee to a full purchase if you fall in love along the way.

    Should You Rent Camping/backpacking Gear For A Trip

    Try Before Buying: We Rented Gear and You Can Too

    By Christy Woodrow, Last Modified: March 16, 2022

    It was not too long ago that we headed up to Yellowstone National Park for a camping trip. As we were taking inventory, we realized that flying to our destination was going to limit what camping equipment we could bring. This forced us to only take what was absolutely necessary.

    A couple of days before we left on our trip to Yellowstone, we found a company called Mountain Side Gear Rental who rents camping and backpacking gear to be shipped to your destination.

    It was too late to book it for our Yellowstone trip, but I was completely intrigued by the concept. In fact, during our Yellowstone trip I began to realize how inadequate much our camping equipment is considering we spent every night shivering in our tent on the hard ground.

    Our next trip was to Havasu Falls, a place that contains gorgeous blue waterfalls and rivers that run through a less-traveled part of the Grand Canyon. This was the perfect opportunity to rent backpacking and adventure gear since most of our gear is on the heavier side.

    We opted for the complete backpacking kit for two people so that we could try out a wide variety of backpacking products and have everything that we needed. They also offer car camping kits as well.

    The kit came with everything that you see below:

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    Obvious Choices For Camp Equipment Rental

    There are certain pieces of equipment that make much more sense to rent than others do. For example, small or cheap gear is usually easy enough to just buy yourself without causing a lot of storage or financial issues. Things like sleeping bags and utensils are also pretty personal, and some may not like the idea of sharing those. But larger or more expensive items are good candidates to rent instead of buy. Here are some clear choices when it comes to renting camping gear.

    The Outdoors Is Still Amazing Even In The Cold Time To Rug Up And Explore

    • Spot Wintry Wildlife: From great gray owls in Minnesota to bison in Florida, you have many opportunities to see animals in the wild.
    • Uplifting Encounters: Even if you are not an expert bird-watcher, hanging out with some Canada jays could do wonders for your mood.
    • Winter Camping: For well-prepared adventurers, sleeping outdoors in the cold elements has many benefits and fewer crowds.
    • Dog Sledding in Maine: Traversing a frozen lake can be a dreamy experience. Just remember the brake and no Instagram selfies.

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    Where To Rent Camping Gear In Washington This Summer

    While the COVID-19 pandemic may have halted your ambitious travel plans for the summer, camping, hiking and recreating in Washington’s plentiful outdoor areas are fun activities you can still do while following social distancing guidelines.

    “As far as summer activities go, is least risky from a virus perspective,” said Rebecca Katz, director of the Center for Global Health Science and Security at Georgetown University Medical Center in an interview with NPR.

    Getting outdoors safely during the novel coronavirus outbreak doesn’t come without a fair share of planning ahead. While some parks and trailheads around the state are beginning to reopen, you should always check with the park’s website before traveling, and should have all the supplies they need to reduce stops.

    Many parks and forests are not offering trash services to reduce the amount of employees onsite, so be sure to pack out anything and everything you bring with you. This means you should come prepared with soap, water, hand sanitizer and toilet paper, as well as a mask or bandana in case you come into close contact with others.

    How To Make A Reservation

    Heading to the mountains? Don’t buy a tent, rent one
  • Please email our office Monday through Friday at least 24 hours before your requested pick-up date to make a rental reservation.
  • Pay for your rental at member services, located at the lobby of the Wellness and Recreation Center entrance, any time before your scheduled pickup day/time.
  • Please pick up your gear at the Wellness and Recreation Center garage doors during our open hours.
  • Helpful Hints Show More

    • Once you pay for your reservation, cancellations are not possible. No refunds will be issued for any reason .
    • During busy times of the year, we may limit rentals to four items per item type per person . We may limit canoes, kayaks, and stand up paddleboards to two per person.
    • Payment must be made by credit or debit card .
    • Returned items are expected to be reasonably clean and dry. Cleaning fees may be assessed for excessively dirty items.
    • For equipment returned after the due date, a late charge will be incurred. You are responsible for the full replacement cost of all equipment not returned, damaged, lost, or stolen.

    Boats and Canoes Show More

    • Please reserve boats a minimum of 24 hours in advance. Please and pick up/return all boats by 5:30 p.m.
    • You are responsible for the loading/unloading of the canoe and kayak onto your vehicle or trailer. We will provide an information sheet with proper instructions for strapping a boat to your vehicle.

    Equipment Return Show More

    Charges Show More

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    Welcome To Outdoorhirespecialists In Quality Outdoor Hire Equipment

    Outdoorhire is a leading UK provider of hire equipment for trekking, hiking, snow safety gear, climbing, camping and other activities. We aim to ensure you receive the highest quality products and services. We provide hire equipment from top-ranking brands such as Mountain Hardwear, Montane, Mountain Equipment, Black Diamond, Scarpa and Petzl, all available to hire at a fraction of their retail price. Our team has decades of experience in the outdoors and we are passionate about what we do. Based in East Sussex, we courier to anywhere in the United Kingdom.

    What To Look For When Renting Camping Gear

    First off, your best bet is always going to be renting a tent locally because you wont have to pay for shipping costs. There are some great websites that ship camping gear , but camping gear is bulky and expensive to ship. You might find a great two-person camping package for $99 only to find out that its another $65 to have it shipped both ways. Still, for some people, this is the only option to rent a camping tent because they dont have a camping store anywhere near their house.

    You also need to take a good look at the rental policy. What is the window for returning it? Do you have to get it in the mail the following Monday or do you have a few days to ship it back? Make sure you dont get any unnecessary fees after your outdoor adventure is over.

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    Who Should Rent Camping Gear

    Many people could benefit from this kind of a system. Here are just a few examples. Busy families who rarely get a free weekend to devote to camping probably do not have a good reason to buy camping gear. People who live in smaller townhouses or apartments usually do not have access to a lot of storage areas, so keeping a lot of gear is going to be hard for them. Additionally, first time campers who want to try before they buy could rent a tent for camping instead of buying their own. This step confirms they do in fact like camping and are willing to spend money on gear purchases. Finally, maybe you own some camping gear already, but want to try some new gear out or want to rent something a lot nicer than what you own. This is a great way to do that.

    Those are good examples of who should rent, but here is the real simple and frugal answer to the question: if you dont camp enough so that your rental fees would exceed the price of a camping gear purchase, then renting camping gear is a smart move. And as we mentioned, if you dont want to be responsible for storing and maintaining all the camping gear youd need, then simply renting camping equipment is a better choice to save on space.

    Pacific Northwest: Xscape Pod

    Six Benefits of Renting Camping Gear for Your Next Family ...

    Image from Xscapepod

    For those heading to the Pacific Northwest Region of the West Coast, Xscape Pod is your go-to gear rental company. They offer national shipping, local delivery, or store-front pick-up in their Portland, Oregon space.

    The idea is simple: if you need to rent camping gear for the short-term, Xscape Pod has created the perfect pod-like package for your camping needs. Each pod includes everything youll need for a fun camping trip .

    What does this look like? An expertly packed pod, packed with such items as a tent, hammock, sleeping bags, camping stove and cookware.

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    Instant Camper Gear Rental

    Campers at all Forest Preserves campgrounds can rent our basic gear packages . Each package includes:

    • Tent
    • Portable Chair
    • Binoculars
    • Sleeping bag
    • Pillow

    Following registration, campers will receive a phone call to confirm their reservation, and may select from rental options at that time. All rentals must be reserved prior to arrival at campground. Individual items are available for sale.

    Package Rental Fees

    Rent Camping Gear For Any Adventure

    If you are searching for super clean camping tent rentals, camping gear complete kits, backpacking backpacks, or any other camping equipment rentals, we have what you need at Mountain Side Gear Rental in Denver.

    Our huge camping gear inventory is loaded with award-winning gear from brands like Big Agnes, Mountainsmith, GSI Outdoors, and Alps Mountaineering.

    We ship directly to you anywhere in the USA. Take advantage of our super easy, low-cost, flat-rate return shipping.

    Camping in Colorado? Pick up your camping gear rental and stock up on camping supplies at our outdoor store in Golden, Colorado. We have a wall of over 100+ Camping and Backpacking Foods!! Minutes from anywhere in Denver and on your way to the mountains, we are Denvers most convenient outdoor gear retailer!

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    Big Agnes Emerald Sl2

    The Big Agnes SL2 is great once you get the hang of the setup. It held up well through a couple of Grand Canyon thunderstorms with some pretty big wind gusts! It even comes equipped with two doors one for each backpacker. Although, we rarely used both doors since we like to make things harder on ourselves.

    Trekking Poles On Your Flight

    Rent your backpacking gear

    Many people ask if they can take their trekking poles on their flight. You can pack them, but they must be in your checked luggage.

    Some people brag about walking onto the plane with them, but I dont recommend trying this. Most TSA agents will stop you and make you check them.

    You may be able to put them in your carry on bag, but again, this is technically not allowed. It may cost more at the gate to check them, and it is harder to be sure they are packed securely.

    Worried about your poles getting broke in your checked luggage? Slide them in a piece of PVC pipe that you tape at each end or use a document/poster tube for a lighter option. You can then pack this into your backpack, duffel etc.

    Check out these other options.

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    Gear To Go Outfitters

    Gear to Go Outfitters started out of a Brooklyn apartment almost a decade ago. Now the company not only rents gear, but the knowledgeable guides there will help you plan your trip or lead you on a guided hike. Rent everything from backpacks, bear cans, and camp furniture to camp kitchen gear, knives, and outdoor lighting, with sleeping bags, snowshoes, and tents also available. Gear to Go promises to wash sleeping bags between every use, and they also have locations in Staten Island and Queens.

    217 Garfield Place, Brooklyn, NY 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. 3.

    Make Plans And A Gear List

    First, youll want to know where youre going, what youre doing, and in what weather. If youre an old pro at the outdoor activity for which youre traveling, then youll know exactly what you need. If not, many rental companies can offer guidance. But before you go to rent, chat with friends who might know better, or visit a local retailer to get a feel for the type of gear youll need.

    Once youve gathered some information, make a list of what youll bring and what youll need to rent. If youre flying, its wise to be even pickier about what youre willing to pack those checked bag fees can really add up.

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    Pros For Renting Camping/backpacking Equipment:

    You can have the gear shipped to nearly any location in the U.S.

    The equipment, in most cases, is better than most people own themselves.

    You can test equipment before you buy.

    If you are a long-term traveling nomad and you dont have the space to store camping equipment or the room to carry it with you everywhere you go, this is a great alternative.

    Perfect for camping trips where you have to take a flight.

    Instructions for everything is included in plastic sleeves.

    It really was just about everything that we needed.

    Best Places To Rent Camping Gear In New York City

    Coleman Is Giving Away Everything You Need For A Summer ...

    As exciting as New York City is, sometimes you want to get out of town and see a horizon that isnt surrounded by skyscrapers. Most NYC apartments dont have storage space for lots of camping gear, so make it easy on yourself by renting everything you need. Get ready for a great camping trip when you get your gear from these top spots in New York.

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    Gear Cleaning And Sanitation

    Arrive Outdoors has implemented extensive health and safety measures in light of COVID-19. The company thoroughly hand-cleans and treats all rental gear with CDC recommended cleaning solutions. For example, tents are washed, treated and line-dried before the next rental. All apparel is commercially laundered and treated with laundry additives to fight viruses.

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