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Sam’s Club Camping Membership

How To Filter By Camping Membership On Campendium

Camping world good Sam membership Pays for itself, especially on Tuesday and Wednesday with propane

Have a camping membership? Campendium makes it easy to filter on campgrounds that accept whichever membership card you have tucked into your wallet.

Begin by searching for the destination youre traveling to. Once you have a list of area campgrounds and campsites, tap More Filters and then scroll to Discount Clubs. Then, can click on one or more membership clubs to filter your results.

Remember that depending on which membership you have, campgrounds may have rules and regulations about when they offer discounts. If you have any doubts, call ahead to be sure youre covered.

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About the Author: Alex Murphy is a lifelong outdoor enthusiast with a journalism background. Hes a fan of getting outside for hiking, climbing and kayaking and bringing others along for the adventure. He currently lives in Austin, TX.

Camping Membership That Can Save You Money On Your Next Trip

Alex Murphy

You may subscribe to Netflix, get weekly meal deliveries from Blue Apron, or pay a monthly fee for a box of toys for your dog, but what about camping? More and more camping memberships are popping up, each offering different advantages and geared toward a different type of camper. While some may cost less than $30, others can cost close to a grand when all is said and done.

Are you curious about which one will work for you? Heres a look at some of the more popular memberships used by Campendium users.

How Does It Work

When you sign up for a Good Sam Club Membership, you get a variety of benefits including:

  • Camping discounts If you camp at one of the 2,000+ Good Sam campgrounds, youll receive a discount on your reservation. At the least, youll receive a 10% discount at any partner campgrounds. While it may not sound like much, if you travel for extended periods, the savings can add up.
  • Retail discounts Camping may seem cheaper than traveling in a hotel, but when you add up the cost of necessary supplies, it adds up quickly. A Good Sam Club Membership includes discounts to some of the most popular camping stores including Camping World, Gander, and Overtons. Youll earn things like free shipping, propane discounts, installation and service discounts, member-only specials and extended return and warranty periods.
  • Good Sam Trip Planner Whether youre a new traveler or experienced, sometimes having someone help you plan your trip is best. The Good Sam Trip Planner helps you get details about your path, what points of interest are along the way, and even which areas to avoid.

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Good Sam Membership Do You Need One

If you frequently travel via RV, a Good Sam Membership can be a great way to save money. Even the basic membership will get you discounts on the items and services youll use most often and can be worth its weight in gold.

If you travel often and worry about the cost of repairs, medical emergencies, or having the support you and your family need while in unfamiliar territory, a Good Sam Membership can provide you with the peace of mind you need.

Kim Pinnelli

Kim Pinnelli is a personal finance freelance writer and contributor. She lives in the Chicago suburbs, writing from home for the last 13 years. Kim enjoys helping people understand personal finances and writes on topics about saving money, investing, planning for retirement, and ways to increase income. In her free time, Kim enjoys hanging out with her 3 children, reading, crocheting, and spending time outdoors.

Is The Club Worth Joining

Good Sam RV Club  RV camping discounts and memberships ...

More than 1.5 million RVers in North America have joined the Good Sam Club and the community its built since the 1960s. Whether youre looking for local RVers who share your sense of adventure or want to take advantage of the discounts that come with the membership, the Good Sam Club is worth joining as an RVer. With a small membership cost each year, even if you only ever use it for gas purchases, you can make up the membership cost in one RV trip.

Joining RV organizations and communities is a fantastic way to meet new friends, learn more about RVing and discover unfamiliar places to travel. Whether its the Good Sam Club or some other organization, you never know what youll find when joining an RVing community. Check out other RV clubs out there and see which ones save you the most money based on your destinations and how often you travel.

Want to join the Good Sam Club today? Visit the Good Sam Club website now!

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Passport America Vs Good Sam Comparison

Lets compare each of these on different parameters. This will give you some idea and based on what you feel is important, you can decide for yourself.

For some, long term cost saving is important and others will look for quick discounts as they wont be camping year long.

Yearly membership cost

In terms of annual membership cost, Good Sam is relatively cheaper, going at $29 per year. This is as compared to Passport America that costs $44 per year.

However, this does not mean that Good Sam is cheaper in the long run than Passport America, displayed by their significant difference in terms of discounts offered.

Passport Americas 2 year pricing is at $79 and $109 for 3 years, which is at 10% and 17% discount respectively. It also offers lifetime membership at $349 and with this you dont have to pay annually for renewals. This offer gives you all the gold member benefits.

Passport America


When it comes to saving, passport America is the better financial bet. Passport America provides a 50% discount, with participant campgrounds nearing that of Good Sam.

If you carefully plan, you can save enough dollars even on short trips to stand for your annual membership fees and still be ahead of your camping expenses.

With passport America if you take long vacations, you can save hundreds of dollars per trip. On the other hand, Good Sam only provides a 10 percent discount which is nothing compared to Passport Americas 50% discount.

Number of participating campgrounds

Good Sams Club Platinum Complete Rv Roadside Assistance

The Platinum Complete Plan covers everything in the Platinum Plan and more. Its the ultimate form of RV assistance.

You get coverage for all of your vehicles plus:

  • Tire and Wheel Road Hazard: Technicians will replace or repair tire damages due to punctures, bruising, or impacts. Wheel repair and replacement are covered for up to $750 per incident .
  • Emergency Travel & Medical Assistance Services: This is a highly unique insurance benefit, available only to Good Sam club Platinum
  • Complete members. If you get sick or injured while on the road, Good Sam will help reduce up to $25,000 of the financial burden for:
  • Emergency evaluations

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A Digital Card Seems Obvious

Im surprised to see you cant access your membership from the app. Thinking I could add my membership card to the wallet was the whole reason I downloaded this app. I thought I could because the description included it was compatible to Apple wallet in the App Store.. please either upgrade the app or remove the description. Im sure you guys developing the app are millennials- so lets get with it! After a wallet feature the options are limitless!! Create a Sambot!

Sports And Event Venues

Good Sam Memberships – Ultimate RV Show Highlights

, located on the campus of , is a multi-purpose arena with a seating capacity of 7,500 persons. Built in 1963 and renovated in 2004, the arena has hosted college sports such as basketball and volleyball. It also hosted the state championship event in high school basketball from 2001 to 2015, after which it moved to at . The arena has also played host to various traveling rodeos and circuses. In 2006, Diddle Arena hosted the first event to be held in Bowling Green in over ten years.

The city and surrounding area is home to the Warren County Inline Hockey League. It also is home to the Western Kentucky University Hilltoppers team, which competes in the , and has several members in the Bluegrass Hockey League and Central Commonwealth League.

is a new stadium currently in use in Bowling Green. It is primarily used for baseball, for the High-A organization of the . The Hot Rods began play in the spring of 2009 in the , transferring to the for 2010. In 2021 as part of ‘s realignment they began play in the newly formed High-A East. They are a farm team for Major League Baseball’s .

The Bowling Green Hornets of the are based in Bowling Green, although they play their home games in . The Hornets are coached by Russellville native Nathan Thompson.

Bowling Green has six and eight courses.


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Fuel Savings For Your Rv

Fuel is often the most expensive aspect of living or temporarily traveling in an RV. After all, one of the primary factors drawing people to these vehicles is the freedom to explore the world at every whim.

These adventures come with a price tag, which is why so many RV campers choose to limit their driving to reduce the cost of gas. With a Good Sam RV membership, you can give yourself a bit more leeway with your driving expenses.

At participating Pilot Flying J locations, you can save 5 cents on gasoline purchases or 8 cents on diesel purchases. Sure, it may not seem like a lot of money at first, but it adds up quickly, just like all other RV costs.

Specifically, you can save up to $2.40 with every 30 gal fill of diesel, or $1.50 for the same amount based on the most recent national average gas price. Depending on how much you drive, these savings can be enough to get you more food for the road or add up to one or several tanks of gas for the year.

In Conclusion Which Membership Club Is Better

My recommendation would be to sign up for both club memberships. Both can save you money, especially if youre RVing full-time.

But if I had to pick just one based on the amount of savings it offers, it would be Passport America.

Passport America offers a 50% discount and its number of participating campgrounds is nearing that of Good Sam. Plus, as a full-time RVer who is constantly looking for campgrounds on the fly, its important to have a reliable iPhone application that allows us to find an RV park at any given time.

Below are a few screenshots inside the Passport America app.

Passport America definitely seems to care a bit more about the technology side of their business. Theyve been an awesome resource for us to save money while being on the road full-time. Here is a link where you can sign up for one of their yearly memberships . If you need our membership ID, its C-643889.

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Save 5 Cents Per Gallon On Gas And 8 Cents Per Gallon On Diesel At Flying J And Pilot

OK, as a full time RVer I can tell you that gas can really add up. We use this discount all the time. Flying J & Pilot stations are pretty much everywhere so this is another discount that is very easy to use. Here are all of the Pilot and Flying J locations that offer this discount.Apparently there are a few that do not but we have never found one.

Also, because they are truck stops, they tend to be large so you have room to pull in with your RV. A lot of them actually have RV specific gas pumps! As an added bonus, often you can dry camp for the night as well.

How much can you save with the Good Sam Club gas/diesel discount? Of course this will depend on your travel style and RV. Our gas tank is 30 gallons so every time we fill up we save $1.50. So it takes us about 19 fill ups to pay for the membership in savings. If we had a 30 gallon diesel tank we would save $2.40 per fill up and pay for the membership in about 12 fill ups.

% Off Of Over 2400 Campgrounds & Rv Resorts

Good Sam RV Club â RV camping discounts and memberships ...

That is a lot of campgrounds! So, it is easy to find a place to camp where you can use your Good Sam Club discount. Lets look a little closer, if the average nightly rate for a campground is $35 youll save $3.50 every night you stay. At that rate, the membership pays for itself in 9 nights. And that is even if you dont use any of the other discounts!

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Camping Supplies And Hunting Gear At Sams Club

Get ready to have your best-ever camping and hunting season. Sams Club understands that when you make time to enjoy the great outdoors with friends and family, you want to make sure its just right. When you have everything you need for your camping and hunting trips, you can forget having to make extra trips to the store and just focus on making your time off as memorable as possible.

Which Rv Club Should I Join

This will entirely depend on what type of RVer you are. Your best bet is to chart your routes and plan accordingly. Depending on where you are intending to travel the memberships that you hold for the year may change. Most RV owners end up picking about 3-5 memberships and then go from there. Overtime you will figure out what works best for you.

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Best Reasons For Rvers To Try A Good Sam Club Membership

The Good Sam Club is the worlds largest RV owners organization with over 1.7 million members nationwide.

Jim and I have used our Good Sam Club membership several times.

Most notably, weve used it at lots of different RV campgrounds to save on camping costs and at lots of different Camping World stores to save on RV parts and accessories.

Those discounts alone have more than paid for our membership.

I thought Id take a few minutes to share some of the reasons why we think membership in the Good Sam Club is a good thing especially for new RVers who are planning some of their very first RV trips.

Is Good Sam Club Rv Membership Worth It

New grill for the camper Sam’s Club

Good Sam Club is one of the most popular RVing memberships in the US today. And Good Sam members have access to a variety of services and discounts, but is it really worth it?

After being full-time RVers for fiver years, we must admit weve been a member of Good Sam Club for almost all of that time.

However, the return on investment have made us think twice about renewing the service.

Lets dive into the reasons why.

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Koa Vs Good Sam Camping: Which Is Best For You

When you love camping, you dream of packing up your gear in your car or RV and hitting the road to find your perfect outdoor oasis. Having a camping membership or discount card gives you peace of mind knowing that you will always find your ideal RV park or campground where you can kick up your feet.

So which RV campground membership or loyalty program is best? There are quite a few options to choose from, but two of the most popular camping memberships and rewards programs out there are the KOA Rewards program from KOA and the Good Sam Camping Membership Club. If youre not sure yet about investing in a camping discount card or membership just yet, KOA may be the way to go as KOA does not require a membership to stay! This is not true of all Good Sam Parks

Our Thoughts On Rv Memberships

If youre on the road quite a bit or at least travel a few months out of the year these memberships can save you a lot of money. It will probably benefit you the most to have at least a few if not all of these memberships since each one can be used at different times and will provide you the greatest flexibility to choose between the best deals.

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The Good Sam Club Review

If you purchase a Good Sam Club membership, you will receive a multitude of benefits.

These benefits range from fuel discounts, to free dump station uses, to 10% off participating campgrounds, and more.

You also sometimes get discounts on other purchases and services that they offer.

A Good Sam membership is a pretty good deal if you utilize their participating dumps, gas stations, and campgrounds regularly.

I started off with a 2-year membership with Good Sam.

Can’t say if it paid for itself, since I only mostly used it for gas discounts and an occasional Camping World purchase.

I have not renewed. I just don’t use the benefits enough to make it worth it.

But that’s just me. If you make a lot of purchases, and want to utilize some of the other MANY Good Sam club benefits, it can very much be worth becoming a member.

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