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Red Top Mountain State Park Camping

Overnight Solo Camping At Red Top Mountain State Park

RED TOP MOUNTAIN STATE PARK | Georgia Travel | Camping near Atlanta | Georgia State Parks

I have a solo sleeping bag, one where you sleep in it like a coffin, and it was really weird. The Alpine tent had big screens on it, so there was a little starlight to see, but for the most part it was pitch black. It was pretty warm out, probably about 55ºF, so I had no problem getting to sleep after I got my phone plugged in to a battery and started drifting right off to sleep.

The bad news is that it got to be 32º around 2am. I woke up shivering and short of breath and did not have the proper gear to handle the cold. I was wearing leggings and a thermal shirt, but did not have anything even close to warm enough gear to be warm enough in this. I threw my old clothes on and zipped my little sleeping bag all the way up over my face as much as I could. After shivering for half an hour, I managed to fall back asleep.

However, this little stint of being abruptly woken up meant I did not wake up in time to be able to get my camera ready to shoot the sunrise. It was still pretty damn cold out when I woke up at 6:30am, and my hands and camera gear were both a little too cold for optimal performance. If youre a photographer, take hand warmers with you if the weather looks like its going to get cold. Its miserable to handle a camera while youre cold.

Red Top Mountain State Park Georgia

Red Top Mountain State Park is an easy day trip from Atlanta, GA. There are also ample camping and cabin rentals here if youre looking for a longer getaway. We ventured up to Red Top Mountain on a spring weekday with perfect weather for some much needed outdoor time. We combined our visit with the Etowah Indian Mounds Historical Site, also run by the Georgia Parks Department.

Red Top Mountain is more traditionally known for its water access. It is a popular place to access and enjoy Lake Allatoona. It is lesser known for its hiking trails, although there are plenty of them. That is what drew us there on a beautiful Thursday in February.

You should start your visit at the lovely Red Top Mountain Visitors Center. There is plenty of parking at the visitors center. We popped in to pick up our Georgia State Jr. Ranger Packet.

The official Georgia Geocache is also down one of the trails near the visitors center, so if youre trying to comple the Georgia State Park GeoTrail, make sure you get this cache before leaving the area. Also near the visitors center is a short paved trail that leads to a reconstructed 1860s homestead.

We had our eyes though on the 4 mile Iron Hill Trail, which starts just down the road. This wooded and gravel topped path is nearly entirely flat and provides alternating views of the water and the iron rich soil hills which made this area a popular place to mine.

Solo Camping At Red Top Mountain State Park In Acworth Ga

Ive spent the extra time being stuck inside getting experienced and prepped for being able to camp. As you may recall, I spent some time in – a little too cold for my taste, but now that the weathers warming up, I decided to try somewhere else. My partner had plans with friends that weekend, which made me decide that I was going to do my first solo camping trip ever!

I looked at the different parks nearby and decided to go with Red Top Mountain State Park. I had hiked there a few weeks prior, and with new polarizing lens filters and some new camping gear, I was ready to take on the new challenge of getting some new landscape shots in the environment.

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Red Top Mountain Campground Is Being Renovated

Renovations are underway at the campground of Red Top Mountain State Park, 50 Lodge Road, Acworth on Lake Allatoona.

Guests often stay overnight in rental cottages, a spacious campground or the parks lakeside yurt.

However, areas of the campground are closed for camping until the improvements are completed, according to the parks website.

Cable TV also may be out in spots of the campground during renovations.

Fees are $5 for daily parking or $50 for an annual ParkPass but not for state historic sites.

For information, go to

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Red Top Mountain State Park Campground

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Reservation system is not correct when they SELL a spot, and it is occupied when you get there. It’s hard to “hover” in a narrowed road park, while pulling a 25 foot travel trailer. No one offered a different spot, until almost 2 hours later. I was told the existing camper would leave, but to no avail, again, almost 2 hours later. We were also told there was WIFI. There is WIFI, for an additional fee, which that was not mentioned. We left. Cleary. no one was monitoring the campground, because the people who were in our assigned site had no tag on their site post. I will do my best to help them be able to deliver a better camping experience for others, as they certainly let me down. I’m sure with my help, and the help of the State officials we can get this fixed…


Due to renovations at Camp McKinney, we made reservations at Red Top Mt. for our overnight RV stay. Although the price was a bit higher, we were very happy with our visit. The staff was welcoming and the park is ruggedly beautiful. The restrooms are modern and clean, and, although we did not need to use it, there was a nice laundry room. There are only a few sites that are pull through for big rigs. The remaining sites are small. Id recommend getting your reservations early, especially in high season.

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Entering Red Top Mountain Park

There is no gated entrance to the park. Visitors are required to pay a $5 per-vehicle day use fee. You can also purchase an annual pass for $50. This annual pass is good at all of Georgia’s state parks. There is an entry fee/entry booth along Red Top Beach Road, which is the the road that leads to the swimming area. You can pay your entry fee there and obtain information about the park. Along the main road through the park is the visitors center. It serves as the camping check-in office, a store , and park information center. You can also pay your entry fee here.

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Red Top Mountain State Park Campground

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Red Top Mountain Rv Camping

Red Top Mountain State Park103108354

Not very far from free parking to kayak put in. Also picnic spots available! Would definitely return. Very clean restrooms available.

One of the best state parks! It has everything…good hiking, lake, beach, mini-golf, and more. They usually have some type of activity going on! They have great cabins and camping also!

Took a quick trip here as a nature getaway while at a sporting event at nearby Lake Point. We all loved the Sweet Gum trail and it’s close proximity to the water. Stopped and looked at minnows, skipped rocks, and balance beam walked on downed trees. Good interspersion of ups and downs on the trail, so be prepared to work your glutes! A lot of people were hiking with small kids and dogs, but the trail never felt crowded. The park offers a lot of different trails, including a paved loop for wheelchairs and strollers. The trails are well marked with color coding for each specific trail.The visitor center offers maps, gear, snacks, and the rangers can answer questions. Bathrooms are both here and porta potties were on our trail in another parking area.So glad we took a break and headed to Red Top. Definitely recommend it!

Red Top Mountain State Park

“At Red Top Mountain State Park you can connect with the natural beauty of Lake Allatoona and explore the iron mining tradition & history of the Etowah Valley.”

This popular park on Lake Allatoona is ideal for swimming, water skiing and fishing. Visitors can bring their own boats or rent from nearby marinas. A sand swimming beach is nestled in a cove and surrounded by trees, providing a great place to cool off during summer. Picnic shelters and group shelters may be rented for meetings, parties, reunions and other celebrations. Guests often stay overnight in rental cottages, a spacious campground, or the parks lakeside yurt.

While best known for the 12,000 acre lake, Red Top Mountain is also a hikers haven. More than 15 miles of trails wind through the forested park, providing opportunities for exercise and nature photography. A short, paved trail behind the park office is suitable for wheelchairs and strollers, welcoming guests to explore a reconstructed 1860s homestead. The gravel-topped 4 mile Iron Hill Trail is open to both hikers and bikers, offering pretty views of the lakes shoreline.

Named for the soils rich red color caused by high iron-ore content, Red Top Mountain was once an important mining area. Iron pour programs are occasionally held near the Vaughn Cabin behind the park office. The park also maintains Allatoona Pass Battlefield, a historically significant battlefield due to the well-preserved trenches and earthworks.

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Red Top Mountain State Park Overview

Red Top Mountain State ParK

Red Top Mountain State Park is located next to beautiful Lake Allatoona and has 93 single-family campsites . There are also 20 cottages, 1 yurt and group camping available.

Campsites can accommodate tents, trailers and RVs . Each site also has a table, fire ring and grate. Amenities include drinking water, flush toilets, trash collection and a dump staton. Theres also 2 boat ramps, 2 boat docks, 3 playgrounds and a marina.

Area Recreation & Activities

Visitors can enjoy a wide variety of outdoor activities including boating, fishing, swimming, water sports, hiking , mountain biking picnicking and wildlife viewing. Other activities include pickle ball, miniature golf, tennis, geocaching and educational programs.

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What To Do At Red Top Mountain State Park

Cross the cool truss bridge on Red Top Mountain Road to get to the park, and get ready for all things lake related! With the 12,000-acre Lake Allatoona as a backdrop, Red Top offers a lot in the way of water fun.

Get out on the water. You can bring your own boat, or rent one from one of the nearby marinas to enjoy a day out on the water. Theres even a marina inside Red Top Mountain State Park Park Marina that offers boat rentals. There are also two boat ramps, and two boat docks within the park. Get your bathing suits, water skis, and fishing poles ready Lake Allatoona is ideal for swimming, water sports, and fishing.

Swimming. For those who are ready for the beach, Red Top Mountain State Park has a swimming beach thats perfect for spending time in the water in the summertime! Its nestled in a cove and surrounded by trees making it the perfect place to cool off from the heat of a Georgia summer.

Mountain Biking. The 4-mile Iron Hill Trail is open to both hikers and bikers, and offers pretty views of the shoreline along the way. This trail is part of Georgia State ParksMuddy Spokes Club a club that challenges bikers to get out and tackle the trails.

Archery, Tennis, and more. You can also find archery programs, picnic shelters, tennis courts, and, of course hiking.

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