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Top Rated Tents For Family Camping

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Top 10 Best Large Family Camping Tents | Best Family Tents

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Top 10 Best Family Tent Australia 2022

Handy reference list of the best family tents Australia offers see all full best tents for family reviews below!

  • Coleman Instant Up Gold Series Family Tent, 4, 6, 8 or 10-person
  • Black Wolf Turbo Lite 300 Family Tent, 5-person
  • Ayamaya Pop Up Tent, 4-6 person
  • Browning Camping Big Horn Tent, 4-person
  • Coleman Silver Series Instant Up Family Tent, 8-person
  • Core 9P Instant Cabin Family Tent, 9-person
  • Oztent RV5 Family Tent, 5-person
  • Outdoor Connection Aria Elite Tent, 8 or 12-person
  • Oztrail Tourer 10 Plus Canvas Family Tent, 10-person
  • OZtrail Family 12 Dome Tent, 12-person

What Other Supplies Should You Bring

If youre backpacking, Gohn says the big three gear considerations are your tent, your backpack, and your sleeping pad. The must-have list should also include a camping stove, a way to purify water , and a headlamp. Nice-to-haves include a small camp chair, lanterns, and other comfort features. Car camping lets you widen the list to include loads of additional nice-to-haves like comfy bedding, camping chairs, stoves with multiple burners, portable speakers, and other add-ons. Naturally car campers dont need a multi-day backpack, but will find that a day pack is great for hiking.

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Big Agnes Mad House 6

The Big Agnes Mad House 6 is a family-friendly tent thats large enough for six adventurers. Its not the tallest tent on this list but Big Agnes hasnt wasted any space inside. The tent walls are fitted with multiple gear hooks and 3D bin pockets that are large enough to store most of your kit. A removable inner wall lets you divide the tent into two spacious vestibules. Plus, two entrances, at either end of the tent, mean that each vestibule has a private entrance. Therell be no climbing over each other to go to the bathroom at night!

When it comes to enduring challenging weather conditions, the Big Agnes Mad House 6 is a 4-season tent for camping all-year-round. It features a durable rip-stop flysheet thats UV resistant and has a 1,200 mm waterproof rating. Meanwhile, the built-in floor is made from highly waterproof Oxford polyester, and the tents inner is breathable and fitted with zippered mesh windows. At just under 10 kg, its also a reasonable weight for a 6-person, 4 season tent.

Cons: not tall enough for adults to stand up inside. High price tag.

Verdict: one of the best family tents for all-season camping and rough weather conditions. Its internal organisation and dual entrance design make it just as suited to group camping trips as it is for winter camping.

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The Best Camping Tents for Groups and Families ...

As you can tell from strolling through any busy campground, there are dozens of diverse tent designs, ranging from snug, single-body cocoons to multiroom, polyester palaces that sleep 10 or 12. If you already own a tent you love, you dont need this guide. A shelter bought for backpacking, scouting, or festival-going can also double as a car-camping tent. But if youre looking to get into car camping for the first time, or if youre a backpacker who now has kids, embracing your new reality and investing in a shelter made for car camping can make sense.

Finding the smallest, lightest tent that meets your needs is the logical approach when youre backpacking. But if you wont be carrying your tent more than a couple hundred feet, more space means more comfort . Tent makers measure tent capacity by how many people can fit in them sardine-style, lying inside mummy bags. That means you can fit six adults in a six-person tent, but you probably wouldnt want to, because those adults would be sleeping hip to hip, with little spare room for gear.

If you still want a smaller setup after reading this guide, be advised that our top pick for couples, the Kelty Grand Mesa 4, also comes in a smaller version: the Grand Mesa 2. Although we havent tested that version, weve heard good things.

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Ferrino Flow 4 Family Tent

This tent is a 3-room construction supported by three inflatable beams. As you realize from the picture, this is a very typical tunnel-type tent. The tent is moderately tall, you have 70.87 inches peak height.

The mentioned rooms include two sleeping rooms with a removable divider in an inner tent, plus a large living room in front of it. The inner tent can be removed completely so you can use the shell tent as a single-room tent.

The shell tent is a 70D polyester, 75 g/m², coated with thermal-insulated aluminized polyurethane with a 2000 mm waterproof rating. The inner tent is a water-repellent breathable polyester.

The inner tents floor is the same 70D polyester, 80 g/ m², and it is waterproof to 2500 mm. But there is also the main floor that is fully sewn-in and sealed. This is a waterproof and fully welded polyethylene with a more than 10000 mm waterproof rating.

The tent is with three external doors. The side door is double-layer full size, so you have separate zippered mesh plus a separate zippered panel. The rear door is with a mesh window on the upper half. The front door is a single-layer. So for ventilation, you have plenty of mesh sections plus 4 roof vents.

The tent is officially for 4 people, but it can accommodate more, up to 6 or so. You have 117.5 ft² of the floored and fully protected area. This is an excellent tent for

3-season use.

The weight is 28.66 lb and the packed size is 29.5 x 13.8 x 13.8 inches .The overall dimensions are 13.78 x 8.53 ft .

Vango Keswick Ii 600dlx Air Tent

Only available at Winfields, the Keswick II 600 by Vango, is a six-person family tent that offers incredible value for money.

This tent is packed full of incredibly useful features, including a full stand-up height, Vangos TBS II system for added strength during rough weather, plus handy storage solutions throughout to make life easier.

With a living area that is large enough to dine in and an attached front porch area, there is also plentiful space for storage, shelter, and comfort on your camping trip whether its for a weekend or a long stay. The front of the tent is a fully enclosed porch, which can be opened fully or closed making this the perfect spot for socialising whilst also staying protected from the elements.

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Instant Tent Comparison Table

Tents have evolved a long way over the years. Presumably at some point in history they were animal skins hung over crude lashings. Eventually canvas, waterproof materials, then nylon, and advanced cordage, lead to the modern synthetic tent.

These tents have created the backbone of lightweight camping equipment for years and theyve been relatively unchanged in any radical fashion.

Until now.

Picking out a pop up tent isnt rocket science, but you do need to pay attention to a few critical factors. Make sure you get the right pop up tent for you by following these guidelines.

Q: What Is The Best Tent For A Family Of 4

Top 10 Best Tunnel Tents For Family Camping | Best Family Tents

Many of the camping tents on our list come in smaller sizes, so if youre scaling down, you might try the four-person varieties of the MSR Habitude or the Coleman Cabin Tent. Bear in mind that tents are usually labeled by their absolute maximum occupancy, so unless youre going for a minimalist camping style, sizing up to a six-person tent can provide a much more comfortable experience for everyone.

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Build Quality And Durability

Simply put, the differences in build quality are noticeable between budget and premium camping tents. Spending more gets you higher-quality materials that are stronger relative to their weight, and in theory, should have a longer lifespan. If you only make it out once or twice a year , you absolutely can get away with a budget model like the Coleman Sundome. That said, if you camp a lot, are looking for a long-term investment for multiple seasons, or simply prefer quality gear, we recommend splurging for a higher-end camping tent. Upgraded features like a full-coverage rainfly, large vestibules and lots of interior pockets for gear storage, and strong aluminum poles increase a tents functionality and weather resistance. A tent like the REI Co-op Kingdom is the whole packagewe have a first-generation Kingdom that has been through the wringer and still is going strong.

Large Family Tents Buying Guide

While you might hardly be able to notice any sort of difference in the tents but trust me, there are a bunch of them. If you have convinced yourself to get a new camping tent, you are supposed to consider many variables. For that reason, we have listed some tips and things that you always have to consider while buying a new tent. Check out our buying guide to large family tents that will help you make the right decision when it comes to buying a new tent.

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Eureka Copper Canyon Lx 3 Season Family Camping Tent

Capacity: 8 personsNo of Doors: 2Interior Height: 7 ft.

If you are a large group or a family looking for a decent sleeping option for your camping expedition, then this tent can do all sorts of good things for you. With an incredible internal height and the option of dividing your space into two rooms, you can easily camp with a friend or relatives family in this thing. The space is quite well designed, and you get plenty of storage spaces including overhead ones as well. The shape of the tent is particularly beneficial for anyone looking for large interior space. However, the box design can become a big problem if you try to use it in extreme weather conditions.

There is more than enough ventilation in this tent than you could ever want. All windows are large and come with mesh lining for maximum ventilation. But you can easily put on the privacy layer on top of it when you are in a place with more people around you. The thing we found missing immediately was a porch area which should be present in any tent this size. The E! Powerport also allows you to bring power directly into your tent to charge all your devices.

Vestibules: 2Total Area: 86.11 ft²

Best Tent For Your Family

Top 10 Best Family Tents Review

In general, wed say the Eureka Copper Canyon LX 4/8/12-Person Tent is the best family tent. It has privacy that you can get rid of fast if a small child has a nightmare. It has room to run and play its versatility is fantastic.

With that said, the Coleman WeatherMaster Tent with Screen Room also makes for a fantastic family tent, thanks to the screen room. That little room is fantastic for play and relaxation.

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Best Childproof Family Tent Marmot Limestone 6

Meet the best childproof family tent: Marmot Limestone 6

  • Great sky view without rainfly
  • Optional divider gives you space for a second room
  • Built-in veranda

The Limestone 6 protects itself against your family and protects your family against the elements incredibly well. The rain fly extends all the way to the ground, which helps against flooding on particularly fierce rainstorms and lowers trip hazards. Extra zippers in every door let you comfortably control airflow and easily find your way to the bathroom at night.

Beyond these durability features, Marmot elected against pimping out this family tent. It packs a simple interior with plenty of pockets and space to ensure the tent can be constructed fast. Two people can have the tent up in less than 10 minutes once they get the hang of maneuvering the two poles.

While six adults may be packed in like sardines in the Limestone, its got great value in its durability and weather protection for a family of four. Youll head out in confidence with this tent tucked into your trunk.

  • Plenty of interior space
  • Best return policy on earth

The brand REI is not just an outdoor superstore they also have a line of high quality, affordable prices across the camping spectrum. Unlike grocery stores, REIs house line doesnt skimp on the features, and their family tent is no different.

Ozark Trail 20 X 10 Dark Rest Instant Cabin Tent For 12 Persons

When it comes to quality and sturdy tents, Ozark remains at the forefront. Ozark Trail 20 x 10 Dark Rest Instant Cabin Tent for 12 Persons is one of the best family camping tents. Featuring a center height of 80, this tent offers plenty of space to accommodate 12 persons. This big tent for camping can easily fit four queen-sized mattresses, and thats not all. Pre-attached poles in the tent make it relatively easy to pitch in, and it does not matter when you arrive at your campsite you are sure not to face any sort of complications. This tent for family comes with two-room dividers so you can respect each others privacy and spend some alone time. The high-quality stakes, made with steel, make it perfect for any weather.

Product Features

Check out some of the impressive features of Ozark Trail 20 x 10 Dark Rest Instant Cabin Tent for 12 Persons:

  • It can easily accommodate 12 persons.
  • Easy to set up because poles come pre-attached to the tent.
  • 2 room dividers that are detachable to respect privacy.
  • It can easily fit 4 queen-sized beds.

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Things To Consider When Buying A Family Tent

There are a variety of factors to consider when buying a tent. Starting with the basics, you’ll want to establish if you’ll need a three-season tent or a four-season tent. This usually refers to the percentage of mesh a tent has and determines how it will hold up in certain weather. More mesh means more ventilation, which is what you’ll find in a three-season tent. This will serve you well in warmer climates since it won’t retain heat. But if your family enjoys camping in the snow and other cold terrains, you’ll want a four-season tent that will help you stay warm and protected in chilly temperatures.

From there, take a look at the tent’s measurements. Most product descriptions will share how many people can fit inside, but you’ll want to measure the floor space and height to ensure that your family will fit comfortably inside. Double-check that there will be enough room for everyone to spread out, along with enough headroom to stand upright. This is especially important if you’ll be storing any gear inside the tent. If you think your family needs more room, consider picking a tent with a vestibule that can expand your storage space and give you a covered area for cooking. Backpackers will also want to look into the tent’s weight to ensure it won’t add too much bulk while hiking.

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Now that you know what to look out for, keep scrolling to explore the top-rated family camping tents featured on our list.

Coleman Red Canyon 8 Person Tent With Three Room Divider:

Top 10 Best Large Tunnel Tents for Family Camping

Colemans Red Canyon is marketed as an 8-person tent, but as usual if you fill it to that capacity there wont be a lot of extra space. Its very comfortable for six though, and also very easy to set up the way you want.

The first thing youll notice about the Red Canyon is that its roomy. Its 17 by ten feet, and theres six feet of headroom in the center. Once the tent itself is set up a rain fly goes over the top.

This only covers the top half of the walls but the Red Canyon has a great reputation for keeping the rain out. One side of the fly is extended out to give some extra protection over the door.

Inside youll find one huge space, but Coleman also supply two zip-in dividers, so you can split it up into three. Because they all have a sealed floor they can be used as sleeping rooms, which not all tents allow. For light and ventilation there are four mesh panels on and opposite the door, and at each end. The center ones have zippered privacy flaps and the others are covered by the rain fly.

The Red Canyon is quite easy to put up its even possible to do it solo, although the long poles can take some wrestling. Poles are color-coded for simple assembly, and shock corded together. Overall this is a capable, well-made tent.

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Fortunershop Family Cabin Tent 14 Person Base Camp 4 Rooms Hiking Camping Shelter Outdoor

  • 3 sewn-in room dividers 1, 2, 3 or 4 rooms
  • 4 doors provide separate exit/entry to each room 12 windows for great visibility and ventilation
  • Floor size: 20′ x 20′ Center height: 78″ Sleeps up to 14 people
  • Set up time: 20 minutes 3 room dividers create 4 separate rooms Room dividers can be tied back to make 1 large room
  • Fits up to 5 queen air mattresses E-port provides easy access to extension cord Taped fly seams prevent leakage 2-3 season tent

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