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Rv Camping Memberships For Sale

Thousand Trails Zone Pass

Thousand Trails RESALE MEMBERSHIPS // Full Time RV Living // Big Rig RV

Maybe. If you typically go to a Thousand Trails park or there is one that you would like to go to this membership might be worth it for you.

At an annual cost of $450 , it would only take 8 or 9 nights to make this campground membership worth it.

This membership would not be worth it if you dont have a Thousand Trails campground you want to stay nearby.

It would also restrict you from staying at the campgrounds other than Thousand Trails until you get your monies worth at 9 nightly stays.

They also only have campgrounds in select states and only a few of those states have enough to make it worthwhile to switch between them.

This means it might be more worthwhile if you camp in California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Texas, or Florida.

Top Savings Clubs For Rvers Fifth Wheels And Trailers

This article about RV clubs is brought to you by GCI Outdoor. Their awesome camping chairs will add style and comfort to whatever RV Park you land at next!

Theres a wide variety of RV clubs & memberships out there to choose from. Nearly all of which can be joined for a pretty reasonable annual fee. But these clubs are not all created equal. Meeting like-minded people and discovering new destinations is just the tip of the iceberg. So, which memberships go beyond that, to provide the most tangible benefits? What kinds of discounts can be had? How many eligible campgrounds and RV parks does each club offer?

The answers to these questions, as well as thinking about how you like to travel, will help determine which membership clubs are the best fit for your RVing lifestyle.

In addition to these 5 clubs, make sure to download The Dyrt PRO to download maps, campgrounds and photos for offline use.

But Wait Josh Why Didnt You Mention Xyz Rv Membership

If you know your stuff youre probably thinking to yourself: Josh, there are far more RV memberships than these 3!!!

And youd be right, but remember, I said that this is the battle-tested blueprint of the only 3 that most anyone ever needs.

Here are a few examples of the RV memberships I have no use for and why:

  • Good Sams Coast to Coast RV Program First off, this is part of the Camping World family of companies. You need only read a few reviews of Camping World to figure out that you should steer clear of anything they do.Camping World is basically becoming a big, faceless corporation and their customer reviews show it.Ive always stayed away from the Coast to Coast RV Membership for a lot of reasons. Chief among them is the fact that starting costs for this RV membership are over $5k! And thats on top of the hundreds of dollars in annual fees youll pay.Thousand Trails has some optional higher-cost memberships as well, but at $70/month total their Camping Pass is a bargain compared to Coast-to-Coast.
  • Most of the other RV membership programs out there , Adventure Outdoor Resorts , etc.) may have good quality and a large network, but their entry fees are astronomical in my book.

In short, none of the RV memberships above offer you the kind of value and access as does my trifecta.

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What Is Coast To Coast Resorts

Coast to Coast Resorts is an RV membership program that allows RV owners to travel to beautiful RV campgrounds around the United States. Its simple to join and have access to the Coast to Coast Resorts network. You can become a member of an affiliate property of and then use your membership elsewhere within their network. Whats more, many affiliate resorts of Coast to Coast must meet certain safety and amenities standards. This includes swimming pools, clubhouses, gated security entrances, and a wide range of activities that must be available.

Furthermore, Coast to Coasts primary goal is to allow families to travel more while spending less. For just $10 per night at their affiliate resorts, this RV camping membership program is a leader in bringing outdoor adventurists to the best membership camping resorts in the country.

A Review Of All 5 Rv Memberships Clubs

Elk Country RV Resort &  Campground

Our review of the 5 best RV membership clubs is in no specific order. They are all terrific clubs to join but not all of these RV clubs are for everyone. As we review all 5 of them we will recommend which ones you should join based on which type of RVer you are.

All of these membership clubs offer more than just campground discounts. So choosing a membership really depends on what your needs are as an RVer.

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Best Rv Memberships To Join

RV travel costs can quickly add up, and a great place to save money is with RV memberships and campground clubs.

To save you time we have compiled a list of what we consider to be the best RV memberships available. Its not a complete list, just the ones that we consider to be the most helpful.

We dont necessarily recommend signing up for all the memberships below, however most RV owners typically find that its best to sign up for at least 3-5 RV clubs in order to get the best savings. This also offers more flexibility and chances to use an RV discount club.

Lets dive into the best memberships.

Colorado River Adventure Elite Silver Membership$125000 Plus Transfer/doc Fees

Must sell our CRA Elite Silver Membership because we are moving out of the area. You will have access to multiple parks in CA, AZ and some on along the Colorado River and Mexico! Check out the facilities on their website at Colorado River Adventures.

Asking Price $1250.00 plus Transfer/Doc Fees. Annual dues are $449.00

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What Does Coast To Coast Membership Include

Coast to Coast Classic* benefits include:

  • Access to members-only rates at hundreds of Private CampResorts throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico
  • RV Camping at members-only rates at hundreds of Good Neighbor Parks/Best Parks in America in the Coast to Coast network
  • Rental accommodations at select CampResorts
  • Coast to Coast annual Resort Directory an RVers favorite
  • Access to 24/7 reservations online and with TripFone and Monday through Saturday through the Coast Contact Center
  • Online Trip Routing
  • Access to Classic Travel Services including airfare and car rental
  • Trip Plus
  • Coast to Coast Magazine and Buyers Guide
  • Access to the exclusive online Coast Community-Coasts virtual campfire
  • Additional money-saving discounts such as Coast to Coast Platinum Visa, Emergency Road Service Option, Continued Service Plan, RV Financing, Health Insurance, and Protection Coast to Coast Free Insurance Quote

*Coast to Coast Deluxe Membership includes these plus additional benefits and privileges.


Colorado River Adventures Charter Platinumasking Price: $5000

Campground memberships we use to live full time in a RV on a budget

Selling our CRA membership because cant use it anymore. 9 parks total for your use along the Colorado river and Mexico. Check out the facilities on their website at Colorado River Adventures. You cannot have toured any of their facilities in the previous two years. Great deal for you to enjoy great camping opportunities.


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National Park Service Senior Pass

This is not exactly a campground membership, but it is such a great discount on camping, we had to include it.

If you are a senior citizen , you can benefit greatly from the National Park Service Senior Pass.

100% of the proceeds go towards improving and enhancing visitor recreation areas.

The National Park Senior Pass is a ‘senior’ version of the America the Beautiful Pass .

It has additional benefits including camping discounts at many Federal campgrounds.

Outdoor Adventures Ultimate Bronze Membership$5000 Obo + Transfer Fees

Outdoor Adventures Ultimate Bronze Membership includes access to all Outdoor Adventures, Venture Out, and affiliate campgrounds. You can also make this your home resort in the Camp Coast-to-Coast program, which allows you to camp at participating resorts across the country. No restrictions on camping at other resorts within a certain radius. Membership can be sold, willed, or canceled. Annual dues are fixed permanently at ~$500. Transfers happen at Outdoor Adventures home office in Bay City. We have divorced and need to divide our assets. Account is currently inactive. We will pay to reactivate the account for transfer. New memberships of this kind cost upwards of $14,000. This is a really great deal for people who like to camp.

Contact: 517-706-7220


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Buy & Sell Coast To Coast Resorts Memberships

Since 1972, Coast to Coast Resorts has been the industry leader in bringing RV enthusiasts access to some of the finest members-only CampResorts in the country. In fact, Coasts primary focus is to make it possible for people who purchase memberships at private CampResorts to maximize their destination and vacation choices. To fulfill this mission, Coast to Coast has created an internationally recognized network of hundreds of affiliated private CampResorts, enhanced with hundreds of Good Neighbor Parks/Best Parks in America,TM forming a network of beautiful properties where nearly any vacation experience can be found.As part of the Affinity Group, Inc. family of companies, Coast to Coast Resorts is in good company.

How To Filter By Camping Membership On Campendium

Campground Memberships For Sale In California

Have a camping membership? Campendium makes it easy to filter on campgrounds that accept whichever membership card you have tucked into your wallet.

Begin by searching for the destination youre traveling to. Once you have a list of area campgrounds and campsites, tap More Filters and then scroll to Discount Clubs. Then, can click on one or more membership clubs to filter your results.

Remember that depending on which membership you have, campgrounds may have rules and regulations about when they offer discounts. If you have any doubts, call ahead to be sure youre covered.

This article has links to products that were carefully selected by our editors. We may earn commission on your purchases from these links.

About the Author: Alex Murphy is a lifelong outdoor enthusiast with a journalism background. Hes a fan of getting outside for hiking, climbing and kayaking and bringing others along for the adventure. He currently lives in Austin, TX.

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The Campground Connection

Coast To Coast Home Resorts

To become a member with Coast to Coast, you must first become a member of one of their affiliate resorts. These are ranked in tiers by Coast Classic,Coast Deluxe, and Coast Premiere. There are hundreds to choose from if you are considering becoming a member. Some of the top Coast to Coast resorts include:

Once youve chosen a Home resort, youll have the option to stay at other properties and campgrounds within the network using Trip Points or special discounted rates. From California to Florida, the options are practically limitless.

Furthermore, the Coast Good Neighbor Parks add more value to your vacation experiences. Good Neighbor Parks resorts are open to the public rather than members only. They operate on a different set of guidelines but welcome Coast to Coast members with special rates.

Coast to Coast membership also offers week-long condo getaways, cruises, airfare, shopping and dining discounts, and more.

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Heartland Woods Family Resort

$1,500 Lifetime membership Heartland Woods Family Resort 5120 Freiermuth Rd, Stockbridge MI is a country park 10 minutes from downtown Stockbridge M106/M52 junction, 30 minutes from I94 & I127, Chelsea, Jackson & Lansing. Coast to Coast and RPI affiliate. Park will do background check seller pays transfer fees. 230 sites, pet friendly, laundry room, pump-outs, free WIFI, recreation hall, 2 outdoor pools, shuffleboard, adult lounge, horseshoes, stocked fishing pond, lots of trees, hiking trail, basketball, picnic tables, fire rings, propane, playground, mini golf, 4th of July fireworks, outdoor lawn theater, arcade room, volleyball tournaments, live entertainment & childrens activities most weekends, small store/gift shop, quad-runners allowed on trails only. Seasonal sites & storage available. Nearby: tourist attractions, boating, shopping, fishing & golf.

Contact: 313 409 3465


**for This Price We Will Pay Your Annual Dues Until October Of 2026

Thousand Trails Membership For Sale – Cheap – SOLD

Membership includes the following resorts in Michigan & Ohio Grand Haven, Kalamazoo, Mount Pleasant, Lakeshore , Saginaw Bay , Rifle River , Wilderness , Lake of the North , and Arrowhead . Resort details at

Camp 14 nights at a time at any of these resorts. After 7 days off you can camp another 14 nights, and so on throughout the year. Membership also includes unlimited day use for all the facilities such as swimming pools, putt-putt, game rooms, playground, holiday events and more.

There are also options for discounted cabin rentals and for RV storage. We can meet with you and an Outdoor Adventures representative to explain the benefits and help coordinate the transfer.

Contact: Call, text or email Scott, 616-915-1675,


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Outdoor Adventures 3 Generation Pioneer Deluxe Membershipasking Price: $3500

This is a great opportunity as new memberships are $10,000 $12,000!!! Asking $3500 + transfer fees as we have recently purchased a permanent unit and will no longer be using the membership. The membership can be transferred twice, so buyer will have the ability to sell in the future if they desire.

Visit Outdoor Adventure Inc for more information about the resorts.

Contact: Call 989-392-8592 or email


Optional Golf Course & Country Club Locations

Harvest Hosts acquired the RV Golf Club around the end of 2018.

RV Golf Club previously offered a service very similar to Harvest Hosts, but with stays at Golf Courses and Country Clubs.

The RV Golf Club was a natural fit to become part of the Harvest Hosts family due to their similarities.

Once you complete the regular Harvest Hosts signup process , you will be offered the opportunity to add access to the golf course and country club locations for an additional $40 per year.

Harvest Hosts currently has over 300 golf course and country club locations in its database.

If you are at all interested in staying at these types of locations, the $40 annual upgrade is well worth the cost.

Pros and Cons of Harvest Hosts:

  • Unique camping experience

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Advanced Resorts Of Americaasking Price: $800000

Your Advance Resorts of America membership Home Resort is in LaConner WA, Resort park the gateway to the San Juan Islands. The site is reserved for 21 days as available. To extend your traveling with reservations throughout the states. Joining Resorts Parks International membership opens doors to limitless vacation experiences throughout the U.S. Just a few benefits. FV sites 21 days, resorts have RV sites, park model rentals, and a variety of support & recreation facilities.If you intend to travel having a membership with Advanced Resorts of American and Resorts Parks International is the right choice.

Camping Membership That Can Save You Money On Your Next Trip


Alex Murphy

You may subscribe to Netflix, get weekly meal deliveries from Blue Apron, or pay a monthly fee for a box of toys for your dog, but what about camping? More and more camping memberships are popping up, each offering different advantages and geared toward a different type of camper. While some may cost less than $30, others can cost close to a grand when all is said and done.

Are you curious about which one will work for you? Heres a look at some of the more popular memberships used by Campendium users.

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Colorado River Adventure Membership$8000

Selling our Platinum Plus membership for CRA. This membership retails from the business for $13,000. It includes 2 weeks in a cottage at any of their 10 properties that include Emerald Cove, Earp, CA KQ Ranch Resort, Julian, CA Ghost Mountain Ranch Resort, Pollock Pines, CA Sunrise Adventures Ridgeview Resorts, Bullhead City, AZ Pismo Beach Resort, Oceano, CA Cherry Valley Lakes Resort, Beaumont, CA Havasu Springs Resort, Parker Dam, AZ Lake Havasu Resort, Lake Havasu City, AZ Yuma Lakes Resort, Yuma, AZ El Golfo Beach Resort, El Golfo de Santa Clara, MX.

This membership includes use of cottages, property amenities, and all hook ups for RVs/Trailers. You can call up to 90 days prior to reservation and can rent extra trailers for friends and family. This price includes the transfer fees to CRA. Please contact for inquiries.

K/m Resorts Of America Membership Resale $6500

Exclusive use of K& M Resorts of America.Home base is in Sequim, WA, with exclusive use of the 8 resorts in WA state: Beechwood Resort Travel Inn Ponderosa Falls

This type of membership typically sells for $9,000. Annual dues are $490. Seller to pay transfer fee of $250. We moved to Arizona, and this is no longer needed, but have enjoyed it for over a decade. Full Hook-Ups at every one of their resorts. If you camp 7+ days a year, it will cover the annual dues compared to nightly camping fees. 14 days on 7 days off access, unlimited number of times.

Please call Bob at 360-410-9145.


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