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Camping With 3 Year Old

Large Tree Saucer Swing

3 Year Old’s First Camping Experience (Father And Son Camping)

Tree Saucer Swings are a fun way to encourage sharing and playing together. They are also great for kids who need more security when swinging. Tree swings would be great in a backyard that doesnt necessarily have room for a full swing set.

Find tree swing here: United States | Canada | United Kingdom

Bring The Right Clothes

We all know clothes are important but they are especially important outside. The right clothes can keep your child at the right temperature, help to avoid curious bugs, and provide some protection from scrapes and bruises.

Pack up clothing that suits the weather youre expecting, as well as unexpected weather changes. Thats not to say you need to bring your childs entire wardrobe. Just make sure to have a good coat and a few warmer outfits just in case. Its always better to be prepared, just in case there is sudden rain or the nights get colder than you expect.

Brilliant Camping Activities For Kids Will Take Your Trip To The Next Level

You remember the tent. And the bug spray. And enough snacks to feed a small army. But what about the entertainment? You know, the things that are going to keep your kids busy from sun up to sun down. Planning camping activities for kids often goes overlooked because youre probably focusing on the most important things like food and shelter. And to be honest, keep kids busy while camping isnt much different than keeping them busy at home. Except youre out in nature, which opens the door to new interests. After our first rodeo tent camping with two young kids, these are our best camping activity ideas that you can use on your next trip.

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Genius Hacks For Camping With Kids

It’s sounds so idyllic, right? Traipsing through the wilderness with your little explorers, seeing their precious faces light up with wonder at the size of the redwood trees and delight over the magic of a perfectly roasted marshmallow. It’s true there are few better ways to encourage kids to appreciate the value of turning off the TV and the video games than offering them the chance to immerse themselves in nature on a camping trip. Camping with small children comes with its own set of challenges, though. It’s not all starry-eyed wonder and “thanks so much for planning this trip, Mom!” It can be tiring, dirty, and uncomfortable sometimes. It doesn’t have to be, though!

The following 10 hacks will help keep you sane and your kids happy on your next family camping trip, even if it’s just pitching a tent in the backyard .

  • Glow sticks! Buy a cheap pack of 100 and give every kid at the campsite a couple each night. Not only will you be their hero, but you’ll be able to tell where your kid is in the dark. If you trust them not to break the glow sticks open, let them take them to bed as a personal “lightsaber lantern.” It will be mostly dim by your bedtime, so everyone wins.
  • Shoes over footy pajamas. I hate to break it to you, but your kids are going to wake up early make that reality a little less painful for everyone by dressing them in cozy footy pajamas and packing shoes one size up so you can ease into the morning without doing the full costume change.
  • Pack Everything In Clear Tubs For Easy Camping Organization

    20 Foods You Should Never Feed Kids Under 3 Years Old ...

    Organizing your camping supplies before you head out is the key to staying organized when you arrive at your campsite and the first step to ensuring your experience is enjoyable!

    Organize your camping supplies so that once you get to your camping spot, everything is labeled and easy to find. Just like your house, your campsite is your home away from home and youll need everything to be in an easy spot to identify and grab it when you need it, or for the unexpected.

    Organize bins in the following categories:

    • Kitchen Supplies
    • Clothes & Laundry
    • Music & Entertainment

    When you have labeled bins, this helps everything that gets taken out, be put back in the right bin so no further organization at home has to happen. This is a tremendous time-saver when youre preparing for your trip and can easily store the bins when you get back home.

    Youll also know exactly where your dirty laundry is to wash, kitchen supplies that need cleaned and food that is salvageable when you get back home.

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    So What Did We Learn From Tent Camping With Toddlers

    I mean maybe I was just naive about the trip , but it doesnt exactly put you at ease when people make these comments to you. I was thinking it would be a nice relaxing getaway and then shortly after those comments, the fear set in a little bit and I went into research mode. And that absolutely is not meant to scare anyone out of camping with toddler aged children, because we went and we had a blast! But it also wasnt kick your feet up and relax the whole time status either. There were some tips we learned while camping with our kids that I want to pass on to others in the same boat or in this case, tent. By the way, our kids are 1 and 4 years old if that helps.

    Ideas 17 24 Of Delicious Camping Meals For Family

  • Camping Quesadillas Just like at home, add all of your favorite quesadillas toppings to your tortilla, wrap in tinfoil and lay on the grate right over your campfire. The fire with melt everything together and just like that, dinner is done! One of our favorite ideas for easy camping with kids!
  • Campfire Eclairs Just because youre camping with kids doesnt mean you cant be fancy! Take your campfire desserts to gourmet with these little campfire desserts. They looks so good, its hard to believe they were cooked over a campfire.
  • Blueberry Cobbler If you havent eaten dutch oven cobbler before you are missing out. Get your family a dutch oven and stoke the fire. You wont regret it!
  • Ice Cream in a Bag Ice cream and kids camping?! Yes, please! Let your little kiddos make their own ice cream. Dont forget the gloves! Little hands get cold when mixing the bag.
  • Peanut Butter and Jelly Granola Bars All of the yumminess of a PB& J wrapped up in a granola bar. Make before you go for a quick snack or a tasty treat while out for a family hike.
  • Camping Breakfast Burritos Make these little burritos before heading out for your family camping trip that way youll have more time for other camping activities. Wrap them in tinfoil, toss them in warm coals, and done. Breakfast is on its way!
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    Keep A Safe Distance From The Fire

    You will likely need to use a fire or grill to cook during your camping trip. While its important to take some time to teach your toddler the dos and donts of fire safety, youre likely to accomplish more by making sure the fire is lit a safe distance away from your child. You may want to try setting up a special chair for your toddler that is set back from the fire. You can tell them its the perfect spot to watch the fire, but still keep them far at a safe distance.

    If you bring toys or games for them to play, make sure they have a safe place to engage in activity that isnt right next to the fire.

    Variety Is The Spice Of Camping

    Survival Camping with 3 Yr Old – Building Survival Shelter with Shovel

    The more activities and games you have planned for your toddler the more shes going to ask you when youre going camping again. Dont just limit yourself to our list of fun things to do. Come up with your own ideas.

    Think about what made camping fun for you when you were a child. No matter what you and your family do, remember its all about making memories and have a fun family adventure!

    –If you want more backyard tips including recipes, how-tos and more, make sure you

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    Staying Safe: Avoiding Bumps Bruises Bugs And Owies

    Safety is the most important aspect, always. Its especially important to make sure your little one stays safe when youre camping.Falls, scrapes, bruises, and bites can be more common when youre spending all day outside.

    These tips are to make sure your little one is perfectly safe on every camping trip:

    Packing Ideas For Camping Activities With Kids

    Do you ever get the feeling that youve forgotten something as soon as you head out on the road for a big trip? There are so many things to do while camping, you need to be organized and prepared so you can actually enjoy it! Dont worry, these ideas will help make sure youve got everything you need to make your camping activities and adventures a success!

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    Inno Family Bike Rack

    Right: Photo from The Dyrt camper Joe R.

    Whether your kids are riding balance bikes or have graduated to their first mountain bikes, INNO has a product for transporting your cycles or kids camping gear. The INH640 Aero can accommodate up to four bikes and is so simple to set up that even a child can use it literally!

    Whats Your Camping Set Up

    My 3 year old dressed himself for our hike... #hiking # ...

    This is your first consideration. Will you be using a tent, a camper, borrowing your parents RV? And, have you camped in that situation before?

    Ill tell you a secret here your kids really dont care what sort of luxuries they have while camping. Those extras of electricity, a toilet in the trailer, a bed, an indoor eating table, are all to make you feel more comfortable.

    For your kids, any type of camping will be an adventure! So, go ahead and decide what youre comfortable with and start there.

    However, , youll want to practice first!

    Heres an experienced mom tip: It is rather challenging to change diapers in a small cramped tent that you cant move freely about in while holding a flashlight in your mouth and trying not to wake any of the other sleepers!

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    Ideas 9 16 Of Hacks For Camping With Kids

  • Ouch Pouch Bumps and scraps will happen while camping. Here is everything you need all wrapped up in one cute package.
  • Shoe Organizer Kitchen Organizer Keep the campsite organized and clean with all of the cubbies in an over-the-door shoe organizer! So this is where my shoe buying habit pays off.
  • Glow-in-the-Dark Path Getting up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom can be a scary thing for a little camper . Light the way with this fun DIY glowing path using some glow-in-the-dark spray paint.
  • Foam Floor Tent floors can be cold and the last thing you want is cold kids in the night. A foam floor is a good way to keep the tent warm and clean!
  • DIY Single Antibiotic Packs Individual packs of antibiotic make for light packing and keep everything nice and clean. Plastic straws, who knew?
  • Handwashing Station These are easy to make and will keep your kids hands clean even when youre away from running water.
  • Pack a mini first-aid kit These little kits are so small each child could have their own. Build it in an old prescription bottle or Altoids tin.
  • Trail marking tape If you go out for hiking as a family its possible to get separated and lost from the rest of the group. Especially if camping with young children. Marking the trail is a good way to keep everyone together and aware of their surroundings.
  • Water Activities Are Not Limited To Lakes And Beaches

    If youre going camping during the warmer months, do not make the same mistake we did by not having a plan to cool off. We had to create our own water play on the fly. Actually, it made a for a pretty good idea. We used one of the big bins that stored our sheets and filled it with ice. The kids played in the ice with their toys and eventually it melted, creating a DIY pool if you will. Though if you can swing it, those $6 hard plastic pools from Walmart are perfect for camping. We were going to bring ours and sadly ran out of room. Next time, well kick something else out of the car to make room for this.

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    Practice Riding A Horsey Or Unicorn

    A great indoor and outdoor option for high-energy kiddos, PonyCycle is a kid-powered riding toy that engages growing muscles and improves coordination. Simple steering and a functional handbrake make this toy easy to operate and safe to use. Between rides, PonyCycle serves as a sweet plush friend, perfect for cuddling and imaginative play. Available in multiple sizes and styles, this riding toy is a great activity for kids across a wide range of ages.

    With Babies On The Move You Have To Stay On Your Toes

    Camping in Chile with a 3 Year Old…

    Car camping with walking twin babies: Tips for a successful trip

    Our first camping trip with two WALKING babies this would certainly be different from our first camping trips when the babies were immobile or crawling, or only one was walking. Our love for getting outside made the decision easy. We would take on the challenge of a three-day car camping trip with our 1-year-old twins!

    Friends, friends, friends

    We wouldnt have gone on the trip solo as a family. The ratio of two babies to two adults becomes much more tenuous when surrounded by open, wild spaces. But a ratio of six babies to ten parents? Much more feasible.

    While there were lots of trustworthy parents on the trip, we obviously were still the sole caregivers for our babies. And all of the other parents certainly had their hands full keeping their own babies safe!

    But having other adults around was key to us not focusing 100% of our time on logistics and safety, and just made the trip more fun. One family found the campsite and made the reservations. Another family had extra space in their vehicle and brought our firewood and a large canopy for the group to share. We brought a play yard that other families utilized for occasional baby-containment, and we all planned and shared meals throughout the trip. With six babies on the loose, many hands were needed to keep things running smoothly.

    Tip: When possible, go camping with other families with babies!

    Simple, simple meals

    Low bar? Yes. Realistic? Yes.

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    Set Up Your New Home Before Dark

    This probably sounds obvious, but we were up against the clock. It takes a couple hours to get a campsite totally set up and your car unloaded. We got to our site around 6PM and we had to scramble to get everything done before the sun set. Plus, inevitably some things will go wrong and you may need to account for a store run. Or you may still need to get firewood. Or your kids will run in all different directions and slow your progress. So plan extra time for things to come up and make sure you dont stress yourself out getting everything done before darkness hits.

    One little bonus tip for you: think about the type of campground and specific site that will work best for your family. A lot of the state parks we looked at had pictures of the actual site number. That will help you gauge which have shade, a breeze, space, etc. Choose the best camping site to pitch your tent that will meet your needs and that of your toddlers.

    And if you want to know a little more about our our tent setup we went with The North Face Wawona 6. We chose it for its size, the ceiling height, and the cool patio feature. Our video shows the full tour along with our first 2 days camping with our toddlers.

    And dont forget to let us know how your trip goes! We are strong believers in getting kids outdoors as much as possible and would love to hear your stories!

    Tips For Camping With Toddlers

    There are so many amazing families out there, but few are brave enough to take their babies, toddlers, and kids camping. We live and learn and these gals have a lot of tips to share to make camping with kids easier for all of us. We have so many camping activities for kids, camping crafts, and camping games for kids! So grab a pen and get ready for some fun.

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    Tips For Camping With Your Baby

    If youre considering taking your infant on a camping trip this summer, read this first.

    May 8, 2021

    When my wife and I were young and childless, camping was simple, our packs were light and our gear lists were short. Then our first daughter was born. We wanted to introduce her as soon as possible to the grandeur of the Canadian wilderness and the calming rhythms of outdoor life, and we wanted to continue to enjoy those things ourselves, too. So we tapped into our most precious parenting resource: adaptability. Heres what we learned, from friends and from hard-earned experience, about camping with a baby:

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