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Grand Canyon Hiking And Camping Tours

Grand Canyon Hiking Options

Backpacking the Grand Canyon: Escalante Trail to Grand View Point

There are several options available for hiking and walking tours at the Grand Canyon, along different trails of varying lengths and difficulties at both the South Rim and North Rim. Hikers and backpackers can stay along the rims or they can venture into the canyon interior. Shuttle buses can be used to travel to particular trails. Information on the different trails is available at:

Ranger-led day hikes and nature walks are offered year-round at the South Rim and from mid-May to mid-October at the North Rim, according to schedules available at:

Guided, educational hiking and/or camping tours are available from the Grand Canyon Association Field Institute 638-2481.


Permits are not required for regular noncommercial day hikes. Special-use or backcountry permits are required for group rim-to-rim, extended-day hiking, and overnight camping trips . Information on obtaining permits is available at:

Grand Canyon National Park Tours

The park offers several tours to its guests. The first option is the Grand Canyon South Rim Bus Tour that includes a delicious breakfast in a peaceful part of the Grand Canyon. Box lunch and snacks are available too. Exploring the park lasts about 3 hours. Taking part in this tour costs $104 per adult. Experience the scenic Mojave Desert. Grand Canyon South Rim Bus Tour with Optional Upgrades is another item, and your journey starts from Las Vegas to spectacular Grand Canyon National Park. The trip lasts 14 hours. Be alert and turn on your camera to not miss the fantastic scenes. Grand Canyon South Rim Bus Tour invites you to explore the magnificent part of Arizona. The knowledgeable bus driver narrates the parks history and natural attractions such as El Tovar, Bridge Angel Trail, and Hopi House. The tour lasts about 15 hours and includes lunch and breakfast snacks. The time costs $105 per adult.

Do you need to revel in this US National Park thru a helicopter tour?? If your answer is festive, the Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour with Landing from Henderson Executive Airport is waiting for you. The price to take part in the time is $ 399.99 per adult and lasts 4 hours. The journey starts from Las Vegas, and you may enjoy the panoramic view of the desert. The term invites anybody who wants to fly above the stunning Grand Canyon National attraction. Seize the time and join the park to visit its unique attractions.

More About Grand Canyon Basecamp Tours


Our Grand Canyon basecamp hiking tours are fantastic for guests looking to have a diverse hiking experience of the Grand Canyon and a general outdoor experience, particularly in the late spring, summer and early fall. The bottom of the Grand Canyon gets extremely hot in the summer , but the rims are still quite nice as they are 4500-5500 feet higher than the bottom of the Canyon. Thats a massive difference! What it means is that while a hike to the bottom isnt right for everyone in the warmer months, a fantastic hiking and camping experience can still be had. Our basecamp tours also provide a very high level of value transportation, meals, gear, entrance fees, permits, and guides are all included in the trip cost!


On our Grand Canyon basecamp tours you can expect to enjoy a comfortable, outdoor experience at the South or North Rim while getting fantastic hikes in and eating wonderful meals. Youll get to know the Grand Canyon by hiking multiple trails like the South Kaibab, Bright Angel, North Kaibab, Grandview and more! And you get to focus 100% on the Canyon and on hiking while your guide take care of everything.


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Grand Canyon Hiking And Walking Tours

Although each type of tour offered at Grand Canyon National Park has its benefits, there is probably no better way to get up close and personal with the natural marvels of the park than on your own two feet. The hiking and walking tours allow you to touch, smell, listen to, and look at the awesomeness of nature as you walk along the canyonland trailsmany of which are rugged and rather challenging, some of which are paved and easy to traverse.

Hike The Rugged Grandview Trail Travel To The North Rim

5 Epic Backpacking Trips in the Grand Canyon

We get an early start to catch the golden sunrise over the Grand Canyon before fueling up with a hot and hearty breakfast. Setting out on a rim-to-rim road trip, our first stop is Grandview Point where our hike down the Grandview Trail begins. This vigorous hike rewards our efforts with a sense of solitude and stunning vistas of the inner formations of the canyon. We hike just over a mile to the Coconino Saddle, losing 1,600 vertical feet before retracing our steps back up to the rim. Next, we visit the iconic Desert View Watchtower, a 70-foot-tall stone tower perched on the canyons edge. Designed by Mary Colter in 1932, Desert View contains a wealth of murals depicting various Hopi traditions and stories. We climb to the top of the watchtower for panoramic canyon views and enjoy lunch on the grounds nearby. Farther up the road, we cross Navajo Bridge near Lees Ferry and get up-close views of the mighty Colorado River flowing beneath us. Arriving at the North Rim this afternoon, we set up camp and take a short sunset walk to Bright Angel Point, a breathtakingly beautiful end to our days adventure. All meals included.

Hiking: 4 miles, Elevation gain/loss: +1,600 / -1,600′

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Western Grand Canyon 3

Those that want to spend a bit of time camping along the Colorado River, rafting Western Grand Canyon is a great option. The 3-day tour is the best Grand Canyon rafting trip that meets and ends in Las Vegas. They also include a helicopter flight into the launch point for the trip at Whitmore Wash. There is an option to spend a night at the Bar 10 Dude Ranch on the North Rim before starting your trip.

The 3-day trip runs fun rapids but still has some time to explore. It floats to the end of Grand Canyon at Pearce Ferry within the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. We see many people do this stretch and then decide come back to do the full canyon motor trip.

Spring On The South Rim

Mild temperatures and manageable crowds make March, April, and May the best months to visit the Grand Canyon. Temperatures range from 50F – 70F during the day and 25F – 40F at night. Because nighttime temperatures can still drop below freezing in the earlier spring months, expect some snowfall overnight!

This means comfortable Grand Canyon camping weather and pleasant hiking conditions, especially if you are hiking down to the bottom of the canyon. Temperatures at the bottom of the Grand Canyon can be 20F hotter than at the top of the rim.

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Getting To The Grand Canyon South Rim

Because of how easy it is to get to, Grand Canyon National Park draws millions of visitors and is consistently ranked one of the top-visited U.S. national parks.

Located in the northwest corner of Arizona, the Grand Canyon borders Nevada and Utah making this national park easily accessible from several major cities. The closest major cities that are perfect for starting your Grand Canyon trip include Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Flagstaff, all of which are a short drive away.

  • Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon: 4-hour drive
  • Phoenix to the Grand Canyon: 3.5-hour drive
  • Flagstaff to the Grand Canyon: 1.5-hour drive

Whether you are planning a day trip to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas or an adventurous road trip through the famous American southwest, it is worth visiting Grand Canyon National Park.

Why Certain Trips Didnt Make The Cut

The Grand Canyon Day 4 / Backpacking Trip

Dory and other specialty trips being more costly do not make the cut. Youll also notice a lack of all-paddle rafting trips on the list. While many people think they will be bored if they arent paddling all day every day, we find many end up preferring to hang out on an oar raft or motor raft while taking in the views and get more than enough exercise with all the hiking and scrambling to waterfalls.

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Best Grand Canyon Hikes

Hiking the Grand Canyon is the most intimate and profound experience one could have with nature. With every step, the rugged terrain introduces a new perspective of the depths that make up the Grand Canyon. There are several Grand Canyon hiking trips to choose from. From backcountry backpacking hikes or backpacking with mule assist to hiking then camping or staying at a Grand Canyon hotel, there is a hiking trip for you. Guided hikes can range approximately anywhere from 14 to 44 miles over 3 to 7 days or so. It really depends on the hike you chose and which guide service you are hiring.

There are a few hiking trails that are conducive to an average fit adult to hike, but many people underestimate the demanding nature of hiking the Grand Canyon. Bringing enough water, staying cool or warm in more severe temperatures, pacing oneself, being appropriately fit, and knowing how to get help when something goes awry is essential to hiking the Canyon. If you are not completely confident in your abilities to manage a safe hike, then hire a Grand Canyon hiking guiding service. Grand Canyon hiking guides are passionate about the Grand Canyon and are more than happy to keep you safe while sharing their love for this truly unique place on Earth.

South Kaibab Trail Guided Hike

Mileage/Elevation /Water

  • Trailhead: 0 miles/7,200 ft/Water Mat-Sept
  • Ooh Aah Point: .5 miles/6,320 ft/NoWater
  • Cedar Ridge: 1.5 miles/5,200 ft/No Water
  • The Tipoff: 4.4 miles/4,000 ft/No Water
  • Bright Angel Campground: 6.8 miles/2,400 ft/Year Round Water
  • Phantom Ranch: 7.2 miles/2,546 ft/ Year Round Water

One of the Grand Canyons two most popular hiking trails, the South Kaibab was built for its expansive views. Hikers and mules alike use this trail to get below the Rim. In the early days of Grand Canyon National Park, another popular hiking trail, the Bright Angel, was privately owned through an old mining claim. Although not actively mined, the owners charged park visitors a fee to hike their trail. The Park Service, who was not a fan of this operation, decided to blast the South Kaibab Trail out of a rugged ridgeline to put the miners out of business. The awesome vistas the South Kaibab provided, along with a lack of any extra fee, brought an end to the miner’s operation shortly after opening. The trailhead is located east of Mather Point, and can be accessed via a free shuttle service within the Park.

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Catch Your First Unforgettable Views Of The Grand Canyon

Our trip begins in Las Vegas , Nevada. We rendezvous with our guides at 7am in our host hotel, and after introductions and a brief orientation, we head east along historic Route 66 towards Grand Canyon National Park. Kicking off our explorations on the canyons South Rim, we enjoy our first unforgettable views of this awe-inspiring natural wonder from Mather Point. Stretching our legs, we walk along the scenic Rim Trail before visiting the nearby Yavapi Geological Museum to learn about the powerful forces that carved this giant chasm over millennia. In late afternoon, we take a short transfer to Mather Campground, our forested home for the next two nights. After pitching our comfy, oversized tents, we settle in for our first guide-prepared dinner as the dusky colors of sunset paint the vast Southwestern sky. Lunch and dinner included.

Hiking: 24 miles on the Rim Trail, minimal elevation change. Van transfer: 4.5 hours

Why Is The Park Separated Into South And North Rims

Overnight Camping Excursion in Grand Canyon National Park

A 277 mile long canyon separates the park into South and North Rims. The Grand Canyon of the Colorado River is a mile-deep, and creates a barrier that bisects the park. Even though the average distance across the canyon is only 10 miles/ 16 km, be aware that it is a five-hour drive of 215 miles/ 346 km between the park’s South Rim Village and the North Rim Village.Scenery, climate and vegetation are noticably different between north and south rims because of differences in elevation. It is almost like having two parks in one and it takes time, planning and effort to be able to visit both sides of the Canyon in one trip.

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Best Grand Canyon Hiking Tour Companies

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Take a gander at the magnificent painted landscape of Grand Canyon, and youll quickly see why its one of the greatest natural wonders in the world.

You cant beat the views from atop Grand Canyon, but youre missing half the fun if you dont venture below the rim. Hiking down trails like South Kaibab and Bright Angel some of the most breathtaking trails in the country is the best way to get an up-close look at the canyons unique rock formations, fossils, wildlife, flora, and cultural history.

That said, Grand Canyon is so vast that it can be intimidating to plan a good hiking trip on your own especially when youre thinking about a multi-day trip.

Youll need to have advance permits set up to camp below rim, and if youre venturing beyond the corridor trails means youll need to know the locations of springs and potholes to get your water. The details of planning a Grand Canyon backpacking trip are many.

Ignoring these details can lead to consequences ranging from fines if caught camping illegally all the way to death if you cant find water on a hot canyon day.

Guided Tours Of Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon National Park is the epitome of adventure destinations in the American Southwest. Whether youre looking to stay in a campground, one of the historic Grand Canyon hotels, or explore deep in the Grand Canyon backcountry, you will have the experience of a lifetime exploring this natural wonder. Travelers to the Grand Canyon have many different activities to choose from such riding the historic Grand Canyon railway from the town of Williams, day hiking, backpacking, mule rides, visiting the Grand Canyon skywalk, and rafting the mighty Colorado River.

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Grand Canyon National Park Weather

The stunning park benefits from several climate zones, including humid continental dry, warm, dry, cool Summers, hot and humid summer, Mediterranean, and pleasant cold semi-arid. Do you want to visit the Grand Canyon during the best month of the year? Head towards your Grand Canyon from September to November or from March to May because the temperature is delightfully cool and the park is less crowded. If your escape from the crowd, forget about visiting the park during the summer months. On summer days, the temperature fluctuates between 40-80 degrees. Autumn, the king of seasons, is another lovely time to visit the glorious Grand Canyon, National Park. However, in winter, the park is so peaceful that you say, I wish I could stay here forever. Make yourself prepare for a freezing atmosphere. The park includes many hotel rooms and parking so you will not have any problem in this regard. But remember to bring warm clothes in that the temperature goes down. have fun in the peace-loving park.

Affordable Lodging Outside The Grand Canyon

Desert View Campground in Grand Canyon Arizona – 360 Video Tour 4K

Staying overnight inside Grand Canyon National Park may not only be difficult to find availability for, but it can also be expensive. For more affordable accommodations, consider staying outside the park in Tusayan, Arizona. Located 7 miles from Grand Canyon Village, Tusayan, AZ is the closest town to the South Rim entrance with plenty of affordable hotels and lodging near the Grand Canyon.

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Our Grand Canyon Hiking Tours Explore A Vast And Rigorous Landscape And Embrace A Spectacular Array Of Geological And Historical Wonders

This rugged and remote region, where bold plateaus and multi-hued cliffs run for distances that defy human perspective, offers some of the best hiking in the world. Expanding over 277 miles in length, averaging 10 miles in width and over 1 mile deep, it is understandable why this great chasm is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.

Even today, this unspoiled natural landscape remains a frontier. A Grand Canyon hiking tour offers an incredible opportunity to explore shimmering waterfalls, ancient ruins, unimaginable vistas, and spectacular rock formations. Choose from a range of guided backpacking trips, mule-assisted camping and hiking tours, lodge-based tours and basecamp adventures. Experience a Grand Canyon hiking tour with Four Season Guides for the unforgettable vacation of a lifetime!

First Time In The Grand Canyon

Driving your car or riding the free shuttle buses along the South Rim is one of the best ways to experience the park if itâs your first time in the Grand Canyon. Hop out and admire the swirling canyon colors and geological mysteries at the observation points along the way.

Since the South Rim is extremely established, offering navigable roads and plenty of visitor services and facilities, the Grand Canyon is one of the easiest national parks to tour by yourself. You donât need to pay for a tour or hire a guide to thoroughly see the best of the Grand Canyon.

Feeling more active? Walk along the South Rim on the Rim Trail and learn about the geological history of the Grand Canyon.

Want a unique view of the Grand Canyon? Hike below the rim on the Bright Angel Trail or South Kaibab Trail and see the canyons from a different perspective.

Looking for a list of the best things to do and top attractions you canât miss on your Grand Canyon trip? Check out these 10 unique ways to experience the Grand Canyon.

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