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Camping World Good Sam Membership

Family Motor Coach Association

Camping world good Sam membership Pays for itself, especially on Tuesday and Wednesday with propane

The Family Motor Coach Association focuses on RV education and keeping travelers on the road. The organization has instructional videos and other guides for both new and seasoned travel members.

FMCAs membership perks include FMCAssist, which is an emergency medical evacuation and repatriation coverage, discounts on items like tires, roadside assistance, and mobile internet hotspots, a monthly magazine, and access to local chapters for connection and community-building.

While it doesnt offer any major discounts on camping, membership does grant you two free nights a month at their member-only campground in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The annual price of a membership is $85.

Who Is The Best Roadside Assistance

Best roadside assistance services 2021: Breakdown and towing plans Allstate Motor Club: Best Roadside Assistance Services overall. Good Sam Roadside Assistance: Best for towing. AARP Roadside Assistance: Best for seniors. AAA Roadside Assistance: A great all-round option. National General Motor Club: Best value for money.

What Owners Need To Know

Good Sam RV Rentals

Keep hearing about Good Sam RV Rentals and want to know what all the fuss is about?

As an RV owner, you know your RV is an investment. You spent time researching the perfect type of RV and towing truck before purchasing, made sure everything was exact during financing, and you follow every maintenance recommendation in the book. You understand what it means to invest in quality. Youve maintained your RV, and benefited with exciting, fun adventuresbut now its time to profit from your investment.

When you list with Good Sam RV Rentals, youre investing all over again. Theres a lot at stake when you decide to rent your RV rig, but theres more to gain. Many RV owners who rent their RV no longer have to worry about a monthly RV paymentor a payment for their towing vehicle, for that matter.

With Good Sam RV Rentals, owners make more and renters pay lessevery trip.

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Best Reasons For Rvers To Try A Good Sam Club Membership

The Good Sam Club is the worlds largest RV owners organization with over 1.7 million members nationwide.

Jim and I have used our Good Sam Club membership several times.

Most notably, weve used it at lots of different RV campgrounds to save on camping costs and at lots of different Camping World stores to save on RV parts and accessories.

Those discounts alone have more than paid for our membership.

I thought Id take a few minutes to share some of the reasons why we think membership in the Good Sam Club is a good thing especially for new RVers who are planning some of their very first RV trips.

Best Rv Memberships To Join

Good Sam Club Membership

RV travel costs can quickly add up, and a great place to save money is with RV memberships and campground clubs.

To save you time we have compiled a list of what we consider to be the best RV memberships available. Its not a complete list, just the ones that we consider to be the most helpful.

We dont necessarily recommend signing up for all the memberships below, however most RV owners typically find that its best to sign up for at least 3-5 RV clubs in order to get the best savings. This also offers more flexibility and chances to use an RV discount club.

Lets dive into the best memberships.

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Sports And Event Venues

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The city and surrounding area is home to the Warren County Inline Hockey League. It also is home to the Western Kentucky University Hilltoppers team, which competes in the , and has several members in the Bluegrass Hockey League and Central Commonwealth League.

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The Bowling Green Hornets of the are based in Bowling Green, although they play their home games in . The Hornets are coached by Russellville native Nathan Thompson.

Bowling Green has six and eight courses.


Save 5 Cents Per Gallon On Gas And 8 Cents Per Gallon On Diesel At Flying J And Pilot

OK, as a full time RVer I can tell you that gas can really add up. We use this discount all the time. Flying J & Pilot stations are pretty much everywhere so this is another discount that is very easy to use. Here are all of the Pilot and Flying J locations that offer this discount.Apparently there are a few that do not but we have never found one.

Also, because they are truck stops, they tend to be large so you have room to pull in with your RV. A lot of them actually have RV specific gas pumps! As an added bonus, often you can dry camp for the night as well.

How much can you save with the Good Sam Club gas/diesel discount? Of course this will depend on your travel style and RV. Our gas tank is 30 gallons so every time we fill up we save $1.50. So it takes us about 19 fill ups to pay for the membership in savings. If we had a 30 gallon diesel tank we would save $2.40 per fill up and pay for the membership in about 12 fill ups.

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Savings At Outdoor Retailers

One of the most commonly overlooked aspects of RV travel is the budget. Since youre not staying in an expensive hotel or renting out a fancy AirBnB, its easy to brush off the costs because of how cheap everything is likely to be.

Still, no matter what you plan on doing living full-time in your RV or busting out a one-time cross-country trip the list of RV essentials can add up quickly. Plus, such items tend to be pricey at most camping and RV retailers.

With a Good Sam RV membership, you get up to 10% off your total purchase at Camping World and Gander RV and Outdoors. This discount can make a huge difference when you need to replace critical camping gear and RV accessories.

At both these retailers, you can take advantage of a 15% discount on propane as well. This is guaranteed to come in handy for all RV travelers, as propane is required for:

  • Central heating and cooling
  • Warming water for hygiene
  • Refrigeration

Fortunately, both of these retailers have a specialized camping store and RV store. No matter what tools or gear you need for the next stretch of your journey, theyre likely to have it in stock. Youll hardly ever have to shop without a discount again!

Would A Good Sam Member Get Respect On Facebook

Good Sam Memberships – Ultimate RV Show Highlights

Next, I reached out on the Good Sam Facebook page, thinking lifetime members might get a little more respect there. I wrote, As a Good Sam lifetime member will I receive the new RV Magazine in place of the discontinued Trailer Life Magazine I received in the past as part of my membership? Good Sam replied, Hi Dave! Go ahead and give us a call at 866-205-7451, we can help with that!

Feeling a bit more hopeful that Good Sam was willing to honor its commitment, I called the number provided. A nice lady promptly answered. After explaining my situation, she clearly understood and agreed with my line of reasoning. Placing me on hold while she checked with her supervisor, she quickly came back on the line. She was surprised and disappointed to learn Good Sam would not honor its lifetime subscription with the new magazine. She suggested I call the Marcus VIP help line, which she referred to as the complaint line!

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% Off Good Sam Mail Service

Good Sam Mail Service has addresses in Florida which can be used both for mail forwarding and to establish residency in Florida for full time RVers.

We have not personally used the Good Sam mail service so I cant tell you much more about it but it is an option you should be aware of. Quite a few full time RVers use Florida as their domicile state.

How Much Does A Membership Cost

A one-year membership with the Good Sam Club only costs $27.

If you choose to join for multiple years, youll get extra discounts. There are also lifetime memberships, discounts for military and veterans, along with elite levels when you buy an RV or trailer at a Camping World dealership.

Like we said above, one gas station visit will more than make up for the annual fee for a year. If youre looking to become a regular RV and travel the country, joining the Good Sam Club will not only save you money while traveling but also on parts, repair, and accessories for your RV.

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Is The Good Sam Club Reneging On A Promise To Some Members

Several months ago RV Travel ran an article announcing Good Sam Club CEO Marcus Lemonis would be launching a newly titled RV Magazine to replace its Trailer Life and MotorHome magazines for Good Sam members.

My wife and I have been members of the Good Sam Club since 1990. We converted to lifetime members in 2006, which has included a lifetime subscription to a Good Sam magazine. Like others, we have been awaiting our copy of the new RV Magazine. Having recently received a Happy New Year email from Good Sam with an offer to subscribe to the new RV Magazine, I figured it was time to reach out to Good Sam. I wanted to remind them that my wife and I were lifetime members and should be receiving a free quarterly edition of the new RV Magazine.

Free magazines for lifetime Good Sam members

Why a free quarterly edition, you ask? Most lifetime Good Sam members already know the answer, but here is the explanation for the rest of you.

For years, one of the major benefits of paying to become a lifetime Good Sam member was a lifetime subscription to Highways Magazine, which was published quarterly. When Highways Magazine was discontinued in 2014, Lemonis himself extended the lifetime subscription by offering lifetime members four free issues of Trailer Life or MotorHome Magazine. As a travel trailer owner, I chose Trailer Life, which I have been receiving quarterly free of charge since.

What Do You Get With A Membership To Good Sam Club

Good Sam Club Life Member Plaque

Long-term traveling in an RV, motorhome, or travel trailer can quickly add up. Fuel costs, campground expenses, propane, and dump stations all take a big hit on the wallet.

Purchasing a Good Sam RV Membership can help you out with some of those expenses. The membership plans include camping discounts, fuel savings, free dump stations, propane discounts, and a trip planner.

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The Only 3 Rv Memberships You Need

When you set out on the road in an RV, youll quickly realize that RV parks rates are often outlandish. From lows of $25/night to highs of $95/night, the rates at RV parks can approach those of budget hotels all for a slab of concrete!

With prices like these, its reasonable for any aspiring RVer to wonder: Is there a way to beat the exorbitant rates charged at RV parks???

Thankfully, the answer is a resounding yes. The key is RV memberships. RV memberships are simply clubs that RVers join so we can leverage our group buying power to get better rates at RV parks.

But beware not all RV memberships are created equal. In fact, if you Google RV Memberships youll find so many options that itll be tough to keep it all straight.

So thats why Ive put this article together for you. Unlike many of those other RV membership articles out there, this one is not simply a Listicle. Instead, Im going to give you a battle-tested blueprint for using just three RV memberships thatll let you criss-cross the country while camping for free or very low cost.

How did I uncover this prized trio of RV memberships? In the trenches. My wife and I have been living on the road for 3+ years and weve spent that time perfecting the art of camping at wonderful places for pennies on the dollar.

My wife and I at Badlands National Park we set up our RV for free right in the park.

Koa Value Kard Rewards

Quick Benefits Overview

KOA offers a fairly standard set of amenities and they do a good job at keeping up their campgrounds. That being said, theyre not for everyone and they offer less locations than many of the other memberships that are on the list. However if you are an RV owner that enjoys knowing exactly what you are getting and enjoy KOA campgrounds this could be a good program to join.

You dont receive a ton of discounts and benefits after joining, but you do earn rewards that can be used for free night stays. They also offer discounts with some of their network partners like Dish Satellite and Geico.


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What Are The Benefits Of A Good Sam Membership

The Good Sam Club offers members benefits while on and off the road. Here is a look at some of the rewards of joining the club:

  • Up to a 30 percent discount at Camping World
  • Save 10 percent at 2,100+ Good Sam parks and campgrounds across North America
  • Free dump station service at participating Camping World SuperCenters
  • Access to Good Sam Clubs RV Trip Planner
  • Save 25 percent of LP gas on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at Camping World
  • Access to RV coupons, discounts, and resources
  • 50 percent off two tickets to Good Sam-sponsored RV shows

This is a taste of what you can get from joining the Good Sam Club. Every year, they add exclusive offers. Good Sam Club members also get a 25 percent discount on LP propane gas on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at Camping World SuperCenters across the nation. RV show, prescription, and other discounts are available to Good Sam Club members throughout the year. Good Sam Club also works on behalf of RVers to offer more sales, specials, and more.

The Good Sam Club also helps members by pairing them up with experts to answer your questions about RV travel, buying and selling and anything about the travel lifestyle. You can also use the Good Sam Club trip planner to help you find the best routes to and from your next destination.

Is The Good Sam Club Membership Worth It

Good Sam Perks – Ultimate RV Show Highlight

Yes, the Good Sam Club membership is definitely worth it. Good Sam is a solid discount club that you can use for a variety of RV related savings. Of course, like anything, it only works if you use it. We have been members since 2012 and the membership has saved us money every single year. So, if you plan to use the camping discount a few times a year, fill up at Pilot or Flying J a few times a year and buy something at Camping World or Gander RV & Outdoors once in a while, you will get your moneys worth with the Good Sam Club.

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Good Sam Club Rv Roadside Assistance Plans

RV full-timers should be prepared for a mechanical failure on the road its just the price you pay when you live in a camper. Thats where Good Sams Roadside Assistance comes in handy.

According to Pro Consumer Safety and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration , the following are the most common dangers that RV drivers face regularly:

  • Under-inflated tires
  • Tire blowouts
  • Unbalanced weight between the trailer and RV

A trustworthy roadside assistance plan can make all the difference in the world in protecting yourself from these safety hazards.

There are three Good Sams club roadside assistance RV plans:

  • Standard

A Useful Membership But Not For Everyone

Good Sam Club is one of the most popular and widely used RV memberships in the US. Although the membership is not expensive by any means, we personally dont have use for it with the way we travel.

If discounts at Camping World, on fuel, and participating campgrounds sound good to you, then the $29/year might definitely be worth it!

If youre considering a Good Sam membership, definitely do your research online and read reviews before making your final decision.

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What Is A Good Sam Elite Member

The Elite membership is a 3-year membership offered as a thank you for purchasing an RV from Camping World RV Sales. Elite membership offers the highest level of benefits available, for example: -7¢ savings on gas and 9¢ savings on diesel at U.S. Pilot and Flying J locations when using the RV Plus Charge Card.

Is Good Sam Club Rv Membership Worth It

Good Sam Membership

Good Sam Club is one of the most popular RVing memberships in the US today. And Good Sam members have access to a variety of services and discounts, but is it really worth it?

After being full-time RVers for fiver years, we must admit weve been a member of Good Sam Club for almost all of that time.

However, the return on investment have made us think twice about renewing the service.

Lets dive into the reasons why.

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