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Free Camping Near Grand Teton National Park

Location Of The Spread Creek Meadow Dispersed Camping Area

Free Camping Near Grand Teton National Park is a STRUGGLE in Spring!

To access the Spread Creek Meadow dispersed camping area, head north on US Highway 191 from Jackson, Wyoming. You do not need to go through the Grand Teton National Park entrance to access this location, so you can wait to pay to access the park until youre settled in your camping spot.

The location of the Spring Creek meadow dispersed camping is just north of the Triangle X Ranch on US Highway 191. The Triangle X Ranch is listed on most maps of the Grand Teton National Park area.

The exact location of our camping spot in the Spread Creek meadow area is listed on the Google Map below. You can zoom in and out of the map in order to get specific directions, which are also listed below.

Once you turn off US Highway 191 to Forest Road 30290, you will see a set of gates.

You will drive down a relatively smooth large gravel road for about a mile.

On the left youll see the Spread Creek and grassy areas. If you were to turn around, youll see a great view of the Grand Tetons behind you.

Keep driving up Forest Road 30290. The road will continue to be a smooth gravel road that most RVs should be able to handle with no problem. The area will change to a somewhat forested area.

You will soon see a construction area that appears to be related to gravel mining. This is a quiet operation so dont let it worry you about the beauty of this as a camping area.

Campers are allowed to stay up to 16 days in this boondocking location, as indicated by the sign.

Grand Teton National Park Free Campsites 15 Miles: Leidy Lake Access


Elevation: 6796â²

Management â Public â Forest Service

The road in is Gravel. Teton Canyon is open Late Spring to Mid- Fall. There are 16-29 campsites at this location. You may stay 14 days at Teton Canyon.

Teton Canyon is open for motorized use in all alternatives. The trail going to Alaska Basin is closed to motorized use in all alternatives due to its wilderness location. Dispersed camping occurs along the Teton Canyon road and is permitted in this area. âUnless otherwise posted, motorized access is allowed for parking and dispersed camping within 300 feet of roads and trails which are open for motorized useâ

Five Of The Best Free Camping Areas Near Grand Teton National Park

Are you planning a camping trip to Grand Teton National Park? Having a hard time finding where to camp? This is a busy park and campsites in the area book quick. While there is camping available inside the park, its first come first served and weve seen people in line at 6 am waiting for campers to leave to nab their spots. You can check camping options inside the park here, but don’t be surprised if it’s full and overpriced. However, there is some good news for the desperate camper at GTNP. There are tons of amazing campsites outside of the park some are just 30 minutes out while others are an hour or so. But its a National Park and usually to find camping spots around NPs requires a good deal of driving. Here is a list of our favorite spots around Jackson and the Tetons.

None of these spots have toilets so be prepared with a shovel and dispose of your TP properly. I don’t want to have to take this post down.

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Camping In Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park offers the opportunity to view wildlife and experience the unique natural beauty of a wilderness area that is known throughout the world for its scenic views and pristine environment. Camping is open in Yellowstone National Park year-round in some areas, but most choose to camp from late spring through early fall. Most campsites are limited to 14 days and daily camping fees range from $15 for basic sites to over $40 in campgrounds with improved facilities for RVs. These fees are in addition to Yellowstone National Park’s entrance fees. Reservations are available for some sites in Yellowstone. To browse campsites that can be reserved, you can visit the Yellowstone Reservations website, or find more information about Yellowstone camping from the National Park Service.

Support Your National Parks

Free camping outside Grand Teton National Park

Did you know you can support our National Parks by shopping at eParks, the official not-for-profit online store of Americas National Parks? eParks develops and distributes up to 100 new educational products each year. These products are unique because they are produced in collaboration with each park, creating specific experiences. Net proceeds from every sale support our National Parks.

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Grand Teton National Park Free Campsites 17 Miles: National Elk Refuge Flat Creek Rd

Address Elevation: 6837â²

Management â Public â Forest Service

The road in is 4Ã4. National Elk Refuge â Flat Creek Rd. is open May â November. There are 6-15 campsites at this location and the maximum RV length is unlimited. You may stay 14 days at National Elk Refuge â Flat Creek Rd.

Great campsite if others nearby are full. Arrived to where the coordinates are to find many cars parked camping in a little parking area, but if you keep going on the road there are 8 or so campsites down a 4WD dirt road. And the first campsite there was no one there and we arrived at around 11 PM.


Elevation: 7037â²

Management â Public â Forest Service

The road in is Gravel and 2 to 30 miles from a paved road. Gros Ventre, Jackson Hole, Grand Teton NP is open June -Oct. There are 30 or more campsites at this location. You may stay 7 days, but Ck locally at Gros Ventre, Jackson Hole, Grand Teton NP.

There are some terrific, pure boondocking location back the Gros Ventre Road just east of Grand Teton Natl. Park. One of the most beautiful roads in all of Wyoming, which penetrates some 30 miles into the wilds! It is a destination unto itself! It is not a place to stay for day trips back to Grand Teton/Yellowstone Natâl Parks.


Elevation: 6883â²

Management â Public â Forest Service

Death Canyon Shelf Camping Zone

Grand Teton National Park provides an extensive backcountry trail system, including eleven different permitted camping zones in the park’s southwest region. Together, these different zones create the rest-stops along the iconic Teton Crest Trail, which exposes some of the best alpine scenery in the American West. All camping zones are only accessible via backpacking and require a sought-after permit.

All permit holders need to pack in every bit of gear they need to these backcountry, zero-amenity camping zones. Hikers also need to be sure to pack everything back out after spending the night. Permits can be obtained online beginning January 8th of the same season.

While all camping zones provide a memorable overnight experience, the Death Canyon Shelf stands above the rest. Situated high on the skyline above Death Canyon, the Death Canyon Shelf Camping Zone allows for 16 groups to disperse camp in the area. Gain the permit to do so, and camping on the Death Canyon Shelf provides unreal elevated views of scenic Death Canyon, as well as unforgettable sunsets on the not-so-distant peak of Grand Teton.

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How To: Camping In Jackson Hole

Just because our need to get outside is in overdrive, we need not forget about the reality of our situation: COVID.

Camping: a peaceful grounding escape for all who partake. We, like most everyone in and around Jackson Hole, love to camp. We do it to escape. We do it to come together. We do it to get a little closer to the things that are so often out of reach. This blog contains some essential resources and tips to maximize your ability to enjoy the restoring trip you’ve been dreaming of, safely.

*HERE are comprehensive maps and lists of developed and undeveloped campgrounds in the Bridger-Teton National Forest, Jackson/Moran area along with other helpful camping information. Developed campsites include tables, campfire grills, restrooms, food storage boxes, garbage service water, and more while undeveloped regions do not and require additional preparations.

My First Day Into This Area

FREE CAMPING NEAR Grand Teton National Park

I actually spent the night before at a snowmobile parking lot along US-26 near the summit by Pinnacle Buttes. I had already made a plan to explore several boondocking areas close to the Grand Tetons. I picked out my favorite options, pinned them all on my Google Maps, and set out pulling my 28 foot ATC Toy Hauler.

Googles turn-by-turn driving directions, of course, led me down the worst possible route towards my first destination. It was a circular campground called, Antelope Flat. The directions took me down Antelope Flats Rd, a dirt road filled with rocks, ruts, and dips. I drove for 4 miles moving an average of 3 miles per hour. I was thoroughly frustrated. I kept telling myself, It had better be worth this shit!

So when I get there, every campsite was taken. On a Wednesday even! There were trailers there, some as long as mine. Did they all come down the same horrible road? No. It turns out there was another route, mostly paved, which Google decided not tell me about.

I was pissed.

I chose to instead try another dirt road leading up to more dispersed camping up along Shadow Mountain. It supposedly had killer views of the Tetons as well. About a 1/4 mile up the road, I saw a sign that read

Warning! 4WD High Clearance Vehicles Only


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Antelope Springs Designated Dispersed Campsites

Antelope Springs is one of the most picturesque camping destinations in Wyoming. Though formerly tucked away in solitude, Antelope Springs Designated Dispersed Campsites have now been discovered! Still, its one of the most frequented free campgrounds in Wyoming.

Antelope Springs provides a spectacular view of the mountains.

The campsites are located off Shadow Mountain Rd. in Jackson, Wyoming, at an elevation of 6,791 ft above sea level. The campground is a 45-minute drive from Jackson, Wyoming, about 40 minutes from the Great Teton National Park Moran entrance, and 15 minutes from the Moose entrance to the GTNP. Youll be treated to a fantastic view of the Teton Mountain Range from this quiet camping ground.

This site consists of 2 distinct areas- a designated group camping area at the base of the mountain and designated individual/solo camping sites up the campgrounds mountain road. The designated lower group campsites are relatively easy to access for walk-n and drive-in camping. The mountain road, however, is somewhat treacherous, making it hard to drive a trailer uphill.

Unlike in most boondocking camping grounds, these campsites are designated. There are signs warning campers not to camp outside the designated sites. This will hardly limit your fun and adventure since all sites are relatively level and provide a great unobstructed view of the Tetons. You can stay up to 5 days at this site.

Pet-Friendly Campground?

Grand Teton National Park Recreational Vehicle Camping For Free

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The Grand Teton National Park is gorgeous.

Thats the only way to explain it.

We visited the Grand Teton National Park in our Airstream in September 2018 and wanted to boondock in or near the park.

Wed read about many different options in the area, including the very popular recreational vehicle boondocking spot on Shadow Mountain, but ultimately decided on a camping spot in whats known as the Spread Creek meadow dispersed camping area in the Bridger-Teton National Forest.

This boondocking location is adjacent from the Grand Teton National Park.

Its very easy to get in and out of for most RVs and cars so is a good fit for RV camping or tent camping.

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Why Visit The Grand Teton National Park National Park

You will find few landscapes in the world that are interesting, striking, and memorable as the Grand Teton national park. This national park has so much to offer including valleys, rivers, mountains, wildlife, wildflowers, skies, abundant flowers, and anything else that interests you. On top of that, the Grand Teton National Park boasts a rich cultural history including old homesteads and cattle ranches. Walk on the trails that were built by the Civilians Conservations Corps. These are just a few things you will enjoy in this park thus an incredible way to spend your holiday.

What Is The Weather Like In Grand Teton

Grand Teton National Park Recreational Vehicle (RV ...

The West is HIGH and DRY.

The weather in the busy season June, July, August, and September is absolutely gorgeous, with temperatures usually around 70-80 degrees during the day.

But since its high in elevation, nighttime temperatures will get down into the 30s or 40s. So make sure you have a way to stay warm!

Also, its generally arid and dry, so you might want to pack lotion. And even though the temperatures arent typically blazing hot, sunscreen is a good idea if youll do a lot of hiking.

Grand Teton is a year-round park, but the campgrounds are closed in the winter.

If you camp in May or October, it will be cold with a decent chance of snow.

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Discover The Best Free Camping Across The Usa

To be honest with you, we hate paying for camping. There are so many free campsites in America .

You should give it a try!

As a matter of fact, these free campsites are yours. Every time you pay federal taxes, youre contributing to these lands.

Become a FREE CAMPING INSIDER and join the 100,000 campers that love to score the best site!

Well send you the 50 Best Free Campsites in the USA . Access the list by submitting your email below:

What To Pack For Your Visit To The Grand Teton National Park National Park

If you wish to have a memorable experience at the Grand Teton National Park, the following items are essential for your trip:â Cameraâ Food and snacksâ Sunglasses, a hat to protect you from sunburn and sun creamâ Clothing and footwear: Carry light clothes for hiking and enough layers in case the temperatures get too cold at night.â Water bottles for hydration whether experiencing the tough trails.â Hiking shoes and a first aid kid due to possible injuries.

You might also like some of the articles from our website about boondocking and travel.

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How Much Time Do You Need For Your Visit

If you just want to discover the Teton chain and see the different viewpoints on the lake including a short walk, a whole day will be enough. If you enjoy nature and wish to hike, at least two days to enjoy everything. However, keep in mind that the hikes are many with varying durations. Therefore, consider your program. If you want to see the wildlife, be present at dawn and at dusk to maximize your chances. Therefore, the least you can do at the Grand Teton National Park is spending a night.

Grand Teton National Park Lodging

Free Dispersed Camping Near Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Parks

There are many lodging accommodations in the American National Forest that provide rooms for park visitors. Open from June through September and benefit from the rustic architectural style, American Alpine Club Grand Teton Climbers Ranch. Flush toilets, showers, and cooking pieces of equipment are among the place amenities. Live through cooking your favorite food in nature. Your pets are not allowed in the American Alpine Club Grand Teton Climbers Ranch. Situated next to the Jackson Lakes Shore, Colter Bay Cabin provides various units for visitors comfort.

It is open from May to September, and by staying here, you can enjoy horseback riding in the area. If you look for log-style lodging accommodations, you can select Headwaters Lodge & Cabins at Flagg Ranch. The place opens its doors to the public from June to September and offers king and queen beds units. Headwaters Lodge & Cabins at Flagg Ranch include a gift shop, dining rooms, and a store and provides an opportunity to enjoy fishing, horseback riding, and exciting floating. Some people prefer rustic style vacation settings and Headwaters Lodge & Cabins at Flagg Ranch fulfills their desire. Next to String and Jenny Lakes, you can find the lovely Jenny Lake Lodge, which includes 37 cabins. This romantic spot is open from June to October, and travelers can rest here and enjoy the glory of the surrounding forest and the peace of the park.

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Leigh Lake Trail Grand Teton National Park

Located just north of Jenny Lake and at the end of String Lake Road, Leigh Lake Trail is a short 2.9-mile out-and-back path. Leigh Lake Trail is a forested and flat route along the String and Leigh lakes giving you lovely views of the lakes and mountains.

Would you like to extend your hike? In that case, you can continue further along Leigh Lake Trail or follow the many intersecting trails along the way.

Pro Tip: Hiking in Grand Teton is sure to be a stunning experience. Make the most of your time in the Tetons with our Teton Crest Trail Guide For Hikers.

Finding Free Camping At The Grand Tetons

I arrived in Grand Teton National National Park on June 3, 2020, a Wednesday. I figured starting my search mid-week would be ideal in securing a boondocking site before the weekend rush hit. It didnt seem to make any difference.

To be clear, you cannot actually boondock inside Grand Teton National Park. You have to instead find it in Bridger-Teton National Forest. The Forest shares a border with the Park, so all you have to do is stay just inside the forest boundaries, and youre good. You still get amazing views, nonetheless.

I explored eight different boondocking areas in the Forest. All of these areas were documented on Campendium. All came with dozens of great reviews, beautiful photography, and camping memories to die for. I also explored a few forest roads not documented on Campendium, just to try my luck at finding something new.

Everywhere I went to was completely filled with campers.

I mean filled.

Some areas had motorhomes and trailers packed in tight like sardines. Their owners had all maneuvered them carefully and closely together to maximize their view of the Tetons. They all must have been friends in order to get their rigs fitted together like Tetris blocks. And what about those other forest roads not documented on Campendium? Yup, completely filled too. Even campsites with no view of the Tetons were taken.

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