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Best Camping Cooler Under $100

Best Rolling Cooler For The Money

Best Cooler Under $100 In 2019? / Double Leaf Fishing Cooler Review

I havent bought or used rolling coolers before. However, I saw many reviews on, and people all said the telescoping handle of these coolers really helps reduce the load. With a telescoping handle, you can easily move a cooler forward or back with one hand.

If you need a small cooler with wheels and a telescoping handle for beverage, here are two good rolling coolers that many campers appreciated and recommended

The Igloo Ice Cube Maxcold Roller, 70-Quart, and the Coleman 50 Quart Xtreme 5 Wheeled Cooler.

The Iglo has wheels that are smaller than the Coleman. So, the Coleman Xtreme has a little bit smooth-rolling than Igloo.

How Do You Properly Pack A Backpack Cooler

Fill the cooler approximately 66% with a mix of frozen ice blocks or reusable ice packs and cubed ice. Pack the rest with your food and beverages, which should all be prefrozen or prechilled.

More specifically, layer those contents. Put the frozen blocks and contents on the bottommost section and then sprinkle on a layer of cubed ice. Next, add the prechilled food and drinks. At the very top, add more cubed ice.

Fill any extra space with contents, because air speeds up the ice melt. If needed, you could pack crumpled paper or small towels in there, too.

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What Is A Cooler

A cooler is a box or compartment used to store items at a specific temperature. The box happens to be insulated and mostly filled with ice to keep the things cool inside. Therefore, it is known as a cool box or icebox as well. Most of the coolers are made of plastic and the walls are lined with foam inside to keep it insulated. There are disposable coolers as well constructed from polystyrene foam. Similarly, coolers can exist in bag styles or make into large containers that can be transported using vehicles.

The most common form of cooler is a box style with a handle on the top. It is built from plastic and lined inside with insulated materials. Modern coolers also feature wheels on the bottom and a movable handle on sides which makes them highly portable. The wheels and retractable handle significantly increases the versatility and usability of coolers. Another form of cooler is a soft bag style cooler. The difference lies in materials. These are made from leak-proof cloth which makes them lighter and easier to carry around. You will find all 3 types of coolers in our review below. After that, we will recommend the best coolers under 100based on its type and purpose.

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Goal Zero Lighthouse 600 Lantern

When it comes to solar-powered solutions, few brands have a better product line than Goal Zero. The brands flagship Lighthouse 600 Lantern is arguably the best around, with an adjustable and multi-directional LED bulb so you can save battery life and dont have to settle for some pre-fixed manufacturer setting. The light can be recharged via USB, hand-crank, or solar panel , with a battery duration of up to 2 hours. The Lighthouse also serves as a phone charger when in a pinch.

The Different Types Of Coolers

Top 6 Best Coolers Under $100 [May 2021] Reviews &  Buying Guide

Coolers come in multiple varieties that which you choose, will depend largely on what you plan to use it for. The easiest way to categorize coolers is by their material and size: a small, soft-shell cooler will be the best for daily lunches, quick trips to the beach with kids and casual outings. The best soft coolers are made with nylon, cotton-twill, heavy-duty vinyl or canvas, and are collapsible, easy to clean and last for many years with proper care. When shopping a soft-sided cooler, look for leak-resistant construction and stain-resistant material. Large, hard-sided coolers or chests, on the other hand, will be ideal for hunting, camping and extended trips. Many hard-side chests are rotomolded – made from one continuous piece of plastic, rather than individual parts joined together, so they’re also waterproof and leakproof . These coolers come with a heavier weight, but are less likely to break or crack due to high use. Backpack coolers are similar to soft-shelled coolers in their construction, with heavier padded straps and sometimes, dry storage compartments. Cooler backpacks are ideal for day trips, and offer convenience and insulation on the go. Remember, even if your backpack cooler has a drain plug, it never hurts to turn it upside down and let it fully drain out, to avoid bacteria and mildew growth.

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Best Overall: Xspec 60 Qt Rotomolded Cooler

Taking the crown of best cooler overall is the Xspec 60 qt Rotomolded High Performance cooler. Got colder faster than its ice cooler competitors? Check. Coldest temp reached in our lab tests at 43.8 degrees Fahrenheit? Check. Easy to close and open latches? Check. Metal reinforced lock area, nonslip feet, etched rulers, built in compass for when you get lost? All at a $270 price tag? Checkity check check.

Chart-topping performance with a median price tag on a reasonably sized cooler gets the spotlight. This cooler would also get the nod as best rotomolded value, coming in as the least expensive rotomolded cooler we’ve tested to date.

No Messing Around With Small Coolers Here


Exterior dimensions: 39 x 21 x 23 inches | Weight: 64 pounds | Capacity: 140 quarts

No summer is complete without a barbecue. And if youre operating the grill, you cant make sure every morsel comes off the flames at precisely the right moment if youre constantly running inside to grab ingredients from the refrigeratorits better to keep everything you need right at hand.

This Orca cooler doesnt mess around. With roto-molded construction, this beefy cooler is durable and well-insulated enough that your food and drinks can stay cold for up to 10 days. The handles are extendable, making it slightly easier to carry . Theres also a cargo-net attachment that allows for additional storage.

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Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Wheeled Cooler

  • Wash your cooler after every use Washing your cooler after every use with the cleaning agent, water and cloth will not only help your cooler to stay for long. But it will also aid in preventing any kind of residue or mildew from developing inside. We recommend hanging your cooler on the wheel in the storeroom or any other safe place to prevent bugs from crawling in and sit inside.
  • Avoid Overloading your cooler Overloading the coolers may damage the wheels. Its recommended to see the maximum holding capacity of the cooler. We recommend not to fill it to the top to avoid troublesome dragging your cooler on grovel terrain. It could also affect the ice-retention of your cooler.
  • Larger ice takes longer to melt If youre looking to have a great and longer ice-retention, you should avoid using the small ice-cubes you usually get at normal stores and gas stations. Its is recommended to use big ice cubes or ice packs that you can make on your own by simply freezing the water in the big container at your home.

Who Makes The Best Backpack Cooler

Cheap Coolers- Under $100 Best Budget Cooler For Ice Retention

There are oodles of backpack coolers out there now. Based on our testing, the products listed in our guide are all well-made options. Each design prioritizes its own unique features. For instance, some are completely streamlined with zero pockets while others are loaded with spots for dry cargo.

The best backpack cooler is the one that fits your intended use and needs including the trip length, cargo quantity, and price.

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Best Value: Coleman 24

It’s hard to go wrong with this traditional cooler at this price and when you look at the temperature graph. In fact, the Coleman Party Stacker ice chest finished with the third coldest temperature in its size category. It doesn’t hold that temp as long as the other coolers, but if you’re planning to load up, get busy and be done within a 12-hour window, you shouldn’t have any problems with the Coleman cooler.

The other unique feature about this line of Colemans is that they have several sizes and shapes of Stacker coolers, and they’re all designed to be, well, stackable and interlocking. Whether you’re looking for a fishing cooler or a beach cooler, mix and match, stack and go.

What Is A Rotomolded Cooler

Rotomolding is a technique for molding plastic using rotation-molding this technique is used for loads of products, including, in our outdoor-focused world, kayaks, as well as many hard-sided ice coolers including YETI and RTIC models and the great thing about this technique is that there are no seams great when your product needs to hold and retain ice, which becomes water.

Another advantage of roto-molded coolers is that many of them are designed and built to be bear-resistant, which is important in certain parts of the world where bears may be present.

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Tourit Cooler Tote Bag

An alternative to a $150+ priced cooling tote, the TOURIT Cooler Totebag comes in at only $69.99. Features a high-quality insulation with 3 unique layers, this thing keeps drinks ice cold all day. The outer layer has a water-proof surface for no sweating, middle layer is high density foam and the interior is fully lined with leak-proof material. Big enough to hold 15 cans with ice-packs inside. No need for ice but you can add some ice packs, drop a few cold ones, and head out to the lake.

Reviews For The Coleman Xtreme

Best Backpack Coolers Under $100 in 2020

The Coleman Xtreme earned these ratings: , Outdoor Gear Lab , Wirecutter , SOutdoors , Shedheads , MoneyCrashers , Walmart , REI , Outdoor Gear Lab , Cooler Zone , Cnet , Cabelas .

The Coleman Xtreme Day 5 works well for keeping items cold on shorter day trips.

  • reviewers were okay with the price but had a few nitpicks, such as the hinges arent super securely attached. But nearly every review mentioned that this was a great day-trip coolernot too much, not too little, but just the right combination of lightweight, ice retention, but most of all, good price!

  • Shedheads says, The Xtreme 5 is the best cooler for those shopping for performance on a tight budget. While the ice might not last quite as long as a Yeti, nothing beats their performance tests at this price point.

  • Wirecutter praised the ice-keeping insulation, the price point, and the well-designed drain to keep things clean and cheap.

  • Outdoor Gear Lab reminds us that a solid cooler doesnt have to break your budget. While it wasnt their favorite cooler that they tested, it did its job with a fraction of the weight, cost, and finagling. Plus, it had a boatload of room for snacks.

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Reviews For The Yeti Tundra

The Yeti Tundra earned these ratings: REI , Cnet , Outdoor Gear Lab , Gearhungry , Gear Patrol , SOutdoors , Good Housekeeping , Strategist , Popular Mechanics , MoneyCrashers , Coolerzone , Open Air Life , REI Co-op Journal . See our .

  • REIs Co-op Journal gear reviewer had his doubts, but the Yeti Tundra dispelled them quickly. He called out its crazy durab, bear resistance, and its ice retention, but also noted the flawsthe nearly over-engineered design seemed a bit much for a cooler, especially when it sacrificed the amount of room allotted inside. That being said, the reviewer called the Yeti Tundras durability and refrigeration second to none.

Ice Retention: 10-16 days

Bear Resistant: IGBC certified when locked

If you want a solid cooler without giving in to the four-letter cult, we present to you your new excuse to go camping the Otterbox Venture cooler series. Designed in Colorado and produced in Detroit, this USA-made cooler utilizes the same protective casing and injection-molded insulation that Otterbox uses for their phone cases and dry boxes, which means your food and drinks will be super-secure and cold.

Otterboxes, while at the same price point as Yeti Tundra, come with a couple of sweet features that set them apart. First off, the Otterbox Venture 45 holds just under 45 quarts, while the Yeti Tundra 45 holds just over 31 quarts. In this case, bigger is certainly better.

The drain plug on the Otterbox Venture. Luke Winkler.

Coleman Xtreme Cooler With Wheels

  • Rate this gear:
  • 20

The Coleman Xtreme Cooler with Wheels is another excellent camping cooler option. This cooler has a large temperature retention rating and is extra large.

Most notably, this Coleman cooler model can keep ice cold for up to 5-days in temperatures of 90 degrees or below. The extreme technology allows for the lid and walls to have some of the longest ice retention rates.

Additionally, this cooler is huge and can hold up to 95 cans, making it the largest cooler on this list.

Better yet, it is made with low C02 insulation, meaning that the foam manufacturing uses reduced carbon emissions and is better for the environment.


5-day ice retention in temperatures of up to 90 degrees

Leak-resistant drain

Not as attractive as other options

Only 1 color option

Final Verdict

The Coleman Xtreme Cooler with Wheels is a great camping cooler option if you need a large cooler to hold a lot of food and drinks. This cooler has good ice retention and is better for the environment than other options. The main downside of this cooler is that it only comes with only 1 color option and is not very attractive.

  • 10

If you want a camping cooler with all the bells and whistles, you will like the Pelican Elite Cooler. This camping cooler keeps ice cold while being easy to transport and functional to use.

The Pelican Elite Cooler is made from 2-inches of polyurethane insulation and a 360-degree freezer-grade gasket that keeps the cooler cold and fresh inside.



  • 10


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Why Should I Buy A

You can tell if you need or want a coolers for camping under $100 by looking at your existing inventory. You probably dont need it and should reconsider buying it. If you cant get go of the old one, you could sell it and use the proceeds to buy the new one.This is a fun and easy approach to finish your task.

Final Thoughts

Lets face it, we all want to feel good about our purchases. But there are so many! How can you know which is best? You need not be concerned because Aids Quilt has your back. Our trained staff is here to help you find what works for you. Before making a final decision, you can take advantage of our free consultations. Let us show you how easy shopping for home audio equipment can be when you have an expert on your side!

How To Keep Your Cooler Extra Cold In 5 Days Camping Trip

Top 5 Best Camping Coolers for BBQs Reviews 2022

by Ashley

I hate to buy additional bags of ice for my coolers during camping trips. Everybody hates that, its annoying.

So, I found my way to How to keep my cooler cold when camping at least 5 days and succeed somehow.

Here are the tricks on how to keep food cold while camping. Save money, save time and theyre not rocket science!

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Cabelas Polar Cap Cooler

Cabelas offers a high-end cooler with many of the same features as more expensive brands. Although their Polar Cap Cooler is not the least expensive cooler on the list, it does cost around 15% less than other similar coolers and is another sound Yeti cooler alternative. The exterior of the cooler is durable enough to qualify as certified bear resistant and the interior is dry ice compatible. If you do opt to use regular ice, draining the cooler is made easy with a drain cap that comes off entirely.

Find the latest price on:

The Best Backpack Coolers Of 2022

Whether youre car camping, biking to a nearby park, fishing, hiking, or whitewater rafting, weve narrowed down the best backpack coolers for outdoor adventures.

Backpack coolers keep getting cooler. A swell of brands is developing these super-transportable, insulated packs with high-end construction, style, and a range of distinct features.

If youve never considered one, carrying a backpack cooler is a convenient choice for hands-free, single-person transport of tasty refreshments. That could mean tailgating after a run club meet-up, heading to a local softball game with your leashed dog, or riding a cruiser to a park BBQ. Theyre helpful when you have your hands full with kiddos or other gear and can help commuters by bike, bus, or train swoop their groceries for the week.

Some backpack coolers are also great for day hikes and picnics at faraway alpine lakes. Others can be strapped down to a motorcycle, SUP, or raft for multiday and whitewater adventures.

With surprising complexity, backpack coolers offer a range of capacity, ice retention, and special characteristics to help make your outdoor experience more comfortable and better fueled.

For more information about backpack coolers and how we tested them, check out our buyers guide and FAQat the end of this article. Otherwise, scroll through to see all of our recommended buys or jump to the category youre looking for:

Best Overall: Icemule Boss


Runner-Up: OtterBox Trooper LT 30 Cooler

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Why Do I Need An Expensive Cooler Instead Of A Cheap Walmart Ice Chest

It all comes down to personal preference, but expensive coolers are generally made with higher quality materials, are more durable, and have better ice retention. While a styrofoam or plastic ice cooler can keep your food cool for a few hours, a hard-sided cooler is a better choice for a full day or more long trips or situations where you’ll be transporting meat, dairy, or other items that require refrigeration. Heres a great video to explain the difference between a $50 cooler and a $400 cooler.

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