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Second Hand Camping Gear For Sale

How To Check Your Consignment Balance Online

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To check your consignment balance and currently consigned items online, click the at the top of this page. In order to log into your consignment account, you will need your unique OGE customer ID and your phone number/email address. If you have misplaced your consignment contract and can’t remember your OGE customer ID, contact our communication staff via phone, email, or live chat and we will be happy to look you up.

Why Everything Outdoors Australia Used Camping Supplies Are Cost

Getting outfitted for a weekend camping trip or exploring the outback can quickly become a pricey ordeal, but theres no need to spend an arm and a leg when you can get the same brands for half the price in gently-used condition.

  • Find quality brands and products for camping that fill your need without the sticker shock. Gently-used items often come at a more affordable price without sacrificing quality.
  • Earn money while you shop by selling the products that are lying around that you dont use anymore. Simply pack up and sell! Its easy to list products on our website, and youll feel even better when you shop if you can offset the cost of purchases with your own sales.
  • Shopping for used gear online eliminates the need to go out to a store, where salespeople often try to push you away from budget-friendly options and towards top-shelf gadgets and gear that may be tough to afford. On our website, you can find what you need at a price that you can afford without feeling pressured to overspend.

Find The Perfect Used Camping Gear Online

Every one of these websites is an incredible place to turn if youre looking for some high-quality used camping or backpacking gear. No matter what youre looking for or what brand you want, these websites have gently used versions just for you.

With these sites, you dont have to pay full price and they function just as well as they would if you had just bought it off the shelf. For more information about all things trekking and traveling, Trek Baron has everything you need. Take a look at our blog and get yourself completely prepared for all of your outdoor adventures.

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Best Online Shops For Used Outdoor Gear

Category: Gear

As anyone who has ever walked into a sporting goods or outdoor gear store can tell you, buying adventure-ready equipment can be a very expensive proposition. And, with constant improvements to technology and new developments, it doesnt look like thats going to change anytime soon. There is, however, a remarkably simple way to get your hands on some top-notch gear without ever having to pay full price for it.

No, we dont mean waiting all year for a Black Friday sale and we certainly dont approve of five-finger discounts or the black market. What were talking about is buying used gear. From boots, jackets, camping tents, and more buying used is a superb way to equip yourself without breaking the bank. Most of the time, however, you still have to go to a store or swap meet to find that sort of gear or at least you used to. Now, there are some excellent online shops and forums that will allow you to find gently used gear of all sorts to be shipped straight to your home. And weve rounded up eight of the best for your purchasing pleasure.

The Best Places To Buy Used Camping Gear Online

Used camping, backpacking and kayak gear for sale, trade and ...

There are several reasons you might want to consider buying used camping gear. Maybe youre on a budget and cant afford to buy all new equipment. Or perhaps youre trying to be more environmentally conscious and dont want to contribute to the growing mountain of camping gear in landfills every year. There are now some great places to buy used camping gear online, whatever your reasons. In this article, well look at some of the best.

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Used Camping Gear Summary

Welcome To Second Gear

Our locally-owned, independently run store is based out of Asheville, North Carolina – where we’ve been proudly serving our community since 2004.

Whether you’re looking to consign your gently used gear for some extra cash, get new gear for your next adventure, or simply learn more about the outdoors – we’re here to help.

Second Gear is your one-stop shop to get outside and start adventuring!

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Camping And Hiking Equipment

Equipment and gear enable people to safely enjoy all kinds of outdoor environments for extended periods of time. Requirements for camping and hiking gear range from merely needing to provide comfort to ensuring survival for outdoor enthusiasts of varying skill levels. Whether for camping or hiking, all equipment should hold up to rugged outdoor use.

What should be considered when buying camping and hiking gear?

  • Environment: Staying comfortable in your surroundings is the first step to having an enjoyable time. Consider terrain, vegetation, elevation, nearby water, and overall soil moisture.
  • Wildlife: You have to consider the fact that you are sharing space with a lot of creatures that call your recreational site home. Various parasites and other bugs can make for a bad time. You will also want to prepare for larger animals that like to forage in your food stash or animals that want to share your heat like snakes.
  • Weather: Temperature, sun exposure, and precipitation all need to be accounted for when planning a successful trip into the outdoors.
  • Regulations: Know what the rules and laws are of where you will be hiking or camping so that you know what you need to bring and what should be left at home.
  • Activities: Be sure to pack what you will need to enjoy your hike and/or camp to the fullest or achieve the goals you’ve set for your trip.
  • Duration: The length of your camping or hiking trip will determine how much and what type of gear you will need.

Try A Consignment Store Or Ex

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Theres lots and lots of consignment stores that buy and sell used outdoor gear. Theres also a bunch of independent outdoor stores which sell new products that also have a used section. Youll typically find them in the most outdoorsy states.

For this option youll probably have to make a trip to the shop itself. Most of them wont ship. Some will let you buy online and pick up in-store . Many dont even list the used gear they have for sale But its well worth running a Google search to see what you can find.

Google Search Strings for Independent Stores

Try any/all of the following searches to throw up options within driving distance of you:

  • + used outdoor gear
  • + gear exchange
  • Outdoor gear consignment near me

I would also recommend searching for outdoor gear rental places. In fact, Mountainside Gear Rental was one of the few stores I found who were selling used gear through their website.

Google Search Strings for Ex-Rental Outdoor Gear

To search for used gear near you thats ex-rental try googling something like:

outdoor gear rental +

Then give them a call and ask if they sell any used equipment so you dont waste time on a visit.

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Benefits Of Everything Outdoors Australia Used Camping Gear

Our online marketplace is the best way to search for and buy used camping gear and more. Weve designed our platform for outdoor recreation aficionados, which means that you can easily browse a wide selection of outdoor favourites at the right price.

  • Find a wide variety of used camping tents, tools, cooking supplies, stoves, furniture, and anything else that you might need for spending quality time outdoors.
  • When you create an account with us, you can contact sellers to ask for specific details about the items that youre interested in buying to be sure that they are the right match. Get peace of mind while browsing: make sure that the condition and specs suit your needs before you make a single purchase.
  • We have organised our site clearly and intuitively, making it easy to find everything that you need in each menu category with images to make browsing even more straightforward. You can also search by keywords or brands to find results. No matter how you like to browse, shopping with us is a breeze.

The Charitable Grant Fund

Launched in October 2013, the Outdoor Gear Exchange Charitable Grant Fund was created to help us give back to our local and regional outdoor community. It is funded both through customer-donated money via their consignment accounts and OGE’s own contributions. The Fund’s goal is to help organizations achieve tangible improvements to land access and conservation.

To contribute to the Charitable Grant Fund, you may allocate a percentage of your entire consignment drop-off’s profitor a single item’sto go to the Fund at the time of consignment. Outdoor Gear Exchange will then match every dollar you contribute towards our charitable giving efforts. Grants will be awarded to qualifying organizations following a seasonal application process. Learn more about projects we have funded here.

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Winter Hardgoods: Skis Snowboards Boots Bindings And Snowshoes

  • Ski hardgoods will need to be vetted by the service department prior to consignment, pictures can be sent to to determine if you should bring them in for an assessment or if they are too old for consignment.
  • Ski base or top sheet damage will need to be repaired prior to consignment. We have a ski service department.
  • Ski boots should be less than 6 years old to qualify for consignment.
  • Ski bindings need to be indemnified and have all required hardware included.

About Everything Outdoors Australia

Airgo Tent for sale in UK

For new and used camping supplies, we offer everything for the outdoors right on our online marketplace, all geared towards Aussies who enjoy a good adventure in the bush, the outback, and beyond. Easily find and list second-hand camping gear for sale using our straightforward interface and begin buying and selling items with a few clicks. You can search through camping gear, 4WD equipment, hunting and fishing supplies, and anything else related to outdoor recreation in one spot with our interactive platform. We want to make your life easier by connecting you with the products that you need right now.

For questions about the products or instructions on our website, contact us, and we will be glad to help.

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Ways To Get Hold Of Used Outdoor Gear

The outdoor industry is starting to recognising the need for change in this endless conveyor belt of outdoor gear production. The more people that buy into this sustainable cycle of reusing, recycling and repurposing old gear, the more high quality stuff well be able to get our hands on, without completely emptying our pockets. This will also result in more and more people having access to what can be a rather pricey way to enjoy our natural world.

Here are a few ways you can get hold of used outdoor gear:

Why Buy Used Outdoor Gear

Buying used outdoor gear may not seem like an obvious choice as good performance, fit and function are essential elements to help you enjoy your time out in the wild, and to survive! In certain scenarios buying your own new gear is often a better option, theres no getting around it. Buying new gives you more choice if you need something very specific, and there are certain items that wear out more quickly or become damaged more easily than other things.

That said, there are also many reasons why buying, or acquiring used outdoor gear is a bit of a no-brainer. Here are a few:

It will save you money

Used camping and outdoor gear is usually much cheaper than brand new gear. And often it has barely been used at all which makes grabbing a bargain all the more satisfying.

Its better for the environment

Buying second-hand gear and clothing has massive environmental benefits. Much of the gear and clothing we use in the outdoors is constructed of plastic-based fabrics that take decades to break down. In fact, a polyester shirt takes between 20 and 200 years to decompose. Minimising the production of yet more new gear and clothing cuts down on oil production, prevents chemical treatments and dyes from entering our waterways, and saves a LOT of water.

You get to try or buy stuff that you wouldnt be able to at full price

There are more reviews available of older gear

You get to figure out what specific gear suits you before you invest

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Quality Used Camping Tents For Sale

We buy, trade, consign and sell used backpacking and family camping tents online and in our retail stores in Arizona. Need more than just a tent? See all of our used camping gear available for sale. And most everything we sell used is also available for rent. Good quality tents for family camping and backpacking are designed to a decade or more if reasonably taken care, so why buy a brand new one at full retail? We offer a wide selection of used tents at great-value prices that look just like your new gear would after a…

Charity Shops And Consignment Stores

Second hand trolley for sale oner no:6304356225

Outdoor gear consignment stores and charity shops are treasure troves full of useful stuff for camping and fun in the outdoors. The quality and condition of gear can vary drastically. However, if you are willing to spend a bit of time trawling through all the options, youll soon strike gold. Additionally, youll feel extra warm and fuzzy inside by buying from charity shops where the funds go to good causes.

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Where Can I Buy Hiking And Camping Gear

As such an outdoorsy-inclined nation and one which attracts a wealth of visitors intent on enjoying the great outdoors too there is possibly no better country in the world in which to buy hiking and camping gear.

There are plenty of places to buy new but high quality second-hand gear is in great supply too, in part due to so many travellers ditching the gear they had before heading for home. It can often be better to go down this route because you can get something far higher quality for far less money.

Where to find second-hand hiking and camping gear

  • Op-shops normally run by charities, these second-hand shops are nothing short of goldmines for hiking and camping gear, especially high quality clothing.
  • Trade Me New Zealand’s very own eBay equivalent, Trade Me is both auction site and classified advertising space which has a camping and outdoor section under the ‘Sports’ category. This typically has tens of thousands of items for sale.
  • Other classifieds There are several online options or check out the ‘for sale’ sections in newspapers.
  • Army surplus Designed for the military, much of the gear and clothing you’ll find here is durable and good quality.
  • Hostel notice-boards Travellers will often advertise unwanted equipment here.
  • Backpacker Car World, Auckland Although not tending to have a huge selection, one room of this second-hand campervan and car selling establishment has been set aside for selling second-hand camping gear.

Notice: Mec Gear Swap

Hey there, MEC community: the current version of the Online Gear Swap has been retired as of February 19, 2022.

What a ride. Way back in 1997, a little thing called the MEC Online Gear Swap was born as a place for people to sell and buy used gear and find trip partners. It pre-dated Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace and Kijiji in the world of scoring online deals for used outdoor gear at its height in 2005, it boasted more than 21,000 posts.

Since then, its been awesome to see the market for secondhand gear take off on so many other sites .

We know people now have lots of options to buy and sell used gear online, and postings on our own gear swap slowed significantly over the last few years. So it seemed like the right time to push pause on our online gear swap as we regroup, look at potential improvements, and consider other ways MEC can help to extend the life of outdoor gear.

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Brands That Repurpose And Resell Outdoor Gear

Some of the biggest outdoor brands take sustainability very seriously and make an effort to repurpose some of their gear. Brands like Patagonia and Arcteryx have been paving the way for others to follow with their sustainability ethos, which is great for us when were looking to grab a bargain. Here are some of the best brands to go to for used outdoor gear.

Browse Specific Used Gear Marketplaces

Second hand camping gear â Specialist Car and Vehicle

The internet wouldnt be the internet if it wasnt connecting people who wanted to sell stuff with people who wanted to buy stuff. So it will come as no surprise to you to discover that there are a number of online marketplaces where a person can trade their hiking and outdoor gear. Heres a couple:

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