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Free Tent Camping In Minnesota

Can My Vehicle Handle The Road Conditions

Free Car Camping in the Superior National Forest at Baker Lake

Some dispersed camping is found on rough roads. Typically, if you find the site on a camping app, youll be able to read reviews from past campers on road conditions.

Weve driven on a few rough roads with our van, and to us, its just not worth the risk of getting stuck or getting a flat. Another thing to take into consideration is that many of these unmaintained roads are outside of cell signal, so it will be difficult to get help if you get into a messy situation.

The more you drive your van, the more youll start to understand what it can handle. At first though, our advice would be to play it safe.

Cedar Hill Campground At Whitewater State Park

With multiple rivers and bridges, Whitewater State Park lives up to its name. Full of riverside and pier locations for fishing, the Ceder Hill Campground area is for the more rugged tent campers.

There are over a hundred campsites to choose from, and theyre all well-distanced from each other. That makes some of them quite far out, and youll probably have to hike to get there. If you enjoy more challenging terrain, this will be a great place for you.

Camping On Public Lands

BLM-managed lands offer numerous opportunities for camping under the stars ranging from staying in an RV at a highly developed campground to simply throwing a sleeping bag on the ground in the backcountry. No matter what type of experience you are looking for, you can find it on BLM-managed public lands.

Developed Campgrounds

At many locations the BLM provides developed facilities for camping. Campgrounds may include a variety of facilities, such as restrooms, potable water, electrical hookups, picnic areas, garbage cans, tent pads and group shelters. However, many campgrounds do not have all of these amenities and may only have a picnic table and fire ring. Make sure to check the campgrounds website or call the appropriate field office when planning your trip.

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Leave No Trace And Dispose Of Waste

All campers must “leave no trace” no matter where you camp. Pack out what you pack in, do not damage trees, water, habitat, or anything else. Do not burn litter or garbage. Always observe posted signs.

Your visit could have a big impact. Seeds and mud on gear and clothing can spread harmful invasive plants. Before leaving home, make sure your gear, footwear, and clothing is free of seeds and soilespecially tents, tarps, and hammocks. Clean and dispose of anything before leaving home.

Take extra care when disposing of human waste to avoid contaminating nearby water. Dig a hole six inches deep and at least 100 feet away from any water source. When you are done, fill the hole with soil. Never defecate or leave toilet paper on top of the ground.

Unplug & Unwind At A Minnesota Campground

Wildwood RV Park &  Campground

Relaxation, adventure, escape, and quality time with family and friends are among the many reasons why camping is a beloved Minnesota pastime. Whether youre ready to take on the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness or you prefer the comforts of an RV, a Minnesota camping trip will surely be one to remember.

  • Army Corps of Engineers Campgrounds
  • City / County / Municipal Campgrounds
  • Pets allowed in indoor unit
  • High-speed Internet available
  • Located on a lake or river
  • Open in fall
  • Riding stable with horses for rent
  • Tennis court
  • Outfitting for overnight canoe trips
  • Pontoon boat available
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    Blue Mounds State Park

    Besides being a wonderful campground, Blue Mounds State Park has the honor of protecting a herd of American bison. The herd currently grazes on one of Minnesotas largest prairie remnants.

    These bison are just one of the many things visitors can see when they reserve one of Blue Mounds nearly 130 campsites.

    Located in the southwest corner of Minnesota, this state park has a different feel. Instead of ferns and moss, visitors encounter 100-foot quartizite cliffs, seas of prairie grasses, and prickly pear cactus.

    Along with viewing the bison herd, hiking and rock climbing are parks main recreational highlights.

    Harriet Lake Rustic Campground

    The furthest location on this list is located in Finland, MN. Roughly a 92 mile drive and offers a pet friendly campsite, boat ramps, hiking trails, RV parking and a lot of fun in the outdoors. This place is definitely worth the drive to make family memories.

    A post shared by MNLifer on May 7, 2017 at 6:52pm PDT

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    Slither Away: Boise Idaho

    This one is more funny than anything, but while traveling in Boise, Idaho, we parked near the city zoo one night. At around 5 a.m. we woke suddenly to someone rapping on our window.

    I dove deeper under the covers and made Ben go and check what was going on . At our window, was a park ranger clad in a wide-brimmed hat and a tan vest.

    Howdy, he greeted us with more energy than was necessary at that hour of morning. Just wanted to let you know you may want to move your vehicle as were about to release snakes in the vicinity in a snake and raptor avoidance training. Upon hearing this, I shot out of bed, we wished him a good day, and we got the eff outta there!

    Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness Ely

    WILD CAMPING in Beautiful Northern Minnesota (during the FALL!)

    The Ely Wilderness is home to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, one of the most popular camping spots in the entire state. The BWCA spans more than one million acres of wilderness and is one of the most visited natural areas in the entire United States. The Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness is a part of the Superior National Forest and is managed by the U.S. Forest Service.

    About 20% of Boundary Waters million acres is made up of water. Thats 190,000 acres of rivers and streams for your exploration! The rest of this area is forested with a range of flora, because of special ecology in the area. This Minnesota-Canada border is also where the northern boreal forest meets the southern hardwood forests, so a stunning range of tree life can be found. Conifers and deciduous trees are common, and blueberries and raspberries can be found growing wild in certain areas.

    Tent campers visiting the BWCA can choose between park campgrounds and remote sites. Commercial and state-run campgrounds offer tent sites with hookups, bathrooms, and other amenities. However, anyone visiting a park campground is missing out on some of the best wild camping Minnesota has to offer! Because of the extensive network of waterways linking throughout this wilderness area, its the perfect place for canoe camping. If youve never tried out this adventure experience, we strongly recommend trying canoe camping in Minnesota.

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    St Cloud Clearwater Rv Park

    St Cloud Clearwater RV park is the quintessential experience for people looking to take their RV out for a vacation.

    This RV park offers more than just a place to pump the brakes for a while. These sites offer pull-through service for RVs of all sizes, 30 and 50 amp connections, and a dump site that is free for guests to use.

    Once you park your RV, youll be able to have unlimited fun at St Cloud Clearwater RV park. One of the best ways to make the most of the best RV campgrounds in Minnesota is to look at their events calendar. This RV park is always throwing new events whether its Mothers Day or a weekend full of adventure.

    This RV site comes with a pool, a park, and tons of outdoor activities ranging from biking to golf.

    Mississippi Riverwood Rv Park

    The Mississippi Riverwood RV Park is located just outside of the Twin Cities. This RV park is something a little bit different from the other entries on our list.

    The Mississippi Riverwood RV Park is owned by an association of its members. They each individually rent out their RV parking spots for periods of no less than 30 days. This is an ideal RV Park for seniors as well as older adults who are looking to have a more relaxing experience with their families.

    There are plenty of activities to enjoy at the Mississippi Riverwood RV Park. Youll be able to enjoy community activities as well as solo adventures in this natural wonderland. This RV campsite has some rules and regulations in place that you should check out on their website before booking your stay.

    At this best RV campground in Minnesota, you can also catch public transportation to the Twin Cities. This is a great way to get out of the campsite and go on an adventure in Minnesotas most thriving urban environment.

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    Where Is Dispersed Camping Allowed In Minnesota

    There are two main public land agencies in Minnesota that permit dispersed camping on the land they manage. The largest of these is the United States Forest Service, but youll also find dispersed campsites on Minnesotas State Forests. Regardless of where you end up camping, youll of course need to familiarize yourself with that land managers specific rules and regulations, which weve outlined below.

    US Forest Service Dispersed Camping in Minnesota

    Minnesota is home to two National Forests managed by the USFS, and both permit dispersed camping within their boundaries. Located in north-central Minnesota youll find Chippewa National Forest, while in the far north-east corner of the state youll find Superior National Forest, which includes the famous Boundary Waters region.

    The map below shows the location of Minnesotas National Forests, with more details on dispersed camping in each in the following section.

    There are a few key rules to keep in mind when looking for dispersed camping in either Chippewa or Superior National Forests. Youll generally find that dispersed camping is permitted in both forests as long as you set-up camp away from any developed campgrounds, trailheads, or picnic areas, and practice Leave No Trace camping.

    The following section contains more details on dispersed camping rules, and weve linked to the specific dispersed camping pages for Chippewa and Superior NFs below:

    Who Can Use Free Campsites

    7 Best Tent Camping Sites in Minnesota

    In theory, anyone The thing we do want to point out is that your vehicle will determine which types of free camping you can easily take advantage of.

    For example, a big RV wont very well be able to park on a city street, but a campervan sure can. And a van with low clearance might not be able to access an unmaintained road, but a Jeep with a rooftop tent will be just fine.

    There are certainly free sites that work well for RVs or tow-behind campers, but your options will be more limited than those with campervans. And if youre camping in a tent, youll be even more limited. That said, there are free sites that are only for tent campers.

    Your rig is going to really determine what types of sites youre able to utilize. More on that below

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    Dispersed Camping In Minnesotas State Forests

    Lets begin with Minnesotas state forests, because rules and terminology are uniform across the state system. Dispersed Camping is defined as camping overnight outside of established campgrounds or designated campsites. The following is my summary of the rules. In the interest of being thorough, read the full state statute and consult the rules for each state forest unit to check for special conditions.

    The first and most important rule is probably that dispersed camping is not allowed within one mile of a fee campground, nor is it allowed where posted or designated to prohibit camping. This is not usually a problem, because state forest campgrounds are typically few and far between. Also forbidden while dispersed camping are digging, constructing permanent camping structures, and placing wood, nails, screws, or other fasteners in a living tree at a campsite. Also, human waste must be buried at least 150 feet from a water body, in a manner that does not endanger a water supply.

    What is allowed includes gathering firewood, as long as it is dead and on the ground, and used while camping in that location. Campers may also stay in one location for up to 14 days from the first Saturday in May to the second Sunday in September, and 21 days during the rest of the year. When you leave, however, you must move to a new location at least 15 miles from the previous camp.

    Where To Go Winter Camping In Minnesota

    When camping in the winter, preparation is key. Theres perhaps no greater challenge than winter camping in the vast Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. Campers here use special tents that can handle wood-burning stoves and that reduce the build-up of condensation inside the tent.

    According to the U.S. Forest Service, Visitors who come to the wilderness during this time of the year have a very different kind of experience than those that visit during the summer season. You are less likely to run into other visitors and can experience a sense of solitude and self-reliance in a way that few other places allow. Winter wilderness travel requires a high degree of preparation, planning, skill and self-reliance.

    In addition to the Boundary Waters, Minnesotas two national forests, Chippewa and Superior, allow whats known as dispersed camping, whereby campers can stay outside of designated campsites throughout the year. The same goes for Minnesotas 58 state forests. These are truly primitive experiences, in that amenities such as bathrooms and running water arent available. Voyageurs National Park and three state parksFrontenac, Itasca and Tettegouchealso offer winter tent camping in designated campgrounds.

    Inside a camper cabin at Whitetail Woods Regional Park in Farmington / Paul Vincent

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    Reservations Opened Up On Friday April 1 2022 At : 00 Am

    Reminder: all reservations need to be made online.

    Tips: An account must be created prior to reserving online with a username/password and valid email address. Be prepared with dates and campsite preferences as sites reserve quickly.

    **** New Rule for 2022: Only one camper and one tent are allowed per campsite . Screen houses do not count as a tent. ****

    During the Off-Season

    • First come, first serve – No Reservations
    • $12.50 per day
    • Payable at City Hall between the hours of 7:30 AM – 4:00 PM
    • Amenities are limited and subject to weather after regular season closes

    About Us

    Fisherman’s Point Campground is a municipal campground located on a wooded peninsula of Whitewater Lake in northern Minnesota, featuring 93 secluded campsites with all the amenities and scenery you could ask for. Please visit our About Us page for more information about our campground and additional activities located less than two miles away in downtown Hoyt Lakes. Although NONE of our sites have sewer or water hook-ups we do have a filtered city water fill station and a dump station avaiable on site, for our campers free of charge.

    The 2022 camping season will run from April 29 to October 31, 2022.

    Office Hours*:

    Noon – 7 PM Saturday – Thursday12 PM – 8 PM Friday

    Rates: With Electric and Lake access $35 per night

    With Electric No Lake access $25 per night

    With out Electric $15 per night

    Pet Fee $10 per pet per stay

    Check In Time: 1 P.M. Daily

    Check Out Time: 11 A.M. Daily


    Stony Point Resort & Campground

    Tent Camping in the SUPER WINDY Sand Dunes State Forest – Dispersed Camping

    Lets talk about an RV campground that has it all. Stony Point Resort & Campground is an ideal place to park your RV when you bring the entire family, and the dog, with you.

    This RV campground is fully equipped to support your RV. They offer pull-through sites, 50 amp power, and a sanitary dump station. They also offer a central house, laundry services, and a variety of other RV vacation essentials. You can trust that your stay at Stony Point Resort & Campground is going to fully support your RV lifestyle.

    Stony Point Resort & Campground is also located just outside of downtown Cass Lake. The entire city is based around outdoor living and you can find plenty of rustic activities to do in the area. This is also a great campground to bring the entire family. This is a dog-friendly site and features plenty of happy pups playing around.

    The big draw is the lake itself and youll be able to rent a variety of watercraft and enjoy everything that you would expect from a lakeside resort and one of the best RV campgrounds in Minnesota.

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    Diamond Lake Dispersed Camping

    Another great dispersed camping option in Chippewa National Forest is along the secluded shores of Diamond Lake. This is a smaller dispersed area that can only accommodate a few setups, but those that do camp here will be rewarded with a tranquil, lakeside campsite. Located at the end of a long, and rather rough road, Diamond Lake also features a boat ramp and is close to several nearby trail systems.

    This is not a designated dispersed campsite, so you wont find any restrooms, picnic tables, or other amenities.

    Although there is room for larger RVs and trailers at Diamond Lake, be sure to proceed with caution when driving in. The road condition isnt always great, especially after a big rain or in the early summer months when it can be a muddy mess. If you find the campsites here full, there are several other option in close proximity so you should be able to find something to suit your needs.

    In addition to the Diamond Lake area described above, there are several excellent dispersed campsites in Chippewa National Forest near the town of Walker, MN. The best of these in our opinion is located along Long Lake, which enjoys easy access to the lake, the town, and a great segment of the North Country Trail.

    This is a designated dispersed site, so you can rest assured that camping is permitted here. The site has room for 3-4 RVs or a handful of tent setups, making this a quieter camping experience.

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