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Best Power Pack For Camping

Best Portable Battery Packs For Camping

Portable Power Pack For Camping (12V BEGINNERS SETUP)
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Are you ready for camping? Have you prepared a backpack with the essential camping gear for your next camping adventure? Your smartphone, cameras, electric cooler, mini-fridge, and even handheld GPS devices can all be extremely useful devices for your backpack but youll keep those devices charged and functional when you are at the campsite. Invest in the best portable battery packs for camping so that your adventure is free and reliable.

Weve rounded up a list of the 15 best portable battery packs for camping.

Discovering a battery pack that fulfills your camping necessities, on the other hand, can be difficult. While shopping, Below we recommended more than a dozen of Best Portable Battery Packs for Camping and at the end, well discuss how to choose the best battery pack.

Get a clear idea of these 15 recommendations before your purchase then you can choose the best option for your next camping trip. Lets jump right into it.

What Is A Solar Generator

Its a large battery pack but has safe charging and circuit protection which means they can have outputs to plug items in to them, so you can charge many different things wherever you want. In the coffee shop, on a camping trip, during a full day out, at an event without a power supply, going for a longer journey on your electric bicycle? Charge that too mid ride, so many options! What makes it different to just a power bank with USB charge is the solar input, you can charge them from solar setups you already own or via a mains plug or even on the road whilst in your car using a 12v cigarette lighter.

Below you will see many different examples on how and where you can use them, none though are waterproof, so if you want to use on your next adventure outdoors, make sure to create a safe environment for your solar generator. We would recommend a plastic container with clips which you can put your battery and electrical items inside of when charging. Just remember to make sure there is a decent flow of air as these power packs can warm up.

Jackery Explorer 300 Portable Portable Power Supply Solar Generator

  • Output Wattage: 300 watts

Jackery has a pretty stellar reputation in the portable power supply world and I know several van lifers that swear by their Jackery setup.

The Explorer 300 is very similar to the Yeti 200X, but it has a slightly higher output wattage.

When Jackery Explorer 300 is fully charged it provide up to 20 to 25 cell phone charges, and 2 laptop charges before it needs to be plugged in. You can even run a mini-fridge for 4 hours or more.

It has a total of six ports for you to use: two 110-volt AC ports, one 60-watt PD USB-C port, a 12-volt cigarette lighter port, one USB-A port, and one quick-charge 3.0 port.

In terms of recharging the Explorer 300, you can use a wall outlet, car charger, or solar panel.

The fastest way to recharge is by plugging into a wall outlet and USB-C PD port at the same time.

But it will still recharge in about four hours if plugged into your carport.

While it is slightly heavier than the Yeti 200X, the two-pound difference really isnt enough to significantly impact the portability of this model.

Plus, it gives you that slightly higher wattage you might need to power some small electronics.

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Recharging The Recharging Device

The easiest and fastest way to recharge power banks is by the same means you would with a smartphone or a laptop. However, away from mains power, options are limited.

Small, portable solar panels are a solution. Five and 10-watt solar panels are small enough to take with you on a hike, and many of them can be strapped to your pack so they charge devices while you walk.

BioLite and Goal Zero produce some of the best lightweight and robust solar chargers around. For example, their 10-watt solar chargers weigh about half a kilogram and can charge power banks or devices directly via a cable.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Power Bank For Camping

Five Best Camping Emergency Backup Power Packs

Battery Size

The battery size youll need for your camping trip depends on the number and type of devices youll need to charge, how long you plan to be out for, and whether you have a way to recharge your power bank .

Outlet Options

If youre just looking to charge a phone, then a USB-A outlet along with a matching cable is all youll need to get going. Not all power banks feature AC outlets, so if you need one for an air pump or laptop, stick with the best overall or best features picks.


Before purchasing a power bank, first take a look at what youre hoping to charge during your camping trip. If youre just looking to power a phone, youll need significantly less voltage, and are likely to go through fewer milliamp hours , than if you are looking to power a laptop, CPAP machine, or electric cooler.


The power banks I tested in this roundup were chosen for their portability, as most car campers have limited space in which to store electronics in their vehicles. Since most campers power needs are relatively limited compared to what they go through at home, I recommend starting with a smaller power bank at first and then sizing up as you get a better understanding of your needs.

  • Warranty: 18 months

Why It Made the Cut

During my testing trip, the Anker 511 was the power station I reached for again and again to power my devices.



  • Display was less intuitive to use than the Scosche PowerUp 32K

Product Description

Laura Lancaster

Product Description

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Things To Consider Before Buying Battery Pack For Backpacking

A battery pack has to be worth enough to power your devices. To that end, you need to look into a few specs. Below is the list of the most important features that you must consider.


All compact battery packs are measured in mAh, i.e. milliamp hours. Its the mAh that will determine how much power your phone or camera will get when you put your device down for a charge.

This is where the manufacturers specification comes in. As a rule of thumb, anything below 10000mAh will give around 3 hours of charge to a standard smartphone. Similarly, a 20000mAh+ battery pack provides 6-10 hours of charge.

Input and Output Charging:

The equation is very simple in this case. The faster the battery packs input and output rates quicker will be your device charged. At one end there is 1A, that is the lowest rate possible. The quick charge facility is on the other end of the spectrum. Generally, manufacturers list out the input and output charging rates right on the product description pages. Though capacity might vary in performance, these tend to be very accurate and precise.

Size of The Unit:

The size of the battery pack is also important. As the capacity and the number of chargers per unit increase, the battery unit gets bulkier. However, the size of the battery pack may not matter much if the camping trip is near the house, or if its a car camping. But it does become an important consideration point if you are into hiking.

Charging Ports:

Weight Factor:

Power Type:

Do You Actually Need A Quick Charge Set

Clearly a Quick Charge set-up is the more expensive route. This begs the question:

Which campers and backpackers would benefit most from a Quick Charge set-up?


Thru-hikers need to recharge their battery pack when in town. A Quick Charge set-up could shorten each stop in town by hours.

Weekend warriors on the other hand wont benefit as much from Quick Charge. A single charge of a battery pack will last most of their trips. They most likely wont be stopping in town during the trip either.

Of course, Quick Charge output can charge your devices much quicker assuming theyre Quick Charge compatible. That would benefit both thru-hikers and weekend warriors alike.

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Review Of Maxoak K2 50000mah Power Bank Battery

This is a bit more detailed review of the Maxoak 50,000mAh behemoth battery bank and external power supply. This isnt a solar generator like the others but is still capable of powering and charging your phones, tablets and laptops with its multi connectors.

In the context of the small power packs, the Maxoak 50,000mAh is behemoth of a battery which can power pretty much anything you chuck at it because its an alternative to the solar generators. You cant charge this from a solar panel, which is a shame, we thought you might be able to but we havent had any luck with our USB Goal Zero Panels and weve read online that other USB solar panels dont charge it either. Either way, we didnt get it for that, we reviewed it for its awesome power and huge battery capacity.

Features & Specs

It can charge all phones and tablets off of USB, digital camera batteries or cameras if they charge by USB. It can also charge the most popular branded laptops, I have a Lenovo G5 and an old Dell and my partner has a Lenovo 13 laptop and an old Samsung and they all have different charging connectors and they all charge from the Maxoak battery. It wont charge them all at the same time but it is good enough for a couple of charges.

Smartphones: 10-18 charges

Outputs: 20V/3A for laptops, 12V/2.5A for cameras and two USB 5V/2.1A and two 5V/1A

Recharge Time: 6 hours from UK wall socket

Laptops That Can Be Charged




  • Product

Can A Power Station Run A Refrigerator

The Best Camping Battery Packs

Possibly, depending on the fridge and the portable power station.

For example, this standard LG refrigerator has an estimated annual energy consumption of 608 kilowatt-hours. That works out to 1.67 kilowatt-hours per day, or 1,670 watt-hours per day.

1,670 watt-hours per day works out to just under 70 watt-hours per hour. If you have a short-term power outage and only need to power your fridge, a 200-watt-hour power station could keep it running for nearly three hours. You’d need a power station with higher estimated watt-hours to run your fridge for longer. A mini fridge would last much longer than a larger model.

Always confirm the electrical requirements for your specific fridge and portable power station before trying this, especially your refrigerator’s peak and startup watts.

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Feelle 25000mah Solar Power Bank

  • Equipped with four foldable and upgraded solar panels for fast solar charging
  • Can charge two devices simultaneously
  • Rugged durability to last for many years
  • Has a built-in LED light for emergencies
  • Beautiful modern and sleek design
  • Not completely submersible to water
  • A bit heavy compared to other models

Here is another reliable 25000mAh solar power bank on our list. Suppose you are on a budget and want a durable and efficient solar power bank in case of emergencies. In that case, you can consider buying this power pack from FEELLE. It is complete with unique features and is made with strict quality and safety standards for a top-rated product.

This solar power bank also has four foldable solar panels that traditional power banks dont have. With its upgraded solar panels, it charges more efficiently and relatively faster using the sunlight. While you are outdoors, you can recharge it effectively using solar power. Even better is that you can use this to charge your devices while also charging using solar energy.

This 25000mAh solar power bank can charge two devices simultaneously. You can use it to charge your smartphones, iPad, and tablets using two USB ports. With its high-power capacity and fast charging technology, it can charge your devices for at least five times before running out of power. It is the perfect power pack for extended outdoor trips.

Number Of Power Outlets

You may have a lot of different gadgets to charge while camping, but you need to determine if you need to charge all of those at once. Thats where the number of power outlets come into play.

For creators who use their camping trips to take lots of photos and video, and even do some editing around the campfire, there might be a need to charge a laptop and camera battery at the same time, along with a camping fan.

Additionally, some campers like to bring lots of cooking gear such as blenders, electric stoves, a mini fridge, with them that would require a battery pack with multiple outlets.

Its not just the number of outlets. Its also the type of outlets.

The Suaoki Portable Power Station, for example, includes four AC outlets, which allows you to power those more traditional kitchen camping gadgets and plug in a laptop.

If you camp with a family or large group of friends, all of whom have smartphones, youll want a power pack that features plenty of USB outlets. The Energizer PD 45W is a good option with four USB hubs.

Many air mattresses come with air compressors that are powered via a 12V car outlet. Luckily, many of the more-robust battery packs include this outlet.

Create a list of camping gear you typically use that requires power. Next, determine how that gear is powered. Use that information to pick a battery pack with the appropriate outlets.

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Budget Pick: Jackery Explorer 300

If your main priority is portabilityfollowed closely by plentiful power and port optionstheres no better option than the Jackery Explorer 300. Its light enough for the average person to tote around without breaking a sweat. It has a great capacity and maximum output for the price, and nearly as many input/output ports as our larger picks. And, since its essentially a miniature version of the Explorer 1000, it has the same rugged and streamlined design.

In our testing, the Explorer 300 was able to run our tabletop fan for 6 hours, which is as long as any other lightweight contender. The Anker PowerHouse II 400 had the same run time, the Aukey PowerTitan 300 lasted 5 hours, and the Jackery Explorer 160 lasted 2 hours with the same fan. In our max-output test, the Explorer 300 produced an impressive peak of 384 Wwell over its 300 W output rating, and slightly higher than what we measured from the other lightweight options we considered.

Like its bulkier sibling, the Explorer 300 has a hard-plastic shell, four rubber feet on the bottom, and a sturdy handle on top. At the same time, it weighs just 7 pounds, or about as much as a newborn babyour top and runner-up picks weigh 22 and 18 pounds, respectively, or about as much as a 1-year-oldso its much less strenuous to carry around. Plus, it takes up less space in a car trunk or closet.

Portable Battery Pack Buying Guide

Best Portable Power Packs and Portable Shower Packs For RV Camping

Todays portable battery packs, also referred to as generators or power stations, are packed with features and have wide price ranges.

If youre not sure where to start, use this guide to answer any questions you may have to best determine which battery pack is right for you and your camping adventures.

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Hidver: Solar Power Bank On A Budget

Key features:

  • Compact and handy
  • Comes with a compass

If you are looking for a portable power bank with a lot of capacity, which can charge your devices using solar panels and do not want to spend a lot of cash at the same time. The Hidver power bank is the right choice for you.

It comes with a 20,000 mAh battery which can charge your phone multiple times. You also get a solar charger that comes handy in off-grid locations.

The power bank is waterproof and dustproof and can easily handle heavy rain and splashes. The charger uses a high-density lithium polymer battery which in spite of being 25,000 mAh is very compact and portable.

PROs What we liked

Ef Ecoflow River Pro 720wh Camping Power Station

  • Output Wattage: 720 watts

The first thing that stood out to me about the River Pro is its incredibly fast recharge time.

That is based on being plugged into a wall outlet and it is stated to achieve 80% charge in less than one hour.

This is also a great portable power station if you need to power larger AC appliances like, mini-fridge or a portable heater during off-grid camping.

It is equipped with an X-Boost mode that activates a built-in 600-watt inverter.

In theory, that inverter will allow you to plug devices that require up to 1800 watts into the River Pro without overload issues.

This includes many glamping appliances like an electric kettle, rice cooker, and coffee maker.

That said, the company does recommend conducting a thorough test on a case-by-case basis to make sure the X-Boost mode will sufficiently power your appliances before you arrive at your campsite.

In addition to the ability to power up to 10 devices at once, this rechargeable camping battery can work in parallel with a second River Pro power supply.

So we are stepping up here to a battery with a higher charge capacity for bigger families or longer camping trips.

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Who This Is For

A portable power station is the best option if you need to juice up common personal electronics and small appliances while spending long periods of time away from household AC outlets, or if you want to have backup power ready to go in case of an emergency.

These devices are basically large batteries in protective boxes, with AC outlets and other ports built in. Theyre much bigger, heavier, more powerful, and generally more rugged than our power bank and portable laptop charger recommendations. That gives them more versatility for activities like camping with lots of electronic gear, working in a remote corner of your home, screening a movie in your backyard, or staging a scenic photoshoot.

In an emergency, they offer some major advantages over gas-powered portable generators, despite not being as powerful. Portable power stations are silent and free of emissions, which means you can use them safely inside a house during a blackout. And since theres no motor, you dont have to keep gas handy, or perform the oil changes or other minor maintenance a combustion engine requires. Battery-powered generators are a good alternative for projects requiring heavy-duty power tools, but they tend to be bigger and heavier than the top contenders in this guide.

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