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Coast To Coast Camping Locations

Harris Beach State Park

California Central Coast RV & Tent Campgrounds ~ A Few Favs!
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Harris Beach State Park sits off the coast of Oregon and is one of the richest natural environments for miles. Bird Island sits nearby, which is a National Wildlife Sanctuary and breeding site for rare birds. Along the shore, there are sandy beaches, rocky outcroppings, tidepools, and sea stacks.

Harris Beach sure does love to keep it diverse. Each season brings a new kind of beauty to the park. Winter brings intense and beautiful storms while spring brings an abundance of green life to the park.

The summer days are often dry with warm sun toasting the sand just slightly, occasionally bringing a light fog. Fall is the most popular time for this park, as the days are clear and warm, and the night brings breathtaking sunsets and crystal skies.

This park is a great place to watch many animals on their spring migrations such as gray whales, harbor seals, California sea lions, and sea birds. All in all, this campsite is one with such unique beauty and activity opportunities that it will be hard to leave!

Which Direction To Walk The Coast To Coast

Wainwright devised the original Coast to Coast route to be traversed from west to east, but it can easily be walked in either direction.

West to East

Begin with the stunning Lakes District and tackle the most challenging terrain with fresh legs. Traditionalists will appreciate following in Wainwrights footsteps, and the prevailing winds are likely to be at your back. This is the more popular direction to walk so youll make friends with the other hikers you encounter again and again.

East to West

Meet new hikers each day and shake up tradition. This direction allows you to save the dramatic Lakes section for the grand finale, and also approach it with the enhanced fitness youve built along the walk. International travelers will enjoy the easier connection to Manchester upon finishing.

How Difficult Is The Coast To Coast Walk

Lets start by saying this: any long-distance hike that requires two weeks of nonstop walking is going to be challenging. The cumulative stress on your body adds up after several consecutive long days on the trail. When it comes to a thru-hike like the Coast to Coast, it is definitely important to respect the distance.

That all accounted for, compared to many of its counterparts, the C2C is quite approachable.

The most physically strenuous sections of the trail are found in the Lakes District. In these stages youll find the biggest elevation changes and steepest climbs.

In the middle section of the walk, youll have some days where youll need to cover great distances . These stages mostly entail flat, easy walking, but they require endurance and the repetitive motion can be hard on the body.

Its important to take into account the mental challenges of a long-distance walk, as well. There are some very long stretches of road walking through uninteresting farmland that seem to go on forever. These can often feel harder than summiting a mountain! However, finding a strong headspace and pushing through our minds own limitations is the very reason many of us love with hiking in the first place. These challenges are the very best!

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What Camping Food Should I Pack On Wainwrights Coast To Coast

I recommend having 2-3 days worth of food as you wont come to shops every day. I never buy those stupidly overpriced camping meals at £5 a packet. Instead go for porridge or maltloaf for brekkie, cereal bars and nuts to snack on, wraps with salami and brie for lunch and super noodles or couscous at night. Carry two litres of water and top up as you go. And when you reach a pub, devour the food there!

Moose River Plains Camping Corridor

Camping Sites in the East Coast

Wheres It Located: Inlet, NY

Why Youll Love It: This free camping spot in New York has over 100 developed campsites! Youre bound to find an open site.

Outdoor activities abound. You can hike the numerous trails or spend the day on the water.

A recent Campendium reviewer says, Very quiet, and serene. Ranger came by and introduced himself, nice chap and quite young. We enjoyed our stay. Roads in are pretty bumpy and full of roots in some places. I cant see Class A RVs making it in here but Trailers and and small RVs should fair well.

Keep In Mind: Large Rigs might be out of luck!

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Sustainable Foraging: Edible Weeds Found In Peoples Backyards Across Canada

Learn how to identify common specimens such as dandelions, which are safe, bountiful and fun, while focusing on conservation and sustainability that wont affect the pollinators and biodiversity balance. The video also showcases ideas of what to do with these specimens, for example, condiments that add flavour to BBQ meals.

Presented by: Canadian Museum of Nature

What To Pack For The Coast To Coast Walk

Regardless of fitness level or hiking style, there is one golden rule that rings true for all walkers: the lighter your pack the better off youll be. It can be tempting to carry a lot with you on your C2C trek- youre walking across an entire country after all! In reality though, its what you dont pack that will help you the most on your journey.

To be clear, were not suggesting you need to be an extreme minimalist, but simply that you put some thought into what goes in your rucksack. Thats where we can help! Read on for our very best, tried-and-true packing advice.

For a full kit list, check out this post!

Footwear on the Coast to Coast

Taking care of your feet is of the utmost important on a long-distance walk like the C2C. Blisters, chafing, and other ailments can completely sabotage your experience, and the Coast to Coasts wide range of underfoot conditions and wet environments can increase your risk of issues. The right shoes and socks can make all the difference.

Hiking boots, hiking shoes, and trail running shoes will all work for the Coast to Coast Walk, provided that they will work for your unique needs. The most important thing is that theyre adequately broken in and that youve tested them on multiple walks to ensure they are comfortable.

Good socks are also a game-changer on the Coast to Coast. We love merino wool socks like these for their comfort, breathability, and anti-stink qualities.

Good Waterproofs

Choosing a backpack for the Coast to Coast

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Dockweiler Beach Rv Park

Dockweiler Beach RV Park is actually the only RV Park in LA county! The next closest ones lie closer to Malibu. Here RV sites sit close together in a parking lot fashion.

While this may feel crowded to some campers, the location of the park makes up for it! And you may even make some new friends out of your neighbors!

California Best Beaches provides a map of all the different campsites they have at Dockweiler Beach here!

Sites here go quick and fast because of how close they are to the beach and ocean. The lots closer to the beach tend to cost slightly extra and go a little bit faster.

As one can tell from this map of the layout of the campground, there are no tent spaces in Dockweiler. It is a strictly RV and trailer campground only.

California Best Beaches also provides a list of different fees and prices that will arise if you camp here.

  • Front Row Full Hookups: $65
  • Middle Row Full Hookups: $60
  • Back Row Full Hookups: $55
  • More than 4 guests: $3 per person up to a maximum of 8 per site
  • Pets: $2
  • Dump Station Use: $10
  • Early Check-In Fee: $17
  • Holiday Fee: $4 per day

Now, to the fun stuff! Dockweiler Beach isnt just a convenient place to RV camp. There are so many fun things to do. So many that theres no way youll get to it all! Dockweiler really is a whole community!

There are also opportunities to hang glide, kite surf, windsurf, soccer, volleyball, and bird watching!

Is It Safe To Do The High Routes With An Enormous Backpack

[RV Life & Travel] Boondocking the Oregon Coast || Tips and 4K Drone Footage

Yes and no. The high route Id avoid would be Helvellyn with a big pack on, youre simply asking to fall off Striding Edge. The rest of the high routes are down to your fitness levels. Day two has amazing views in clear weather but it was a long day doing the route via High Stile. Would I do it again? Yes, Id just try and coax someone else to carry my bag!

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Camping On The Coast To Coast Walk

Q. I am doing the coast to coast in June and was wondering what are the rules on camping in the national parks ? i.e. can you only camp if your suffering an emergency or stuck up a mountain in the dark??

We would only be camping in one spot overnight and packing up and moving on early the next morning is this OK???

James Leggett, Nottingham

A. Hi,

What do you mean by ‘traditional wild camping spots’? Does that mean that these are legal designated spots or are they unofficially known as good spots among connaisseurs?

Also, do you consider it safe for women to wild camp alone in Lake District area?

I prefer long day walks, prefer , and have anywhere between 6 and 14 days, so could I ask, if you were to send me to the most spectacular of Lake District, where would you send me? I am coming to Windermere and consider cutting through to the South West corner or maybe the coast to coast in Cumbria.

Thanks a lot!

Charlotte Tolstrup, Copenhagen

A. The reference to ‘traditional wild camping spots’ in Mike Knipe’s answer above refers to places known as good spots for wild camping among connaisseurs. Wild camping is still illegal everywhere in England and Wales which includes The Lake District National Park – see ‘Wild Camping and The Law in England, Scotland and Wales’ below for more details.

And for those days when the sun refuses to shine see The Best Walks in the Lake District to walk in the Rain.

Hope this helps


Mike Knipe, Crook

Hope this helps

Why Youll Love Ocean Mesa Campground At El Capitan

Why youll love Ocean Mesa Campground California RV park reviews call it the Hilton Hotel of RV parks for a reason. This is definitely one of the nicest California campgrounds out there. You can reserve ocean view lots that overlook the magnificent El Capitan State Beach, spend the day relaxing in their on-site spa, or even hold a meeting in their Adventure Yurt. Their El Capitan Beach Store has everything you need for a day of recreation and cooking out, and they often plan evening activities that are fun for the whole family.


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When Is The Best Time To Walk The Coast To Coast

There are some hearty souls who attempt the Coast to Coast during Englands dark, cold, wet winter months, but most mere mortals will enjoy it much more in the summer season. Due to the fact that youll be traversing a variety of landscapes and climates, its inevitable that youll encounter a wide range of weather conditions any time you walk.

Generally speaking, heres what you can expect in each month of the hiking season:

Cool temps, moderate rainfall, and sparse crowds make this an attractive month to hike. Be aware of the shorter days, which allow for fewer daylight hours on the trail.

May & June: The weather tends to be a bit milder and more settled than in April and the days are longer, but its still pretty quiet on the trail. These are great months to walk to C2C.

School holidays and warm weather mean that these are the busiest months on the Coast to Coast. July and August tend to be wetter than May and June, but you can also get some brilliant sunny days, too.

With few crowds, mild temperatures, and relatively less rainfall, September is a wonderful time to be on the trail.

The days begin to get shorter, colder, and wetter as you enter October. You may get some incredibly clear and crisp autumn days, but youll also need to be prepared for harsh conditions.

Sunset Bay State Park

Go Coast Camping in Washington at these 10 Destinations

Sunset Bay State Park has to be one of the most scenic spots when going Oregon coast camping, made up of towering cliffs and sandy beaches, with sites available very near the beach. Choose to stay in a tent, RV, or for something a little fancier, there are a few yurts available to rent.

One of the most popular activities in the area is hiking, allowing you to enjoy the coastal forests and incredible ocean vistas. There are several points along the trail where the views will take your breath away, such as Gregory Point and the Cape Arago Lighthouse.

Price: Full hookup $31, tent site $19, yurt $43 | More Info: Website

  • Oregon Coast camping

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What Are The Camping Facilities Like On Wainwrights Coast To Coast Walk

They vary from muddy fields with no facilities other than a loo and drinking water to being upgraded from a pitch for your tent to a super-duper caravan for £1.50 extra per person at Orchard Caravan and Camping Park in Reeth. Midges arent an additional extra, they come as standard in Keld and anywhere they can find water. Three cheers for midge head nets and deet!

Not British? You might want to read my humorous guide to hiking just like a local.

Suggested Itinerary For Walking Wainwrights Coast To Coast In 12 Days Staying At Independent Hostels And Bunkhouses

At the moment this itinerary is untested. We would love to hear from anyone who walks it. Get in touch and tell us your news and views on or use our contact form.

Day One. The first days walk of 14 miles from St Bees Head is typically completed at Ennerdale Bridge. Following the independent hostel itinerary, you need to walk a further 4 miles along the route to reach the small isolated hamlet of Ennerdale, making a first day of 19 miles. This extra effort is well rewarded at Low Gillerthwaite Field Centre where an evening can be spent by the open fire or enjoying a BBQ in the stunning isolation of this valley. The centres bunkhouse style accommodation straddles Wainwrights Coast to Coast walk and welcomes individual walkers and groups, there are small bunk rooms and self catering facilities. Alternative accommodation for your first evening would be Wild Wool Barn which is closer to Ennerdale Bridge than Low Gillerthwaite Field Centre, lying just north of Ennerdale Water about 1 mile from the path.

Day Three Rosthwaite to Grasmere is 9 miles. There are two independent hostels to choose from at Grasmere. THORNEY HOW INDEPENDENT HOSTEL adjacent to the path provides B& B style accommodation in the main house and small bunkrooms in the bunkhouses, it also has a bar and cafeteria. Both hostels are a short walk from Grasmere village centre.

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Hickock Brook Multi Use Area

Wheres It Located: Barryville, NY

Why Youll Love It: This rustic spot is prefect for tents, vans and small trailers. Youll have access to a small lake and be able get tucked back in the forest.

Campers also reported cellular access.

Heres way a recent Campendium reviewer says, Lovely place to stay in the forest with a little lake and active wildlife! There is a shooting range nearby but the noise wasnt prevalent enough to bother me. The road in is gravel and offshoots to sites are dirt which can get muddy in the rain, but I saw many small vehicles come through successfully.

Keep In Mind: Large RVs wont fit!

Itineraries And Stage Descriptions

The 11 Best Beach Campgrounds on the Gulf Coast

There are limitless ways to walk the Coast to Coast. Some people do just a segment at a time, others spend weeks meandering across the entire route, and others fastpack it in much less time. Its up to you to determine your perfect itinerary, keeping in mind your time-frame, fitness, and travel style.

As a starting point, weve provided a detailed guide for aclassic, 14-day itinerary. Weve also provided basic 12-day and 17-day itineraries. All itineraries follow the traditional west-to-east direction, but could easily be reversed.

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Cape Blanco State Park

These extra-large campsites are great if you want a little space, and you can work off your campers breakfast by hiking over 8 miles of trails, rewarding you with ocean vistas.

Located at the states Westernmost tip, Cape Blanco is a pretty impressive sight, with the Cape Blanco Lighthouse well worth a visit. The 52 electric sights are first come first served, so make sure you dont miss out.

Price: $24 | More Info: Website

Dicks Creek Falls Campsites

Wheres It Located: Cleveland, GA

GPS: 34.6902, -83.9474

Why Youll Love It: If you want to camp near water falls, Dicks Creek will deliver! Heres the catch this primitive, free campsite can only be accessed by 4×4 vehicles. Some folks have done it with sedans, but its not recommended.

RVs, youre out of luck.

Caveman on Campendium says, Can be busy during the summer months. locals like the area to swim in the falls. we did. Quiet and peaceful at night. campsites are spread out so you have privacy. No restrooms or showers. the woods and River is your only reprieve.

Keep In Mind: RVs, try another spot.

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