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Trailers To Rent For Camping

Why You Might Want To Try Out A Camping Trailer Rental

Camper Rental Vs. Buying a Camper | Pete’s RV Buyer Tips

Renting a camping trailer is a lot of fun: you can get a good feel for what driving a trailer is like and test the living space on board.

You dont need to pay yearly insurance, store the trailer when you dont use it or maintain its systems you just enjoy your camping trip and hand the trailer back in once youre done. Then you can just forget all about it and post those cool #TravelTrailer shots on Instagram.

Compared to camping in a tent or in your car, a camping trailer offers quite a few advantages. The obvious one is the comforts available cooking in a kitchenette with a double burner and counter space, sleeping on a soft mattress and showering in your own bathroom are all real game-changers.

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Camping in a camping trailer for rent makes you more independent you have enough water and electricity to get off-grid for a few days, so you can explore those stunning remote places for longer.

You can also take more stuff with you, including your favorite adventure gear, whether its your surfboard, mountain bike or skis.

Renting a travel trailer rather than owning means you can probably go for something a little bigger than what youd buy. You can test drive some massive fifth wheels or toy haulers and enjoy their luxury without the hassle of buying and looking after them.

Here Is What Real People Are Saying About Rvezy

John W.Super Owner

I rented my RV on the very first day I joined RVezy! I love that Kyle and Michael took the time to personally address my questions when I joined the site. This team has made listing, booking, renting and payment of my RV unbelievably simple. Looking forward to another great season guys!

Tim & StephanieOwner

We started a listing for our little 16ft Coachmen with RVezy in the middle of last summer as a way to make extra money. We had booking requests within a few days. The response and renters were great. The financial results for us were so good that we have purchased a second unit this year.


It was our first time renting an RV. I was little bit unsure but the renting process was extremely easy and simple! Both the RV owner and the RVezy team were fantastic. I will be coming back to rent again for our next family vacation. Thanks!!

Tips For Driving A Travel Trailer Rental

Driving a travel trailer rental isnt difficult. Connecting the tow bar to the tow hitch may be the most challenging bit if youve never done it before. Most owners will give you a hand hitching up, anyway.

When you start driving your camping trailer rental forward, you can drive pretty much as you always do, but youll need to pay more attention to your width and height. Always brake earlier and more gently than you would if you were just driving a car. Take bends as wide as possible and avoid 90-degree turns.

Make sure the load is well-distributed on the camping trailer rental and dont go too fast to avoid swaying . Avoid driving in high winds, especially if the trailer has a lot of windage.

Going up hills isnt a problem as long as you keep the revs up and arent towing a trailer thats too heavy for your vehicle. Going downhill can be a little more dangerous. Brake very early and slowly and consider engine braking if your towing vehicle allows for it.

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Fifth Wheel Trailer Rental

  • Whos it for: campers who like comfort and want to spend time inside their RV
  • Pros: plenty of headroom, amenities and interior space
  • Cons: heavy and not streamlined

Fifth wheel camping trailers for rent are the largest, most luxurious trailers on the market. They are solid, tall trailers that provide a home away from home. Some are extra long, while others feature expandable rooms made out of aluminum panels, which you can pull out when you set up camp. They need a fifth-wheel hitch to be towed.

Inside a fifth-wheel camper trailer rental, youll typically find a number of bedrooms, a bathroom, a full kitchen, a living room, and more. This is ideal for families who want to bring teenage kids or in-laws along.

They can take a little time to set up, so youll want to hire one of these beasts only if you plan to spend a decent amount of time in a certain place. Before booking your rental, make sure to check that you have the correct hitch and that your vehicle has enough towing capacity.

What To Bring When Renting A Camping Trailer

Small Camping Trailers For Rent

When youve booked your camping trailer rental, its time to pack. Heres what we suggest you bring with you:

  • Clothes and PJs
  • Bed sheets or sleeping bags
  • Pillows
  • Insect repellant and mosquito coils
  • Campfire wood and tinder
  • Any gear you can fit, like bikes or surfboards

Make sure to check the amenities of your trailer rental well before you set off. Depending on the trailers layout, you may need to bring a portable toilet, a camping stove or a cool box.

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Camper Trailer Rental Prices

The biggest question you probably have about finding a camper trailer for rent is how much it’s going to cost you. That’s totally understandable. The answer will vary depending on the type of rental camper trailer you have in mind. For instance, a small trailer with just some basic features could go for as low as $50 per day. You can expect the price to jump to somewhere around $100 per day if you’re looking for something with more sleeping room and better features. Deluxe options that can be used for large groups or special tours usually cost between $150 and $200 per day. Of course, those prices get more attractive once you really dig in and break down the true cost when compared to what you’d spend using traditional travel methods.

Best Place To Rent A Camper

There are so many RV companies you could rent from these days .

However, we found that Outdoorsy is the absolute best place to go when renting an RV, travel trailers, camper vans, or pretty much any kind of camper.

They use a peer-to-peer rental platform to allow RV owners to rent their campers to anyone across the USA to take road trips or just stay in an RV park. Think of it as the Airbnb of the RV world!

And dont worry the renters on their site have to fill out and pass an application process .

We also love Outdoorsy because they offer

  • Up to $1 Million Insurance on Approved Bookings
  • Search for RV Rentals Online
  • 24/7 RV Rental Roadside Assistance
  • Thousands of Camper & Motorhome Rental Options
  • Over 5,000 5-Star Reviews

Whether youre looking for truck camper rentals, camper vans, or other unique recreational vehicles, Outdoorsy is the way to go. Simply put, Outdoorsy is one of the most trusted suppliers of RV rentals.

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Toy Hauler Camping Trailer Rentals

  • Whos it for: campers who want to take one or more extra vehicles with them
  • Pros: you can set up camp and go explore on another vehicle
  • Cons: extremely heavy and bulky

A toy hauler is an RV rental that features a garage at the back of the camper and a ramp-door for access. Toy haulers can be fifth wheels, travel trailers, or motorhomes.

They are ideal for a long trip somewhere amazing, where you want to spend some time scouting the surrounding area. You can take a small car, motorbikes, side-by-sides, ATVs or kayaks with you with a toy hauler camper trailer rental.

The RV will provide you with good living space and all the comforts you need, while the garage will allow you to go off exploring without much planning.

You can store any gear in the back of the vehicle, so you can choose to base yourself somewhere convenient to explore multiple cool sites, or set up camp somewhere that offers lots of outdoor activities.

For example, you could take motorbikes to explore the mountains nearby, or bring bikes, kayaks, and SUPs to make the most out of a lake.

We Value Our Customers

Top 10 Unique Campers to Rent for Your Summer Vacation (Review of Best Services)

At Freedom RV Rentals we know what it takes to make an ordinary vacation a great one, which is why we offer only the best quality motorhome and travel trailer rentals to our valued customers. With extra room for storage, dining, and sleeping, our affordable RV rentals provide plenty of comfort, convenience, and space for the entire family. Check out what some of our highly satisfied customers have to say about their rental experience with us, and browse our current specials.

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Why Rental Camper Trailers Help You Spend Less Money

It’s important to look beyond the surface when thinking about the cost of renting a camper trailer. You’ll find that a daily rate for a camper usually breaks down to be far less than the cost of flying to a destination, staying at a hotel and renting a car. You’re essentially bundling the cost of your flight, hotel, and rental car when you rent an RV. What’s more, you actually save more money as you add more people to your vacation plans. The cost of an RV rental will be the same regardless of how many friends or family members you have sleeping inside of it each night. By contrast, the final cost of airfare and hotel stays increases with every person you add to your trip.

Can You Rent Rv Campers

Yes! We recommend finding the perfect RV through Outdoorsy. Use this link to get an RV rental now! You can rent a Class A, Class B, Class C or Travel Trailer RV!

Outdoorsy is much better than a traditional RV rental service like Cruise America because they have more options, more availability, and better prices.

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Go Rving At Your Own Pace

It’s time to be a pioneer when it comes to breaking from convention and planning vacations your own way. There’s no need to let rigid reservations and stressful accommodations turn your dream vacation into a logistical nightmare. Brush aside the burdens of living out of a suitcase while you dart between crowded airports and bland hotels by making every road you travel on feel like a little piece of home.

An RV gives you the freedom to take fun detours, makes stops according to your own schedule and bring along the items you need to feel comfortable while you’re traveling. You’ll also discover the enjoyment of sleeping under the stars without having to sleep in a tent or sleeping bag. Use the terrific rental options out there to make sure your next vacation is one that reflects what you love to do.


Why You Should Rent A Camper With Rvshare

Camp Weathered lets you rent a vintage teardrop camper for ...

Have you ever dreamed of a vacation that combines the beauty of the outdoors with the comforts of home? The truth is, you dont have to give up on comforts just to see, touch and taste the beauty of nature in a real way. An RV provides a warm, secure place to use for traveling, living and sleeping when youre on the road seeing the country.

You dont have to worry if buying an RV isnt in your budget at the moment. There are many basic and luxurious RV campers for rent that you can use for your next vacation. In fact, you can get a great deal on a camper for rent by owner. Is the open road calling you? It might be time to rent an RV to feel the pavement of America beneath your wheels.

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Why Choose Rvr Kelowna Vs Outdoorsy Or Rvezy

You can book with confidence knowing that RVR Kelowna is going to provide you a professional, dependable and consistently high quality service. Our excellent 4.6 star average rating on Google reviews speaks to our commitment to you, our valued customers.

RVR inspects all RVs in the fleet with a certified RV mechanic and performs thorough review after each rental.

We are Kelowna owned and operated with decades of camping experience that we love to share.

El Capitan State Beach

Camping at El Capitan is a nature-lovers dream. In addition to sandy beaches, this area also offers rocky tidepools and stands of sycamore and oak trees along the El Capitan Creek. Visitors to the beach will enjoy swimming, hiking, biking, surfing, and fishing. Beach access is granted through a set of stairs, but there are also wheelchair-accessible entrances at several additional locations.

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Who Is Rvr Kelowna

RVR Kelowna is the most trusted and referred RV rental business in Kelowna by the local RV dealers. Started in 2014, RVR continues to grow the rental fleet. Our passion for RVing, camping and the outdoors guides our desire to share our experiences with you, our valued customer.

Create your experience and enjoy a friendly, easy, and fun rental service today.

Have questions? Call us toll free at 760-0004.

Rv Rentals Through Rvshare

Best RV Vacation Camping Trailer Rentals

Jellystone Park has partnered with RVshare, the worlds largest peer-to-peer RV rental community to make whole process of renting an RV simple, easy, and fun.

When you book your RV rental online through the secure RVshare payment system, its backed by a $10,000 peace of mind guarantee.

Every rental booked online through RVshare comes with 24-hour travel concierge and roadside assistance! This provides peace of mind while youre out on the road. If you get a flat tire or if you have questions about your RV, someone is always there to help you.

Want even more help? Some owners will even deliver and set up the RV at the Jellystone Park location youll be visiting. And yes, there are pet-friendly RV rental options.

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Renting An Rv Vs Buying

Renting an RV has a tremendous number of benefits over buying an RV.

When you rent, you never have to worry about general repairs, maintenance, storage, winterization, insurance and more.

However, if you are renting, you’ll be going on your camping adventures in a newer model.

The only real benefit to owning is the flexibility, being able to go whenever you want. If that’s the most important thing for you, then owning your own RV is the way to go.

Otherwise, renting an RV is your best option.

The New Way To Plan Vacations

It’s nice to know that you no longer have to choose between paying for expensive airfare or suffering through a road trip in your own vehicle when putting a vacation together. You now have a very attractive third option that actually eliminates many of the hassles and drawbacks that travelers encounter when using the traditional methods for taking vacations. The average family stands to save hundreds or thousands of dollars on a vacation when choosing to rent an RV instead of paying large sums of money for airplane tickets and hotels. Of course, there’s also much to be gained by choosing an RV over a standard rental car or using your own car.

It’s almost impossible to put a price tag on the level of satisfaction you’ll have when you ride around in a spacious, comfortable RV that makes every member of your family happy. You won’t have to deal with passengers arguing in the back as they try their best to get comfortable in such cramped quarters.

In addition, the battle over making frequent stops for food or bathroom breaks can finally be put to rest when you have an RV to use. There are many camper trailer rent options that include kitchens, bathrooms and other features that make it so easy to cover many miles without stopping.

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Does Airbnb Rent Rvs

Yes however, their system is not as polished as other platforms like Outdoorsy. They dont have as in-depth of a vetting process and their selection is lacking.

What Do You Think?

Have you ever thought about RV rentals before? If so, which platform did you use? Did you have success or were you upset with how things played out? Whats your favorite national park in the United States?

Wed love to hear your stories in the comments below!

Now go hit the road!

Browse Campers For Rent Now

Camping House For Rent #RvCampingLakeTahoe

Ready to look for your dream RV rental? Whether youre going to a national park, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, or any other popular United States destination, there are rentals for you.

As you can see, they have a wide range of available RVs from compact RV rentals to trailer rentals for luxury travel and everything in between! All conveniently located around the country, thanks to the peer-to-peer aspect.

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Rv Rentals In Pa Motorhomes And Campers

Driving down the open road is a vacation experience like no other. An RV rental makes all the difference, allowing you to enjoy the great outdoors and the comforts of home, without the stress and expense associated with ownership. At Freedom RV Rentals, we keep our RVs well-maintained and prepared for every trip, so you can focus on the journey, adventure, and relaxation. We truly want to make your next vacation one that your family will never forget. Contact us at 876-7368 to start planning an excursion today.

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