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Blm Camping Near Bryce Canyon

And Now The Drawbacks

Exploring Free Camping At Bryce Canyon Utah

Its real outdoor camping. That means zero amenities whatsoever. Restrooms, running water, picnic tables, grills for barbecuing foodyou have to bring all of that swag yourself. Yes, youll be digging holes in the ground to poop . Youll be responsible for your own fire safety and packing out your own trash. Because youre staying in remote territory, roads in & out arent always paved or accessible for low-clearance vehicles. It means that people might not be around in case of emergency, and in the same context, it also often means no cell phone service.

Check Out This Map Of Blm Land/boondocking Campsites Near Zion

You’ll find plenty of BLM land bordering both east and west ends of Zion National Park, but distinguishing this land from private land can be tricky.

Check out this National Park Service map below outlining BLM camping boundaries. The yellow area represents open BLM land that you can camp on. Theres plenty of it available, although youll find that its best to have a 4WD vehicle to access a lot of it safely.

We’ve also outlined a few of our favorite areas in the sections below for some additional inspiration.

Costs And Paid Camping For The Bryce Canyon National Park

All visitors require a pass to enter Bryce Canyon, National Park. The passes can be purchased online or at the entrance booths. Entrance fees include a private vehicle permit at $30, a motorcycle permit at $25, and an individual permit for those entering by foot or bicycle at $15. You should plan to spend around $180. It is the average daily price depending on your expenses.

Previous travelers at Bryce Canyon National Park have reportedly spent $45 on local transportation and $26 for one meal in a single day. The average hotel price for couples is $107. It means that if you plan to take a trip for two for one week, you will spend an average of $1,511. Camping fees for regular tent/RV site is $20 per tent site and $30 per RV site.

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Free Camping Along Corral Hollow Rd

This area is perfect if you plan to explore both Bryce Canyon NP and Red Canyon.

There are at least 10 or so campsites along Corral Hollow Rd .

The campsites begin after 0.5 miles. There is a campsite to the right, 3 campsites straight ahead and the rest is to the west as you continue the drive.

The closest free water and toilets are at the Red Canyon Visitor Center.

Verizon has reasonable LTE service at these campsites.

Dispersed Camping Is Essentially Free Camping On Open Land

Blm Camping Near Bryce Canyon / Wild Camping: How to Find ...

and it comes with its own set of pros and cons. Boondocking is most commonly available on publicly-owned U.S. taxpayer land, also referred to as BLM land . However you can find primitive camping in other areas as well .

You wont find dispersed camping areas anywhere within national parks, city areas, private property, protected wilderness, etc. Camping at a designated campground, for example, is not dispersed camping. The links below can tell you where to find said land around each U.S. city area and how to best preserve the land youre staying on.

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Google Map Of Bryce And Red Canyons

The following map shows most of the trails in Bryce and Red Canyon, the more photogenic arches in the area, and the locations of many campsites and campgrounds.

In addition to the locations of many of the arches in Bryce Canyon I have included the greater arch dimension which is the size of the arches opening. I have also included a photographic rating based on images I have seen. The World Arch Database was used to select the arches and assign the ratings. My photographic ratings do not necessarily agree with those in the WAD.

Best Free Camping Near Moab

Utah Campsite #2: N 38°287.26, W 109°228.88

Moab is the gateway to Utahs legendary red rocks formations that make up Arches National Park, Canyonlands, and Dead Horse Point State Park.

Millions of visitors flock to Moab each year to catch a glimpse of its otherworldly sights. Permits and local campgrounds fill up quickly but nestled 5 miles outside the city of Moab lies a campers dream!

Manti La Sal Road is the mecca of dispersed camping in Moab. This long winding road will take you up and above the hustle and busy-ness of Moab. You will be welcomed with expansive sites of the desert on your left and massive mountains surrounding you on your right.

There are hundreds of established yet free campsites tucked away on this well-traveled road, yet youre still just outside the city to make those emergency grocery and libation runs!

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Moab Utah: Willow Springs Road

Just about 13 miles northwest of Moab, there is a road out seemingly in the middle of nowhere called Willow Springs Road. This is all BLM land , which is public land. All along this road are campsites that are accessible by car or RV. Once you get about a mile down the road, it gets bumpy and youll need 4WD, but the first mile of it as well as some of the side roads are passable by low clearance cars. The 360 degree views in this area are spectacular, and its a great place to base if you are hanging out in Moab for a while! But be sure you get there early on a weekend, as the sites tend to fill up fast!

Photo: Jason Hatfield

What Are The Advantages

Exploring Utah | Bryce Canyon NP | Red Canyon | Dispersed Camping

No crowds, no costs, no formal campgrounds, no reservations. Since they are located outside populated city limits, dispersed camping areas are almost always exponentially more beautiful, remote and exciting to stay atyoure actually having the authentic outdoor experience that you came for . Talk to any experienced outdoorsman, and theyll tell you that dispersed camping is the only option they look for on an adventure.

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Can You Conceal Carry In Zion National Park

Federal law allows people who can legally possess firearms under federal, Utah, and local laws, to possess firearms in the park. The discharge of firearms and hunting within the park are prohibited. Federal law prohibits firearms in certain facilities in Zion National Park those places are posted with signs.

Rules For Boondocking Inside Kaibab National Forest

  • There is a maximum stay of 14 days in any 30 day period. After exhausting your 14 days, you cannot camp anywhere in Kaibab National Forest until 30 more days have elapsed.
  • You cannot camp within one mile of a developed campground.
  • You cannot camp within 1/4 mile of a body of water, or man-made watering container. This is a statewide law, see Arizona Revised Statute § 17-308 Unlawful camping.

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Willow Springs Road Dispersed Camping

Distance to Moab: 13 milesRestrooms: NoMap

At just 15 minutes from town, Willow Springs Road offers some of the most convenient dispersed camping near Moab. These sites arent glamours, and can get quite busy and loud, but they do provide some easy to access campsites very close to Moab and Arches National Park.

Not much more than a dirt road with a few pull outs off the highway, camping at Willow Springs Road isnt for those seeking solitude, seclusion, or stunning natural beauty. Instead, youll get very convenient camping that can be accessed by most vehicles.

Given how popular Willow Springs Road is, it is very important to practice Leave No Trace camping. Please be sure to pack out all of your trash and minimize your impact as much as possible.

With the creation of Utahraptor State Park, there is some speculation that dispersed camping will no longer be allowed here in the future, so be sure to check with the Moab BLM office before settling on a camping trip here.

Bryce Canyon National Park Free Camping Locations 12 Miles: Hw 22 Near Bryce Natl Park

Blm Camping Near Bryce Canyon / Wild Camping: How to Find ...


Elevation: 5793

Management Public Bureau of Land Managment

The road in is Dirt and 1 miles from a paved road. Rock Springs Bench Campsite- Grand Staircase Escalante NM is open all year. There are 1-5 campsites at this location. You may stay 14 at Rock Springs Bench Campsite- Grand Staircase Escalante NM.

This is an official dispersed camping area in the Escalate National Monument, managed by the BLM.

From Hwy 12 in Cannonville follow the signs for Kodachrome Basin State Park. When you come to the turn off into the state park continue going straight onto the dirt road. Turn right about 7/8 of a mile and follow the road uphill. Theres a large site with a good view on the left. Continue to two more sites on the left. If you keep going the road goes downhill to a horse corral. We camped there because the other sites were occupied but I would not recommend it because its very dusty.


Elevation: 7123

Management Public Bureau of Land Management

The road in is Dirt and 2 miles from a paved road. There are 1-5 campsites at this location and the maximum RV length is unlimited.


Elevation: 7105

Management Public Forest Service

The road in is Dirt. There are 1-5 campsites at this location and the maximum RV length is 45. You may stay 16 in 30 nights at Losee Canyon Area.


Elevation: 6656

Management Public Bureau of Land Managment

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Where To Stay Near Bryce Canyon National Park When Campgrounds Are Closed Or Full

If you can’t find camping, or if the weather is not cooperating with your trip, a variety of lodging options can be found either in the park or nearby.

  • The historic Bryce Canyon Lodge has the absolute best location and offers an enchanting experience. Just a few minute’s stroll from the edge of the canyon at Sunrise Point, the hotel has a private setting, nestled among huge pine trees. Charming stone cabins are scattered behind the main lodge, and a separate building offers motel-style rooms. The main lodge was built in the 1920s and has a romantic wood fireplace for guests to gather around and a dining room serving up tasty meals.
  • Just a few miles outside the park gate in Bryce Canyon City is the BEST WESTERN PLUS Ruby’s Inn.Ruby’s is a long-standing institution in the community, and this is more than just a basic hotel. You can arrange horseback riding trips, helicopter tours, and other outings through the hotel. In the evenings, they have cowboy shows and other entertainment to help get you into the spirit of the West.
  • For more of a budget option, check out Bryce Canyon Pines, a few miles outside of Bryce Canyon City. This location is slightly less convenient than staying in the town but offers better value. It’s on the highway but set off on its own. The complex, which spans both sides of the highway, includes the motel, a restaurant, store, and a campground.

Kodachrome Basin State Park

Kodachrome Basin State Park is more than 3,000 feet lower in elevation than Bryce Canyon National Park and can be a good option for camping in lower temperatures during the colder months. The lower elevation means that it will be warmer than Bryce Canyon, particularly at night.

This scenic park, with dramatic sandstone spires in vibrant orange and cream colors, is well worth exploring in its own right. Drive time to Bryce Canyon National Park is about 35 minutes.

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Pick Your Campsite Wisely

Know your comfort level in the wilderness and choose wisely. The best campsites Ive ever stayed at have ALL been on primitive/BLM land. At the same time, for brand new outdoorsmen and women with families, this may not be the best option. If you decide to go and youre new to this, read and have a copy of the instructions below.

Remember to LEAVE NO TRACEbe respectful of the land, and only bring in what youre able to pack out.

My Camping Review Of Toms Best Spring Dispersed Camping Area

Free Camping Near Bryce Canyon National Park

Camping at Toms Best Spring Dispersed Camping Area was awesome for us but mostly because we found a nice place to park our large travel trailer off of the main road.

For people who can only find a campsite along the main road, things arent as great. The main reason being the insane amount of dust that gets kicked up from the many cars that pass by daily.

Its a very popular area and the combination of the vehicles and the dusty desert road is a recipe for some smoggy camping.

There are a lot of campsites that arent along the main road, you just have to scout ahead to find them. We even had some people ask to park next to us because they wanted to escape the dusty road.

The camping limit is 16 days which is fairly high and there are some really fantastic secluded campsites large enough for Class A RVs and large trailers.

If you are going to stay the entire camping limit I suggest finding one of these campsites.

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Of course, the best thing about Toms Best Spring Dispersed Camping Area is how close it is to Bryce Canyon National Park.

Youre less than 10 miles away from the entrance and you are right next to the paved bike road if you prefer to bike in.

The dirt road going in isnt too bad, just a little washboardy sometimes, but there are no large ruts which is important for RVers.

The cell service was decent but the data speeds really slowed down at night when people started using it a lot.

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When To Camp Near Moab

It is possible to camp in Moab year-round, although the most popular season will be the Spring and Fall. From March May and September October is when youll find the most pleasant weather with warm days, cool nights, and the best chance to settled weather. During the summer months Moab can get very hot, with temperatures often exceeding 100 degrees.

The winter sees freezing temperatures and even the occasional snow.

For those camping in a van, trailer, or RV, your Moab camping season will be a bit longer as you can use your heat of AC to extend your options.

Free Camping Near Bryce Canyon National Park In Utah

This is a complete blog and video guide to FREE camping in Dixie National Forest near Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah.

In this guide, you will find maps with directions, updates on road conditions, locations of most campsites, and availability of amenities such as cell coverage, water, and toilets,

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Moab Dispersed Camping Essentials

Given how popular free dispersed camping in Moab can be weve provided an overview of the most important information to keep in mind when planning your trip:

  • There is no dispersed camping permitted within 20 miles of Moab.
  • Many areas limited campers to 14 consecutive nights or less. Always check restrictions for your chosen camping area.
  • It is essential to practice Leave No Trace principles.
  • Many dispersed sites are located in the sensitive desert ecosystem. That means you cannot dig/bury human waste. Please bring a portable toilet or pack out all of your waste.

Long Canyon Dispersed Camping

Blm Camping Near Bryce Canyon / Wild Camping: How to Find ...

Distance to Moab: 30 milesRestrooms: NoMap

Long Canyon Road offers some decent dispersed camping near Moab for those willing to drive a bit further. These sites arent much more than pullouts in some very sands areas adjacent to Long Canyon Road, but theyll get the job done for those looking for a campsite.

You can get to Long Canyon two ways, either from Highway 313 en route to Canyonlands and Dead Horse Point State Park which is suitable for most vehicles, or from the east by taking Highway 279 directly to Long Canyon Road. The latter is only for 4WD vehicles as the road gets quite rough.

Be sure to inquire with the Moab BLM office before camping here as there have been some recent reports that they are considering closing the area to camping.

Distance to Moab: 22.6 milesRestrooms: Pit toilet.Map

A unique camping option in the Moab area is the free Castleton Tower Campground. Not officially a dispersed site, this free camping area is owned and maintained by Utah Open Lands. A favorite spot for climbers, this campground has room for 5 or 6 camping setups at a given time. Even if youre not a climber, the hike to the base of Castleton Tower is highly recommended.

To get here from Moab take Highway 128 to the La Sal Loop Road. Continue on that for approximately 4.5 miles before reaching the camping area adjacent to the road.

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Camping Near You Find A Free Campsite

Whether you just need to know where to camp nearby or you want to plan a free camping road trip, we’ve got you covered. You can simply use your smart phone’s GPS to find camping near you or even use our trip planner to plan your route from coast to coast.

Our community provides the best free camping information available. Free campgrounds can be hard to find. makes it easy. We give you a simple, map based search engine to find free and cheap camping areas. Community reviews and ratings provide you with up to date information and help you select the best camp site for your next camping trip.

This is a platform for sharing campgrounds and camp sites you have discovered. We are community driven, and while we will be adding many free camping spots, we hope that you will add some of your favorite camping places as well. By sharing camping information freely, we can all spend less time researching campgrounds, spend less money, and more time camping. If everyone contributes a few campsites, we’ll all have more places to go camping.

Please come back and let us know what you find!

We are not actively seeking Wal-Marts, truckstops or other parking lots and will not be adding very many of these. There are enough Wal-Mart and truck stop directories out there already. However, if a member of the community finds one of these locations to be useful for overnight RV parking and creates an entry, we may approve the listing.

Please come back and let us know what you find!

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