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Collapsible Water Tank For Camping

Redcamp Portable Water Container

Filling RV fresh water tank with collapsible 5 gallon Reliance water container

Available in sizes ranging from 2.6 gallons to 5.3 gallons, the REDCAMP Portable Water Container is another collapsible water jug thats meant for camping. This one is a bit more rigid than some of the others we tested, so it manages to hold its shape better when pouring. Moreover, this is supposed to make it less susceptible to cracking or other damage. In our experience, this wasnt the case. After a few trips, a hole wore in the bottom where it sits, causing a leak.

This water container is made entirely from non-toxic food-grade material. Its odorless and tasteless, so you can be sure that no chemicals or flavors are being transferred to your water. Its got a single carrying handle on the top, making it easy to transport, but we prefer the designs that have a second handle to make it easier to pour.

We were disappointed to see that ours had a leaky spigot straight out of the box. This was especially annoying considering it is one of the more expensive water containers we tested. It may have ranked better if it were more robust, but we cant recommend a container that has durability issues.

Whether you want a container with a small capacity of just 1.3 gallons or a larger capacity of more than five gallons, the Gowithwind Collapsible Water Container has the right size for you. The one we tested had a capacity of 5.3 gallons, which was plenty to provide an entire family with water for a short camping trip.

Best Water Containers For Camping

Preparedness is the hallmark of a good camper. When talking about the best water containers for camping, what were talking about is something that experienced campers truly covet. No matter where youre camping or what kind of water supply is available there, having a trusty camping water container is critical especially for long trips well off the beaten path.

Whether youre bringing a water supply for a camping trip for primary use or as an emergency reserve, a proper water container for camping is a real essential. The most rugged of outdoors hearts can rough it through a lot of extreme situations, but a lack of water is not one of them.

If youre an avid camper in the market for a great water container or youre just starting your journey into the camping unknown, this article is for you. Not only are we about to reveal our definitive list of The 7 Best Water Containers For Camping, but well also answer any questions you likely have about investing in these water containers for a your next camps drinking water supply.

Without further ado, heres the list!

Reliance Luggable Loo Portable Toilet

  • 5-year guarantee


The Reliance Luggable Loo portable toilet is the best budget-friendly camping toilet you could ever buy. It is a simple bucket-type portable toilet but it does the job.

This toilet combines a 5-gallon bucket, a plastic bag and a toilet seat with a lid lid. The plastic bag goes inside the bucket then the seat. Make sure the plastic bag goes underneath the seat. The toilet seat will then latch on the bucket rim and you can comfortably do your business.

The beauty of this toilet is that it allows you to travel light especially if you are in the woods hunting or just hiking. You will not need to carry water for flushing, only enough plastic bags. The entire toilet weighs only 3 pounds.

The choice of this toilets color wouldnt be a better one. A gray color will generally go well with waste instead of another color. I cannot imagine a bright red or white bucket-toilet. Keeping it clean would be a nightmare. which is ironical because most of our home toilets are white.

The good with this toilet is that if you break your original bucket you can always replace it with any other 5-gallon bucket. You dont have to go through the pain of ordering another toilet. You can also use your kitchen waste plastic bags with the toilet too.

Apart from just camping, you can buy this portable toilet for your home in case there is a power outage and water is not being pumped. I am sure it will be worth your while.

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Camping And Warm Weather

When camping in warm weather, it is very likely that you’ll need more water than usual to stay hydrated. Campers also frequently bring along coolers to keep their food and beverages cold during hot weather. Conveniently some collapsible water bottles can double as ice packs for use in coolers and emergency medical uses.

For those that also need water for cooking, cleaning, and hygiene, having a larger collapsible water container provides a convenient way to get water from a local spigot to the campsite. When the container is no longer needed, it can then be easily collapsed and stored flat for transport.

Camco Premium Portable Travel Toilet

Outdoor Camping Retractable Folding Bucket Multi Function ...
  • Toilet Dimensions: 18 x 16.2 x 17.5 inches


The Camco premium portable toilet is Camcos latest and best portable toilet. This is the one product that compares and competes with Thetfords Curve portable toilet.

Just like many flush-type portable toilets, it has thetoilet bowl with seat and lid, the flush tank and the holding tank. The flushtank has a capacity of 3.75 gallons while the holding tank can hold 5.3 gallonsof waste.

To use this potty, just pull out the seal handle to expose the holding tank to the toilet bowl. You can thereafter sit on the toilet seat which is not too far down than a standard height toilet and get down to business.

To flush it there is a piston-pump on the top of the toilet which after pumping will direct water through 3 jets into the bowl. After flushing, push back the sliding valve handle which will in turn seal the holding tank and therefore prevents any leak and also contain bad odor.

What people love most about the Camco premium portable toilets is that they have no bad smells and are also very easy to clean. Their interior surface is made of slick ABS materials that prevents waste from clinging on. As a result cleaning them is cinch.

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What To Consider When Buying A Camping Toilet

  • Weight and Size

    The first thing to look for in a portable camping toilet should be its weight and size. See, an ideal toilet for camping should be one that is highly portable. This is because you are bound to be moving around a lot in the course of your camping. You will need a lightweight toilet otherwise it wont that easy traveling around with it.

    Backpackers and hikers have to go up the mountain at times during the camping period. So, they could use a small camping toilet that easily fits inside the backpack without taking up too much storage space. Youd also expect the camping toilet to serve both adults and kids. But, this depending on the composition of the team of campers.

    When buying a new camping tent, be on the lookout not to end up with a unit too small for an average adult. Consider things like your height and select an appropriate size. This way, you will avoid ending up with a useless portable toilet in your camping gear. Also, take the necessary precautions with the weight of the toilet. You do not want a toilet that is too lightweight it can barely stand on its own on the ground.

  • The 10 Best Portable Camping Toilets Are:

    • Average of 56 flushes per tank


    When it comes to comfort, the Thetford Curve Porta Potti is without a doubt the best. It does not only have a 17.8 inch height which is almost like the toilet you have at home, but also a large toilet bowl and seat.

    This toilet is also beautifully designed. It has a sleek and curvaceous design which looks both modern and stylish.

    Capacity-wise, this portable throne has a 4 gallons fresh water tank and a 5.5 gallons waste water tank. The waste water tank is detachable by use of a latch which easily helps you to empty it. For clean and convenient emptying, the waste tank has a sprout with a cap which also helps to contain bad odor.

    The Thetford Curve will give you up to 56 flushes before emptying the toilet. It employs a battery-powered flushing system. At any one point, the toilet should have 6 AA batteries to perform optimally.

    The other convenient features that comes with this toilet are an integrated toilet paper holder and a tank lever indicator. The tank level indicator tells you precisely when to empty the tank and when to add fresh water and therefore eliminating guesswork.

    A hold down kit will help you to secure this toilet in place, especially during transportation. This will prevent it from shifting around and hence breaking down.

    The Thetford Curve is in our opinion the best portable toilet to buy.

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    Trip Tips Portable Folding Toilet

    Weight: 2.5 lbs.Type/Flushing water capacity: Collapsible/folding toiletWaste Tank Capacity: Use with 6-8 gal. waste bag

    Are you an avid outdoor camper? Then four things that should matter to you are portability, multi-functionality, build quality, and ease of use. This portable camping toilet seems to get it right with the four essentials of a camper. It is the easiest to carry. The toilet folds into a 2-in. size that doesnt take up any space. Secondly, you can also use it as a seat or a storage container. The build quality features a water-proof oxford cloth and a density board. Once you are done with your business, you can clean it up in a jiffy.

    The process of buying a camping portable toilet starts with some research. This is to familiarize yourself with things that determine a great toilet. Luckily, we have done much of the research so that you dont have to. Part of that research includes a buyers guide. It details the factors to consider or the things to look for when buying a new portable camping toilet. These include

    Coghlans Expandable Water Carrier

    DIY Portable Gray Water Tank – For Campers

    With a cheap price and an expanding capacity, the Coghlans Expandable Water Carrier is an interesting container thats meant for camping and backpacking. When folded closed, its a tiny container thats just an inch thick. But when you add water, it expands to hold up to two gallons.

    This container has a built-in spigot with an on/off lever and a screw-in cap. Remove the cap for easy filling or draining and use the spigot for pouring your drinks. Its a convenient design, or it would be if it would stay standing. Unfortunately, once its full of water, this container wont stay standing and just falls over. You cant really pour water from the spigot while its tipped over, so this is a frustrating issue.

    Though its well-built overall, the Coghlans water carrier isnt going to last you for years. Ours lasted for about six months of light use before it split open. But for a product thats so cheaply priced, thats still not too bad. If it would stay upright when full, this container would probably earn a much higher position on our list.

    • Wont stand up when full
    • Only lasts about six months

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    Ltr Collapsible Water Storage Tank

    • Sale

    Country Comfort Portable Collapsible water shower rain tank

    Our Collapsible 100L can be simply folded up and stored away.

    Easy to set up/disassemble it likewise offers the mobility and flexibility not available with other permanent water storage units on the market.

    It can be used for drinking or construction water in remote areas, roadworks or construction and mine sites.

    water tankshowering and washingtap fixture laminated PVC.


    • Sturdy design
    • Easy to set up/disassemble
    • Can be placed on uneven ground
    • Top plug for direct water collection
    • Tough zip to allow the lid to open/close
    • Water tap included
    • All of our tanks can be easily connected to your Country Comfort Portable LPG Gas Water Heater units giving you portable Water storage anytime / anywhere
    • Dimensions Assembled: 42 cm Diameter x 78 cm Height
    • Weight 2.11 kg

    Benefits Of A Collapsible Water Container For Emergency Survival

    A collapsible water container can be useful for emergency water storage, and also for everyday uses such as camping or outdoor excursions. When not in use, these vessels can be tucked neatly away in a pocket or small bag. Larger ones can hold thousands of gallons and potentially support a modest farm or town.

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    Best Portable Camping Toilet Tent

    While buying a portable camping toilet, it is also a good idea to also buy a portable camping toilet tent as well. You do not want to do your business where you are sleeping.

    The WolfWise Pop Up Privacy Shower Tent is in my opinion one of the best camping toilet tents to buy. It is green in color which is great for camouflaging. You can also opt to buy the blue one.

    Its base measurements are 47.2 inches by 47.2 inches with a height of 74.8 inches. It has a removable rain cover and a side window. All these are great in air circulation and will especially help to prevent bad odors in the tent.

    The frame is made of galvanized steel making it very sturdy and also non-corrosive. Its total weight is 4.4 pounds.

    Portable Camping Toilets Comparisons

    Camping Outdoor Folding Collapsible Container Water Tank 7.5L

    In every classification of the best portable campingtoilets, we compared the top 2 toilets before deciding on the number 1 whichwas not that easy.

    The portable toilets industry is very competitive andevery manufacturer wants to have an edge over the other. In order to arrive atour decisions this are some of the questions we asked ourselves:

    • What is the most comfortable portable camping toilet?
    • What is the best portable toilet for a van?
    • What is the best portable toilet for a boat?
    • What is the easiest portable toilet to clean?
    • What is the best portable toilet for truckers?
    • what is the smallest/compact portable toilet?

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    Whats A Camping Toilet

    It is a portable toilet that provides a convenient means of answering natures call. It ranges from simple waste bags to more complex flushable toilets like a home toilet. Campers, backpackers, hikers, and hunters spend significant time in the woods. Thus, they need to have a safe and environment-friendly means of getting rid of human waste. It is anybodys guess how much damage undisposed human waste can cause to the environment. But, in case you dont know, human waste when left unattended could cause damage to human habitats especially around the campsite.

    Some dangerous and animals and cricking organisms are easily attracted by human waste. They can get closer to your campsite, and ruin all your camping plans. As such, you owe it to yourself and fellow campers to take care of the surrounding. Luckily, camping toilets offer the ideal means to do so. Most of the camping sites make it mandatory for campers to bring their portable toilets. Above all, they should clean after all kinds of waste from their camping activities.

    How Do You Clean Camping Water Containers

    To properly clean and care for your camping water containers, rinse your container thoroughly with a mixture of warm water and one of the following:

    • mild soap, or dishwashing liquid
    • small amount of baking soda
    • sanitizing tablet

    Be sure to let your container dry completely before use. Youll also want to make sure you clean the lid, handle, and any outer areas that may have picked up dirt on your last trip.

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    Why Do You Need A Shower When You Camp

    After you exercise, climb, or hike, your muscles get sore. You need warm water to help relax and recover from such intense activities taking a warm shower also reinvigorates you and boosts up your energy level, while helping you sleep better. Feeling refreshed after an intense day in nature is really something everyone seeks.

    Plus, maintaining personal hygiene while camping is important. As you are in nature around the campfire at night and in lakes, mountains, or the countryside during the day you get dirty easily.

    What Kind Of Portable Showers Are There

    WIRELESS and PORTABLE 12V Water Supply Pump | Camping and 4WD water jerry can/tank setup | How to

    A portable camping shower consists of a portable water tank or a shower head with add-ons mostly in plastic or titanium that replicates your shower and can be taken anywhere. Made of lightweight materials and easy-to-carry elements such as a hose and a water head, portable showers are your best companion wherever you go camping.

    Coming in multiple designs or shapes, there are a lot of choices out there.

    A solar-powered camping shower captures the heat of the sun. You can enjoy a hot shower anywhere and conveniently with a solar-powered portable shower. These showers are designed with a tank that carries the water, as well as a hose and a showerhead. Practical, this type of portable shower absorbs the suns rays to reach a desirable peak temperature that will make you feel warm.

    Pros: Economical and easy-to-use, a solar-powered portable shower allows you to take a shower when you go fishing, hunting, camping, hiking, and so forth.

    Cons: Not ideal if you travel in places with little sun available or heavy clouds. You will also have to get a portable shower with a built-in temperature gauge for safety reasons as the water can get really hot.

    Pros: Intuitive and easy-to-setup, you can enjoy a shower pretty much anywhere, at any time. It just takes 1 minute to install a bag portable shower .

    Cons: Not the best option if you are looking for a hot shower but definitely for a quick wash on the go.

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