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Marmot Crane Creek Backpacking And Camping Tent

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My Ultralight Backpacking Tent – Marmot Ultralight 2P

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How To Prevent Moisture And Mildew

Prevent moisture and mildew by making sure that the camping tent is dry before storing it. If the weather permits, let the backpacking tent dry before packing it after camp. If not, take the first chance to hang it dry or set it up to prevent further damage during the trip. This will also prevent unpleasant smells from building up.

After your trip, clean it first. Fully dry the tent by setting it up in your backyard, preferably under shade. If not possible, let it air dry inside your house. If you have limited space, hang it dry while making sure that the fabric will not rip.

Marmot Crane Creek Backpacking And Camping Tent

  • The weight can be reduced exponentially for the trail, so it is both a backpacking and camping tent.
  • It doesnt have any design flaws the interior is complete, and the exterior is good-looking and protected.

The mesh panel is denser than the meshes of cheap tents, but it doesnt give a clear view of the stars as the low-price tents do, though you will like the mesh panels quality. It comes with strong aluminum stakes, but they are not enough in number to stake down the tent for windy conditions, so you have to buy four more stakes.

For ventilation, it has windows and a Velcro opening. Moreover, the package includes guyline tensioners that help in ventilation by separating the inner tents rainfly. Indeed, Marmot Crane Creek is the best lightweight 2-person tent under $200.


Kelty Late Start 1 Person 3 Season Camping Tent

  • It has a generous space for one person and a vestibule for extra luggage
  • The fabric used is rugged, making it the right tent for unfriendly terrains
  • It is incredibly waterproof and warm

It comes with straightforward instructions on how to assemble the tent if followed properly, it hardly takes five minutes to pitch the tent. Remember that it is designed for a single adult, too tight for two adults, but it can accommodate your extra luggage because of the vestibule and generous space.

It is the best 1-person tent under $200 for its well-engineered design and rugged fabric.


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Top 10 Best Marmot 3p Tent In 2022 Comparison Table

  • Canopy fabric: 40d 100% Polyester No-See-Um Mesh F/R – 68d 100% Polyester Taffeta F/R
  • Dimensions: 48 x 68 x 90in – 122 x 173 x 229cm
  • Floor fabric: 68d Polyester Taffeta 190T 2000mm F/R
  • Fly fabric: 68d Polyester Taffeta 190T 1500mm F/R
  • Zone Pre-Bend Construction Creates Vertical Walls, More Roomy Sleeping Area and Greater Head Room
  • Canopy fabric: 40d 100% Polyester No-See-Um Mesh F/R – 68d 100% Polyester Taffeta F/R
  • Dimensions: 46 x 66 x 90in – 117 x 168 x 229cm
  • Floor fabric: 68d Polyester Taffeta 190T 2000mm F/R
  • Fly fabric: 68d Polyester Taffeta 190T 1500mm F/R
  • Zone Pre-Bend Construction Creates Vertical Walls, More Roomy Sleeping Area and Greater Head Room
  • Spacious four person family tent, one large entrance, two apses for all kinds of equipment self carrying inner tent with No See Um mesh to protect from vermin, can also be used separately
  • Comfortable camping tent with a lot of space, nearly vertical Walls for super headroom yet high wind stability thanks to rugged pole
  • Waterproof outdoor tent with completely band welded seams and raised floor tray UV resistant extremely wind resistant with the right tension
  • Extremely strong 4/DAC Press Fit 12 mm pole with colour coding for simply pitching of this 4 person tent spacious entrances, various inside pockets, roof pocket for headlamp
  • Large dome tent, measurements 218 x 254 x 160 cm pack size: 70 x 26 cm Weight: 5.33 kg Includes carrying bag, guy wires and enough tent pegs

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Marmot Crane Creek Backpacking and Camping Tent

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Should I Get A Footprint

Not all backpacking tents come with a footprint. While the floor is made of thick fabric, leakage is still possible if you pitch in particularly rough ground. While a footprint is not necessary, it can prolong the lifespan of your tent.

If you have an ultra-lightweight camping tent, then a footprint is a good investment. Even the best budget tent cannot last through repeated abuse from pebbles, debris, twigs, and other sharp edges on the ground.

Ventilation And Floor Material

We must say that Marmot did an excellent job with the ventilation for all the models of the Crane Creek tents. The walls have an inner mesh that lets plenty of airflow in and out of the tent. Additionally, the dual vestibules also have vents which means the air circulation is even better.

The floor of this tent is made of high-quality polyethylene, and it is completely waterproof, so you wont be getting wet from the damp earth below you. For even better weather protection, the floor fabric is seam-taped, meaning no water will leak into the tent through the floor.

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# Storage Pocket Available

One of the nice touches in this tent is a storage pocket inside. The storage pocket is attached to the tents wall. Its great for storing tiny, essential goods inside and keeping them easily accessible. Having a pocket also helps to keep things from becoming tangled up on the tent floor and being crushed.

# Great Weather Protection

Marmot Crane Creek 2P Tent| UNDER $200 | My Newest Tent for CANOE CAMPING

Consider the tents weather protection features when choosing one for yourself. Waterproof materials are included with most tents by default. It is important to ensure that the tent is stable in all weather conditions, not only in the rain.

The waterproof shield on the Marmot Crane Creek Backpacking and camping tent is rather impressive. Its a good performer in all weather conditions. Its water-resistant and will keep you warm in chilly weather. In summer and hot weather, this well-ventilated tent ensures fresh air.

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How Should I Store A Tent

Store the tent in a cool, dry place during your offseason. A camping tent usually comes with a storage sack, which is a poor choice for storage. Other parts, such as tent poles, may deteriorate faster when left inside a tight sack. Keep it loose by storing it inside a bigger mesh bag or a pillowcase.

Quality & Durability Of The Backpacking Tent

This Marmot Crane Creek Backpacking Tent is made with great quality materials. The tent fabric is tear proof and fully waterproof to keep you dry in the rainy season.

The stakes and poles of the tent are made of durable 7000 series aluminium metal. It is of great quality. The zippers are also of great quality and are not affected by water. The overall quality of the tent is quite good and affordable too.

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Who Is It For

Weight-wise, those are versatile tents, somewhere in between the ordinary camping and backpacking tents. You will see below how the Crane Creek 3 compares with backpacking and camping tents. So I have included the 3-person version in my backpacking 3-person tents list as well as in the 3-person camping tents.

The packed size 22 x 5.5 x 4.5 inches is such that you can transport it in any way you want, attached to the pack, on a bicycle, on a motorbike, in a kayak, etc.

Seasons-wise and climate-wise, I would say this is a 2-season tent, for summer, late spring, and early autumn. This is because of so much mesh which will not keep the warmth if you use it in a cold environment, and the fact that they do not provide any information about its waterproof rating.

Best Tent Under 200 For Sale 2022

Marmot Crane Creek Backpacking and Camping Tent

Camping is one of the best options to relieve yourself after the lockdown, and you must choose the right tent for that as getting stuck with the wrong tent in the wild can be more frustrating than the lockdown. You dont have to break your piggy bank for the right camping shelter you can find the best tent under 200, whether you are searching for a heavy rain tent or an ultralight Tent for backpacking.

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Why You Should Buy The Marmot Crane Creek Backpacking And Camping Tent

There are plenty of reasons why you might look into this tent, but for now, lets focus on what makes this one of the best . To begin, the Marmot Crane Creek tent is lightweight regardless of which model, making it very easily portable. It comes in two options, a 2 and a 3 person model, and you can also choose between the ultralight and regular option.

The weather protection you will get from this tent is phenomenal. Although it is ultralight, this Marmot Creek tent endures through all the weather conditions, and thanks to its waterproof material, you wont be drenched by any water leakages.

In terms of construction, this tent is absolutely solid, and the dome-style freestanding design makes everything even more convenient. Its easy set-up is also something that also makes it shine amongst all the Marmot backpacking tents.

Three Season Or Four Season Backpacking Tent

While selecting a backpacking tent, one should be clear whether he/she wants three seasons or four seasons backpacking tent. A three-season backpacking tent can be used in summer, fall and spring weather conditions. While a four-season backpacking tent can be used during any season.

This Marmot Crane Creek Backpacking Tent is a three season tent. It can be used in moderate cold. But it is not advised to take this tent in winter season as it is not designed for cold weathers.

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Whats The Best Way To Clean Your Tent

A. Firstly, when you return from a trip, you should immediately unwrap your tent and set it back up outside to air dry with all doors and windows open. Storing a wet tent for too long can lead to mold and mildew growth. Once the tent is dry, spray it with lukewarm water and use a mild soap to clean any dirt.

Tent Materials & Construction

Marmot Crane Creek Backpacking and Camping Tent

The tent has been constructed very nicely and gives a great impression wherever you look. It comes with dual mesh doors along with long zippers. The zippers can be rolled to the side and fixed with toggle.

The dual vestibules come with central zippers and can be rolled to the sides. One can also roll a single vestibule and keep other as the windbreaker. The tent comes with various options to provide you great camping experience.

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Size Of The Backpacking Tent

The size of a tent plays an important role while selecting one for yourself. One needs to understand how much space they need to have inside the tent.

Marmot Crane Creek Backpacking and Camping Tent comes in two different sizes. The two-person tent has got space of 32 sq. ft. which is enough for the accommodation of two people. The three-person tent comes with the interior space of 42 sq. ft. Hence, one can choose from multiple options based on their requirements.

Backpacking Tents Vs Camping Tents

The main difference between backpacking tents and standard camping tents is the weight. As a backpacker, youre reliant only on the items you can carry on your back. Any experienced backpacker knows that any ounce of weight you can shed will make your hike a whole lot easier. Backpacking tents usually sacrifice weight through lighter poles and less overall fabric. Campers are more likely to use their vehicles to drive to a campsite which means that weight is less priority.

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Weight Of The Backpacking Tent

The weight of the backpack is also an important constraint to look at while selecting a backpacking tent. The less the weight is, the easier it is to carry the tent.

This Marmot Crane Creek Backpacking Tent is available in two different options. Hence, it has different weights based on its options. The two-person backpacking tent weighs 4.8 pounds while the three-person tent weighs precisely 5.8 pounds. The weight is quite optimal and can easily be carried by a single person.

Temperature Inside The Tent

Marmot Crane Creek Backpacking and Camping Tent

This Marmot Crane Creek backpacking and camping tent is a three season tent. It is a great choice for summer, fall and spring. Though it can handle the moderate cold, it is not made for extreme winter.

Still, the tent can maintain temperature around 0 to 1 degree. For that, you need to use warm clothes and seal the vents properly. But it is recommended to get a four-season backpacking tent if you plan to go camping in winter.

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Best Tents Under $200 Buying Guide 2021

The buying guide is relevant to the tents under $200. High-end tents have some unique features that are unfortunately not available in low price tents. Still, the best tents under $200 include all the important qualities for a relaxing camping experience.

Size of the Tent

It is difficult to find the right size tent for multiple reasons one of the primary reasons is the internets wrong information. The easy way to find the right size tent is to multiply the number of occupants by 20 square feet since a single adult needs at least 20 square feet to sleep comfortably.

Plus, it would help if you considered your height as most of the tents that provide ample elbowroom fail to provide decent headroom. But ultralight or mountaineering tents have a short height to reduce the weight and provide more insulation, so it also depends on the environment you will be camping in.

Some tents offer a generous vestibule or screen room, which helps save space by accommodating luggage, so for a tent without a vestibule or screen room, you must take luggage accordingly.


Even the most expensive tents fail to provide weather protection finding a rainproof tent at a low price can be hard. You can find the best tent for heavy rain if you have the basic knowledge about tents, and this guide is to help you gain that knowledge.

Tent Setup


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Final Thoughts Rating Pros & Cons

In the summary of this Marmot Crane Creek Tent review, I would stress that the tent looks very reliable and strongly built, workmanship looks at the level of such a renown brand. But the description and specifications of this tent are really disappointing. The price appears to be fair for such a tent and brand.

The rating by Amazon customers has been very high and there are many reports available. In fact, it is hard to rate it properly because it does not fit completely in any of the groups, it is not fully backpacking and it is a bit too small for a regular camping tent. Anyhow, see my attempt at rating it:

How To Choose Backpacking Tents Under $200

Top 10 Marmot Tents & Shelters [2018]: Marmot Crane Creek 3-Person Backpacking and Camping Tent

So far, weve talked about our best backpacking tent for under $200. We are not suggesting you believe in us just reading our reviews. You should check out these products and know the features they are offering.

Building Material

Building materials can be different for the different tents. Such as polyester, fiberglass, fabric etc. No matter what they are made of, just ensure if they are long-lasting for the weather you are going to use them. my suggestion is to choose either a polyester made tent or a fiberglass made tent.

The poles are an important factor for pitching a tent. You need sturdy poles which may not lose their balance during heavy wind. Aluminum and fiberglass made poles can tackle storms.

The tent material should be thick and it is better to use a double fabric tent. To a chance of water leaking then. Up to 40D-70D should be the fiber thickness of a tent.

Weather Tackling Ability

When you choose a tent, you must know where you will use tents. We rarely live in a one-season country. Thats why we may use the tent in different seasons like rainy days, hot summer days or in extreme winter. If you look for the best tents under $100, there is rarely any chance youll get 3-4 season tents. They mostly serve warm weather and rainy days.

My suggestion is to get a tent for at least three seasons. Because four-season tents can cost more than $200.



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